Here it is! The 47th Annual Hunger Games! Albany York is the victor!
The 47th HG color

The Final Five

<poll> Who Will Win? Natalie Campbell Hail Monei Albany York Dimitree Haskot Kedzie Woods </poll>

The Tributes

  • Tevinh Valdez (District 1)
  • Natalie Campbell (District 1)
  • Oscar Du Winter (District 2)
  • Ursula Shrapnel (District 2)
  • Otis Crank (District 3)
  • Pippa Hartstrong (District 3)
  • Akouke Awe (District 4)
  • Hail Monei (District 4)
  • Qian Shao (District 5)
  • Lao Xoubui (District 5)
  • Albany York (District 6)
  • Cobalt Tungsten (District 6)
  • Dimitree Haskot (District 7)
  • Byrdy Crush (District 7)
  • Xavier Thread (District 8)
  • Georgina Greenwood (District 8)
  • Vector LaGuardia (District 9)
  • Nike O'Hare (District 9)
  • Talon Faust (District 10)
  • Kedzie Woods (District 10)
  • Galigan Mazerapi (District 11)
  • Rhea Marine (District 11)
  • Kartan Smeeze (District 12)
  • Luca Straight (District 12)
District Male Tribute Female Tribute Creator
One Tevinh Valdez Natalie Campbell Tevinh
Two Oscar Du Winter Ursula Shrapnel Anon...
Three Otis Crank Pippa Hartstrong ScHaRyPeArL
Four Akouke Awe Hail Monei Fantasyfilm99
Five Qian Shao Lao Xoubui Fantasyfilm99
Six Albany York Cobalt Tungsten InsertRandomnessHere
Seven Dimitree Haskot Byrdy Crush ScHaRyPeArL
Eight Xavier Thread Georgina Greenwood Anon...
Nine Vector LaGuardia Nike O'Hare Tiki Tooki
Ten Talon Faust Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3
Eleven Galigan Mazerapi Rhea Marine Tiki Tooki
Twelve Kartan Smeeze Luca Straight Fallen Angell

Training Scores:

Male Score Female Score
Tevinh Valdez (1) 10 Natalie Campbell (1) 10
Oscar Du Winter (2) 7 Ursula Shrapnel (2) 8
Otis Crank (3) 7 Pippa Hartstrong (3) 7
Akouke Awe (4) 10 Hail Monei (4) 9
Quian Shao (5) 6 Lao Xoubui (5) 4
Albany York (6) 4 Cobalt Tungsten (6) 4
Dimitree Haskot (7) 7 Byrdy Crush (7) 2
Xavier Thread (8) 9 Georgina Greenwood (8) 7
Vector LaGuardia (9) 7 Nike O'Hare (9) 5
Talon Faust (10) 10 Kedzie Woods (10) 6
Galigan Mazerapi (11) 7 Rhea Marine (11) 7
Kartan Smeeze (12) 7 Luca Straight (12) 7

The Arena

The arena for the 47th Hunger Games is similar to the arena that will be used in the 75th games in the future.

This arena is a large circular island divided into 12 sections. However, in this arena, each section represents a district. Just like usual, there are gamemaker traps in each section. There are two per section that affect the entire area. The first trap is harmful only to the tributes, while the second trap typically destroys the whole area. The first trap is triggered when one of the tributes from the cooresponding districts dies. The second trap triggers when both tributes from the cooresponding district are dead. However, these traps won't activate until three hours after the games begin, regardless of how quickly the tribute dies. The cornucopia is at the center of the arena as usual.

The Arena (poorly drawn)

District One: Designed like a city. Trap 1: bombs in several buildings Trap 2: Every building explodes

District Two: Designed as a mountainous area with several barbed wire fences. Trap 1: Land mines are activated Trap 2: Rockslides, which will in turn detonate most bombs

District Three: A labyrinth of inactive electric fences. Trap 1: Fences activate Trap 2: Constant lighting storms every two hours.

District Four: Ocean with three islands on it. Trap 1: Tidal Wave Trap 2: Piranah Mutts

District Five (assuming it is the scientific research district located in the desert): Desert area with a pond and many survival supplies hidden in the sand. Trap 1: Pond dries up Trap 2: Constant heat waves

District Six (assuming it to be the medicine district): Swampy forest with many medicinal plants. Trap 1: Plants become poison ivy Trap 2: Poison Gas

District Seven: Forest. Trap 1: Tracker Jacker Nests released Trap 2: Forest Fire

District Eight: A barren wasteland of tar with only one factory in it. Trap 1: Crow muttations released Trap 2: Factory burns down

District Nine: (assuming it is the fruit, vegetable, and food processing district) clear fields that offer no concelament but have many fruits & veggetable plants. Trap 1: Plants all die. Trap 2: Fire

District Ten: Fields bordered by trees where many deer, cows, and pigs live. Trap 1: Animals contact sickness Trap 2: Animals replaced with mutts (who won't leave the D10 area)

District Eleven: Grain fields. Trap 1: Rainstorms (turn fields in swampy mess) Trap 2: Fire

District Twelve: Series of caves. Trap 1: Bat-mutts Trap 2: Cave-ins

Let The Games Begin!

Day One


Audiences across the great nation of Panem watched eagerly as the 24 tributes of the 47th Annual Hunger Games rose from the ground and into this year's arena. The audience this year had quite a few fan favorites. Both tributes from district 1 and the boy from district 10 were favorites for their strength. Akouke Awe and Hail Monei from district 4 were heavily supported due to their love story. Albany York of 6 and Georgina Greenwood of 8 also recieved some 'pity fans.'

The arena this year was a circular island divided into 12 wedges. Each wedge represented and was designed like one of the 12 districts of Panem. The two tributes from each districts stood on their metal plates with their district's wedge to their backs as Claudius Templesmith's voice came over the loudspeaker. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the Forty-Seventh Hunger Games begin!" The 24 tributes now had a minute to get their bearnings, and then the real battle would begin.

