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Who Will Win?

Here it is! The 78th Annual Hunger Games! After just finishing the 47th Hunger Games , I am going to start another games. In these games, each person gets up to 2 male and 2 female tributes, but cannot submit tributes from the same district. You can reserve tribute spots. I'll try to update as much as possible (though I'm on vacation from august 7-15). I'll start out with the training scores (but most likely not any reapings) and then go straight to the games. The games will be done in a point of view style without any ghost point of views. Sorry in advance if my descrpitions of the games aren't as creative as you would like. These games may run slower than my last games due to the fact that school is starting soon.

In the comments for the tributes leave:

Name, Age, Gender, District, Skills, Weapons, Strategy, Weaknesses and Personality

(History is optional).

Please create a lunaii doll for your tribute and post it in my talk page, or describe the character's appearance and I'll make a lunaii for you.

Please note if your tributes are careers. Districts 1, 2, and 4 will be treated as careers unless otherwise noted. But remember, I can't have 24 careers in my games.

And Please refrain from overused stories like two tributes who are secretly in love because I don't need more than two couples in the games. (Unless you make the story somewhat intresting like a brother/sister duo or something)

Thanks, and in the words of Effie, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

The Tributes

  • Ilon Chesron (D1)
  • Chic Bucci (D1)
  • Sliver Alden (D2)
  • Nyenth Sane (D2)
  • Digit Star (D3)
  • Whimzi Electrelle (D3)
  • Blue Sandshell (D4)
  • Aquamarine Summerton (D4)
  • Lelt Dregg (D5)
  • Jenna Lavender (D5)
  • Nomin Dregg (D6)
  • Ann All (D6)
  • Aydan Monarcha (D7)
  • Primrose Axe (D7)
  • Mhoss Fleete (D8)
  • Amethyst Bane (D8)
  • Max Goldenhart (D9)
  • Nike O'Hare (D9)
  • Zed Sypol (D10)
  • Lilia Howard (D10)
  • Uniform Strut (D11)
  • Claire Heart (D11)
  • Chris Humperdink (D12)
  • Quinna Archipelago (D12)
  • Victor Addams (D13)
  • Kylie Dinett (D13)
District Male User Female User
One Ilon Chesron Fantasyfilm99 Chic Bucci Tommyboy97
Two Sliver Alden Tommyboy97 Nyenth Sane Fantasyfilm99
Three Digit Starr Anon... Whimzi Electrelle IWantSeddie2Happen98769
Four Blue Sandshell Tommyboy97 Aquamarine Summerton Brony12
Five Lelt Dregg Julian Espinoza Jenna Lavender Leshawna333
Six Nomin Dregg Julian Espinoza Ann All Mikhail101
Seven Aydan Monarcha Tiki Tooki Primrose Axe EffieLuna
Eight Mhoss Fleete Tiki Tooki Amethyst Bane Tommyboy97
Nine Max Goldenhart Mikhail101 Nike O'Hare Tiki Tooki
Ten Zed Sypol Fantasyfilm99 Lilia Howard IWantSeddie2Happen98769
Eleven Uniform Strut EffieLuna Claire Heart Anon...
Twelve Chris Humperdink EffieLuna Quinna Archipelago Tiki Tooki
Thirteen Victor Addams Anon... Kylie Dinett Fantasyfilm99

The Scores

Male Score Female Score
Ilon Chesron (D1) 9 Chic Bucci (D1) 10
Sliver Alden (D2) 10 Nyenth Sane (D2) 10
Digit Starr (D3) 7 Whimsi Electrelle (D3) 11
Blue Sandshell (D4) 10 Aquamarine Summerton (D4) 8
Lelt Dregg (D5) 5 Jenna Lavender (D5) 4
Nomin Dregg (D6) 2 Ann All (D6) 8
Aydan Monarcha (D7) 6 Primrose Axe (D7) 7
Mhoss Fleete (D8) 8 Amethyst Bane (D8) 9
Max Goldenhart (D9) 8 Nike O'Hare (D9) 7
Zed Sypol (D10) 6 Lilia Howard (D10) 7
Uniform Strut (D11) 9 Claire Heart (D11) 6
Chris Humperdink (D12) 10 Quinna Archipelago (D12) 8
Victor Addams (D13) 10 Kylie Dinett (D13)


Notes: Whimsi recieved an 11 because of the trouble she caused the Capitol in the past, now tributes will have no choice but to target her. Normin simply drew a picture of Lelt and struck it with a spear, then sat down and did nothing, earning himself a 2.

The Arena

The arena for the 78th Hunger Games is circular and surrounded by water and a domed-shaped forcefield. This arena is divided into four sections: a dormant volcano, grain fields, a forest, and an ocean with an island. However, there is a twist that this arena supports. Every day at 12 o' clock am, the cornucopia will begin to spin in a circular fashion, stopping to point it's tail randomly at one of the four areas. In whichever area it points at, gamemaker traps infest for the duration of the day, up until the anthem.


The Arena

Volcano area: Volcano erupts, fireballs are shot at random locations, earthquakes.

Forest area: Tracker jackers, jabberjays, and sharp-beaked bird muttations are released.

Grain fields: Poisonous flowers, wolf muttations, and fireballs.

Island/Ocean: Piranha muttations, rough waves, constant rainstorms.


26. Chic Bucci: Knife to the head by Amethyst Bane (Day 1)

25. Chris Humperdink: Sword to the chest by Sliver Alden (Day 1)

24. Claire Heart: Spear to the back by Nyenth Sane (Day 1)

23. Lilia Howard: Knife to the back by Mhoss Fleete (Day 1)

22. Mhoss Fleete: Decapitated by Max Goldenhart (Day 1)

21. Kylie Dinett: Knife to the stomach by Uniform Strut (Day 1)

20. Zed Sypol: Blown Up by Digit Starr's mines (Day 2)

19. Digit Starr: Blown Up, caused by Zed Sypol (Day 2)

18. Nomin Dregg: Spear to the stomach by Sliver Alden (Day 2)

17. Ann All: Decapitated by Blue Sanshell's knife (Day 3)

16. Ilon Chesron: Axe to the chest by Primrose Axe (Day 3)

15. Aydan Monarcha: Knife to the stomach by Sliver Alden (Day 3)

14. Uniform Strut: Incinerated by a fireball (Day 3)

13. Nyenth Sane: Stabbed in the head by Jenna Lavender (Day 4)

12. Lelt Dregg: Knife to the back by Blue Sandshell (Day 4)

11. Quinna Archipelago: Killed by wolf muttations (Day 4)

10. Victor Addams: Stabbed in the back by Blue Sandshell (Day 5)

9: Blue Sandshell: Axe to the back by Primrose Axe (Day 5)

8: Nike O'Hare: Knife to the head by Sliver Alden (Day 5)

7: Primrose Axe: Trident to the stomach by Aquamarine Summerton (Day 5)

6: Max Goldenhart: Knife to the chest by Aquamrine Summerton (Day 6)

5: Jenna Lavender: Stabbed in the back by Whimzi Electrelle (Day 6)

4: Amethyst Bane: Stabbed through the throat by Sliver Alden (Day 6)

3: Sliver Alden: Stabbed in the stomach by Amethyst Bane; dies from his injury (Day 6)

2: Aquamarine Summerton: Throat Slashed by Whimzi Electrelle (Day 6)

1: Whimzi Electrelle: Victor of the 78th Hunger Games

The Games



Let the Games Begin!

