Hello there, fellow gamemakers! Here we will plan the victor games. It should be great! I want to have maybe 3-4 mutts and a cool arena with different terrains. Here is a link to the games we are planning:

The Gamemakers

  • Eel Striker (Head Gamemaker)
  • Diamond Leafby
  • Jennifer Elly
  • Justin Salem
  • Jeffery O'Donner


Your own mutt cannot kill your own tribute

Jayden Monarcha's Idea: A killer snail, 6 feet tall, a mouth that looks like a moles nose, sucks you in and swallows you. It leaves an acidic trail of slime behind it that dissolves skin.

Jennifer Elly's Ideas:

Tribute Mutt

Takes the form of any living tribute, appears to be normal, but if you step to close, it turns into a vicious monster, rather like a zombie.

How to kill it: However you kill a human.

Hawk Mutt

Looks like a normal hawk, but if you step within 15 feet, it's wing feathers turn to knife blades, and it's body turns metal, and it will attack, and try and kill you.

How to kill it: You can't, just get it to fly away.

Minnow mutts

Just normal minnows, until you stick your hands in water with them. They will nibble your skin, at first it tickles, but then it hurts, and then they eat your flesh until you die, or escape.

How to kill them: That would be really hard, because they are tiny.

Python Mutt

A 20-foot python with huge, poisonous fangs, that if you are bitten, you die instantly.

How to kill it: Stab it, slit it, slice it's head off, slice it in half, etc.

Wolf Mutt

A black wolf, appears to be injured, if you get to close, it will attack and try and rip your throat out, or kill you in any way.

How to kill it: Stab it in the heart.

Justin Salem's Idea: A Venus Fly Trap Mutt: It will be able to blend into its surroundings, and if a tribute lays just the tip of a finger in it, it snaps shut, a lot faster than a real one. They are usually big, and are places high and low. If you step or sit on one, you're almost dead.

Majic Jabbar's Idea: Lava Mutt: It is undedectable, because it is just lava. You may be able to see the eyes in the lava. It is not very big but it turns itno a slug type mutt when it sees you. It will chase you until all the lava has decinigrated into the ground. Depending on the size of the mutt, the longer it can chase you. It is decent speed but doesn't have fatigue so it will keep that speed. You can't kill it just ran away from it. It will kill you byfirst attaching then melting you alive. Very painful and grusome death.

Diamond Leafby's Idea: Eel Mutt: Appearance: Like a regular eel except 10 ft long and huge. Black. There are also baby ones slightly bigger than a regular eel. You can identify it by the brown and green spots

Habitat: any body of water big enough for it to fit into.

Attack: it's an electric eel, and it goes around the water electrifying anyone who enters its territory. If killed, whoever touches it will still be electrified.

Killing: like a regular eel. Just don't touch it. Or use a conductor of electricity

Jeffery O'Donner's idea:


Appearance: a thirty feat hybrid of well a shark and an octopus

Habitat: Anywhere except with a hot climate

How it kills: It grabs a tribute with its tentacles then throws them away look a football

How to kill it: IT CAN'T DIE


Eel Striker's Idea:

(1) **CHOSEN ARENA** The arena is multi-terrain. Wedge number 1 is a tall snowy mountain surrounded by snow. Wedge 2 is ruins of what once was a city. Wedge 3 is a forest/woods. (There are hundreds more trees than in the picture) Wedge 4 is a hard ice ground that needs a pickaxe or something to break through with an icy cold lake. Wedge 5 is a bog/swamp filled with mud and poisonous plants. Wedge 6 is a beach with sand and salt water. Wedge 7 is a jungle filled with palm trees and secrets... (There are hundreds more trees than in the picture) Wedge 8 is a lake surrounded by long tall grass. Wedge 9 is complete darkness. Wedge 10 is a beautiful meadow with flowers and light-coloured grass. Wedge 11 is a volcanic wasteland with an active volcano and lava streams and rivers. Wedge 12 is a scorching desert with a deep canyon running through the middle. The golden triangle in the middle is the cornucopia. Around the cornucopia are the 24 starting plates with two in the each wedge 10 metres to the cornucopia. Weapons and supplies are stored in backpacks surrounding the cornucopia.

