Hi, this is J McAtee, and I'm doing the 49th Games. The rules are, if you want to join, you must have an account and if you want to send your tribute something, You must make a metor. Also, I'm doing reaping's training center, and chariot races, so make sure to include your training score. If I see any elevens or twelves, I'm not posting them. Unless your tribute has the personality.

Compulsary Info:










Preferred Weapon ( pick 2)

Training score:


Bloodbath stategy:

Name Appearance Personality Preferred weapon

Garnet Wike 17

N/A but has good looks (from lunaii) In love with Amethyst Machete and spear
1f Amethyst DeMoir 17 N/A but has good looks (from lunaii) In love with Garnet

bow and arrow, running, knives

2m Slik 17

tall and stocky . long locked curly thick hair , stone cold blue eyes , bright white smile tall at 6'6

Aggressive , Tatical loves to lead and control , mean and tough on soft tributes ( in career pack) Mercyless

Bow and Arrows; Swords
2f Tygress 18 Small , long brown hair ALWAYS Platted . Green misty eyes and a cute smile Snappy tought and there is something not right ( emontinally needs a devolped character to break her snappy and mean walls down ) kills without mercy (usually

Knives (throwing ) and dagger or small blades

3m Farse Lorner, 12 Ashen hair, grey eye and scrwny legs and arms. Unfriendly and quiet mines

Elysia Kandle

Long brown curls, bright blue eyes, tanned skin, 5’6”, very beautiful, thin Good and helpful Spear
4m Baez Rocca, 13 Caramel eyes, tan skin, blonde silky hair, raised in front, muscular for a 13 year old, 5'2 Hilarious and flirty, friendly and athletic, good with most weapons Machete and tridents; net and charisma, swimming and beauty
4f Cascade Fen, 15

Long light-brown hair, emerald eyes, tanned skin, thin, 5'6", very beautiful

Kind, sweet, determined, brave

Harpoons, tridents, fishing and swimming

5m Tyo Redair, 14 Asian, thin eyes and black har wth light brown highlights, skinny Evil and crude Spears
5f Roota Banks, 18 Large arms, strogn and tan, black hair, purple/red eyes Happy Blowgun
6m Uriah Donce, 16 Black eyes, blnde hair mean and heartless, wants to kill all and has first taget as district partner Any deadly object, especially sickle swords
6f Reyna Boul, 18 Strong arms and flowing blonde hair, blue eyes Friendly and sweet, doesn't want to kill any one clubs
7m Huckle Bind, 15 Curly brown hair, lilac eyes and a cute smile Loves to be peaceful, doesnt want to have to bring himself to kill others, likes to bake and climb; good with axes Hatchet

Darcie Sloane, 15

Brown strait hair, blue eyes Kind, determined, brave, creative

Axe, dagger,

8m Jorge Castor, 13 blonde hair, shaggy and blue eyes, thin Protective Sword
8f Cara Castor, 13 blonde hair blue eyes, wimpy Shy None
9m Luke Bunningham, 18 Brown hair, bronze eyes, ripped Fearsome, strong hearted Schythe

Rye Bannock, 15

Grain-like long hair, brown eyes, pale skin, 5’4”, very thin Sad, lonely, never smiles

Strength, throwing knives

10m Donnis Charr, 12 short black hair, dark brown skin, thin and short, Chocolate brown eyes Sad Rope
10f Claire Leesom, 14 overweight from living in rich neighborhood, blonde hair cut around ears Stubborn and Cocky mace
11m Red Donohue, 12 scrawny and short, only 12 and never got a decent haircut. bold but shy at times, knows hes just a bloodbath tribute pebbles n' sticks

Bluebell Daisy, 15

Flawless light brown skin, golden eyes, dark brown hair, full lips, thin, 5’5” Sweet, caring, helpful, clever, creative Bow and arrows,
12m Nick Lovizio, 12
Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms

Very nice but very aggressive and has good stategys

Bow and arrow and knives
12f Jane Socha, 12


She is known as the pretty girl in District 12, she has long dark hair and white skin with grey eyes

She is a nice person who throws up when she sees blood

Spear and knunchucks

Name Appearance Personality Gender
1 Splash Borrow Bald, large musles and scars on head and face from mutts solemn and serious, never jokes and always wants his tributes in shape Male


long grey hair with a grey beard andblue eyes strong and built, has a limp from arrow shot Confident; sharpens thier kills . He also teaches watch the outlines( districts 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) Male
3 Beetee Young, won games a couple years before. Helpful Male
4 Cryght Topaz Big biceps and abs, grayish black hair and blue eyes Gruff, pushes tributes into shape, likes to drink and joke, funny Male
5 Kee Salter Large breasts with flowingblonde hair and green eyes honest and trusworthy Female
6 Raltz Rom Thin, sickly looking and big black eyes, morphling addict. N/A Female
7 Tolpher Fist Scrawny but evil beady eyes. mean and ferocious Male
8 Woof Old, Receded hair and thin eyes insane and silly Male
9 Latimer Royce Cury brown hair, wrinkles and cane for bad legs old... 'nuff said. Male
10 Dorris Galgon Long brown hair, won the 47th games, young and pretty Funny and cute, loves others Female
11 Chaff dark skin, hand ends in stump, likes to drink and make jokes Male