The 26 tributes of the 78th Hunger Games rise slowly from under the ground on their plates. Either nervously or eagerly awaiting the start of the day that could very well be their last. This years arena is divided into four sections: a volcano, an ocean with an island, a forest, and a grain field. The classic careers this year conist of Chic Bucci (D1), Ilon Chesron (D1), Sliver Alden (D2), Blue Sandshell (D4), Aquamarine Summerton (D4), and Uniform Strut (D11). The careers bitterly rejected Amethyst Bane (D8) from their alliance, a decision they will soon regret. Because Amethyst has created a new alliance, the anti-careers. This group consists of herself, Ann All (D6), Aydan Monarcha (D7), Primrose Axe (D7), Victor Addams (D13), and Kylie Dinett (D13). As Amethyst waits for the gong to sound, she looks at all of the careers. Haha, Let the Games begin...she thinks sinisterly.

And in another minute...they do.

Nike O'Hare, D9, Cornucopia Plate

I observe my surroundings as I eagerly await for the gong to sound. Behind me is a volcano that a make a mental note to steer clear of. But I see a forest not far away and I know that this is where I am headed. I look to see Quinna only a few plates down. She is my ally for these games, and together we'll be unstoppable. Looking back at the cornucopia, I prepare to be the first tribute to reach the loot. The gong sounds and I sprint forward.

Chic Bucci, D1, Cornucopia Plate

As the gong sounds and I run for the cornucopia, I am already imagining my future first kill in my head. Amethyst Bane will die at my hands, I know that much. You can't just stroll in and expect to be a career when you aren't from 1, 2, or 4. She told us that she'd make us pay, but I won't let her get the chance. By the time I'm at the corncuopia, the girls from 9 and 12 are already running for the forest with backpacks and spears. A set of knives at the mouth of the cornucopia that gilmmer in the sun catches my attention. I grasp for it, seeing my ally Sliver sword fighting someone out of the corner of my eye. That's when I notice that someone else is grabbing at the knife set too. I look up just in time to see Amethyst Bane remove one of the knives and slice open my neck.

Chris Humperdink, D12, Corncucopia

The distraction of watching one of his allies die is enough to allow me to disarm Sliver Alden. I take my sword and swing it at his head, aiming to decapitate him, but he ducks. Waiting for his head to bob back up, I feel my legs buckle under me. The stupid boy slidekicked me! On my back on the ground now, I look up just in time to watch as he drives the sword into my chest.

Claire Heart, D11, Cornucopia

The first thing I do when the gong sounds is run into the woods behind me. I have no alliance, no weapons, no supplies at all. If I don't get a sponser gift, I'm a candidate to not even make it to the next day. Knowing this, I pick up my running pace and find a nearby tree that looks sturdy enough to climb up and hide in. Twenty feet in the air now, I hear rustling begin in the bushes, and I climb faster, knowing I could very well die any second. That's when Nyenth Sane of district 2 jumps out and sinks a spear into my back all the way from the ground.

Whimzi Electrelle, D3, Cornucopia

I already see two people dead. Ugh! Amethyst has turned being rejected from the careers into a huge mess. Now there are two giant alliances at each others throats. But whatever, I'll let them kill each other and maybe they'll leave me alone. Although I swore only to ally with districts 5, 6, 9, and 12, I have found a helpful ally in Lilia Howard. As the fighting gets worse and more tributes get into the thick of things, Lilia and I run for the grain fields with two backpacks, a water bottle, and a set of knives. We are almost there when the knife buries itself in Lilia's back and she falls to the ground.

Mhoss Fleete, D8, Cornucopia

The girl from 10 has fallen to the ground, courtesy of my knife in her back. Whimzi Electrelle is shocked, and looks up just in time for me to prepare to throw my knife at her. But just as I raise my knife, the boy from 9 jumps up behind me and cuts off my head. Great, what a way to die.

Max Goldenhart, D9, Cornucopia

I really didn't want to do it, but the male from 8 lies dead, his head away from his body, and it's my fault. Whimzi, the girl with the 11 for a training score stares blankly at me, as if she is ready to die. But then she tenses up and grabs a knife from her set, ready to kill. Is that how brutal these games are? That after being saved from dying, we'll kill our savior without a second thought? But I don't give her the chance. "Wait!" I exclaim. "Do you want to be allies?" She seems surprised. But she doesn't have much time to think, with the carnage at the cornucopia continuing. "Yes!" she responds, and I run towards her, the two of us going off into the grain fields. As we do, a spear thrown by Blue Sandshell lands where I was standing a second ago.

Victor Addams, D13, Cornucopia

By now most of the tributes have cleared out from the cornucopia with their weapons, leaving the careers and us. The anti-careers is what Amethyst calls us. I'd rather call us the Rebels, but that's because I'm from District 13, where everything is about rebellion. Primrose chucks an axe and Aquamarine ducks. The axe buries itself into the golden horn inches above her head. I have no idea what the point of all this is. One career died already, along with four tributes who weren't in either alliance, but we can't manage to take down any more careers! I want badly to retreat, but Amethyst is one thoughts are interrupted as I watch a knife soar across the field. I jump out of it's path, looking at Uniform, the boy who threw it, with anger. I hear the grunt behind me. Someone was hit by the knife. I look behind me to see someone on the ground, being picked up by Primrose. The rest of our alliance runs for the forest as the careers try to kill us with more knives. But they are unsucessful, and they don't attempt to pursue us. Everyone is kneeling over the injured tribute, and I walk forward to see who it is. Primrose lowers her onto the ground, a bright red wound, still with the knife in it, right where her stomach is. It's Kylie.

