Hi, These are my second games. I just made this account and i suck at making blogs, or at least trying, so lets get started. I want to thank AdaPayne again for inspriation. Let's start the 55th annual games!







Preferred Weapon


Bloodbath strategy


Also, you can post your stylist's and mentors, but make sure to do the math and put the year they won.

District Name Appearance Personality Preferred Weapon
1 male Troy Galloson Brown Hair, dark brown skin and stocky build

cocky arogant and mean

Swords and daggers
1 female Ruby Lux

ginger ,frizzy fire like hair .Pale paper likeskin , slim bulid and very attarctive

exteremly judgemental , deep thinker loves to think plans and stratergies , also use her look to use people (sly in that sense )

Bow and Arrows and knives
2 male Clay Ferintino blonde hair, leaf green eyes, fit and cute shy, funny quiet Maces and Swords
2 female McKenna Ecelinti

Long Brown

Hair, Light brown eyes; tan and skinny

Nice at first, sadistic and evil when you get to know her, kills madly

Knives, bow and arrows
3 male


small 56, black short hair , brown eyes , light brown skin friendly but under his friendly shell he is deadly

bow and arrow and electric nets

3 female Kirsty Omar small , black hair and full of frekcles and dimplies she may look inoccent but shhe is sly Mines , Bombs and electrical traps
4 male Taz Rocca Sandy, beach boy hair, sea green eyes, muscular and tan; 16 seductive and alluring, tries to prove a point on most statements tridents and nets; knife
4 female Sarine Seani

blonde hair with teal highlights; tan; 15

flirty, fun, brave

tridents and knives
5 male

Perry Downcast

Short light brown hair, deep green eyes, pale skin, 5'4", skinny, no muscles

Quiet, shy, slow, clever

5 female

Nina Camberlit

Long red hair, pale skin, grey eyes, 5’8”, thin and beautiful, has a great smile

Nice, warm, friendly, smart, resourcefull

Swords, edible plants, climbing, good swimmer, strength
6 male

Samson Leemor

Spiky black hair, tanned skin, dark brown eyes, 5'2", muscles

Snappy, mean

Throwing knives, spear,

6 female Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson Red Wavy Hair, green eyes, muscular and healthy, ivory skin Brave adventorous, tough, and tomboy like . Personal made swords, throwing knives
7 male Huckle Bind Curly brown hair, lilac eyes Friendly, like to climb and bake foods Hatchet
7 female

Najo Afzal

small , blonde ,blue eyes and tanned skin

calm , funny and postive

8 male

Estron McCall

Buzz cut on sides of hair with 3 lines, spiky up top, browny blonde impatient, quick thinker, smart none
8 female Fallon Quiana

Curly black hair, skin that is almost white, dark brown eyes, full lips, thin, 5’8”

Nice, fun, creative, smart

throwing knives, along with throwing axes. Edible plants, climbing, swimming, fast runner

9 male

Rodo Smog

short, spkiy on top brown hair, black eyes, reddish brown skin

clumsy, absent minded, Popular with the Capitol, excitable

9 female Yikon Yeellie striait black hair, cut around the ears, asian, black eyes fast, agile, stealthy, pretty Blowgun
10 male

Graze Barley

short brown eyes , tall but extemerly bulit and stocky quiet and keep him self to him self Rope and his dagger
10 female

Whittney Barley

long brown hair (same body type as her brother Graze) clever , loud and senstive Ropes and Animals (bonds well with animals )
11 male


Appeareance : Bulit and tall 6 foot 6 . hench and only has one eye and a


qutie , calm and bright

hands and powerful legs , Wrestling and judo

11 female

Magnolia Night

Black hair down to hips,Sea Blue eyes,Slim,Freckles,

olive Skin.

Intelligent & Very friendly,but can also be deadly

12 male Andrew Byron

olive skin,dark brown messy hair, ashen skin, from the Seam, very tall, very muscular

Strong and silent type, not talkative, forgiving, sweet and nice to younger kids. Has crush on Candace

Swords and axes; knives

12 female Candace Rellini Loves Andrew Bron, is smart

long blonde hair, bright blue eyes with long lashes. Tan. She is so shy, and keeps her hair in her face, hiding her beauty. She is tall and strong, but always slouches; fast thinker