soup= 10

feast= 120

meal= 70

cheese and apples= 60

water canteen filled: 110

empty water canteen: 20


heat medicine= 60

cold medicine= 70

capitol cream= 200 Heal an wound slowly

insta pill= 400 ( heals all wounds and diseases immediately)

benedryl= 10

med kit= 100


red= 100 ( jerky, empty water cup,flare, and banket)

blue = 40 (sleeping gases for tribute, milk and thermos of soup)

orange= 50(jerky crackeres, sleeping bag and bottle)

green= 100 (flint and steel, medicine bottle, knife, tent and water filled up)

yellow=90 (spearhead. bread w/ sauce, berries and thermometor)

purple= 60(milk, dagger, flare and mathces; camoflaughe paint)

white= 300( water, steak, hatchet, camoset, tent, and blowgun w/ poison)

black= 70( unset mine, spearhead, knife, dish, shrimp)

pink= 1000(if you read my 55th games you'll find out whats inside...)


District 1

Amethyst's POV: I leave my house early to pick some flowers for the reaping. I want to look nice, and altough I can easlity buy store flowers, the ones in our garden are lush. I feel like today could be the day I give one to Garnet, but isn't that his job to give ME a flower? I head over in my best dress. I walk with my friends, Ruby, Maroon, Chrystal, Daunt, and... well, I can't count how many. But Garnett walks along with his brother. He's wearing a really atrractive vest and slacks, adn I see a flower in his hand. He searches the crowd. I hope he looks for me! He approaches a girl in a really nice dress and hands her a daisey. I am furious! t's another girl that I know, Sapphire Justine! I make sure to see her family sued when this is over. "Ladies and Gentleman, this is the 49th Hunger Games! Let's begin with the ladies!" says Clarice, the escort. "Sapphire Justine!" she says. No. I won't let her get the fame. She is 18 and every one is nodding approvingley. "I VOULNTEER!" I scream, and some clap but most sigh and give me The Look. I bump her on my way up. "Whats your name?" says Clarice. "Amethyst DeMoir." I say, and smile at the camera. "Now for the boys." she says, and she rufles around in there. "Garnett Wike!" she says, and he steps forward. No one volunteers, because they know he can win easliy. "Ladies and Gentlemen, our tributes from dstrict 1!" says Clarice, adn we shae hands. I stroke his arm, and he looks at me, not with poison but with... a smile. Score for Amethyst. I think as I pull away.

District 2

Slik's POV: I bound down the stairs and kiss my mother, but give my brother a punch and say, "Better not get reaped, or I won't volunteer for ya!" and he leaves crying. "Slik!" my mom yells at me, but I leave too. When I arrive, I feel late because of the population this year. I spot my training partner, Bree, and mouth Good Luck at her. She mouths thanks, and I smile. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the reapng fr the 49th hunger games." says the man. He's fat and stupid, and I don't like him one bit. "The girl tribute is..." and everyone suddenly is quiet. He forgot to give us time, like say "And now" or "For the females". He pulls a slip and reads slowly "Tigris... Tigris." and a girl with green eyes steps up. Someone volunteers, but she doesn't accept. Then, fat man says "Slik..." he forgets the last name. I let out a whoop, and some people laugh. I stride up adn smile. Tigirs looks at me with a grin. "Our tributes from..." the man whspers something to the mayor and then says "These are the tributes from district 2."

District 3

Elysia's POV: I make my way to the middle of district 3 slowly. I only entered my name once. So I travel with my sister and we make it. She's tired and she falls asleep, so I carry her. When we arrive, they have just started. "The girl tribute is, Lila Kandle!" says the escort, and my sister moves but doesn't wake up. "I volunteer!" I say, and hand her to my best friend, Farse. But as I walk up, she says, "For the boys, we have... Farse Lorner!" he almost dropped Lila. He sets her down and cries a little. I almost yell at him but then I shake his hand. I cry the whole way to the Capitol.

District 4

Cascade's POV: I can't believe the Capitol is using our main beach as the Reaping square this year. This is where we play and have the most joyful times! I am infuriated as I walk in a dress I bought from a store on the way here. I arrive and get my finger pricked, and I wait. It takes forever, but finally, Perry Fulaomere, the escort, gets to us. "Sorry for the delay! District 3 was so crowded!" Some younger kids have started talking about something, and I walk towards the girls. "What's going on?" I whisper. A younger girl says "Somebody told me that the younger boys are volunteering." I sigh. This happened last year, where this kid volunteered and he died in the bloodbath. "Let's begin." says Perry, and she pulls a slip from the top. "Cascade Fen!" she says. I see some girls thinkng about volunteering for me, but I shake my head. I stand an ok chance, and we won last year so what do I have to lose? "Now for the boys!" she says. This time, she takes a slip from the bottom, digging around. She openes it and announces "Taz Rocca!" A handsome boy walks up with a grin, but I see a boy, almost identical with blonder hair and caramel eyes say "I volunteer!" He looks about 12 or 13. Wow, I think as the boy that I thought I could maybe get to know walks down adn gives the other boy, whom I've seen at training, a look but hugs him. "What's, your name, sweetie?" says Perry. The cute boy says "Baez Rocca!" and flexes. How cute, I think. Then, we shake hands, but he kisses my hand and says "It's my honor." I almost snort, but then I see that he meant to be funny, so I giggle. We proceed to the train, and I wave, with him making some hilarous face that I laugh at. too. What a little charmer. I think. Who knows if he'll last.