Kylie Dinett, D13, Forest

I begin to cry, though it saps so much of my strength just to do so. Everyone is staring at me, upset that they're about to lose one of their friends. But I know they don't care. It pains me to think so, but it's true. Deep down, they all know that I have to die in order for any of them to win, so it's better this way. Victor runs to the front of the group, pushing Primrose out of the way. I see Amethyst, who has her arms crossed and is tapping her foot impatiently, as if she thinks my death is taking too long. "Kylie..." that's all Victor seems to be able to say. He grabs a hold of my hand. "This is my fault...I should've died...not you, not like this..." I shush him. "It's okay Victor," I tell him, though it brings me unbearable pain. "Just make sure Uniform gets his for me." The image in my head of Victor killing Uniform is the last thing I see before everything goes black.

Ilon Chesron, D1, Volcano

All we managed to do was kill Kylie Dinett of the anti-careers, but the rest of that stupid alliance is still alive. Plus my district partner, Chic, was killed. Yes, Amethyst will pay for that soon. But we have taken most of the good supplies with us. And they barely have anything. We will run into them again, and some of us will die becasue of that. But it doesn't matter, I don't care much for any of them. So as long as I stay alive, everything is well. Suddenly, the cannons begin. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Six of them in all. And one of them is for Chic. Well I'll make sure that the next cannon that sounds is Amethyst's.

Digit Starr, D3, Cornucopia

The careers have left the cornucopia, thank god for that. They have taken most of the good supplies with them, but that doesn't matter. I'm not after knives or water bottles. I grab a shovel and head over to the cornucopia plate that I started on. I begin to dig.

Lelt Dregg, D5, Forest

I have no idea where Nomin is, all I can do is hope that one of the cannons was for him. We could've been allies! We could've gotten through these games together, though it would be impossible for us both to get out alive. But no. He made his choice and I'm making mine. I grabbed knive from the cornucopia and I hold it up in front of my face. I will kill Nomin before he can kill me. I head towards the Volcano.

Ann All, D6, Forest

The anthem begins, and the faces start to line the sky. Amethyst has ordered that Primrose, being from District 7, climb the tree in order to see the faces. The rest of us stand on the ground and try to make out the faces, but the only one I can see is Kylie, and only because I knew she'd be there. Suddenly, the faces vanish and the anthem stops, and we eagerly await Prim's return. She climbs back down the tree and turns to us. "Chic from 1," she starts, though most of us already knew of this. Amethyst's kill. "the boy from 8, the girl from 10, Claire from 11, Chris from 12, and...Kylie..." Prim has trouble getting out the last name. Between our group, we manage to get the names together. The boy from 8 is Mhoss Fleete, and Amethyst doesn't seem to care; she just sharpens her knife on a tree. The girl from 10 is Lilia Howard, who no one knew well. Victor is the only person other than Amethyst whose partner is no longer alive, and he watched her die. He hasn't said anything since. Aydan from 7 volunteers to take the first watch, and Victor joins him because he can't sleep. Poor Victor, he actually cared about his partner and she had to die.

End of Day One

Day Two

Quinna Archipelago, D12, Island

Yesterday I had no idea why Nike insisted to go to the island, but now I see her reasoning. We're the only ones here! It's somewhere around twelve, I can tell by the position of the sun, and no more cannons have sounded yet. We're pretty much on our own little paradise over here! And that's when it starts. Suddenly, I see a raincloud appear out of nowhere right above us. A gamemaker trap! They usually don't do this on the second day! It begins pouring and Nike and I huddle under some palm trees that sway crazily. Waves start to crash heavily on the rocks of the island. Please! Please! Please! I plead in my head. Don't let me die here, not like this!

Digit Starr, D3, Forest

I've set up four mines and am on my fifth, each placed in a circular fashion far away enough so they'll kill whoever comes near but won't harm me. Hopefully. Suddenly, someone emerges from the woods. It's the boy from 6! "Stop!" I yell, though I'm not afraid, considering his training score was a 2. He continues walking. "Are you deaf?!" I yell in anger, knowing he could blow himself to bits any second. "There's mines buried here!" He just ignores me and walks past the mines, managing not to trigger a single one. That idiot could've just killed me! It's too bad I don't have a knife, because he'd be dead by now.

Zed Sypol, D10, Forest

Well, six tributes are dead, so I guess I'm not doing to bad so far. Walking through the forest, cutting through vines with my knife, I suddenly come across the nerd from District 3. he is carefully piling dirt into a circular pit. I'm about to take a step forward when he suddenly yells at me. "Stop!" My foot hovers in midair as I ponder whether or not to take a step forward, just to mess with him. "I've surrounded myself with mines! If you move too much, you might trigger one!" Oh great, he's messing with me now! I mean, where would he get mines from?! I put my foot forward, feeling only confusion and pain as my body is blown to bits and the mines begin to explode in a circular fashion.

Jenna Lavender, D5, Location Unknown

BOOM! I am awakened from my sleep by the sound of a cannon. BOOM! Another. BOOM! Another? BOOM! BOOM! Oh my god what did I miss? Not wanting to leave my hiding spot, for fear someone may see me, I don't look out to see what happened. I can only wonder. But I still grip my knife tighter, ready for a fight if someone comes by. BOOM! BOOM! More cannons? But these have a different sound to them. That's when I realize what must of happened. The first noises were explosions, and the gamemakers waited until after the explosions finished before announcing the casualties. So two tributes have died. That leaves eighteen of us. But unfortunately, I am so concealed that I didn't even peek out to see the anthem last night, so I have no idea who is alive and who is dead! Well, I hope hiding here ends up being worth it.

Aydan Monarcha, D7, Forest

I've never been this scared in my life. The careers hate us. That means they hate me. They can kill me. They will kill me. Everyone is in a circle, eating the bread Victor recieved as a sponser gift and the cookies and milk that Amethyst got. I don't know how they aren't freaking out the way I am. The careers killed Kylie! And they'll be back. They'll kill us all. And here we are, acting like nothing is going on. Everything in these games are backwards, aren't they? I wonder if I should just leave tonight and let the careers and the anti-careers kill each other.

Lelt Dregg, D5, Volcano

I've never been more paranoid in my life! Every step I take I have to look behind me to make sure no one is following me! Ugh, why can't these games be over already?! It'd be easier if I weren't in an arena full of bloodthirsty killing machines who won't be diplomatic. Suddenly I hear voices, and trying to look back, I trip over a rock and hit the ground. Looking up, there are the careers in front of me. And suddenly, Nomin Dregg runs up behind me. Oh great, who'll kill me first?