Diamond Leafby's Ideas: (2) A lava world. Volcanoes, lava pools disguised as water, and really hot conditions. (With Magic Jabbar add-on) (3) Or an underwater world. It's genetically modifided water, so you can breathe it in, but you still have to swim. (4) Or a huge maze made of hedges. The cornucopia is in the center, and if you get to the edge, there are supplies.

Jayden Monarcha's Idea: (5) An archipelago in the middle of the ocean, with each island having different wildlife, terrain, etc., and each tributes would get a spanish galleon with a full crew and a cannon deck, of which they were the captains, to travel from island to island with (each island would have hidden weapons and supplies), and to fight other tribtue's boats and crew. The ocean surrounding the archipelago would only extend so far before it "dropped off the edge of the world" and sent the tribtute's boats plummeting off a waterfall into the abyss.

Diamond Leafby's Fourth idea: (6) The whole arena is an ocean. Each tribute starts in a boat, and all the tiny rowboats circle around the cornucopia. All of the supplies come on little rafts, and some of the unique supplies are:

Little Value Items:

  • Snorkel
  • Oar
  • Water proof clothing
  • Small inflatable rafts

Extremely Valueable Items:

  • Floating tent
  • Deep sea googles: can see in the darkest water, sensitive to heat
  • Masks that can convert water to oxygen
  • Water purifier

The only water available is the kind from the cornucopia, rain, and the water purifier. All sources of food are from the cornucopia, fishing, or undersea plants. There are plenty of water mutts, but also real fish like piranhas. There are buoys here and there, and they explode when tributes touch them, but not if they are touched by regular objects, like rope. There are lots of edible plants underwater, but plenty of poisonous plants too. There are 5 islands, and they are tiny. Each island has 3 trees, 2 with poisonous fruits, and 1 with edible fruit. There are also little springs full of deadly venom. The way to find which fruit is toxic, is that 2 fruits will have tiny spots in an area. Also, the sand is good for healing cuts.

Justin Salem's Idea: (7) A snowy place, where matches would be useful, and igloos would be set in various places. There would be snow six inches deep, making it hard for the tributes to walk. There would be frozen lakes, and tribute would have to try to break the ice with knives or something.

Jennifer Elly's Idea: (8) There is a giant swamp smack dab in the middle. It spans a little bigger that the Cornucopia, as the Cornucopia in half submerged in it. The more valuable items are submerged along with the bottom half of the Cornucopia., where supplies of lesser value are closer to the land, or in shallower water. The arena around the swamp is a rainforest. There is a pond full of poison water, if you drink it, you turn purple, swell and die. In the rainforest, danger lurks everywhere.

Arena Vote


The Arena

O.K, arena one got the most votes so thats the one we are doing. I made some changes from the original plan.


Interviews are a pain to write. That's why I want some help. Don't worry, I WILL do some though.

Interview Written By
D1M Wyatt Barnett
D1F Misty Bull ViniciusDeAssis1999
D2M Hudson Reboni
D2F Melissa Riche
D3M Bentley Emerson-Odair JWW
D3F Aria Cammelliston
D4M Nicholas Davenport Jsm13athome
D4F Alanis Press Jsm13athome
D5M Flame Powers
D5F Camilla Averson JWW
D6M Benjamin Woodrew
D6F Kacey Anderson
D7M Steven Huddleston Jsm13athome
D7F Thorna Green Jsm13athome
D8M Caleb Yates
D8F Ayleta Hier
D9M Caleb Stoll A (awesome) Wikia Contributer
D9F Sasha Selenta A (awesome) Wikia Contributer
D10M Micheal Gray
D10F Anaylia Sanders
D11M Trey Hawthorne
D11F Lynette Filiana
D12M Ridge Hillsong
D12F Priscilla Vireo

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