We've Reached the final 12!

Here it is! The 79th Annual Hunger Games! These games will form a trilogy after the 47th Hunger Games (I'm pretending that they're the 77th Games) and the 78th Hunger Games. These will be the final games in 78: A Hunger Games Trilogy. In these games, each person gets the male and female tributes from 1 district only. Do not enter tributes who have been in my last games. You can reserve one district and reservations last 2 days. I'll start out with the reapings (I'm doing them this time!!!), the chariot rides, then the training scores (including what the tributes did to get said scores), and go straight to the games! These games will run slower than my last games due to the fact that school is starting soon. Do not get annoyed if I don't update everyday but I will try my best. There is a rebellion brewing...which could spell a much different games...

The Twist!: President Hayes has added an unpresidented twist to these games. No volunteers!!! That means minimal careers! However, there still will be a career pack, it will simply consist of a wider array of districts. Please say if your tribute would like to be a career tribute, but this is not a guarantee that they will be accepted.

In the comments for the tributes leave:

Name, Age, Gender, District, Skills, Weapons, Strategy, Weaknesses and Personality

(History is optional).

Please create a lunaii doll for your tribute and post it in my talk page, or describe the character's appearance and I'll make a lunaii for you.

And Please refrain from overused stories like two tributes who are secretly in love because I don't need more than two couples in the games. (Unless you make the story somewhat intresting like a brother/sister duo or something)

Thanks, and in the words of Effie, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Past Victors (They will make special guest appearances):

  • Whimzi Electrelle at 14 (D3 Victor of 78th Games)
  • Albany York at 14 (D6 Victor of 47th Games)
  • Star Sun at 17 (My D4 Victor)
  • Scorpius Flame at 17 (Pretend Victor, He hasn't actually won a games)

The Tributes

  • Easton Lee (D1)
  • Tinsley Cape (D1)
  • Rovil Lariste (D2)
  • Serona Merion (D2)
  • Douglas Head (D3)
  • Loxie Wheel (D3)
  • Surf Blue (D4)
  • Nikki Quahog (D4)
  • Thorn Blaze (D5)
  • Emma Rice (D5)
  • Lucifer Shadows (D6)
  • Cho Abiko (D6)
  • Sonny Raine (D7)
  • Violet Oak (D7)
  • Gimli Laurson (D8)
  • Seiko Nox (D8)
  • Fredrick Thorton (D9)
  • Willow Thorne (D9)
  • Tsawwassen Swartz (D10)
  • Lyse Kjeragbolten (D10)
  • Kyler Quist (D11)
  • Peppa Ranoch (D11)
  • Rick Patterson (D12)
  • Velma Ready (D12)
District Male Female Creator
One Easton Lee Tinsley Cape Mockingfire
Two Rovil Lariste Sarona Merion TotalDramaRox97
Three Douglas Head Loxie Wheel K.V.T
Four Surf Blue Nikki Quahog EffieLuna
Five Thorn Blaze Emma Rice Nate777
Six Lucifer Shadows Cho Abiko Tommyboy97
Seven Sonny Raine Violet Oak Leshawna333
Eight Gimli Laurson Seiko Nox Fantasyfilm99
Nine Fredrick Thorton Willow Thorne Anon....
Ten Tsawwassen Swartz Lyse Kjeragbolten Tiki tooki
Eleven Kyler Quist Peppa Ranoch Firecatcher3
Twelve Rick Patterson Velma Ready Brony12
Promo 79

Down With The Capitol

There are no District 13 tributes in these games. The Capitol still pretends the district has been destroyed and they only reason that they were in the last games is because the Capitol had captured those tributes and forced them to enter the games without even a reaping.


The Arena

The entire arena is designed as a jungle, infested with many well concealed muttations and gamemaker traps. The cornucopia is at the center of the arena in a clearing. Many waterfalls, rope bridges over cliffs, and caves fill the arena. The trees are very slippery and tall, so they are very hard to climb. There are no forceilds in the arena, but there are invisible walls that block people from going to the edge of the arena. This way, no one accidently dies by crashing into a forcefield. And this way, no one pulls another Haymitch Abernathy.