District 5

Tyo's POV: I hate my family. They are too peachy. My mom got a promotion and now we don't need to get the tesserae any more, but it's the reaping day, so I know it doesn't matter. I punch my sister in the nose on the way there, and I don't say sorry. I push my way up to the front, and watch. "Let's begin." says the woman. I see her pull a slip and say "Roota Banks." A big strong girl walks up, and I spit on her as she walks by, she doesn't notice, but others look at me. The, she says "Tyo Re... Reda..Re-" I scream "REDAIR YOU IDIOT!" and step up. She almost cries. How pathetic. I shake the girls hand, and give her the cruncher when I do. Its where you use there knuckles to hurt them. It's funny. But then I see a boy, about my age running up to Roota to hug her. She hugs him and the peacekeepers pull him off. He retaliates and hits him. In unision, they all shoot the boy. I smile, and the rest of them grimace. We make our way to the train as a mother cries for her dead son. What a joke, I think as I trip Roota inside.

District 6

Reyna's POV: While I put on my old dress that my grandma wore to her reaping, my brother said, "Uriah's here." and almost cries. Uriah goes to my school, but we never get along. I call him Uriah Dunce, although his last name isn't Dunce, it's Donce. He beat up Fischer, my brother, over a piece of cake at my birthday, and there were only 3 pieces becasue my dad got it outside on the street. I walk down stairs and grimace at him. "If you are wondering what I want, I was told to walk you down to the stupid square." he said, but I shut our other door in his face. A little later, when I am sure he's gone, I step outside, and out of no where, he tackles me. My dress rippes and I manage to scratch him before he pushes me down the outside steps. We arrive, both bleeding and torn clothes, and I punch him in the head and make my way to the front. "Ladies and Gentlemen." says the girl. "Welcome to the-" "49TH HUNGER GAMES!" yells Uriah and his friends. She gives them an unpleasant smile and says. "Ladies first!" and pulls a slip from the side. She ends up getting two, and puts one back in. "Reyna Boul!" she says, and tears come to my eyes. I think that if she had just used the other slip I'd be ok. I make my way up on pudding legs and stand there. "Now for the boys." she says. Uriah is laughing silently and I pray he will suddenly blow up. "Uriah Dunce!" she says, and half the crowd laughs. He goes up, infuriates, and gives the escort a knock knock on the head. "It says DONCE!" he says, and comes to face me. "I am gonna tear out your chest when we get into the Games." he says, and I almost say "Remember the Careers?" but I just smile at him and shake his hand. He pulls away fast and walks to the train. "These are the tributes for Distri-" the escort sees the people leaving. They know they won't have a victor this year.

District 7

Darcie's POV: I am scared stiff. Today, our district will go and see who will go into a place of no return. I pick up my dress and get into it. What a day. Instead of going down and meeting my friend Huckle to get wood and talk, I was here, because my mother said to be ready for today. Besides, I still would've had to come. The peacekeepers would've come and like whipped me. The square is crowded and apparently the lady in the green wig and yellow dress is very impatient, because she says "Listen!" and goes through the whole shpeel. When she gets to the girls bowl, I almost doze off, but I hear "Darcie Sloane!" and just start bawling. It stops when I look at Huckle, his lilac eyes looking into mine. I go up, brave and strong. I stand there and look out at my district, who is probably very sad but knows they can spare a worker in the forest. "Huckle Bind!" comes out of her mouth, and Huckle strides up in terror. He never would kill a fly. When a mountain lion attacked us and it jumped on Huckle, he sobbed. But he's one of the stronger boys. He's only 15 and holds the oush up record for our school. We shake hands, and he says, "I'm sorry about this." and I say "No, I should've been in the forest today." he looks dwn and we walk into the train together before we can hear the woman say "Our tributes from district 7!"

District 8

Jorge's POV: We walk early down to the square where we are all tired. It is really earl and Cara and I don't get up until the factory opens. The lady comes and starts to get ready. Then comes the crowds. She stars to get out the microphone but accidentaly drops it. An old guy who owns a mechanical shop picks it up and looks at it. "Hand that to me." she says with no friendliness in her tone. He sighs, and I know why. It probably has a lot of parts he needs. She starts calling names "For the ladies, we have, Cara Castor!" No. NO. NO! "I volunteer!" I scream, and everyone laughs. "Your not a girl!" says someone, and then it ceases. Cara goes up, and I only hope a strong boy gets chosen. She's only 13, but we're twins, so the odds of it being me are- "Jorge Castor!" It's like destiny slapped my in the face. I walk up slower that the turtles in our yard. "A brother and sister! well, this is unexpected and-" "It was rigged, ma'am." says Cara, and I look at her. But I know it's true. They do this almost evey year, or at least try. We get in the train and fall asleep on top of each other.