Rhea Marine, D11, Cornucopia Plate

As I eagerly wait for the gong to sound, I take a second to observe my surroundings. It's almost like the gamemakers took a handful of past arenas and synthesized them into an confusing mess. Behind me is a grain field, which reminds me of home, and I also see a city, some islands, mountains, a forest, and some caves. I decide that I will head for the forest after rushing for the cornucopia. So I fixate my eyes back on the cornucopia and begin to feel really nervous. What if a career kills me? What if I'm not fast enough? What if I trip and the audience laughs at me? I feel my forehead sweat as I look around and see the careers are only a few plates from me. Should I just skip the cornucopia and head striaght from the woods? Suddenly I hear a loud noise and subconciusly step forward. That's when I realize that what I heard wasn't the gong, I don't know what it was, all I know is that the mines have blown my body to bits before the games have even started.

Natalie Campbell, D1, Cornucopia Plate

Suddenly, the girl from district 11 runs off her plate and is blown up, shaking the whole arena and almost causing half the tributes to fall off their plates. I don't know if she did this cause she couldn't take the pressure or something, but I don't remember seeing a tribute die before the games begin ever before. Whatever though, one less tribute to kill. As the gong sounds, half the tributes are too scared to move, but I am eagerly sprinting towards a sparkling set of knives at the cornucopia, ready to pick off all the other dumb tributes who have no idea that they really don't stand a chance.

Byrdy Crush, D7, Cornucopia

All the other dumb tributes are standing at their plates after the girl blew up. So when the gong sounds, I am the only one running for the cornucopia, though I am sure that careers, who are obscured from my view, are heading for it as well. But I am done playing weak, I am ready to kill. I believe I am the first one at the cornucopia when I grab two knives, place one in my belt and hold the other, ready for a kill. The girl from district one rounds the cornucopia, heading for me, so I chuck at knife at her chest. Naturally, she dodges it, but I don't think she expects my other knife to head for her. She looks up to she the knife that is so close to stabbing her, and all she does is hold out her hand. At first, I have no idea what she is trying to do, but suddenly, she has grabbed the knife out of thin air and she spins it in her hand before chucking it back at me. I only have time to stare, surprised, before the the knife enters my chest.

Albany York, D6, Cornucopia Plate

The girl from eleven, I think her name was Rhea, just blew up, and even though by now everyone is heading for the cornucopia, I am still left standing on my plate. I thought I was ready for this, but watching innocent children die is something you can't prepare yourself for. I try to recover, looking towards the cornucopia, and I see that the blonde girl from one has knifed the blonde girl from seven. Two dead already, and I watched them both die. By now, it's too dangerous to go for the cornucopia, so I turn and sprint diagonally into a forest, into a place where hopefully I won't have to watch any more of my fellow tributes die.

Luca Straight, D12, Corncucopia

The explosion of the girl two plates from me left me to shocked to move, though my district partner, Kartan, can't say the same. He is already at the cornucopia with two spears and a backpack as I stare at the site of the accident. Soon I notice that all eight careers, both from 1, 2, and 4, and the boys from 5 and 10, are circling the cornucopia. The boy from 2 comes to guard the bow that I desperately need, but Kartan soon sends a spear through his chest. With this distraction, I sprint forward and grab the bow, but Kartan is still looking for more weapons. "Come on!" I yell to him. "Before they get us!" but he just rolls his eyes at me. So I grab his arm and pull him away from the cornucopia, but he pulls away from my grasp. "I can take care of myself!" he yells in my face. Just then, he twitches forward and spits blood on me. Kartan falls to the ground, knife in his back, and all I can do is watch painfully as he dies. I know that he has a girlfriend back home who will be crying right now, just like I am, though I am only crying because I came here with him. The male tribute from eight, the one who knifed him, is just sitting there laughing at my pain when a knife whizzes past him and buries itself in the golden horn. He soon runs out of my sight as the knifer runs towards me. I am too scared to move, but he simply grabs my arm and pulls my up and towards the caves. "We have to go before they get us!" he explains as we run. I notice now that he is the boy from 11, the one who stood next to his district partner when she exploded. He knows my pain and now he is my ally.

Tevinh Valdez, D1, Cornucopia

By now, all of the other tributes have either cleared out from the cornucopia or are lying among the dead. Barely anyone died in the cornucopia this year, we have only identified Rhea Marine from district 11, Byrdy Crush from district 7, our fellow career Oscar Du Winter from district 2, and Kartan Smeeze from district 12. It still leaves us with seven careers though, which is more than a third of the entire group. Six of us are discussing what to do next while Talon from 10 guards us, and Natalie seems bent on going to the city-looking area instead of staying at the cornucopia. Qian from 5 starts to argue with her, saying how the buildings don't provide a dark enough atmosphere for torture, when Natalie gives me a look. I know exactly what it means. I grab Qian from behind an slash his throat with my knife, throwing his dead body to the ground. Hail, the girl from 4, looks disturbed by what I have done, so I have to justify my act by saying, "Come on, he was such a creep. He probably would've tortured us all." Amidst all of our argueing the girl from district 2, Ursula, suddenly turns around, knife in hand, and runs around the cornucopia. As we follow quietly to see what she is doing, we hear the scream of a girl. We arrive just in time to watch the girl from 9 fall to the ground, knife in her chest. Apparently she thought she could sneak in and steal from us. I guess she didn't know that you don't ever mess with careers.

Kedzie Woods, D10, D7 Forest

I've been walking in the woods for what feels like two hours when the cannons finally sound off. I listen intently, and when I only hear six, I have to admit that I am shocked. Only six! That's probably one of the record lows as far as cornucopia battles go. All I know is that one of the cannons was for the district 11 girl and another for the district 7 girl I saw get knifed. I managed to get away from the cornucopia with two bows and two sheaths of arrows and a backpack. Why I grabbed two bows is a mystery to me, maybe I hoped that Talon would come with me, but he is a career right now. I wonder if one of the cannons was for would probably be better that way... As I think and quietly move through the woods, I am suddenly aware of a noise in the tree above me. But before I can look up, the young face of a boy swings down in front of me. The twelve year-old from district 6 is hanging upside-down from the tree as he simply says, "Hey," in a cheery voice. Much to cheery for someone in the games. I am about to ask why he hasn't killed me when he simply says, "Would you like to be allies?" Well, he certainly doesn't mess around, I think. I've already got two bows anyways, and he doesn't look the kind to betray, so I simply say, "Sure, why not," and he swings down from the trees. It's probably best to have an ally, and he is only twelve so it's not like he is a threat. Only one twelve year-old has ever won before anyway, and that was only because her oppenent starved to death. I hand him one of my bows and a sheath of arrows and he gives me a smile that I can't help but return.