The Rankings

24. Rick Patterson: Knife to the chest by Loxie Wheel (Day 1)

23. Tsswassen Swartz: Knife to the back by Sarona Merion (Day 1)

22. Sarona Merion: Knife to the head by Lyse Kjeragbolten (Day 1)

21. Violet Oak: Strangled to death by Lucifer Shadows (Day 1)

20. Fredrick Thorton: Arrow to the head by Easton Lee (Day 1)

19. Nikki Quahog: Knife to the heart by Surf Blue (Day 1)

18. Easton Lee: Knife to the throat by Loxie Wheel (Day 2)

17. Loxie Wheel: Knife to the heart by Sonny Raine (Day 2)

16. Lucifer Shadows: Knife to the heart by Cho Abiko (Day 3)

15. Emma Rice: Spear to the stomach by Tinsley Cape (Day 3)

14. Rovil Lariste: Knife to the abdomen by Thorn Blaze (Day 3)

13. Douglas Head: Knife to the stomach by Tinsley Cape (Day 3)

12. Lyse Kjerabolten: Head slammed against a tree by Tinsley Cape (Day 4)

11. Tinsley Cape: Knife to the head by Velma Ready (Day 4)

10. Seiko Nox: Knife to the throat by Kyler Quist (Day 4)

9. Gimili Laurson: Knife to the chest by Kyler Quist (Day 4)

8. Surf Blue: Cornucopia shrapnel to chest (Day 4)

7. Peppa Ranoch: Crushed by a tree (Day 4)

6. Willow Thorne: Killed by hovercraft explosion (Post-Games)

5. Thorn Blaze: Shot by Peacekeeper (Post-Games)

4. Velma Ready: Knife to the throat by a Peacekeeper (Post-Games)

3: Kyler Quist: Shot in the head by President Hayes's gun (Post-Games)

2: Cho Abiko: Shot in the abdomen by President Hayes's gun. Dies from injury. (Post-Games)

1: Sonny Raine: Victor of the 79th Hunger Games

The Games!

Whimzi Electrelle, D3 Victor, District 13

Albany and I watch from the couch as the games begin on television, broadcasted for all of Panem to see. It sickens me, but it doesn't matter. As soon as we can get a hold on some hovercrafts, we will go in and stop this all. I can only mourn for the deaths about to happen in the bloobath. We only have four mentors on our side: Star Sun of D4, Scorpius Flame of D4, Tree Summer of D7, and Apollo Silvermoon of D9. The 24 tributes rose to the arena on their plates, looking confused and scared as usual. God! Is that how we looked?! Albany and I have been paying close attention to the tributes this year. The careers consist of Easton Lee (D1), Tinsley Cape (D1), Rovil Lariste (D2), Sarona Merion (D2), Loxie Wheel (D3), Surf Blue (D4), and Seiko Nox (D8). Cho Abiko (D6) tried to get in, but eventually decided against it and decided to rebel instead. And Velma Ready (D12) rebelled too. According to the District 13 president, the Capitol has cut off all of her sponser gifts. She'd be perfect for us.

Innocent lives are about to be lost today, for that is what the Hunger Games is all about. Suddenly, the gong rings out, and the tributes spring to life.

Let the 79th, and hopefully final, Hunger Games Begin.

Rick Patterson, D12, Cornucopia Plate

As I rise to the arena on my plate, I look all around me, hoping to find someplace I can hide for the next few days in the arena. But everywhere looks exactly the same. Whatever, I'll just follow the other tributes and steal from them. It's a good plan, one that will benefit both me and hurt them. I can't help but smile to myself. This will be an enjoyable experience. So long as I win.

Sonny Raine, D7, Cornucopia Plate

The arena is terrifying. It's a giant jungle, and who knows what lurks inside of it. But if I want to win these games, I must stay strong. And if I don't go to the cornucopia then at least five people will die before me. If I need supplies, then I guess I'll just come back later. Assuming I can without being killed. The gong rings and I run. But away from the cornucopia. Away from the death that is about to come. I hope Violet survives.