District 9

Rye's POV: I long for some food. I am so hngry. Today is reang day and my mothe says we should look skinny for the Captiol, but I ate a lot last night and look like a strong girl more than an anorexic girl. I march down to the square with my friend Tesla, and we wait. "Hello district 9, I'll be the escort this year!" says a lady who Tesla says looks like plastic. Before I know it she has drwn a name and said it. I din't hear it, and I am still laughing a bit from Tsla joke when she says, "Is Rye Bannock here?" I nearly faint. Tesla helps me up, and I don't here one volunteer. I hang onto the microphone and she says "Luke Bunningham!" and a strappi ng young guy comes up. Blonde hair tossed to the side, big muscles and a smile that isn't being shown. We shake hands, and I fell the cuts from his work in the fields. We escape to the train and wait for teh plastic woman who has no feeling for the children here today, going to die.

District 10

Donnis' POV: We are at the square when the lady says "Let's begin. She pulls a slip from the top. "Claire Leesom!' a grl that isn't too big gives a big whoop! and goes to the stage smiling. No one jere ever does that. Then I hear "Donns Char." and faint.

I awaken on a train with Cliare leaning over me, and yelling "GET UP." I ask her where we are and she tells me she's on her way to stardom and fame, for she plans on winning. Good Luck I think.

District 11

Bluebell's POV: I have picked some beautiful flowers and my mothe gives me a woven dress that would sell really well in the marketplace. I walk down with her. I am ready for what could happen. I get to the square and stand attentive like a bird about to take flight..... hint hint..... The lady pulls a slip and we all cringe. "Bluebell Daisy!" she says. My hear tliterally skips a beat. "No!" my mom yells but I still go and shake a little but I will be okay. Besides, my mom knows the mentor, Chaff, personally. He'll give me good advice. "Red Donohue!" says the woman and a smal boy who looks to be just boes, comes up to the stage. His arm's in a sling and he has a black eye. I'm wondering what happened. I shake his good hand and he smile a toothy one. "Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the tributes from district 11!" says the woman, but they all know that.

District 12

Nick's POV: They prick my finger and it reads NICK LOVIZIO, D12. I step into a roped off area with other 12 year old boys, and I wait for the time of my life that could mean my life or death. A couple minutes later it all begins. The video from the Capitol. The speech. and then the reaping part. "Jane Socha!" says a lady, adn a beautiful girl walks up to the stage. Blonde flowing hair, sky blue eyes... I awaken from my fantasy when I remember that she's probably a merchant child, and merchants killed my dad. "Nick Lovizio!" says the woman, and I let out a smal "YIPP." but I go up, looking good and fearless.We shake hands. She has soft skin. Then we get into the train.


Amethyst' POV: Garnett and I hold hands, something I always have longed to do, and we get out of the car onto the ground, where people swarm us. This is the place where I will go and come back from, becasue I can win!

Baez's POV: Tis place is amazing. So many people asking Cascade and I questions. I feel like I am just as rich as I was but with fans. It is so great. I mainly joke around and follow Perry. We arrive in the building of stylists, and they smother me in kisses and say things to Cascade like "Well, we finally got something to work with!" and "Oooh, how'd you get your hair like that?" They put goo's and gels and clothes on us until we are unrecognizable. I don't like the makeup, but hey, it's the Capitol!

Huckle's POV: Wow is all I can say. So many people talking to me, so many questoins, and good foods. I love it but I miss my home. The scent of bark and pine. Time with Darcie and I, not time with Darcie and I and 6 stylists. But it's fun, and I could use some fun before I die.

Sliks's POV: This is freakin' great. So many girls trying to hug me! It's almost paradise, but somethings missing! Oh yeah, winning! I will win, even if it means killing Tygress, someone whom I have grown to like.

Cascade's POV: Baez and I get put into all different clothes until we have interview outfits and chariot clothes. But they ar estill figuring it all out. Redilla Toll, our head stylists, seems very interested in Baez's hair and says my nails couldn't get more perfect. Wow. That's all I've said this whole time. And the boys! Oh, they're fantastic! Baez seems to be having fun with the older girls, who like him, and it's all so happy.


Garnett's POV: I am wearing a jeweled suit and hat for our chariot ride. Good, it will show I am the lead Career. I go out into my horse with Amethyst, who is wearing a very reaveling but pretty dress, and its the same colors. He tirara and my furry hat will win the crowd.

Tygress' POV: I am wearing a heavyy knghts armour, but with my size, it looks really good. Slik and I look ferocious and we both are ready for whats to come. I step in my horse carraige and get ready.

Farse's POV: I am wearing a yellow glowing suit, and Elyisia and I can get sponsors from this. I might even make it home if I am good enough here.

Cascade's POV: Well, we basically will get the crowd wailing. Baez is wearing a glass thing that has jets to shoot real waves around in, and he had a trident and a tail. I am a mermaid, but I mainly justsit on top of Baez and ride the wave, looking straight ahead. It will be a blast.

Tyo's POV: We're solar workers. This sucks.

Reyna's POV: Uriah is a car and I am a mechanic. Sponsors are being repelled as we speak

Huckle's POV: I am a tree and Darcie is a woodpecker, hammericng away n my skull. What joy.

Jorge's POV: We are fabrics of silver and gold, cotton and velvet, and silk and burgundy. I love it, and so does my sister.

Rye's POV: Luke and I are big stalks of grain, waving around. We get people attention, but Will it be enough to reel in sponsors? Besides, I am so much shorter than Mr. Muscles here, we're lopsided.