Cobalt Tungsten, D6, D6 Swamp

Lucky me. I got to watch a girl explode today, and then run for this swamp as I wondered if the poor twelve-year old from my district was going to die soon too. I guess I shouldn't complain considering I'm not dead right now though. But it's not like I have much of a chance. Here I am, sitting in a tree with only some medicinal plants and edible berries that I'm keeping in a basket woven out of leaves. No weapons and no water, and not much protection even up in this tree. I shove some awful tasting berries in my mouth as the noise of the anthem makes me just near out of the tree. The faces begin to light up the sky, and I have to admit that I'm interested to see who is there. I cross my fingers, hoping Albany isn't up there. First is the boy from two, which is good because he could've been a threat. Then is the boy from five who was with the careers for some reason, the girl from 7 who had a pretty low training score, and the girl from nine who I don't know much about. Next is the girl from eleven who exploded and finally the tough looking boy from twelve. And that's it. I'm not too disappointed, though I wish more careers could've been up there. I lean up against the tree and close my eyes, imagining how uncomfortable the sleep in the tree will be, for so long that I barely notice the sponsor gift land on my lap. The second I feel it, I grasp it in my hands and quickly rip open the box. There are three things inside. First is a knife, which must have costed quite a bit, the second is a container of water, and the third is a simple piece of paper. I put the knife in my belt and the water in my basket and begin to examine the note. In perfect black ink, the note says: You can do this, I'm rooting for you. It is signed, with love, from my big sister. The sister who tried to volunteer for me, but I wouldn't let her. I turn the piece of paper over and sloppily in berry juice, I scrawl a message and hold it up in the air, hoping my sister can see it though the cameras might not even be on me. I'll win it for you, is all the note says, but for once, I actually believe I may have some kind of chance.

End of Day One

Day Two

Kedzie Woods, D10, D7 Woods

I wake up in my tree to the sound of rustling on the forest floor. Without looking down, I turn to my side, and register that Albany is no longer on the branches next to me. Panic floods through me as I wonder if he fell and the careers got him...if they didn't see me and just moved on...but then I realize that I would have woken up to a cannon, ruling out that possibilty. Suddenly, I see the figure on the ground move. It's a male, a young one...of's just Albany. As I'm about to repremand him for making so much noise, he begins to do something so stupid that I've never seen someone do it before in the games. He opens his mouth to sing. He is singing to a group of birds in a tree when I jump all the way down from my perch, leaving my belongings in the tree. I sprint towards where he is and grab him from behind, clasping my hand on his mouth. He starts to pitifully struggle, not knowing that it's only me, when I say, "What the heck do you think you are doing?" in an angry whisper. I release him, and he looks as though I've just killed his cat. "Sorry," he painfully manages. "It's fine," I bitterly respond. I go to climb back up the tree, wondering if either of us will survive this day.

Xavier Thread, D8, D1 City

I'm really surprised that the gamemakers decided to place all these buildings in this arena. With these here, everyone could hide in their own building and no one would ever die. But of course, the gamemakers would never let that happen. It doesn't matter much though, because I am about to give them quite a show. I followed the six careers to this building, and right now I am on the floor directly above them, ready to kill...I can hear them talking now, judging by the number of voices, I believe that they are all up. They have no idea the experience I have in the art of killing; they won't even see it coming. I walk over to the balcony directly above the careers camp. They are all in a circle, not a single one looking above at me...


Akouke Awe, D4, D1 City

Tevinh has us in a circle, lecturing us on the battle plan, because apparently he is so much more clever than all of us. Though honestly, I can tell that Natalie is the only person who is actually paying any attention. I really don't care how it happens, but for me to get what I want, everyone in this room, and the arena, must die, including me. All except for Hail; she is the only reason that I came here. I'm just about ready to shut up Tevinh, tell him that we don't need a plan when there are six of us, an alliance bigger than any other, and we are all strong and ready to kill if we have to. However, out of nowhere, a knife flies through Tevinh's back, and he spits blood on all of us. Hail screams as Tevinh falls to the floor and his cannon goes off. I look up just in time to see the boy from district 8 run off a floor above us, but I notice that Natalie is already in pursuit of him. And judging by the look on her eyes, he doesn't stand a chance.

Talon Faust, D10, D1 City

Our 'friend' from 1 is dead, his partner pursuing his killer, the boy from 8, on the floor above us. Hail from 4 is crying as his district partner tries to comfort her. I realize what a mess the careers are this year. Three of us are dead, leaving a mute girl, a couple consisting of an overprotective boy and an emotional girl, the girl from 1 who could end up dead in a few minutes, and me. I wonder if I should just kill them all now and run, considering we're being quickly picked off, my chances would most likely be better that way. Natalie comes down from the next floor, cursing under her breath. Akouke asks her what happens, and she answers that she lost him and he wasn't worth her time. "Than shouldn't we go somewhere else?" I suggest. "There's plenty of buildings..." but Natalie interrupts me with a harsh, "No, I want him to come back so I can make him pay for that!" she points at Tevinh's body on the ground. "We're staying put."

Suddenly, the mute girl from 2 starts to freak out, making thess strange noises and pointing to the rafters of the building. "Oh shut up!" Natalie yells ironically. Everyone but her is looking for Xavier again, or whatever Ursula is so spooked by. Natalie yells at Ursula again and Ursula takes off down the stairs, running from the invisible threat. Just as she takes off, I hear a faint beeping noise, and I look up to see the bomb that could explode every moment. "Bomb!" I yell to my group, causing Hail and Akouke to sprint after Ursula. Natalie doesn't yell at me this time, and the two of us are running down the building as well, wondering if Xavier knows what is happening. Unfortunately for her, Ursula is not very fast, and the four of us are already ahead of her. Akouke and Hail are already far away from teh building as Natalie and I run out the front doors. The building explodes behind us, shrapnel falling like rain...several seconds later I hear a cannon...and I wonder if mine will come next...