Nomin Dregg, D6, Volcano

There is Lelt. And there are the careers. I must kill him...kill him before they can kill him. The careers are argueing on what to do, knowing Lelt won't run and not caring what I do. Aquamarine is watching the two of us with a steely gaze to make sure we don't do anything. I am about to grab my knife, ready to kill Lelt, when Sliver raises his spear, poised to kill Lelt. Something inside of me changes when I see this. Maybe I know it's too late to save Lelt by killing him. Or maybe I've realized that killing him will not save him. And that makes me jump in the spear's path.

Lelt Dregg, D5, Volcano

I have no idea what has just happened in front of me. As I wait to die, the boy from 2 about to kill me with a spear, Nomin suddenly jumps in front of it, and falls to the ground with the sharp object in his stomach. "Run," he mutters weakly and he falls to the ground, his cannon going off. I know the careers will get me soon, whether I run or not, but I choose to run. But apparently the careers are just as surprised as me because I make it to the forest unharmed.

Nyenth Sane, D2, Forest

I have a dagger and a backpack with me from the cornucopia. That's good I guess. All I know is that the careers are far away, I can see them at the volcano from my perch in a tree. I just hope they can't see me. I hate careers. And I really am not in the mood to kill today. Tommorow I think I'll go get more supplies from the cornucopia. Hopefully I won't see anyone. God do people annoy me. Can't they just all kill each other?

Max Goldenhart, D9, Forest

Three Faces. There are three faces in the sky tonight. There is Digit Starr of 3, Nomin Dregg of 6, and Zed Sypol of 10. A storm on the island had started around noon, but the two girls there are fine now that it has stopped, just shaken up a bit. And one is my district partner, Nike. I don't know her that well, but I do hope that she survives quite long. And if neither me or my ally Whimzi comes out victorius, then I guess I hope that Nike wins. As long as a career doesn't win. Careers can never win. And honestly, I hope an anti-career doesn't win either. Maybe they don't realize that they have sunk to the level of the careers; that they are just as bad as them.

End of Day Two

Day Three

Primrose Axe, D7, Forest

Amethyst has made a decision. Today we will attack the careers. From the trees, we can see that they are at the volcano. I'm not sure if Amethyst is crazy or if she just really hates the careers. Don't get me wrong, I hate them too, but I'm not sure this is the best idea. I guess the one thing I am sure of is that after today, either all the careers will be dead, or all of us will be dead.

Aquamarine Summerton, D4, Volcano

Sliver has made a decision. Today we will attack the anti-careers. We could see the girl from 7 spying on us from the trees, so at least we know where they are. I don't know if Sliver is crazy or if he is just angry over Amethyst killing Chic. Don't get me wrong, I hate them too and I'll do anything to win, but I think Sliver underestimates their power. I don't think he realizes that this can only mean one of two things: after today, either the anti-careers will all be dead, or all of us will be dead. Except for me. Because I will win these games.

Amethyst Bane, D8, Cornucopia

The career's camp is facing the forest, so we head down to the cornucopia, and we will head for the volcano from there. Unfortunately, the rest of my alliance really isn't strong enough to take on the careers. Of course I am. And Victor isn't that bad either, plus he is angry after Kylie's death. I guess Primrose is good too, but of course none of them are as good as me. Then there is Ann and Aydan. Everything about them spells weak. I only put them in this alliance because hopefully the careers will waste time trying to kill them. Hopefully they will do this today. Either way, the careers are all about to die. And that's when the knife comes from nowhere and cuts Ann All's head off.

Uniform Strut, D11, Cornucopia

"Haha!" Blue's knife cuts the girl's head off and her cannon sounds. I can't help but laugh out loud. Amethyst is angry, I can see it in her eyes. And I love it. She chucks one of her many knives at me. She must have at least ten of them fastened in her belt. But I duck just in time and go to grab it from the ground. Soon we are in an all out brawl. Knives pierce the air with noises like shrieks. Spears fly around like birds. Amethyst and Sliver have engaged in a knife fight that I figured would be reserved for the last day of the games. But whatever, it'll only benefit me if they kill each other. Suddenly, the blonde girl from 7 chucks her axe and Blue dodges it. Just as I go to get it, even knowing I've never thrown an axe before, it buries itself into Ilon's chest. He falls to the ground and his cannon goes off.

Aydan Monarcha, D7, Cornucopia

Sliver Alden knows that Ilon has just been killed. He knocks Amethyst's knife out of her hand, but he doesn't kill her. Instead, he angrily knocks her to the ground and aims his knife at Primrose. No. It can't happen this way. Thr girl who carried Kylie when she was hurt. Who helped us so much by spying on the careers and watching the anthem from the trees. Who cared for me because I am her district partner and I am twelve. Yes, I am only twelve. Which means I have no chance at winning. So what's the point? I'd rather save an amazing and nice person who deserves to win and may actually do so. As the knife comes her way and she doesn't even see it, I jump in it's path and feel the warm sting of blood when it pierces my stomach. I wait for my cannon to sound but it doesn't. Not yet.

Blue Sandshell, D4, Cornucopia

The boy from 7 falls to his knees, clutching his stomach in pain, the knife still in it. He then falls to the ground and his cannon sounds. Amethyst jumps up in anger but Sliver jumps back, avoiding a deadly swing of her knife. Suddenly I am grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground. Victor Addams jumps on top of me and gets ready to stab me in the face with his knife. I close my eyes as I wait for the moment, ashamed at how pitiful my final moments will be. Then I feel an immense weight lifting off of me. I open my eyes and see that Aquamarine has pushed Victor off of me and she readies to stab him with her trident. But she doesn't. Instead, she is thrown by the cornucopia's tail as it begins to spin, launching her towards the grain fields.

Victor Addams, D13, Cornucopia

The golden horn begins to spin for no apparent reason, gaining speed as it spins in circles. No cannon has sounded, and Blue is helping up Aquamarine, so she must be fine. Unfortunately. Amethyst and Primrose are standing near the forest and I go to join them. Sliver is over by Blue and Aquamarine and Uniform is standing at the volcano, staring at the cornucopia. After about thirty seconds, the cornucopia stops spinning and its tail points directly at Uniform, almost ominously. "Haha! It must be pointing towards the future victor!" he yells arrogantly, and then raises his knife to throw it in our direction. But instead, the six of us at the cornucopia are forced to watch as a fireball shoots directly at him and sets him aflame. Screaming and flailing, he falls to the ground. After another thirty seconds his cannon goes off, and the hovercraft comes to collect the charred body that was once a tribute. That was once a person. But this is no time for humility. Before more killing can happen, we turn and run for the woods.