Donnis' POV: I am a cow, and Claire Leesom is a milkmaid. Whoop dee doo.

Red's POV: I am a fruit tree, with golden peaches hang from me, and bluebell is a meadow flower orchard. I like it and I hoe we get enough sponsors, but I know my plants.

Jane's POV: I am covered in coal dust, and I am NAKED! It is awful, and Nick is waving! How unpolite!


Every tribute has scaled out by themselves besides the Careers, District 3, 7, 8, and 9. District 12 is talking to each ther, but not nicley. The Careers are planning a strategy, and it isn't good.


Most of the outer district are lerning how to use something, and the Careers are hacking away at dummies or targets. Amethyst is destroying a dmmy with a curvy knife, and Garnett is throwing spears with Cascade. Slik and Tygress and at the sword station, and Baez is swimming laps in the pool with Darcie Sloane. The pair from 8 are trying to thro knives with a very skilled girl from 9, and most every one else is trying to use a weapon they can't besides Luke from 9, who is using a scythe. Teh gaemakers have the indivudual traiing sessions, and here are the scores.

1 Garnett: 10 Using spears and swords

1 Amethyst: 9 shooting a bow and using a knife

2 Slik: 9 sword fight against trainer

2 Tygress: 10 knife throwing

3 Farse: 4 Trying to climb a rock wall; fell

3 Elysia: 7 spears

4 Baez: 10 swimming and throwing tridents and using a machete

4 Cascade: 10 swimming, nets and tridents; knife throwing

5 Tyo: 5 attempting to cli the rock wall and jump onto a dummy with a sickle sword

5 Roota: 9 lifting weights

6 Uriah: 7 using a club

6 Reyna: 8 punching a sand bag

7 Huckle: 9 throwing a hatchet into the head of a dummy

7 Darcie: 8 axes

8 Jorge: 4 throwing a knife at a matt

8 Cara: 2 running slowly

9 Luke: 10 using a scythe and lifting weights

9 Rye: 8 throwing knives

10 Donnis: 6 dodging a ball shooter

10 Claire: 7 spears

11 Red: 3 jumping high

11 Bluebell: 7 climbing and jumping off the top of the rock wall

12 Nick: 6 dodging a machine that punches at you

12 Jane: 5 plant knoledge

Personal Training Sessions (from 8-10 POV's)

Garnett's POV: I know we are first, so I wait outside. I go first, and Amethys is sitting next to me. I figured out she likes me, and I have liked her this whole time! I even have an amethyst gem for my token to remind me of her! Before I get called in, I pull her up close to me. "I love you." I say, and she droppes her eyelids and says the same. The kiss is wonderful, and a peacekeeper pulls me inside. This should be a peace of cake. I take a spear and start to throw it at a target. I hit the bulls eye evey time, and then go to work with a machete. My time is up, and I thank the Head Gamemaker, Totilus Froteg.

Amethyst's POV: I feel the warmth on my lips as I see him come out with a grin. He must have done great. I step in and take the bow, which isn't my best weapon but I am on with it. I shoot some arrow's and know that will only get me an 8, so I take two heavy knives and slash a dummy. Totilus seemed to be pleased, and I step out.

Totilus Froteg's POV: District 1 is strong this year. Last year, the boy from 4 won by killing 10 tributes by himself and then helping kill the rest. Those were good games. I hope that district 1 wins this year, because the vicotrs have been from 2 and 4 mainly, but I think that the boy deserves a ten and the girl should get a 9, mainly from her knife skills.

Slik's POV: I talk to Tygress about what I want to do. She says that she'll throw knives and that's it. I enter, say my name, and begin to search for a good sword. Ah- hah! I spot a short, heavy one with a brass handle and destroy some dummies as fast as I can. It's too heavy, and I can't get the last one, so I call a trainer over and we fight with padded blades. I do average for a Career, and think I'll get a nine.

Tygress's POV: I wonder how Slik did. He comes out, blank face, and says "Throw straight." I enter and run to the knife station. I throw knives into everythink. The rock wall, the dummies, and even the rack of spears, which clatter over and I laugh. I hit the bulls eye on the targets, and do the knife course with moving targets. I then climb the rock wall and jump down onto the matt. I am done.

Totilus Froteg's POV: I reall enjoyed district 2, but the boy could've worked harder. He's a great swordsman, but he'll need to fight harder for his life. I wait and sip my wine. (Now I district 4)

Baez' POV: When Cascade het's yelled at for laughing at something I say, we sit in silence and wait for district 3 to leave. They come out sulking like I expected, and I go in. Some gamemakers comment on me, and I strip down to my underwear and dive into the pool with such grace I see Totilus open his mouth. I swim my fastest I have EVER swam, a 30 second time in 50 meters doing freestyle. I hop out and pull on shorts, and use the machete. I plan to take all the time I need.. I hack away at fatal arteries and then use the tridents. I am onyl 13, but they LOVE me! Then, I throw one trident into the head of a dummy from the top of the rock wall, which I climb, and then throw a net on something. They clap, a bow, and hop down, and run out.