Ursula Shrapnel, D2, D1 City

I wake up to find myself buried deep under debris from the building that has just exploded...the explosion that I tried to warn everyone about...the explosion that if they understood was going to happen sooner I wouldn't be in this mess. Pieces of building hold me down and I can see only a glimpse of sunlight out from under my metal prison...hopefully my fellow careers will spot me soon. A sharp piece of metal starts to slide from the debris, sliding towards me...I try to scream for help, even though I can't...but I can't die like this, I refuse to. I can see Natalie through the debris now, she is standing next to Talon and talking angrilly to Akouke and Hail. So they all survived so easily? All but me? I reach through the cracks, trying to alert my fellow careers of my location, but my hand doesn't go far enough. I look to see the piece of metal now sliding faster towards me, but I can't move...I can only watch as the metal pierces my heart and my cannon goes off...

Pippa Harstrong, D3, D9 Field

I haven't seen a tributes since the games began, hiding out in my little field of dead plants. I knew it was too good to be true when I saw the field full of fruits and veggies, but after eating till I was full, they all simultaniously died. I guess that was just my luck. Three cannons just went off with little time in between ech blast; must have had something to do with the careers, hopefully three careers died. Suddenly I hear a noise behind me, and instinctively, I turn around and whip my knife at the source of the noise. I see the blad bury a tree trunk, while the girl from 5 stares me down. I wait for her to take the knife and throw it back at me, but instead, she asks if I want to be her ally. Of course I can't refuse, considering she has my knife, so I become the ally of Lao Xoubui.

Otis Crank, D3, D3 Fences

I've been working nonstop for the last couple days on making the smartest trap a tribute has ever made. Using the inactive electric fences in this area and wire retrieved from the cornucopia, I've started to make a net of wire strategically placed between two fences. When a tribute comes along, I'll figure out how to activate the fences, and if they are not electrocuted immediately, they will not be able to reach me through the labyrinth. Well, unless they can jump over an eight foot long net of electrical wire. I can't wait to kill the careers with this. Winning these games will be a piece of cake.

Dimitree Haskot, D7, D10 Field

I still cannot believe that Byrdy is dead. Sweet, strong Byrdy who pretended to be so weak so no one would harm her...I figured that she could pull it off and win. But no, she is dead, and the careers are going to pay for it, as soon as I find them. They can't be as lucky as me though, in a field of animals perfect for killing and cooking up. I'm going to head towards the city area, where several buildings exploded and three hovercrafts took tributes from. Though it's been three hours since this happened. I hear a noise from the grain field to my right, where a constant rainstorm has been making the area treacherous. I'm able to quickly gather my stuff and scurry up a nearby tree just as Vector from 9 comes into my sight. He is soaking wet from the rain and obviously very mad, but he passes right under my tree, not looking up once as I try not to make any noise. Once I am sure that he is gone, I leap down from my tree, and begin to make my way towards the city. The careers will be dead before sundown.

Galigan Mazerapi, D11, D12 Caves

Luca Straight has turned out to be good company, and she is really good ally who can hit anything with an arrow. Both of us have lost our district partners, but she seems to have gotten over it right now. But she didn't have to be right next to her partner when she unexpectedly exploded. It's alright night time, and only three cannons have gone off today, but the arena seems to be hurting more than the tributes. Luca was afraid to go in the caves in the mountain, so we now rest on top of the mountain, under the cover of some trees. Our spot is perfect though, as we can see the whole arena from where we are. The city area has suffered several building collapses, and three tributes have died in that area. The mountainous area next to it suffered a rockslide which detonated several landmines, turning the area into a giant crater. In addition to this destruction, the pond in the desert dried up and the grain fields next to us is suffering a constant rainstrorm. It's like the gamemakers would rather kill us than let us die at other tributes hands. Suddenly, the anthem turns begins and I look to the sky to see who has died today. Tevinh Valdez from district one, Ursula Shrapnel from district two, and Xavier Thread from district eight. Three formidable oppenents dead. I look to Luca, and she gives me a pleased smile.

Georgina Greenwood, D8, D1 City

I can't stand it when the anthem sounds. It's just a reminder of how big my disadvantage in the arena is, not being able to see the pictures in the sky that tell everyone else who is dead. I'd make guesses, but of course I couldn't tell who was strong by looking at them. But I've already recieved two sponser gifts, a water bottle and a knife, and the fact that I've outlasted nine other tributes is pretty amazing too. I'm just glad the day is finally over, after several explosions and collapses in the area--I'm guessing it's a city--and several explosions in the area next to me. And considering my hearing is the most valuable of my senses right now, I can't afford to lose it now. Because I am going to win these games.

End of Day Two

Day Three

Hail Monei, D4, D1 City

Natalie really needs to get a hold on her anger. The scene yesterday after the building collapse killed Ursula and Tevinh died still plays in my head like a horror movie. The second Ursula's cannon went off, she started to throw building pieces everywhere in a fit of anger, screaming about how she was left with a sobbing girl (me), her overprotective boyfriend, and a boy who wasn't even from a career district. She finally stopped when her arms were bleeding from digging through the shrapnel. But she's wrong, right? Akouke isn't overprotective, he's just a good boyfriend. Right? And then the nightmare I had after that spooked me further, the dream where it was me, Akouke, and Natalie left, but she killed Akouke, turned into a monster and then ate me alive...can these games just be over already? At our camp, which is in a pile of rubble, I am the only one awake right now, unable to sleep for fear of more nightmares. Suddenly, Akouke jerks awake, no doubt by a nightmare too. I wonder for a second if the gamemakers are able to inject them into our heads. He grabs his trident, the one that he spent two hours digging through the cornucopia to retrieve, and looks around to see if anyone is watching our camp. He then notices me and his expression softens. "I need to talk to you," he whispers to me. I get up to follow him. "I figured something out about the arena..."