Sarona Merion, D2, Cornucopia

The gong rings and I'm on my feet like that! Running straight for a shining mace, I already can't wait to set up my traps and take people down with it! As I dive to the ground to grab the mace, sheilding it from other tributes with my body, Rovil jumps right over me like I'm a hurdle. The nerve! Whatever, as I stand back up, I see Loxie Wheel spin around and bury a knife in Rick Patterson's chest. He was trying to sneak up on her, but he should've known that you never mess with a career.

Tsswassen Swartz, D10, Cornucopia

I have a backpack, and with Lyse at my side, I am ready to conquer these games. Hopefully I can control my anger, or at least turn it into an advantage. We are almost out of the clearing, and I decide to let Lyse run in front of me. And just as I do, I can hear a knife whizzing through the air. I should've ducked and pulled Lyse down, but I didn't and this is my fault. I know that when Lyse is suddenly splattered with blood. My blood.

I fall to my knees, knowing these moments will be my last. Lyse crawls down to me, and I want to tell her to run, but I'm not strong enough. Then she looks up. A career is running towards us. The one who knifed me. And I know that Lyse and I are about to die.

Lyse Kjeragbolten, D10, Cornucopia

It takes every ounce of strength contained within my being to do it. Sarona has thrown a knife at Tsswassen, even though she stated in her interview that she would use no weapon except for maces. I know I have to avenge my district partner and friend. So I draw my own knife and Tsswassen smiles. Then he falls to the ground, and I throw my knife at Sarona. She is hit in the head and falls backwards, dead. I only have time to feel for Tsswassen's pulse, which of course isn't there, and plant a kiss on his cheek. And then I run into the jungle.

Violet Oak, D7, Cornucopia

I have no idea where Sonny is, even though I hardly care. I guess in these games, everyone looks out for their district partner out of instinct. Knowing him, he'll be hiding somewhere, battling the elements. But here I am, grabbing a backpack and a knife from the cornucopia. I duck to avoid a knife thrown by Rovil, who is going crazy. I make a decision. It's time to go. As I turn to run, I am pounced on by a mutt. A mutt! This early in the games! Then I realize it's not a mutt, It's Lucifer Shadows. Great.

Kyler Quist, D11, Cornucopia

Things are getting hectic here, and fast. Rovil is running around chucking knives in every direction, though he hasn't yet hit anyone. Only a handful of tributes are left besides the careers, and I don't know how I am still alive. I managed only a backpack, two knives, and a sword from the golden horn, but that's not too bad. Now I just need to find Peppa. There she is! And then I see it, Easton Lee is chasing her, knife in hand. Of all people, why is he going after a pretty girl? I run past Lucifer, who has just finished strangling Violet Oak to death. I get ready to kill Easton, but he sees me and laughs. Really? Pathetic. I chuck one of my two knives at him, but it misses and he runs away. Grabbing Peppa's hand, I pull her into the jungle.

Fredrick Thorton, D9, Cornucopia

Willow is gone, deep in the woods due to her fear of fighting at the cornucopia. But not me, I am here getting supplies for the both of us. Together we can survive. Two backpacks and two bow and arrows with me, I can't manage to move very swiftly away. I just barely dodge a knife thrown by Rovil Lariste. He is going crazy right now! Lucifer has ran away, going somewhere that no one will find him, I guess. The action is dying down now, and I am one of the last to leave for the woods. I see Thorn Blaze and Emma Rice escape with a bottle of iodine and some knives and Douglas Head escapes only with a sword, barely dodging Loxie's knives. I'm the only one left, I have to get out of here! But the backpacks drag me down. And then the arrow from Easton hits me in the back of the skull, splattering my rich blood everywhere. What will Willow do now?!