Cascade's POV: I see his reaction, but as I give him a hug, he's soaking wet. Is it the pool water or sweat? I grimace but say good job, and he wishes me good luck as I step in. My effect of beauty is immidiate on the gamemakers, and I toss my hair around to show off. That's at least a six already. I go to the pool and hop in, swimming as fast and using all my strenghth. Then, I use tridents and nets on a trainer, and throw knives at a dummy. I end up throwing 2 at once and knock off the legs. I have a couple seconds left, so I pick up a weight and chuck it across the room into the pool. I did really good!

Totilus Froteg's POV: I am amazed with district 4! They show strenght in the water and with weapons! And the boy is only 13. Well, I will give him a challnge then. He asked for it.

Roota's POV: I realize that all of the Careers scored 9- 10's so I must show my strenghth. I go to the weights and lift 100... 150.... 200...... 250..... 350....... I see the look of the Gamemakers as I set it down and bow. I know I'll get something good for that.

Totilus Froteg's POV: I love this girl from 5! She's strong AND pretty. She gets a nine, and I think the Careers might ask her to join them.

Reyna's POV: I decide to punch a bag. I go in and do work. I get on different types of gloves, from soft wool ones to spiked metal ones. I eventually knock it off the cieling and climb the wall. I am awarded and applause and whoops, and know I scored big.

Totilus Froteg's POV: I love her! She punches with such ferocity. She is awarded a nine and we move on.

Huckles POV: I am ready for this. I hate to kill people, but the dummies don't remind me with people, with their blank faces, and limbs extended to the side. They look like trees, and that is how I must treat them. My buries itself into so many I lose control and go beserk on them all, destroying each one and asking for more to be placed. If only I was like this in the arena I could win maybe. But people are people, and they are precious to me.

Totilus Froteg's POV: The boy is good. Not good enough for the Careers but for me, he is good enough for a 9. Lot's of talent this year! So many high scores and strong kids.

Darcie's POV: I see Huckle leave, soaked in sweat, and I go in, and search the area for an axe. I find a double sided one embedded with gold, and I throw it into a dummies head. I keep doing this; throwing and retrienving. It really is nice, but it's a work out. I leave with a happy face and a hungry stomach, just wanting to go home and leave this place.

Totilus Froteg's POV: I award her an 8. She deserves it, and we are running low on dummies. I see thhe wine tray and get myself lost in the fine wine of the training center.

Luke's POV: I see the gamemakers drinkiing, so I take the scythe and take out the remaining dummies in one swipe. This gets there attention, and the I throw it at the target in anger and it sticks in the bulls eye. I leave without saying a word.

Totilus Froteg's POV: The boy is another physical protegy! I love this year, and it will be so great,,, (gurgles wine)

Rye's POV: Luke leaves, and says "They're all drunk." I nod, and go in. Totilus is shouting some song and the mutt creator is asleep in a puddle of who-knows-what. I throw some knives and get the attention of one man, whp decides to smile at me the whole time. I guess he's not to well either when he spills wine all over me. In anger, I throw the knife at him and it pins him by his shirt to the wall. They stare and I leave.

Totilus Froteg's POV: I don't.... huh? I'm jussss gonna drink morrrre and.... Blah!

The scores on TV

A random capitol boy's POV: I watch the screen as the most exciting event of the year comes on. The scores are here! I sip my hot chocolate and eat a piece of cake. It says:

District 1 Garnett: Using spears and swords earned him a..... 10!

District 1 Amethyst: shooting a bow and using a knife earned her a.... 9!

District 2 Slik: sword fight against trainer......9!

District 2 Tygress: knife throwing.... 10!

District 3 Farse: Trying to climb a rock wall; fell.... 4!

District 3 Elysia: spears.... 7!

District 4 Baez: swimming and throwing tridents and using a machete... 10!

District 4 Cascade: swimming, nets and tridents; knife throwing..... 10!

District 5 Tyo: attempting to cling the rock wall and jump onto a dummy with a sickle sword.... 5!

District 5 Roota: lifting weights..... 9!

District 6 Uriah: using a club..... 6!

District 6 Reyna: punching a sand bag.....8!

District 7 Huckle: throwing a hatchet into the head of a dummy.....9!

District 7 Darcie: axes....8!

District 8 Jorge: 4 throwing a knife at a matt

8 Cara: 2 running slowly

9 Luke: 10 using a scythe and lifting weights

9 Rye: 8 throwing knives

10 Donnis: 6 dodging a ball shooter

10 Claire: 7 spears

11 Red: 3 jumping high

11 Bluebell: 7 climbing and jumping off the top of the rock wall

12 Nick: 6 dodging a machine that punches at you

12 Jane: 5 plant knoledge

I hate how the other district that are poor get reasonable scores. Go Careers, I say.

The Games

Red's POV: I am raised into an arena that is filled with...... sand. Wow, I think. I didn't expect this. I decide to try something new. I take my necklace, or my token, and jump off. As I ht the ground, I throw it at the boy from 8's square. He explodes.

Cara's POV: Jorge is killed and I start screaming. I see the two boys' bodies all bloody and torn, and I will try to win. When the gong rings, I tackle the boy from 4, trying to strangle him. The girl from 2 snaps my neck and it goes black.

Baez' POV: I get the trident and throw it at the boy from 3. He falls down and his cannon sounds. Cascade is killing the girl from 3 but gets hit in the leg with a pear. Garnett saves her when the boy from 5 attacks her with a sickle and kills the boy. I run towards Tygress and we take 2 sides. All I think is this isn't a place for a boy from district 4.

