I don't know why I made this, I was really

Anyways, I haven't been here that long so if I'm wrong about any of these, feel free to correct me...and if you want me to take this down tell me, I didn't know if it was a good idea or not.

Grand List of Victors

Tell me if you have any who aren't on here!

This doesn't count Phoenix's games which had 17 victors!

District One

Ruby Moon (JayJay78)

Iris Bloodsworthy (PurplexMuffin)

Lily Sunshine (MoviePopcorn123)

Kourtney Rodriguez (TDR)

Sensation Powers (Brony10)

District Two

Genevieve "Jenny" Sparks (DistrictTributexD)

Sophie Sheard (Fantasyfilm99)

Connor Emeralds (Panther12)

Fido Fiderson (Fidofiderson)

Lavender Snow (JayJay78)

Rebecca Behead (EffieLuna)

Ebrulf Brown (Anon...)

Dare Ward (Brony12)

Anna Krylov (Brony12)

District Three

Whimzi Electrelle (IWantSeddieToHappen)

Destiny Bow (Brony12)

Damien O'Neil (HungerGamesFan)

District Four

Scorpius Flame (JayJay78) (Twice)

Aaron Blue (Nate777)

Felicity Faye (Teabot)

Emma Wave (Nate777)

Star Sun (JayJay78)

Cam Odair (Bklmc5)

Ronda Gouge (Brony12) (Twice)

Splash Blue (TeamPeetaForever) (Twice)

District Five

Nari Laora (TDR)

Ice Hawk (Firecatcher3) (Twice)

Kipcha Pryor (Firecatcher3)

Tinder Leafs (Firecatcher3)

Night Flynn (Firecatcher3) Note: Was D2 in the games she won

Linda Pierre (Foxface911)

District Six

Albany York (InsertRandomnessHere)

Cho Abiko (Tommyboy97)

River Rhodes (Wolverine1717) Note: District 1 in the games he won

Lilac Drugs (EffieLuna)

District Seven

Zett Thunder (JayJay78)

Thorna Green (Nate777)

Sonny Raine (Leshawna333)

Daniel Zlevor (Leshawna333)

Moss Twilight (Mockingjay5)

Tree Summer (Anon....)

Stronton Melich (Julian Espinoza)

District Eight

Nylon Denim (Anon....)

Nolt Ranfer (Fantasyfilm99)

District Nine

Apollo Silvermoon/Goldenstar (Tommyboy97)

Sapphire Rolland (PurplexMuffin) Note: Was D5 in the games she won

Cleo Jones (TacoSalad1127)

Spring Howards (Brony12)

District Ten

Fall Sky (Moviepopcorn123)

Kedzie Woods (Firecatcher3)

Sonny Blares (Nate777)

District Eleven

Lion Coy (Kenzen11)

Katherine Storm (PurplexMuffin)

Logan Evans (Dmaddoxx)

Linzie Koster (Team Peeta)

Rose Lalonde (InsertRandomnessHere)

District Twelve

Ridge Hillsong (Tiki tooki)

Rhea Dust (EffieLuna)

Kitty Thomas (Fantasyfilm99)


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