Lao Xoubui, D5, D9 Field

Pippa has turned out to be a very good ally. She is good at hiding too, especially camoflauge, and she helps me get past my fear of being crawled on by bugs while we are camoflauged. We take a short break from disguising ourselves to eat some of the fruit Pippa collected before it all spontaiously died. We don't talk much though, she asks if I'm sad that my partner had died. I tell her that I'm sad anyone has to die, but that I didn't know Qian that well anyway. It's so sudden that I don't even have time to understand the scene that takes place in front of me. Pippa suddenly has a knife in her neck, and she falls over backwards, and no one can help her now. I look up to see her assailant, the boy from 9, with a devious smile on his face. He raises his remaining knife, ready to kill me, and I am too scared to move away. Just as I am convinced that I am about to die, Vector recieves a sudden axe to the chest. The whole thing makes me want to cover my eyes and just go back home; leave all of this behind. But I can't. The boy who threw the axe, Dimitree Haskot, pulls me up from my seat on a log and yells at me to run, to get away as fast as I can. To the sound of two cannons, I sprint as fast as I can, with no supplies, away from the fruit fields, away from the boy from 7, and away from all the death.

Otis Crank, D3, D3 Fences

I haven't seen a single tribute since I began working on my trap, which is extremely good since I am almost done now. I begin to tie the last parts of wire together and step back to admire my work. A perfect net of silver, which will soon be electrified, and I will be sitting on the victor's throne. I just need to figure out how to turn on the electric fences. I notice a loose part of wire in my trap and go to put it back in place when I hear the first of two cannons. Just like that, the fences begin to light up one by one, but before I can move my hand, I feel the jolt of electricity travel up my arm and throughout my body. My vision goes blue and I fall over onto the net of wire. I don't even get the privilage of hearing my cannon when it goes off.

Akouke Awe, D4, D1 City

Hail and I sit away from the sleeping careers, and I begin to explain to her what I have discovered about the arena. "You know how immeadiately after Tevinh died, the bomb started ticking?" Hail thinks for a second and responds with, "Yeah, but what does that have to with anything?" I begin to answer her question with what I think has been going on in the arena. "When we first started in the cornucopia, I noticed that the arena contained twelve different terrains. There is this city, a mountain, a desert, a forest, islands, and more. Well what if each area represented a district? The city is district 1, the caves are district 12, the islands are district 4; you get the picture." "Okay that makes sense," Hail says. "But what does Tevinh have to do with that." I hope that she doesn't think I'm crazy for what I am about to say. "When Tevinh died the bomb started, when Urusla died the rockslide on the district 2 mountain started, and I bet that something happens in each area when a tribute from each district dies." Suddenly, a cannon goes off, and me and Hail wait for another. A second sounds, and a third almost immeadiately after. We look to see a blue light coming from the district 3 area, and a fire has started in the district 9 area. "You see?" I say. Vector must be dead, along with someone from district 3. A lightning storm begins in the district 3 area. "And something else must happen when the second tribute from the district dies," Hail guesses. "Exactly," I agree. "So if I die, something will happen to the district 4 area." Hail tells me not to say something like that though. "So now that we know this, should we tell them?" Hail asks. "No," I almost impulsively answer. "They don't need to know, and this information will give us an advantage." We begin to wonder if the gamemakers will change the arena now that we figured this out, but I assume that this is too hard for them to accomplish this far into the games. We finish talking when we notice Natalie is coming our way.

Talon Faust, D10, D1 City

Natalie isn't too happy that Akouke and Hail snuck off together. Though I'll admit it is a bad time to go make-out or whatever the heck they were doing over there. Natalie and Akouke are yelling at each other over the whole thing and part of me wishes that the gamemakers would send something out of the sky to crush them all. We really are a pathetic batch of careers this year. Eventually I have to interrupt the fight, and remind them that there eight other tributes running around and we can't kill them by sitting here fighting. Natalie gives up and stomps away to her tent while Akouke just puts his arm around Hail and sits down with her. I wonder if I should just kill them all myself and run.

Albany York, D6, D7 Forest

After two days of archery lessons from Kedzie, I've finally learned how to shoot an arrow and actually hit something other than the ground. I have to admit I'm not that bad at it either. I am able to teach Kedzie how to swordfight, something that I learned during training that I am very good at, but we do not actually have a sword so we have to use twigs. As we sit down to take a break from moving to our next hiding spot, we hypothesize who the morning's three cannons were for. Kedzie thinks that they were for the blind girl from 8, the boy from 11 and the girl from 12. "They went to the caves, which is next to the city, I'm sure the careers got them by now, but they probably didn't go down without a fight." I ignore her guess about the boy from 11 and the girl from 12, but adress her guess on the blind girl. "You know, just cause she is blind doesn't mean she stands any less of a chance then the rest of us. She's made it this far hasn't she? And the careers are in such small numbers, I'm not sure they'll be really attacking anyone." Kedzie seems disappointed. "Then who do you think died?"

Just as I am about to answer, I notice the tracker jacker nest above our heads, loudly buzzing as they begin to slowly move outside of teh nest, sensing our prescence. Grabbing our weapons and food, Kedzie and I begin to run, just as the tracker begin to swarm. No one could ever outrun the deadly bees before, unless they have a lake to run too, so it is only a matter of time before they catch us. I can still hear their bothersome buzzing as the landscape we are running through quickly changes from a forest to a plant filled swamp. The terrain catches Kedzie by surprise too, because she trips in the mud and falls to the ground. I turn around to help her, knowing that it won't matter because the mutts are about to kill us both, but I can't live knowing that I let her die. But just as I go to help her up, anticipating the stings, I notice that the bees are suddenly hovering in midair, as if there was an invisible barrier holding them back from going to from the forest and into the swamp. Eventually they give up, retreating back to their nest as Kedzie and I watch in confusion.