Nick's POV: I run for the Horn and see girl from 7 attack Jane. I may be small, but I take the first weapon I find and throw it. The blade of a knife sticks out of her, and Jane grabs a bag and we run for the oasis in the distance.

Amethys's POV: I am fighting off the boy from 7. He is scared of me, but he is stronger too. I wonder why he runs away from me, and I throw a knife at him, but he deflets it with his hatchet. I return to the horn to see Slik and Baez talking to the girl from 5, Roota, and she grabs a club and joins us. I don't mind, but she better not touch Garnett.

Bluebell's POV: The Careers have no idea I am back here. I sneak out from the horn to see the girl from 1, armed with a bow, shoot me in the heart.

Jane's POV: I thank Nick, and we fnally arrive at the oasis. It is later that night and the faces appear. Both from 3, the boy from 5, the boy from 6, the girl from 7, both from 8, and the both from 11. I fall asleep and hope for no danger.

Slik's POV: I watch the sun set and sit down. They have big tone slabs, and tomorrow, we head out for an oasis and a hunt. Cascade leans against a rock, her hair entertwined with a knife. I put my jacket on her, because it gets freezing here at night. She's very pretty, and if 2 of us could win, I would like it to be her and I. Baez and her must have known each other for a long time, becuase he's next t her, haring my jacket. Garnett and Amethyst are like a pretzel; all tied up on each other. I fall asleep near Roota with Tygress on watch.


Red Donohue, Jorge Castor, Cara Castor, Farse Lorner, Elysia Kandle, Tyo Redair, and Darcie Sloane are dead

Rye and Luke are at a mountain. Needs: water and food

Uriah is on top of a tree. Needs: weapons

Nick and Jane are at an oasis. Need: food

Day 2: Surviving

Reyna's POV: I decide t leve my spot in the sand and go to an oasis today. But I run into the Careers, I see a short kid and decide he would be an easy target. When they st down to drink some water, I thow a rock at his head. It nips his ear, and they are after me. I run towards a dead tree and break off a limb. He draws a long, black machete and breaks it. He is stronger han I thought, and he digs it up it my ribs. I trickle blood on him, and I am finished by a blow by his counterpart.

Tygress's POV: The girl from 6 is dead, and we have started our trek. I know I must come home, and I realize that there is someone else in the distance. It's the pair from 12, resting in an oasis. We make a plan, and then attack full on.

Jane's POV: The first thing I see is the handsome boy from 4 on top of the girl from 2's shoulders, holding a trident. He throws it through Nck, and I scream. I throw my knife and hear a thunk. But the girl from 5 lodges her club into my brain.

Amethyst's POV: "GARNETT!" I scream, and run to him. A knife rtrudes from his belly, and he is breathing hard. Baez comes over with some water, but we didn't have medicine. "Listeb to me," he says, and I pull him up to me. "I love you so much, Amethyst. I even have this gem to remind me of you. This whole time." he says. I am so touched I kiss his bleeding lips, and say "I have always felt the same.... Why? If you had just given me a sign..." I cry and cry. He kisses me one last time, and his cannon sounds. I step up in a huff. "I'm leading this pack now, and you are ll listening to me, even Mr. Joker here!" I scream, pointing to Baez. His eyebrows knitt into a very adorable scowl. I go to the oasis and drink water until I am full.

Luke's POV: I step into the cave in our mountain. Rye is cooking some grain that she got at the cornocopia. We are hungry, and I will lose my strength if I don't eat some real food. My scythe is good, and I got Rye knives. "Lets eat!" I say, and I am about to take a bite when the boy from 6 steps in. "What are you a**holes doing with that scythe?" he says, and reaches for it. I step back and am about to take a swing. He says "You got food? I got water." I grimace and say "Come in." We eat in silence, adn he calls us more names, but we drink his water and nod at everything he says. Finally, we sleep. As I sleep, I feel a prick and then am out.

Rye's POV: I scream as I see my knife being used to kill Luke. I grab Uriah and throw him down. I punch and claw but he slaps me and grabs a piece of rock. It hits my jaw, but I catchthe second throw and hit him in the chest. He falls down, adn I throw my knife into his throat. 2 cannons og off so close to each other that I don't know who was killed first. I cry myself back to sleep.


Garnett Wike, Uriah Donce, Luke Bunningham, Donnis Char, Jane Socha, and Nick Lovzio are dead

Rye is in a cave. Needs: nothing

The Careers are in an oasis. Needs: nothing

Claire Leesom is in the middle of the desert. Needs: food and water; weapons and medicine

Day 3: The Mutts

Claire's POV: I need water! I feel bad for everything. I killed Donnis in his sleep, and I stole a water bottle from the small girl from 9. Now, I have nothing. The first sting hts me in the rib. I fly back and see a scorpion the size of a cow lunge. I dive to the side, but it gores me.

Rye's POV: My knife finds it's mark and the scorpion dies, but 2 more are on to me before I can escape. I scream for help and see the claw raise, but it never finds it's mark. The girl from 5, a large strong one, takes he club out of it's head and kills the other one. "I thought you were with the Careers!" I say. She shakes her head and says "The yboss me around, even the 13 year old." I sigh and give her a bowl of bread. "Don't try anything, or else." I say, but she could easily kill me. We decide to trek down the ravine tommmorow. It is getting dark and I lie down.