Water Canteen= 50$

Water Canteen Filled Up= 70$

3 throwing Knives= 45$

5 Throwing knives= 65$

machete= 90$

6 arrows= 30$

12 arrows= 55$

axe= 100$

bag with food= 120$

bag with weapons (knife, spear head, hatchet)= 140$

bag with weapons and food= 150$

medicine for wounds= 110$

medicine for stings, bites, or rashes= 100$

broth= 35$

shield= 150$

lantern w/ oil and matches= 95$

matches= 70$

large meal= 160$

pack of spears= 165$

bow= 200$

chest and shoulder garmets= 400$

blanket= 30$

sleeping bag= 50$

tent fit for 4= 75$

notes= 20$


DAY 1 ( I already type it but it didn't work I am so mad)

Estron's POV: The arena is amazing but deadly. Were on wooden blocks floating in a lake. The horn is in the center and you have to swim to it. I see the clock at 20 and know I won't make it. I see Fallon and I know she can swim. I hear the gong. WANG! I hang onto my block on my stomach and paddle towards a shore that's about 30 seconds away. When I get there, the battle has already begun. Fallon has 2 bags and she screams "Estron!" and throws one. It lands a couple feet from me and I find that they're water proof. I reach for it, and then I see movement under the water.

Fallon's POV: I watch the creature pull Estron under and the water around him becomes dark red. The canoon fires and then another. I swim back to the Horn. But as I reach land, the boy from 4, Taz, has his trident poised to kill me. The girl from 1, Ruby, looks at him. "Run!" he yells at me, and I am confused. "Go!" So I do. He saved me. HE SPARED ME! I wonder why, but I was awful nice to him in training. As I swim to an island, I think highly of him, and shed an underwater tear for Estron.

Taz POV: I saved her for a reason. She treated me so well. Ever since my dad won the 30th games, I've been seeing him with other women. The president sold his body, and I get the same life. Fallon treated me like a person, not the usual boy-toy. As I get up, Ruby digs her knife into my stomach, but not before my trident hits her thigh. She topples into the water, and I see McKenna approching me. She has an axe, not her best choice of weapon, but surely the death of me. I look at the sky, but McKenna slumps to the ground as Sarine removes her spear from her head. "C'mon!" she says, and I follow her to a raft. She's in bad shape. As she rows away. I say "Why did you do that? Instead of being here with a stupid wounded boy, you could be enjoying food with the Careers. You have no food. This is my fault." Sarine stops rowing and says "Taz, there is no other place I'd rather be than right here with-" "What about home?" I say. She makes a face and says "I mean.... Look, I like you. Besides, you can spear fish and I can gather water, so we'll be fine." I look at her and close my eyes. "Taz?!" she says, and I whisper "True loves kiss." She bends down, and my wish becomes true. But we are parted by the sound pf an explosion.

Whittney's POV: I am blasted back by it. My rib takes it the worst on the rocks, and I get a peice of flesh on me, along with oil covering my body. My brother had opened a bright pink bag and screamed "FIRECRACKER!" but I didn't know what to do. My face is charred, and Graze's spleen is on my jacket. "Not Graze." I say out loud. Then I hear a cannon.

Ruby's POV: That traitor! That Prick! He saved that girl from 8 and now the Career alliance is done. It's me and Troy, and Clay. Troy pulls his sword out of the girl from 11's heart, and I get helped up. Troy helps me, and I take McKenna's bow and shoot the boy from 5 in the forehead. Then, I sit up. Clay is having trouble trying to kill someone, for he is a softy. He finally kills the girl from 12, and I tell Excel what happened. It grows darker, and we gather things and take the last raft.

Yikons POV: I watch two tributes kissing, and then the expolosion happened. The boy with the pink bag died, and the girl is trying to walk. I look at my pink bag, and then toss it in the water. I hike away from the scene, knowing my secret well. My secret is that I'm the most deadly thing here. Of course, being from 9, everyone ovelooked the reaping on the TV, but I volunteered because I knew I could kill so many today. The faces appear and I see who I recognize. The girl from 2, both from 3, the boy from 5, the girl from 7, the boy from 8, my district partner, Rodo, the boy from 10 and the girl from 12. That's 9. I hike to my left, but I draw my katana when I see someone approaching. They hobble quickly, and they have seaweed covering them. I swing, and the head comes off immediately. I pick it up. A fish. "Some Mutt." I think as I remove meat and start my fire.

Huckle's POV: I didn't mean for it to happen, for me to kill her. The girl from 3 ran at ME , not me running at her, and she raised her knife. I had no choice. My goal was to get away with my bag and hatchet. I got away with my bag, my hatchet, two knives, and a dead girl behind me. I saw Najo get with by the boy from 4's trident and pull herself to a raft. Her face was in the sky, and she wouldn't answer me when I yelled at her earlier. I travel over to the tree where I see 2 rich juicy fruits. They look good, and I know plants like the back of my axe, so I eat them for dinner and have water from the lake. I hug my bag to my chest and know that I'll try. Try for Najo and my family.