Nikki Quahog, D4, Cornucopia

I can't believe no one sees me up here! About halfway up a tree near the cornucopia clearing, I can see the careers discussing what to do next. Only one of them, Sarona Merion, has died. I bet I could kill one of them from up here, but that would give myself away. Suddenly, Rovil points to my tree. Oh god they found me! I try to reach for the tree next to me when I suddenly hear a loud noise and the tree shakes. Tinsley is hacking at the tree with an axe! Well whatever, they can't get me down with just an I think that, the tree buckles and falls to the ground, throwing me off. God she is strong! The careers now surround me at all sides, no doubt planning my death. And then they ask me if I want to join them.

Surf Blue, D4, Cornucopia

Whew! The careers are okay with Nikki joining us! And then Nikki does it. She denies their invitation. What has she done?! "Surf," Tinsley turns to me. "Kill her." They're asking me to kill my district partner?! I can't do that! "Either you kill her, or you both die," Rovil continued, creeping up behind me. "Do it. Do it. Do it." he chanted, but I couldn't bring myself to kill her. "Do It!" he yelled in my ear. Knowing that Rovil would kill me any second, I drove my knife into Nikki's heart, hopefully granting her a quick death. Rovil patted me on the back. It's a good thing he couldn't see my tears. But even if he could, it wouldn't change the fact that I personally would kill him very soon.

Gimili Laurson, D8, Cave

The cannons begin. This must mean that the initial carnage of the bloodbath is now over. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Six cannons. A bit of a small number compared to usual bloodbaths, but whatever. I hope one of those cannons was for Seiko, but I know better than that. She'll still be somewhere, looking for me. But she'll never find me, not here. I will admit, it's a little dark and scary in this cave, but it's better then being near Seiko. Anything is better than being near Seiko.

Willow Thorne, D9, Jungle

Where is Fred?! Six cannons have sounded, and I'm worried that one is for him. But it can't be. Because he is a fighter, he won't be dead. He is coming, he just doesn't know where to find me. Well, I'll find out if I'm right tonight. This jungle is disturbing, and I'm constantly afraid that something will come out of nowhere. I try climbing up a tree, but its too slippery and I can't do it. So I curl up inside of a bush, hoping it will conceal me for long enough.

Velma Ready, D12, Jungle

I know I won't have any sponsers. Or any fans. Or anyone rooting for me at all. But as long as I have one person out there who will consider rebelling because of me, then it will all be worth it. And my ally, Douglas, has the same thoughts. We are both ready to rebel against the Capitol, even in the arena. We just don't know how yet. But knowing us, we'll certainly think of something soon.

Thorn Blaze, D5, Forest

The anthem begins, waking Emma, who I am guarding at the moment. The faces appear in the sky, starting with Sarona Merion from District 2. Then it's Nikki Quahog from 4, Violet Oak from 7, Fredrick Thorton from 9, Tsswassen Swartz from 10, and concluding with Rick Patterson from 12. Six down, and we didn't have to kill any of them. Emma gives me a weak smile before going back to sleep. I don't care what the Capitol wants, I won't kill a single person during these games.

And I'm not alone.

End of Day One

Day Two

Easton Lee, D1, Jungle

Suddenly, waking from my sleep, I feel the piecing of a knife through my throat. Looking up, Loxie Wheel is standing right above me holding the knife. "Shhhhh," she commands. "It's going to be okay." But how is it going to be okay if I'm about to die! This isn't fair, girls are supposed to love me, not kill me! As I struggle to breath, only feeling the trickle of blood filling my throat, everything goes black. Then comes the sound of my cannon.

Tinsley Cape, D1, Jungle

I wake up to the sound of a cannon. Although at first I am shocked, I know it can't be anyone near us. Not with Loxie on guard. Then I hear crying. Running out of my tent, I see Rovil, Seiko, and Surf are circling around Easton's tent. "It was my district partner" Loxie informed them through sobs. "He killed Easton before I could get to him, but he escaped." Even though we should be repremanding Loxie, everyone is comforting her. Whatever, if it was me, I would make sure Easton lived, especially because we were both from the same district. What I do know, I will make sure that I kill both tributes from District 3. Including Loxie.