Quinna Archipelago, D12, Island

After yesterday, with the horrible storm, our island paradise has finally returned to a paradise. Luckily Nike recieved a sponsor gift of bread and water, so even being practically stranded here, we are still rested up and feeling good. From here, we managed to see that some kind of bloodbath happened at the cornucopia yet again, and then for some reason, the cornucopia began to spin rapidly. Nike thinks it's because the gamemakers don't want too many people to die today, especially considering we've already heard four cannons. But I doubt it. The gamemakers wouldn't give up a chance to give the audience a good show. 13 are dead. 13 are left. Are the games really almost half way over already?

Whimzi Electrelle, D3, Forest

Max and I are doing fine on our own; we can tell considering four cannons went off today! Maybe the games will be almost over now. My optimistic thoughts are interrupted by the fact that I know I won't win. I can't win. The capitol would never let it happen; I've caused them too much trouble already. They will make sure that my death is brutal and painful. So I guess I am only still here so I can help Max win. He's really kind and he deserves it. Suddenly the image of Lilia's death plays in my head again. It hurts. Well if I can't win, I know one thing, I will make the capitol pay for everything they have done. And I think I know how...

Victor Addams, D13, Forest

I wake up to the sound of crying. Getting up from my bed of leaves, I go to see where Primrose is. She left me and Amethyst to sleep while she stood guard. Leaning up against a tree, Primrose has glittering tears sliding down her cheeks as she waits for the anthem, which could begin any second. When she sees me approaching, she turns hostile, lifting her axe and wiping the tears from her cheeks. "What do you want?" she asks. "I was just coming to see how you were holding up." She still isn't very happy to hear this. "Well I'm fine," she lies. "Just go back to bed." But I'm not giving up that easily. "He wanted you to win," I tell her, and her eyes go from hostile to sullen. "He was only twelve..." The anthem begins, and four faces are in the sky tonight. All of them died today at the cornucopia. Ilon Chesron of 1, Ann All from 6, Aydan Monarcha from 7, and Uniform Strut of 11. Just like that, our alliance is down to three, half of what it started out with. It feels so lonely here now. But with the anthem, Primrose starts to cry again. "Primrose..." I start, but she interrupts me. "Call me Primmy."

End of Day Three

Day Four

Max Goldenhart, D9, Forest

Whimzi is crazy. Her plan...well I guess all I can say is that I have no idea what she expects to accomplish from it. If she wins, if I win, or if anyone else who we recruit wins, then the Capitol will make that person's life hell. But here we are, running off towards the volcano. Doing the dumbest thing any group of tributes have ever done.

Nyenth Sane, D2, Cornucopia

Hardly any supplies are left at the golden horn, but at least no one is here. Hehe, I will just take some supplies for myself. All there is here is supplies still stacked at the mouth of the horn, but I guess that will suffice. I just need something to eat. Oh wait! They already collected the bodies from yesterday. Fine, I guess something like crackers will be okay then. I begin to dig through the supplies at the mouth of the cornucopia.

Jenna Lavender, D5, Location Unknown

I hate sitting in the dark this long. Yes, I have all the food I can eat, but it's so depressing. Plus, I still don't know who has died. All I know is that thirteen people are dead. And I am not one of them. Suddenly I hear something moving near by. Then, a ray of sunlight peaks through into my hiding spot. The first ray of sunlight I've seen in three days. But this isn't good. Someone has found me and they are ruining my hiding spot. I must act fast and I must act now. So I grab my knife and ready myself. As soon as I see her face, I plunge my knife into Nyenth Sane's head. She falls and her cannon goes off. Not wanting to give myself away any further, I quickly begin to restack the supplies from inside the cornucopia. Thankfully, no one else has seen me.

Lelt Dregg, D5, Grain Fields

Yesterday was a nightmare. Part of my uniform is burned off, singed by fireballs that began to fire at random locations at the volcano. Lucily I managed to escape before I was burned to badly. But it's done. Finally. And now I'm heading back. I probably shouldn't be, considering the careers are most likely still here. But I guess that watching Nomin die here has just drawn me to the place. But before I get there, I hear my name called from behind me. I whip around, no weapons at all, and face what could soon be my death.

Whimzi Electrelle, D3, Grain Fields

Well, he's not exactly the best fighter we could find, but Lelt Dregg is the most likely person to listen to reason. Max and I approach him as he pleads for his life, but we inform him that we have no interest in killing him. "We want you as our ally," I tell him flatly. He looks surprised. "Me? Of all people?" he asks. "Yes you," Max assures him. "Except we have a different plan for what 'ally' means," I start, and he gives me a look of confusion. I know all of the capitol's eyes are on me now and I love it. I want them to get an earful. "We're going to collect every non-career and non-Amethyst in the arena and elist them as allies. Then we'll kill everyone else who isn't in our group." Lelt looks confused. "Well yes that's a good strategy but I don't see how--" I don't let him finish. "And then everyone who is still alive will do nothing. We won't kill anymore. we'll just see how long until the capitol gives up." Lelt is taken aback. Maybe he realizes that now, if any of the three of us win, the capitol will make whatever life we have left complete hell. "But the gamemakers will make sure that we die somehow." Wow, does he have a retort for everything? "But together, we can avoid any traps and kill any mutts! Don't you see?!" Lelt doesn't look convinced, and I wonder if I should kill him now and save myself the trouble. But Quinna and Nike suddenly make an appearance.

Quinna Archipelago, D12, Grain Fields

Just so you know, it was Nike's idea, not mine. Personally I would've just killed the three of them right there, but Nike said no. She's lucky I don't kill her. "I like her idea," Nike tells the group, and Whimzi no longer looks ready to kill. "I'm with you," she continues and I die a little inside. "And so am I," I tell them, though I know that I am on the capitol's hitlist now, not that I was going to win anyway. What am I saying? Of course I'm going to win! This is a mere side-project of sorts, I guess. Anyways, Whimzi is delighted that we are joining her, but Lelt suddenly runs. Idiot, he has no weapons. So it's no surprise when the knife enters his back and his cannon sounds. But it is a surprise when we realize that none of us had thrown it.

Blue Sandshell, D4, Grain Fields

My knife does just fine at killing the boy from 5, but the group he was with quickly catches on. They turn around and the girl from 3 ducks just in time to avoid my knife. The boy from 9 throws a knife at me, so I duck and roll behind Sliver, then jump up and throw another knife at the girl from 9, but the girl from 12 pushes her to the ground and saves her. Sliver and Aquamarine just stand there in amuesment. Sliver calls himself the leader of us, so why won't he just help me! "Um guys," Aquamarine starts. She points to over near the cornucopia and we see several wolf mutts walking towards us. "Run!" we hear the girl from 9 yell and one of the wolves pounces on Aquamarine.

