Ok I know what you're all thinking: JayJay is crazy, but just listen here for a second please. I totally think that District Zero should become a district. I mean if the Capitol and D13 can send tributes, why not D0? I think it would be the meteorology/astrology district. No matter what people say, I'm still going to create tributes from there. Anyone else cool with a district zero?

Ok, so District Zero is the Meteorology/Astrology District. It was part of Panem before they decided to name their districts, but it soon became too powerful so the Capitol cut off all of its ties to the 'district.' It is located in Alaska, quite a ways from Panem, and was once very big until a sickness wiped out most of its people. Now it is about the size of District Two, but still supports itself very well. If included in a games, that means that in that specific timeline, District Zero has rejoined Panem and again supplies it with research into space and the weather.

-JayJay78: Scorpius, Twinkle, Grass, Zett....Go Kick Some Butt. 20:32, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

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