Loxie Wheel, D3, Jungle

Haha, my fellow careers are so stupid. Yes I killed Easton, it gives me one less tribute to take care of. But I can't believe they bought my fake sobbing! I must be the only person in here with an IQ above 20! The rest of my group have ordered me to check the traps we've set, to redeem myself for "letting" Easton get murdered. Our camp is in the jungle, but very close to the cornucopia clearing, and we set traps in a circular fashion surrounding the entire golden horn. And as I walk past many upsrung traps, I see something I didn't expect. A blonde haired tribute has been trapped, caught in the net and now dangling from a tree a few feet above the ground. The boy from District Seven, he will be my second victim of the day.

Sonny Raine, D7, Jungle

I knew I shouldn't have came down here! I've been in the trees all day, and I think I'm the only one who can manage to climb up there, the bark seems to slippery for everyone else. I thought I should get supplies from the cornucopia while it was unoccupied, but I didn't notice the net traps until it was too late. And now the girl from District 3 is approaching me, her eyes full of the lust to kill, as if she was a lion stalking a helpless zebra. I'm lucky no one has checked the traps since I got caught last night. Because in the time I've been here, I've been able to cut part of the net away with my knife. As she draws closer, I vigeriously try to cut open the net. I don't want to die here!

Violet Oak, D7, Ghost POV

The crazy-looking career from District 3 lunges out towards my district partner, Sonny, who is trapped in the net. But at the last second, he cuts the net open with his knife and falls to the ground. He then looks up at her and stabs her right through the heart with his knife without a moment of hesitation. She is clearly stunned and so is Sonny. He then runs, no doubt heading back for the treetops. I guess I was wrong about him all along. Run Sonny Run. Bring honor to our district for the both of us.

Lyse Kjeragbolten, D10, Cave

I hate it here. Dark, damp, and frightening as I hide inside my cave. Images of Tsswassen flood my nightmares. But I'm strong, and I ignore the pain and push the fear into the back of my mind. You can do this Lyse, I think to myself as my teeth chatter. You're going to win this for you, for Tsswassen, and for District Ten. I just wish someone would sent me a stupid sponser gift!

Rovil Lariste, D2, Jungle

Loxie is missing, we assume she was killed by one tribute while she was out checking the traps. That's what you get for letting Easton die. But considering two tributes have been killed by an unkown assailant near our camp, we should probably go somewhere else. We are moving our camp now, which makes me mad considering we are careers, and we are supposed to rule the arena. I do know one thing though. I am going to win this thing. Even if I have to waste some knives on my so-called 'allies.'

Cho Abiko, D6, Lake

I think I am doing pretty good so far. I've survived the first day, and it's already nightime on the second day. Out here, at my small camp situated on a rock wall near a lake. It's nice and peaceful here, but I know that after my act of rebellion, the gamemakers will be quick to dry the lake up. So I fill up my water jug and go back to my camp, ready to get a good night's sleep. Only two cannons today, that leaves sixteen tributes. Only fifteen to go. But it doesn't matter. The boy I love is dead. So why would I even care to win? I'd rather die, but first, I need to show the Capitol that they shouldn't have messed with me.

Lucifer Shadows, D6, Lake

(In a craaaaaaaaaaazy voice!)

I can see the girl from the here in the bushes! The black-haired girl from my district. She has curled up to sleep now, and I now I should do the same; I can feel my eyes getting heavy. BUT I WANT TO KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess tommorow, tommorow I will strike. And the capitol will reward me. Yes, they will reward me with precccccccious gifts!!! Then tommorow it is. Tommorow I will kill the girl. Hehe, I will have sweet dreams of killing tonight...

Peppa Ranoch, D11, Jungle

All I can think of is Sam. Back at home, watching me now, rooting for me...I blow a kiss to the sky and hope the cameras catch it...hope he sees. Kyler laughs at me a little. "Oh shut up," I tell him, not in the mood for his judgements. "I just think it's cute," he says next, and moves over to me, turning serious now. "Now, if we want the victor this year to be from District Eleven, we need to make a plan. And we certainly need to kill the careers." As my mind creates an image of the two of us attacking the careers and them effortlessly vanquishing us, I decide I don't fully agree with him. But is doesn't matter, because just then, the bushes start to rustle, and someone breaks through.