Sarine's POV: Taz is still recovering. He's amazingly tough to survive that, and I learned more about him just from his attitude. He kisses like a pro and eats like there's no tommorow, which is basically true if I don't care for him. I sit by our fire and warm up, thinking of food as Tazguards and wipes his nose with his hand. "I am so hungry." he complains, but it's out of hunger, not him being annoying. "Same here. If only we could get sponsors." I say, longing for some fish. The only fish in the lae taste too plain. Just then, a package come down, "Food!" he says, and we clutch it. It opens by itself and inside is a note. "Maybe one more kiss?" it says, and it's signed from Cryght, our mentor. So, I look at him and pull him in. We here the sound of another parachute and inside, a bag with food. Foods like steak bits, cheese and apple. We eat up and conserve some. As he sleeps, I wonder if he'll make it to the end. It won't come down to us. If it does, he's going home. I kiss him goodnight and soze off, not worrying about the dangers of this place.


Troy's POV: I see a parachute come down, and I catch it. Clay is rowing, and in it are 6 knives along with arrows for Ruby. She takes them and we both take 2 knives. Clay takes the other 2, but he doesn't have them at his belt for killing, he just carefully puts them in his pocket. It is morning and I know that the male tributes from 11 and 12, and the girl from 10 are dead, whom we saw getting dragged off by fish men yesterday. As we find an island, I barley have time to retaliate before the asian girl from 9 sinks her katana through Clay. He swings and hits her chest as he falls dead. She is wounded but fierce. We fight her down to the shore. Ruby shoots an arrow into her foot, and my sword gets good hits, but I can't walk well anymore. My sword leaves my hand, and I reach for my mace. She grabs it and wacks me in the jaw. I drop, feeling my mouth shift out of place and know I must look rediculous, but I say "Win!" to Ruby as loud as I can before the girl snaps my neck.

Red's POV: I am walking through a bush when I hear the cannon. Then another. I listen for anymore noise, but I feel the nature. I have been eating the sugar out of honeysuckles and have a little crown made of roses. I made a sword out of rocks, but it became to heavy so I made a wooden one and killed some fish. They taste bland, but they fill me up. And with the water, and my sense of nature and smarts, I can outsmart everyone. But I find out that this isn't enough when the boy from 6 approaches me. I know him from home, and his name is Samson. He isn't nice, and said he wouldn't want anything to do with me, so I am ready to block with my wooden shield when he throws the first knife. I manage to splinter him down the back, but he brakes my shield and just broke the sword when I hear it. A deep roar. I run to my tree and climb up with my slingshot. It's a bear. Samson turns and hits a tree. The bear grabs him, and he just gets out of it's grasp when I fire a coil at him. It hits his legs, and he knows it won't come off. The meal the bear has is disgusting, and the bear tries to kill me too, but I pick a nighlock berry from the tree and shoot it into his eye. That night, I hear footsteps. I learned that most people won't ally, so I raise my slingshot, but a spear burries itself into my head.

Ruby's POV: The girl had a fire going. My spear killed her immediately. I find a slingshot. How cute. As I break it between my hands, a bear comes tumbling down the ravine. I raise my weapon, but his eye is all red and bloody. He falls into the water and drowns. I laugh the whole time, but then I hear talking. A girl and a boy. Before I head towards it, I take a count of whose left. Me, the boy and girl from 4, the girl from 5, the boy from 7, the girl from 8, the girl from 9, and bears and fishmen. I turn the corner to see Taz on top of Sarnie, bending in for a smooch. Perfect place for a death, I think as my spear finds a mark.

Sarine's POV: The spear goes through Taz and almost hits me. I scream as blood drizzles from his lips onto my chest. I grab the trident and chase Ruby. She draws a knife and we are on each other. My trident hits her multiple times, but she is tough and keeps up. Whem her knife digs out my eye, I scream, but I stauch the blood flow with my hand and throw my last trident. Direct hit. Ruby slides down at my feet, and I look her in the eye with my good eye and say "You lose." and my trident is back in my bag. I'm thinking about the whole scene and now I'm thinking about... TAZ! I run back to the campsite and bend over him. "Don't leaved me!" I yell at him, but his eyes flicker and he says "I love you." I kiss him although blood gives me makeshift lipstick. And as his cannon goes off, I become a knew person. I decide that I will win. I will win for Taz.