Max Goldenhart, D9, Forest

Well so much for our alliance. Lelt is dead and another cannon has sounded, but we don't know whose it is. My guess is that the wolf killed Aquamarine. Nike and Quinna ran an opposite way and I really hope that Nike is okay. After all she is my district partner. But what I do know now is that Whimzi, Nike, Quinna, and myself are now hated by the capitol. But maybe we'll meet up again when the mutts are gone and try recruiting Primrose Axe, Victor Addams, and maybe even Jenna Lavender. With seven of us in an alliance, we'll be a force to be reckoned with. This will certainly be the most interesting games yet.

Amethyst Bane, D8, Forest

It's already nightime and we haven't fought anyone today. But since three cannons went off today, I felt no need to go chasing the careers, especially while our numbers are down. The anthem starts up and there will be three faces in the sky tonight. I hope desperately that one will be a career.

Whimzi Electrelle, D3, Forest

The anthem starts up and the first face in the sky is Nyenth Sane from District 2. I know now who will be next. Except I am wrong. Lelt Dregg from District 5 is the second face in the sky. But how can that be? If the mutts didn't kill any of the careers, than who did they kill? A sense of dread moves through me as I wonder. The final face in the sky is Quinna Archipelago of District 12. The mutts must have got her. Poor Nike, now all alone in the woods. Or did the mutts get her too? Did they leave her injured somewhere, slowly dying and desperately waiting for the end? It's too dark to search now, but I know that tommorow we will find her and keep her safe. But we don't need too, because she suddenly bursts through the woods and into our camp, tears streaking down her cheeks. "She didn't run fast enough..." is all she can say.

Aquamarine Summerton, D4, Volcano

The faces all appear in the sky and vanish, a final reminder of their lives. My face should be in the sky. My face would be in the sky, had it not been for Blue Sandshell. The mutt was going to kill me when Blue stabbed it in the back, the first kill of the games that didn't come with a cannon blast. Seeing this, the remaining mutts chased the girls from 9 and 12 and took the girl from 12 down. "Blue..." I start as he stands up to get off to bed. "You saved me yesterday," he reminds me. "We're even now." And he's right, we keep on saving each other. So what happens when one of us isn't there to save the other?

End of Day Four

Day Five

Nike O'Hare, D9, Cornucopia

Off in the distance I can see Amethyst, Primrose, and Victor. They are just standing at the cornucopia and I am guessing that they are probably about to raid the supplies. Though they strangely look as if they are waiting for someone. Whimzi and Max are asleep; it was my turn to guard the camp. I understand that they'll be up any moment, but I really don't feel like waking them for this. I want to show them how important I am to the group. So I will go and tell Primrose and Victor about the plan Whimzi has. And if I must, I'll kill Amethyst while I am at it.

Amethyst Bane, D8, Cornucopia

There are all three of us, but there are only three of them as well. Standing on one side of the cornucopia we face them. The horrible, evil people who have caused nothing but trouble for us, especially for me. Sliver smiles arrogantly and draws out a knife. "So you're ready to die?" he asks snobbishly. I draw my knife in retaliation, forgetting everything else except for Sliver. "How does it feel?" I ask, and his look turns confused. "How does it feel to know you're about to die?" I finish. He charges. And so do I.

Blue Sandshell, D4, Cornucopia

Sliver and Amethyst begin to fight in a deadly dance of glittering blades. I start to head towards them yelling, "I'll help you take her down Sliver!" but he cuts me off. "She's mine!" he yells, not focusing a single bit of his attention away from the fight. So I turn to the boy from 13. "Then I get the blonde boy!" He charges forward with his staff, but I swipe it away with my knife. "Is that all you got?!"

Primrose Axe, D7, Cornucopia

Aquamarine is spinning her trident in her hand and smiling at me evilly. Can it really be this easy. Instead of wasting an axe, I chuck I knife at her head, but she swipes it away with her trident like it's a bug. "I was scared there for a second," she starts. "I thought you weren't even going to fight, I thought for a second that your face might not even end up in the sky tonight." I hate careers so much. I charge forward and suddenly we are caught in a deadly fight between a girl with a trident and a girl with an axe. A girl who wouldn't be here if it weren't for Aydan Monarcha. But he will rest in peace. For he is about to be avenged.

Victor Addams, D13, Cornucopia

Blue Sandshell must die. We've been fighting for at least three minutes, everyone here has been, but not a single cannon. Not yet at least. I strike a blow towards Blue's head with my knife, but he ducks. I look down, and he's not there. How in the world? Suddnely, I feel a sharp pain and see the knife blade protruding from my chest. That little twit rolled under my legs and went behind me! I fall to my knees and Blue withdraws the knife, making me fall to the ground in unsion with my cannon blast.

Nike O'Hare, D9, Cornucopia

I stumble out of the woods to see two of the careers fighting two anti-careers, and one career standing over the body of Victor Addams. I had no idea that there was going to be a fight! And now I'm in the middle of it, wanting badly to turn and run into the woods. But I see that Blue Sandshell has his eye on me, a devious smile etched across his face. "Don't you touch her!" Primrose Axe yells. She swings her axe to decapitate Aquamarine, but she ducks. When she pops back up, Prim gives her an elbow to the face and she falls to the ground. Turning on her heel, Primrose throws an axe and it goes right into Blue's back wihtout him having even turned around. He falls and his cannon goes off. And that's when Aquamarine grabs her trident, filled with rage.

Aquamarine Summerton, D4, Cornucopia

The girl from 7 looks down at me just in time to watch my trident enter her stomach. She falls backwards and hits the ground but her cannon doesn't go off just yet. "Come on!" I yell to Sliver as I run to him and pull him away from Amethyst. As we go Sliver turns back to the scene and says, "Not yet." He raises his knife and I expect it to kill Amethyst, but it buries itself into Nike O'Hare. She falls and her cannon sounds. Then we run, leaving Amethyst and the dying girl behind.

Amethyst Bane, D8, Cornucopia

Primrose is shivering and crying as she lies on the grass, blood pouring from her stomach and turns the peacful greenery red. "Primrose..." I can't find the words, of all times in my life it's now that I don't know what to say! Maybe it's just the fact that I never really understood people before. But now I am watching one of my friends die. Friends. The word sounds wierd in my head, the word I thought I would never use to describe someone before. "He died for nothing," she starts between tears. "No, no he didn't," I assure her. "Don't blame yourself for what happened, he knew he wasn't going to win anyway." Prim shakes her head and I am surprised that she still has the strength to talk. "Amethyst, kill Sliver fo me please..." And those are her last words. She lies back and at first am I stunned. Then her cannon goes off, and that's when I begin to cry. Cry for the first time in my life.