Cobalt Tungsten, D6, Cornucopia

I am really surprised that the careers decided to leave all of the cornucopia's loot unguarded. Leftover backpacks, weapons, and water bottles are scattered around the golden horn, and I hope my sister is watching as I pick up supplies, rooting for me to win. I don't like the idea that I may have to kill several people in order to win these games, but my sister's gift has given me the strength to do it. As I pick up a backpack from the wreckage and examine it's contents, I hear the whizzing of a knife come towards me. The knife pins me against the golden horn through my arm. Akouke Awe emerges from his hiding spot in the woods. He approaches me, but is far away for me to kick or punch, so I begin to painfully pull the knife out of my arm to use on him. Before I can, he whispers, "I am so sorry, but I need her to trust me." He throws his trident and it pierces my stomach. The last thing I see is Natalie Campbell's grinning face as she emerges from the woods behind Akouke.

Hail Monei, D4, Cornucopia

Us careers make camp at the conrucopia, this way we can guard the supplies that the purple girl tried to take. Akouke is a little shaken up that he had to kill that girl to prove his loyalty to Natalie and the careers, but mostly because he knew I was watching when he did it. And it scared me a little too, watching him kill, but this is the Hunger Games, what other options do we have? The anthum begins and the faces in the sky light up the night. Both tributes from 3 are there, as well as the girl from 6 that Akouke killed, and the boy from 9. Seeing Akouke's reaction to the girl's face in the sky fill Natalie with rage. "Get over it," she tells him harshly. Akouke hold me in his arms as I make my decision. I will be the one to kill Natalie Campbell.

End of Day Three

Day Four

Luca Straight, D12, D12 Caves

Galigan has decided that the next step to winning these games is taking down the careers. There are four of them, and only two of us, so it's not like this will be an easy thing to do. But we have decided to take down Natalie from 1 first, then the boy from 10, but we don't necessarily have to kill the couple from 4; Galigan doesn't think they've killed anyone since the games began. We eat the last of our dried pork and berries; there will be more food we can get from the cornucopia once we've taken care of the careers. I look to my alliance partner, Galigan, who has quickly become my best friend. I begin to imagine talking on the phone with him all night because we live in seperate districts, hanging out together on weekends, all the fun things we could do as best friends when the games are over...but I snap out of my fantasy, knowing that only one person comes out of the games alive. And it has to be me. Though as I think this, I find myself wondering if I have the strength to take down my best friend.

Georgina Greenwood, D8, D1 City

The careers have left by now, leaving me alone in the city. I decide that I am done waiting nervously for a building to possibly collapse, so I make my way towards the crater from the previously mountainous area. It will be a good place to hide, concealed. Plus, I grabbed several bagas of food from the cornucopia after the careers left on the first day, so I'll have enough to hold me over until the games are almost over with. Suddenly, my foot catches a rock, and I fall over onto the ground, not knowing that there is a landmine concealed beneath the ground where I landed. The sound of my cannon is nearly drowned out by the sound of the explosion.

Lao Xoubui, D5, D8 Factory

So many have died during these games so far, and I can't comprehend how I am still here. Sitting alone in an open area with only a few trees and a large factory that had burned down today. All I know is that the boy from district 7 saved my life, which means I owe him. Hopefully it doesn't come down to just him and me...but that would be my luck. I get the feeling that something big is going to happen soon, maybe someone is finally going ot take down the careers? I can hope, can't I?

Kedzie Woods, D10, D6 Swamp

Albany has figured out the arena works, and I have no idea how he did it. He thinks that a trap is released in a certain area once a tribute dies, and the area cooresponds to the dead tribute's district. These traps can only stay within the confines of one area however, which explains why the tracker jackers stopped attacking us at the edge of the forest. We realized that this information was true when I noticed that all the plants had been replaced with poison ivy right after his partner, Cobalt, was killed, meaning that this is the district 6 area. Thankfully neither of us have stepped anywhere near the bothersome plant yet. He's brilliant really, especially for someone his age, and I realize that he's almost become a brother to me, even though I already have 3 brothers and 2 sisters back home. This is everything that is wrong with an alliance; when you realize that the last thing you would ever do is kill your alliance partner. Because I could never kill Albany, and I know that he would never let me die.

Galigan Mazerapi, D11, Cornucopia

"There they are," I whisper to Luca as we see the careers camp from the edge of the wooded area near the caves. The careers have the boy from 10 guarding, patrolling the cornucopia in a circle, but they'll all be dead soon, and I know that Panem is watching, on the edge of their seats. Luca and I have lit a small fire, concealed from notice inside the cave only a few feet from us. Once we have scoped out the scene, Luca and I are going to light our arrows on fire and shoot at the camp, which is right in front of the cornucopia's mouth, igniting the whole place and burning the careers, or at least their supplies. I believe it is an ingenous plan, though Luca has her doubts. When Talon turns a corner to patrol the other side of the cornucopia, the two of us go back to light our arrows. We return shortly, the tips of our arrows lit by fire. Talon is out of sight again, so we take our chance. Walking out from the woods, we point our arrows at the camp right as Natalie Campbell wakes up.

Natalie Campbell, D1, Cornucopia

I don't even waste a precious second. Once I see the boy and girl, their arrows ablaze, I call his name. "Talon!" I yell, and he come from around the cornucopia. The boy from 11 doesn't waste time either, he takes his chance and shoots his flaming arrow, but Talon is ready. He jumps up, slashing the arrow in half with his knife. In hits the ground, the fire fizzling out in the sand. I have no idea what the girl from 12 is waiting for, she just stands there, shocked, not even shooting her arrow at us. The boy from 11 is shocked too, especially once Talon's thrown knife pierces his stomach.

