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    Deleting Games?

    April 10, 2013 by Jabberjay78

    Ok, the last thing this wiki needs is another blog right now, but I wanted to bring up a point of tension I noticed after returning to the wiki from back in 2011.

    Basically, I noticed a lot more tension between mainspace editors and gamemakers on the focus of the wiki, and that a lot of decent finished games that had pretty good followings had been deleted.

    I've already discussed this with several admins, so bringing it up again might be rubbing salt in the wounds, but I wanted to bring it up to the rest of the wiki population too. I understand the arguement that blogs distract people from the main point of this wiki, though I don't really get how, with the book series over and only the three movies left, there could be much "all-important" …

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  • Jabberjay78

    The archive for the first two (currently one) parts of my fifth games, the Doomsday Games!(

    100 years have passed since the Capitol abolished the Hunger Games once and for all. But the world has not forgotten the brutal and sinister nature of these horrid competitions. The Games can never come back.

    But for every sane person out there in the nation, there are a few who disagree. There are a few who believe the games should’ve continued, and the nation should not have been deprived of paying for their sins in the form of young sacrifices. These people have a plan, a plan to construct the greatest Hunger Games the nation has ever seen. Then, they will all see the light. …

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  • Jabberjay78

    One Last Games

    February 16, 2013 by Jabberjay78

    Alright, let's do this. So, I left this place about a year and a half ago, and I probably always knew this would have to happen someday, but I think it's time for one last games. I do really miss this place, so I figured I might as well come back for a little. Things will get busy again for me at the end of next month, so this return will be short-lived, and don't expect to see me too much outside of writing these games. Anyways, I hope a lot of my old friends are here, and I'm excited to make some new ones too! So without further ado, I give you the Doomsday Games!

    100 years have passed since the Capitol abolished the Hunger Games once and for all. But the world has not forgotten the brutal and sinister nature of these horrid competitions.…

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  • Jabberjay78

    District Zero

    September 23, 2011 by Jabberjay78

    Ok I know what you're all thinking: JayJay is crazy, but just listen here for a second please. I totally think that District Zero should become a district. I mean if the Capitol and D13 can send tributes, why not D0? I think it would be the meteorology/astrology district. No matter what people say, I'm still going to create tributes from there. Anyone else cool with a district zero?

    Ok, so District Zero is the Meteorology/Astrology District. It was part of Panem before they decided to name their districts, but it soon became too powerful so the Capitol cut off all of its ties to the 'district.' It is located in Alaska, quite a ways from Panem, and was once very big until a sickness wiped out most of its people. Now it is about the size of D…

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  • Jabberjay78

    To avoid having too much text on one blog post, the 1st (and later 2nd) part of the Modern Hunger Games will be archived in this blog post. However, the more current writing pieces, the list of tributes, and the rankings and rules will be kept on the original page: The Modern Hunger Games. Hope that is understandable!

    At the center of what anyone would describe as an ordinary, upscale city, 26 young and aspiring children suddenly appeared, rising on metal plates that surrounded a flowing golden fountain. The kids were given a minute, the usual amount of time, to get their bearings before the next games began. But these games would be so they were the first in over one hundred years. This time, the tributes were placed in a …

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