Yikon's POV: I find that I am as deadly as I thought. That girl from 1 ran when I killed her partner. I am=hiking up a rocky part when I see a lone tree... and in it a lone tribute. It's that cute boy from 7. Too bad he must die. His hatchet slips from his grasp but he has knives. He is shaking as I kill him, but I notice that as I kill him, he throws a second hatchet. Congrats, Huckle, you almost killed a soon to be victor, I think, but the hatchet is killing me slowly. His cannon fires, and I fall and tear it out. His medical kit helps me, but I must use trees to walk. It's pathetic, I know. I find out that I may be the one with the disadvantage when I try to kill the girl from 5, who screams for her district partner, but I was the one who killed him. The disadvantage is I have trouble hitting her and she gets away. Trouble. Something I never have. I have to actually put up a fight. It's my spleen or something. I know that I may die when I actually get hit twice by a bear before it dies. It grows dark and I close my eyes and miss all the faces in the sky, knowing that it could be me up there and not those couple tributes.


Nina's POV: I can't believe I got away from that girl. She's a monster! I couldv'e killed her but I had no weapons and if I could just get my hands on a- BEEP BEEP! I hear my parachute, but I curse under my breath because it's so loud. I brighten up when I find a small knife. It's better than nothing. Maybe that girl from 9 will get killed and I'll only have to kill the girl from 8. It couldn't be too bad, right? Then I remember the girl from 4. She's a Career. I am doomed. My hopes go down when I see Fallon, the girl from 8 come around and draw a large axe. I raise my knife, and she buries it into my chest.

Sarine's POV: No one probably knows I'm left. And it's all girls. Well, like they say, girls rule and boys- I can't say it because I feel like I'm insulting Taz, which I would be. My trident only has 2 point because a fish man broke it. I have a knife, and I see the girl from 9 off in the distance. I want to win, but I stay put and hide. Then I hear, "Congratulations, tributes. There will be a feast at the Horn at dark. In your bags found there will be something you need desperately. That is all." I don't really know what I need! I have food even though I'm a little hungry and I gues I could use a new trident but I can make do with this one. So when night falls, I gather in some bushes by the water, because this will be different than any other year. We have to swim to get there. I see the girl from 9 jump in and swim for her bag Me and the other tribute are both wtching her. She pulls out 2 pieches of a bar, connects them, and ads a huge steel blade. A schythe. She stands, guarding the Horn, and then goes to the other side. I run to a tree further away, and hear the sound of a parachute. Inside, I get 10 knives. Perfect! Maybe this is what I needed. So I can kill the asian girl. I arm myself and slink under the water as I swim towards her.

Fallon's POV: When I see the girl underwater, I know she has a good shot at making it to the Horn. She waits right by Yikon's feet and then.... SPLASH! She jumps up and slices her open at the shoulder, narrowly missing her neck. I have tons of respect for this girl from 4, because her boy frind/ friend/ counter part/ whatever saved me, and I don't know if I could bring myself to kill he if I had the chance. She pushes the girl, but not before she gets an oozing wound on the back. Yikon falls in, and Sarine opens her pack. She pulls out a beautiful net. Her face is pricelss as she throws it onto the girl from 9. All I hear is a mix of screaming and drowning before a cannon sounds her deat. Then, she does something that changes my mind about her. She takes my bad and dives off to the side, but she comes up 9-10 feet from me. I don't know what she's doing, but she's looking around when she says "Hey 8, I've got your bag!" No dip, I think but I do something stupid and walk out of my bush. She raises her trident and sees me coming. "Congratulations, Fallon. You won." she says, and sticks it into her chest.

Sarines POV: It wasn't out of pity or out of admiration. This girl has a family at home. My parents have been dead for years. She rushes to me and says. "Sarine, why?" "Because I think Taz would've wanted you to win. You have a family and friends.Taz was all I had, and I let him go. I thought about winning for him, but I knew in the end, only you deserved it." I say with a small cough of blood and I hear either a cannon or trumpets, I can't tell which one.

Fallon's POV: I won! And I feel so bad for it. Oh my god, and Sarine, she could've killed me, and it's all about Taz and.... I try to think how happy I should be as tears run down my cheeks and a peacekeeper hands he some water. The glass breaks on the ground and I fall unconcious the whole way home, the whole way away the the worst nightmare come true, the hunger games.

Congrats to AdaPayne and her tribute Fallon fro winning the 55th Hunger games!

I will be doing more, so keep your ears and eyes open.

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