Jenna Lavender, D5, Interior Cornucopia

The cornucopia hasn't spun all day. And thank god for that, my headache is just starting to go away. Maybe it's because of the fight that went on outside today. This time I know who is dead. Based on the fight I know that Victor Addams of 11 is dead and Primrose Axe of 7 is dead. In addition, I heard Sliver and Aquamarine yelling about running away, so I'm guessing the remaining careers have died. And I heard Amethyst Bane, so I'm assuming she is the sole anti-career. I keep a tally on the wall of the cornucopia of the number of cannons that have gone off. I count them up and there are 20 slashes. Six left. Only six. So it's me, Sliver, Aquamarine, Amethyst and two others. I don't know who, but the only people I don't know are dead are: Whimzi, Digit, Lelt, Nomin, Max, Nike, Zed, and Quinna. But that's still a lot to narrow down, so I won't try. All I know is that there will be five more slashes on my wall tommorow. And I'll still be here to carve them.

Max Goldenhart, D9, Forest

Four faces. As the anthem plays, four faces light up the night sky. Blue Sandshell of 4, Primrose Axe of 7, Nike O'Hare of 9, and Victor Addams of 13. The faces appear and then quickly vanish, gone forever, never to be seen again. Whimzi is upset. Our plan failed drastically. The only people we wanted as allies are now dead. And two of us can't fight the capitol alone. I wish Nike hadn't left. I'm not sure why she did, but it was a poor choice, and she died because of it. Whimzi walks over and begins to talk to me. "I say tommorow we make our last stand." I give her a look of confusion. "What do you mean?" I ask. "There's only six of us left now, so the gamemakers will soon try to push us all together, probably with a feast. I'll be a distraction while you hide in the woods. If everything goes right, I should be able to kill at least two of them before they get me. Then you'll only have 2 left and you can win." I know one thing now, she is crazy. "You are not going to die for me," I tell her. "Max, even if I would win, the capitol would kill me!" Knowing tommorow will be the last day for at least one of us, I hold her face in my hands and then give her a kiss right on her lips. When I finally and sadly pull away, I tell her quietly, "Well that's better than being killed here." Then I walk off to go to sleep.

Something tells me that come tommorow all hell will break lose.

End of Day Five

Day Six

Sliver Alden, D2, Cornucopia

  • Sliver at the showdown
  • Aquamarine at the showdown
  • Amethyst at the showdown
  • Whimzi at the showdown
  • Max at the showdown
  • Jenna at the showdown
Today is the day they all die. Every last one of them. Whimzi, Max, Jenna, even Aquamarine, and especially Amethyst. I'll make sure that she is my final kill of the games. And then I'll be crowned victor. I can already hear the roar of the crowd when I take the stage for my victor's interview. I can't wait. "Come out Amethyst!" I yell, facing the woods, where I konw she is. "Um...Sliver..." Aquamarine starts, tapping me on the shoulder. I spin around to see Amethyst Bane, standing a few yards from me, a knife in hand. I can tell she cna't wait to see me dead. "You killed her!" she yells, her mouth forming an upset frown. "I killed a lot of people, which are you talking about?" I ask her, wanting badly to make her as angry as possible. But this is where it will end for her and for Aquamarine too. And suddenly, Whimzi and Max break through the woods behind us. Now us careers are boxed in by three other tributes. We could easily just run for the volcano, but that's not what careers do. We fight. I draw my knife and tell Aquamarine to take care of Whimzi and Max. I will take care of Amethyst.

Aquamarine Summerton, D4, Cornucopia

As we prepare to fight, a giant set of golden gates rise, surrounding the cornucopia in a circle. Trapped like animals, ready to fight to the death. I can't help but wonder how this is fair. Only five of the final six are here, so why does Jenna get protection. As I wonder this, the cornucopia begins to spin, wilder than ever before, brandishing it's tail like a sword. Supplies fly everywhere and we have to duck to avoid being bashed by a backpack or skewered by knives. Then something else comes flying out of the cornucopia. The small brown-haired girl comes flying out and lands on the ground. She looks up at us, surprised and scared. Now we're all together, and only one of us will come out alive. And it will be me.

Max Goldenhart, D9, Cornucopia

The cornucopia spinning doesn't distract the careers for long. Sliver moves first, heading towards Amethyst, and the two are caught in yet another one of their knife battles. Hopefully they just kill each other. Jenna gets up and runs, trying to find a way to escape our confinement, but I know it's only a matter of time before she gives up and comes to attack us. Aquamarine gets up from the ground and prepares to attack. If Whimzi's plan goes right, Aquamarine will be dead soon, but she will be too. And I don't want to let that happen. Whimzi takes one of her knives and sends it spinning towards Aquamarine's head, but she ducks. And then she throws her trident with deadly accuracy. I know what Whimzi wants me to do. She wants me to kill Aquamarine while she is distracted, and in turn she will die. But I won't let that happen. I jump at Whimzi and push her out of the way, both of us falling to the ground. The trident sticks in the ground next to my head. But when I look up Aquamarine has a knife. And she sends it right for my chest.

Whimzi Electrelle, D3, Cornucopia

The knife pierces Max's chest. Aquamarine then runs off, leaving me in my mourning. She leaves to chase Jenna, and they engage in another fight with knives. But I don't care. My attention is here, with Max. "Please Max..." is all I'm able to say, but I can already feel the sting of tears in my eyes. "You have to win..." he tells me, his voice weak. "You have to win for me..." I give him one final kiss and then his cannon sounds. I grab my knife and look towards the female from District 4. Aquamarine Summerton is about to die.

Jenna Lavender, D5, Cornucopia

The girl from 3 runs toward us, anger in her mind. I can almost sense it. Good, Aquamarine is going to die soon. The two of us fight, knives colliding every second. But neither of us can get the final jab. Come on! Where is that girl from 3?! As I wonder, a knife blade suddenly protrudes through my chest and Aquamarine stops attacking, stunned. I fall to the ground, seeing Whimzi standing over me. "She's mine to kill," Whimzi says, refering to Aquamarine. Then everything goes black and my cannon goes off.

Amethyst Bane, D8, Cornucopia

Sliver and I are locked in an intense battle. It will be his last. He didn't kill Primrose, that was Aquamarine, but I consider it to be his fault. Especially since Primrose told me to kill him. And I will, even if it kills me. As I think this, a cold gust of wind ominously blows by. I have a bad feeling about this, but I don't care. I continue to fight, knowing the wrong move could mean the difference between life or death. And suddenly, I aim for Sliver's stomach, and he fails to block it. The knife goes inside of him, and he struggles to breath. Then I give him a punch to his face. "That's for Primmy!"

