Ok, the last thing this wiki needs is another blog right now, but I wanted to bring up a point of tension I noticed after returning to the wiki from back in 2011.

Basically, I noticed a lot more tension between mainspace editors and gamemakers on the focus of the wiki, and that a lot of decent finished games that had pretty good followings had been deleted.

I've already discussed this with several admins, so bringing it up again might be rubbing salt in the wounds, but I wanted to bring it up to the rest of the wiki population too. I understand the arguement that blogs distract people from the main point of this wiki, though I don't really get how, with the book series over and only the three movies left, there could be much "all-important" mainspace editing anyways short of changing "USA" to "U.S.A" on thousands of actors' pages.

I wanted to make a plea that the games on this wiki that were actually finished don't get deleted, unless the user gives permission beforehand. I'd be heartbroken if any of my games were deleted, even if they are archived on the RP wiki and in word documents; it's like deleting part of the history of this wiki, and deleting the existance of the user who made those games. Maybe it's asking a lot, but I don't know much about if/how blogs clog up this wiki anyways.

So I'd like some opinions on this, from the admins, mainspace editors, and people who write games on how everyone feels about this. And I apologize if this is getting to be an annoying topic, but I think it's worth discussing.

"Everyone's a kid that no one cares about, you just gotta keep screaming til they hear you out" 01:09, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

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