Akouke Awe, D4, Cornucopia

I have no idea what is going on. I am the last of the careers to wake up, just in time to see Talon's knife hit the boy from twelve, sending bright red blood into the dark night. The girl from 12, his friend, is so shocked at his death that she jumps, dropping her bow and arrow onto her foot, catching herself on fire. The four of us watch in horror as her whole body catches flame, and the scene is so gruesome that I can't help but wish that this was just the fake flames that they use in the chariot rides. The cannon for the boy goes off, and the girl from 12 falls to the ground, screaming. The flames fly onto Galigan's body, lightning both of them up in the night. Hail is crying into my shoulder as we all watch in horror. Another cannon goes off as the emanciated girl stops squirming, and the two bodies lay in a flaming heap. I feel a tear roll down my cheek because I finally realize the horror of where we are, knowing that this could very much happen to me and Hail. But Natalie seems to enjoy what just happened. "Anyone got some food to roast?" she asks, grinning in pleasure. Even Talon seems to be disgusted by her comment. But what happens next, will most likely be my favorite moment of all of my life, however long that ends up being. Hail steps forward, still crying, and slaps Natalie across the face, causing her head to jerk to the side. Hail then calls her a bitch, and goes to lie down.

Dimitree Haskot, D7, D10 Fields

After yesterday where I killed the boy from 9, saved the girl from 5, and escped a deadly fire into a field of livestock, this day was very relaxing. Tonight's anthem has three faces: the blind girl from 8, the boy from 11, and the girl from 12. Still no careers; disappointing. Plus the girl I saved is still alive. The gamemakers are probably pretty annoyed with me for that, they don't like it when their tributes are not heartless killing machines. I'm pretty sure that the fire that went after me was punishment for saving her, but whatever, something tells me that she won't win. I eventually lie down to sleep. Only eight tributes left, I think. Let the Hunger Games begin for real.

End of Day Four

Day Five

Lao Xoubui, D5, D6 Swamp

After making my way through the forest, careful to avoid nests of tracker jackers, I'm in the swampy area full of plants. There's only eight of us left, meaning that it's time that everyone who wants to win has no choice but to kill. I can't comprehend having to possibly kill anyone though. Ugh! Whatever plant this is, it's making my legs really itchy! And now my hands are really itchy! Ugh, this is really annoying! Muttering to myself, I stuble through a few trees and lock eyes with the girl from district 10, who's arrow has already left her bow.

Kedzie Woods, D10, D6 Swamp

I thought that she was a career. I mean, who was she talking to? I heard voices and rustling, and she broke through the woods. The girl from district 5, covered in horrible red blotches from poison ivy. I shot her in the skull before I even got a good look at her. Her cannon has already gone off. Albany was still sleeping in the tree, but the cannon has woken him. "What happened?" he asks, sleepily. But he takes one look at the body of the girl, an arrow in her skull, and already knows. It takes all my strength not to cry, but all I can think of is my family back home, who just watched me kill a girl on live television. Now more than half of the arena is made up of careers, and I'm not sure I can kill again, knowing my family will be watching. I hate the Hunger Games.

Natalie Campbell, D1, Cornucopia

Akouke and Hail aren't the only tributes that can have secret meetings while everyone else is asleep. Me and Talon have hatched a plan to break the alliance, knowing that it's time for us to leave. Talon will take care of Akouke and I will take care of Hail. Guaranteed, it will be hard to seperate the two lovers, but I've figured out a plan that cannot fail. Another cannon has gone off. Probably the twelve-year old. I can't believe that he lived this long! But it doesn't matter. By the day's end, it will be me, Talon, and three others. I'll take care of Talon, and the rest will be a piece of cake.

Akouke Awe, D4, Cornucopia

Natalie wakes us this morning, doing so by kicking us until we're up. Talon is already awake, and he is frowning at us for some reason. "So as you two may have noticed, we are extremely low on food, because other tributes think they can just stroll in and steal from us," Natalie started. "So Talon and I have decided that Hail and I will stay here and guard the remaining supplies while Talon and you will go to fishing." I was a little suspicious of this. "Why don't Hail and I go fishing? We're from district 4, so it makes sense." Natalie grimaced. "You'll be too busy kissing to actually fish," she told us. I am ready to stab her right there with my trident. Her comments about my relationship are really ticking me off, but our alliance is my biggest chance to get Hail out of here alive. As Talon and I go to the ocean area to swim to the first island, I give a kiss goodbye to Hail. She gives me a scared face in return, and I just realize that I'm leaving her with the biggest threat in these games.

Talon Faust, D10, D4 Islands

As Akouke and I fish, he tries to make attempts at small talk, but it just gets annoying because all he talks about is his precious girlfriend. I look back to where the cornucopia is, and see Natalie and Hail just sitting there. But I remember, I'm supposed to act first. "Akouke," I begin. "How did you meet Hail?" I fake interest in the subject the best that I can. Akouke begins to tell the story, completely distracted, when I plunge my knife into his stomach. He falls back onto the island, covered in blood, but not dead yet. "You shouldn't have done that," he tells me. The cannon sounds, but another sound disturbs me. I turn around, and I know what Akouke meant.

Hail Monei, D4, Cornucopia

The cannon goes off, and I'm already on my feet. I look towards the islands, and I see only one person standing. He is blonde, but both Talon and Akouke are blonde. I can't even wrap my mind around the idea that Akouke is dead. Suddenly, a tidal wave begins, starting at the edge of the water, and slowly moving inwards, finally crashing onto the first island. Another cannon goes off and I scream. Talon killed Akouke and the tidal wave went off, killing Talon, the perfect epitome of karma. I turn around to see what Natalie's reaction is, but all I see is a knife thrown towards my head. I throw myself to the ground, and the shimmering metal glides over me. Natalie is pissed, that was her only knife. She runs to grab it, but by the time she has it, I'm in the water, swimming towards the first island, filling the ocean with my silent tears. Hopefully Natalie doesn't plan on swimming today.

Albany York, D6, D6 Swamp

The faces in the sky tonight are that of Lao, Akouke, and Talon. Two other careers are dead, and there are only five people left. I may just have a chance. Kedzie is still in a little shock from accidently killing Lao, but she's decided that it's kill or be killed, so it's for the best. I have a feeling that the games will be over soon. Maybe I can return to my family soon. Let's just hope it's not in a body bag.

End of Day Five

Day Six

Hail Monei, D4, D4 Islands

I wake up to the voice of Claudius Templesmith over the loudspeakers. It's his announcement of the annual feast at the cornucopia, which I am assuming Natalie is still guarding. He promises plenty of food, water, and weapons if we go to this feast, but I'm not stupid. I've got all the fish I can eat right here, plus a water bottle and a knife I kept with me. I lay down in the sand, though it is extremely upsetting to sit in the place where Akouke just died. From here, I will watch the action at the feast. I hope they all just kill each other. And I hope Natalie's is slow and painful.