Aquamarine Summerton, D4, Cornucopia

Sliver is about to die, but I can't say I'm upset. I've been waiting so long for him to taste his own medicine. Whimzi hasn't attacked me yet, that tells me that she's watching just as I am. Watching as Sliver uses his last ounce of strength to stab Amethyst through the throat with his knife. She falls backwards, choking on her own blood, and her cannon goes off. Sliver then smiles, and he falls to the ground. Another cannon. That's it then, two left. I oddly feel ready to cry. I never asked for any of this, having to watch so many helpless people die. I feel bad for every single one of them, especially Primrose, who I killed. She never was a bad person, in fact she deserved to win more then any of us. I turn to Whimzi's spot. "Ready to end this?" I painfully ask. Then I notice that she isn't there. A hand grabs me from behind and puts me in a headlock, her knife near my neck. I use my other hand to grab it and hold her off, but she is stronger than I expected.


Whimzi Electrelle held the knife near Aquamarine Summerton's neck, attempting to kill her, and only held back by Aquamarine's hand. But Whimzi doesn't notice the large rock in Aquamarine's hand. She holds it, attempting to smash Whimzi's head, but the D3 girl uses her other hand to hold her off. The pair stands, one attempting to kill the other. But the rock and the knife move closer and closer by the second. Suddenly, they both stop trying to hold the other off. Whimzi attempts to cut across Aquamarine's throat just as the rock smashes her on top of her head. The girls both fall to the ground, motionless. But only one cannon goes off.

So the question is, was the cut not deep enough, or was the rock not strong enough?

Victor of the 78th Hunger Games, Cornucopia

The hovercraft comes to collect me. Me. The victor of the 78th Hunger Games. I grab on to the ladder, feeling the elecricity freeze me as the ladder brings me up, up and to the capitol. I look back at the arena where I was confined to for the last six days. They still haven't collected the five bodies. Max, Jenna, Amethyst, Sliver...and the girl I've just killed. I wouldn't even be here had it not been for a heroic act preformed by one of my friends. But he's dead now. And now that I think of it, the girl I just killed, her friend had saved her life too. She is dead now. They're all dead. All except for me. Aquamarine Summerton...............................................................that's the girl who I've killed in order to win. Me. The victor.

I am Whimzi Electrelle and I have won the 78th Hunger Games.

After the Games

My nightmares are just as eerily vivid as usual. Whatever my disturbed mind decides to make me watch, it's always equally torturous. I see Max die without being able to help, I kill Aquamarine and also Jenna. I watch Lelt and Nike die, and see Quinna get dragged away by those evil mutts. Sliver and Amethyst chase me and I can't get away. But it doesn't matter anymore, because I escaped.

The President of Panem made it quite clear from the moment I won that he would soon kill me. I didn't even stick around for the victory tour. As soon as I got home to my house in the Victor's Village, before I had even moved in, I blew it up, staging my own death. I spent days on foot, with minimal supplies, trekking to District 13. Because I knew the Capitol was lying. They didn't blow it up. The hovercraft from the district came and took me, bringing them all the way to the place that was now blackened and destroyed. At first I was shocked, but then they brought me down to their underground hideout. I watched the Capitol report on my death and laughed like it was a comedy. And for once in my life, I knew I was safe.

It's been a year, and the next games at the Capitol will begin soon. I watch the reapings on my TV with disdain. And next to me sits the victor from the last games. Albany York. He was twelve when he won, but now he is my age, almost 14. And I see a lot of Max Goldenhart in him. Maybe that's why I'm in love with him.

As we watch the reapings, my mind goes back to my games. I think of Lilia, who was my ally, but was killed too soon. I think of Aydan; I never knew him but seeing him save Primrose made me think of Max. It also made me cry. I think of Quinna and Nike, who wanted to help me against all odds. I think of Primrose, I cried when she died too. Maybe cause I knew she deserved to win more than me. I think of Jenna and Aquamarine, my kills. I wish I didn't kill them, until I realize that I'd been dead if I hadn't done so. I think of Amethyst, who hated the careers to the extent that I hated the Capitol. I guess we have more in common than I had originally thought. And then I think of Max. During my victory interview, they focused heavily on him, just as a punch in the face for me. He saved my life on the first day by killing Mhoss Fleete. We stayed together for the remainder of the games, planning the Capitol's downfall (they omitted those scenes). And then he saved me on the last day, when I should have been the one saving him. But I know that they are in a safe place now. And they will soon be avenged.

Albany puts his arm around me and pulls me close. I know that he must be thinking of his friends from his games, specifically Kedzie Woods. We watch as President Hayes takes the stage, and he announces that there will be a twist to the next games. No tributes are allowed to volunteer. Intersting, that would mean almost no careers this time. But we have a plan. The District 13 militas are going to make sure that these games are the last. The Capitol citizens will become tributes in a Hunger Games of our own.

So let the 79th Hunger Games begin...

Tribute Awards

Award 1: Best Bloodbath Victim

Kylie Dinett has been voted Best Bloodbath Victim

Award 2: Best Career

Aquamarine Summerton has been voted the Best Career

Award 3: Best Anti-Career

Primrose Axe has been voted the Best Anti-Career

Award 4: Biggest Rebel

Whimzi Electrelle has been voted the Biggest Rebel

Award 5: Best Alliance

The Anti-Careers were voted the Best Alliance (Amethyst Bane, Primrose Axe, Victor Addams, Ann All, Aydan Monarcha, Kylie Dinett)

Award 6: Best Loner

Nyenth Sane was voted the Best Loner

Award 7: Most Likely to Win

Max Goldenhart has been voted Most Likely to Win

Award 8: Guardian Angel Award

Aydan Monarcha was voted as the Guardian Angel for saving Primrose Axe

Award 9: Saddest Death

Primrose Axe's Death was voted as the Saddest Death of the games

Award 10: Best Overall Tribute

<poll> Who was the Best Tribute of the 78th Hunger Games? Chic Bucci Ilon Chesron Nyenth Sane Sliver Alden Whimzi Electrelle Digit Starr Aquamarine Summerton Blue Sandshell Jenna Lavender Lelt Dregg Ann All Nomin Dregg Primrose Axe Aydan Monarcha Amethyst Bane Mhoss Fleete Nike O'Hare Max Goldenhart Lilia Howard Zed Sypol Claire Heart Uniform Strut Quinna Archipelago Chris Humperdink Kylie Dinett Victor Addams </poll>

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