Tygress' POV: I drink more water and see the first wave. Scorpions. "Baez!" I scream, and he wakes up with a machete in hs hands. We take them on, but they just keep coming. Slik and Amethyst wake, and we take down more and more but Amethyst gets down adn we see one about to take a bite of her when Cascade throws an axe into it. With her here, we decide to leave and fight our way to the Horn. But as we reach it, Baez throws his machete into one and draws his last weapon, a knife. I know he is useless with one, so I scream "Trade!" and he takes my mace and we go to work. By the time the arachnids are almost gone, a new creature has appeared, and they don't look nice either. Camels. One by one, they slam into us, and I realize Roota is gone. I lose the knife to one and crawl to the top of the Horn. We all try to make it, but Slik gets bitten by a camel and the scorpions fight the camel for Slik. He gets torn up and tossed around, and in the end, he lays in two pieces.

Cascade's POV: I decide to watch the camels fight the scorpions instead ofbeing dumb like Amethyst and fighting them while they try to duke it out. Amethyst gets up, and our first sponsor comes from Cryght, my mentor. Sting medicine and a bag colored white. We treat ourselves and open the bag. I get a hatchet, and we get a tent that we can use to stay up here so the camels can't get us. Also, steak and water are in and a camo set. Baez pulls out a stange tumbe and needles with a dip. He dips one in and puts it in the pole, and blows. It hits the camel, and it dies. "Sweet, poison darts!" and hands it to Tygress. Now, all we have is a hatchet, a blowgun and a trident, which we divide but it it isn't even. Baez has a trident which he says he promses not to throw, and I have the axe, while Amethyst has the blowgun and Tygress hangs upside down by the horn to look for a weapon. I fall asleep to Baez making jokes and Amethyst trying to style his hair.


Huckle's POV: I hate it here. No trees, no water, and no Darcie. She was killed by the boy from 12 and he died. I am glad to be alive. This isn't my enviroment. I see a camel coming and it stops. I go in to pet it, but it bites me. I swing my axe int ohis head, and walk ff crying. I don't care if it wasn't a person, it was living. I hear a buzzing and see a parachute. I open it and think Damn because it's a tube of tan and brown face paint. But the nthe note says You should use it to evade the other tributes for the Feast. And that is when I hear the announcement: Tributes, you have fought long and hard, and to reward you, you will fight for more supplies at the Feast tommorow. You will put up a fight and if you don't go, there will be consequenses. That is all. I grin at the paint and know my mentor means for me to not kill but evade.

Baez' POV: I hear Cascadde argue over who gets the axe when Amethyst slaps her. They fall off the roof of this thing and roll around, pucnhing and scratching. I grab my trident and try to hit Amethyst but I miss and it hits a dead camel. Finally, Cascade pins her and Tygress and I watch. Cascade raises her fist but Amethyst smiles sickly and draws a knife. "You b****!" says Cascade, and Amethyst stabs her in the throat. She falls dead, and I scream. With no trident, I grab the last of the supplies, and jump down. I swing the ag at Amethyst and ht her in the forehead, but she throws it into my knee. I stagger away and pull it out hen I find a tree. The last thing I hear is the struggling of Tygress and Amethyst to kill one another.The only thing I think is that that is how the Career alliance ends, and cry myself to sleep over Cascade.

Tonight, see 4 faces in the sky. The girl from 10, Slik, Cascade..... and Tygress. I know I will be ready for this girl tommorow.

Day 5: The Victor

Roota's POV: I wake and remember the feast. If you don't go, there will be consequenses. Yeah right. I pick up my club and hammer somemore rocks into it. A make shift mace. Rye and I decide to go our seperate ways. I head east, she goes west. We meet around the horn and see no one. The rocks conceal us, and I see Rye run for her bag. Suddenly, a boy, about 6 feet tall, appears, covered in a tan goo and sand, and throws an axe into her skull. I see a girl, I think from 1, kill him with a small knfe, and then I move. The boy from 4 steps out and charges her. The clash with kives and I kno she is better that him. He staggers back towards me and I ram my club into his skull. I fell bad, but I know I am in the fnal 2. I step out and face this girl.

Amethyst's POV: I see her run in and grab her bag, pull out a blowgun, and shoot. She doesn't know about my vest. It's padded with rubber ,and I smirk and throw my knife into her belly. She throws her club into my neck, and I feel the blood leave my body, but I will last. I will win. For Garnett. Then she speaks. "We're all dead, aren't we. You. You had that boy from your district. And I have a famly at home. All they want..." she coughs and spews blood on the sand. "If we just deifed these games! They're terrible!" and I understand. She tells me about herself and says one last thing. "Remember that even if you think the Capitol has power over you.... you are your own person." and she is gone. And I get it. No one killed each other in here. The capitol did. All of us. And we just played there games like we didn't care. I stand up, take out the club, and scream until they come and pick me up. I am victor, but the first thing I plan to do is leave. Not let The Capitol sell my body or make me mentor. I won't let them. I will do it for Garnett and Roota and for myself. I will....resist.

Congrats to Cupcakesrule and her tribute Amethyst DeMoir.

I will make more games soon.

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