Dimitree Haskot, D7, Cornucopia

I can already see the golden tables filled with supplies. And I can also see the blonde girl from 1 hoarding the supplies. But no matter, she'll be dead soon. I run forward, charging at her with my spear when she turns around and slashes at me with her knives. I jump backwards, not harmed by either of her weapons, and we begin to fight. The noises of spear colliding with knives fills the arena and echoes towards the cornucopia. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the boy from district 6 and the girl from district 10 emerge from the swampy area. And both of their bows are pointed at Natalie.

Natalie Campbell, D1, Cornucopia

While I am fighting the boy from 7, two tributes emerge from the swamp. And they want to kill me. I can see the girl from 10 pull back on her bow, and begin to release her arrow. But she has no idea what my plan is. And neither does Dimitree. I knock the spear from his hand with my knives and grab him in a headlock, pulling him into the arrow's path. Kedzie's arrow pieces Dimitree's heart, and I hear his cannon go off as Kedzie and Albany look at me in shock. I throw the boy to the ground. "Is that all you got!" I yell at them, still with two of my knives.

Kedzie Woods, D10, Cornucopia

Natalie stands there smiling at what she has just done. Dimitree is the second person that I have killed without meaning to. But there will not be a third. I shoot another arrow at her, but she dodges it. Well I have plenty more arrows where that one came from. Albany and I continue to shoot at her while she dodges, but she has this scared look in her eyes as if she knows she's going to die soon. So she starts flinging knives. She picks a whole case of them up from one of the tables and just chucks them all at us, not even paying attention as to where they go. But I am determined to kill her. Out of arrows, I get ready to charge at her when the knife comes right towards my stomach.

Albany York, D6, D6 Swamp

Kedzie gets hit in the stomach with the knife and I have to drag her back into the swamp, avoiding the poison ivy, before Natalie can kill me too. The forest next to us is on fire, but I know it is only because Dimitree died and it will not light up the swamp in flame. Kedzie is lying on the ground struggling to breath now, and it takes all my strength not to cry. "You're going to win," she tells me, already having given up on herself. "You're going to win, and when you do, you're going to tell my siblings that I love them. Every one of them, and my parents as well." Her grasp on my hand tightens. "You know, you were like a brother to me." Kedzie's head then falls back into the mud, her grip on my hand loosens, and her cannon goes off. That's when the tears come. I know there's only three of us left now, the games are nearly over, but I am so overwhelmed with anger at Natlie Campbell that I can't even begin to think of the chance I might have to win. Because no matter what, I will not let Natalie get the pleasure of sitting in the victor's throne. She. Will. Pay.

End of Day Six

Day Seven

Hail Monei, D4, D4 Islands

I wake up this morning knowing that today will be the day that I kill Natalie Campbell. Today will be the day that I return home as the victor of the 47th Hunger Games. At least I hope. I finish my breakfast of fish and look towards the cornucopia. Natalie is asleep, surrounded by a clutter of supplies from the feast. Well, it's now or never.

Natalie Campbell, D1, Cornucopia

Hail has almost arrived at the beach when I wake up. She is swimming from her island paradise, holding a knife with her teeth. I jump up from the ground. Is she stupid? I have an entire supply of weapons with me! Maybe she's just insane. But no matter, this just means I will be on the victor's throne even sooner. Suddenly her knife soars over my head and buries itself in the cornucopia.

Hail Monei, D4, Cornucopia

My first knife goes over her head. But it doesn't matter much, considering the fact that there are other knives lying on the ground around me. "Nice shot!" Natalie sarcastically yells. "So how's Akouke doing?!" I grab another knife and aim this one at her chest, but of course she dodges it. Taking her out will take forever. I grab a spear from the ground this time, and I charge at her. About to plunge the sharp object into Natalie's chest, she meets my spear with her knife, just as Albany York runs out from the swamp.

Albany York, D6, Cornucopia

The girls are too busy fighting each other to notice me. Will it be this easy? All I have to do is shoot Natalie and Hail will be too surprised to fight back...and then I'll win? I point my bow up at Natalie, but of course they both notice this. I'm ready for Natalie to put Hail in a headlock like she did to Dimitree, so I don't release my arrow just yet. But she does something entirely different. She jabs her knife into Hail and shoves her to the ground. I'm too surprised to move. I just stare at my final oppenent of these games. Hail's cannon doesn't go off yet, she's on the ground trying to staunch the flow of blood, but it won't be long. Natalie gives a devious smile. "Ready to die?" she asks me.

Natalie Campbell, D1, Cornucopia

"So what are you waiting for!" I yell at the pathetic twelve year-old. "Make a move!" He just stands there, like he's too scared by the concept of death to move. "Well, if you insist, then I'll go first!" I raise my knife, aiming it at the boy's chest. And that is when the knife blade enters my leg. That stupid girl from 4 just won't die! Hail had stabbed me in the leg and I can't hold myself up anymore, so I fall to the ground. And the boy still just stands there! "Well no matter, the capitol will fix this when I win!" I shreik, pushing Hail away from me. I raise my knife again, ready to kill my final oppenent.

Albany York, D6, Corncuopia

Natalie is about to throw her knife at my chest, so I aim my arrow at her, but I just can't bring myself to do it. That's when the image of poor Kedzie, dying with Natalie's knife in her, flashes before my eyes. That's all I require to shoot Natalie in the skull with the tip of my arrow. The cannon sounds, and it's down to two.

I race over to Hail Monei, who is suffering with the knife in her. "So now you're just going to kill me?" she asks, weakly. I just shake my head no. Instead, I just hold her hand as she struggles to breath. "It's okay," she tells me. "At least I'll be with Akouke now..." The final cannon of the games goes off and I look up at the hovercraft that is about to collect me. The only tribute to come out of the 47th Hunger Games alive.

End of the 47th Hunger Games

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