Kyler Quist, D11, Jungle

Two tributes jump out of the bushes towards us, and I would have stabbed them both if my weapons weren't feet away. Well that was smart of me. But these two don't seem to want to harm us. I recognize them now, even in the dark. Douglas Head of 3 and Velma Ready of 12. "We want to be allies," Velma tells us plainly, with an authoritative voice. "Okay," Peppa cheerfully answers, even though I don't exactly trust them. "And you said you wanted to make up a plan," Douglas says to me, and I narrow my eyes suspuciously. "Well we got one for you," Velma adds. "But it's a little crazy," she continues. "And extremely insane," Douglas finishes. Peppa and I exchange nervous glances. What have we gotten ourselves into?

End of Day Two

Day Three

Lucifer Shadows, D6, Lake

My district partner is asleep, I shall strike right now. I cautiously move out from the bushes and begin to circle around the lake, crawling on all fours like an animal. Because I am an animal...hehe...she on the rock wall, but very well camoflauged. I can just barely make her out, only able to see her because of the glint of her knife in the morning sun, the tip of the weapon in what I assume is her hand. But she is motionless, whether she has a knife or not, it will not change the fact that she is about to die. I get close and then I pounce.

Cho Abiko, D6, Rock Wall

I wake up to see my animal-like district partner pounce, his claws extended as he nearly glides towards me like a strange over-sized house cat. But he doens't expect that he has woken me. He doesn't expect that I will react. Just as he nearly lands on me, I turn over and plunge my knife into his heart. He freezes and his body goes limp as I throw him off of me. His cannon sounds and the hovercraft comes. Man, that was close.

Seiko Nox, D8, Forest

We've decided that as careers, we are done waiting for something to happen and it is time for us to go and take out the remaining tributes ourselves. Now, we are no longer stationary and instead we move through the arena at a steady pace. We've found that as you go farther away from the cornucopia, the jungle becomes less dense and appears more like a forest. The sun beats down on the three of us as we move along, trying to find other tributes. So far, we are disappointed. And I am extremely ticked off. I know Gimili is here, hiding somewhere. But where is he?! Why won't he let me kill him?!?!

Emma Rice, D5, Forest

Another cannon sounds. Another tribute we can't save. I just wish this killing would stop! And Thorn does too. Ah, Thorn. If I could, I'd make sure that we'd both get out of here, and someday we could get married...but we can't. Because the Capitol doesn't allow more than one victor. Because the last time that happened, a rebellion ensued. So maybe it would be a good thing if more than one person won again. I look at Thorn and he smiles at me. I only hope he loves me too, but I bet he doesn't, it would be just my luck. Wow, this is so peaceful here, it's almost ironic. And as I think this, the careers appear from the trees and charge at us.

Thorn Blaze, D5, Forest

As the careers appear, I grab Emma's hand and pull her up and the two of us begin to run, run as fast as we can away from the careers and certain death. And I know that Emma is faster than me, but she still slows down to make sure that I'm with her. We are probably both fast enough to get away anyways...and then I suddenly trip over a root and fall right onto the forest floor. As I struggle to get up, I suddenly feel Rovil pull me up and hold a knife to my neck. Emma just stands and watches in horror, only a few feet away. But Rovil does nothing, so I do something, I yell at Emma. "Run Baby Run!" I yell at her, and she seems shocked and also delighted at this, but she stubbornly refuses to go anywhere. She lifts her knife as if she would rather fight to the death than watch me die.

Rovil Lariste, D2, Forest

"So we got a lover boy here," I ask the red-haired boy from 5. I then take shove him into a tree, my knife still ready to pierce his neck at moment's notice. "Then you'll love this." I signal to Tinsley with a nod of my head, and she quickly throws her spear at the girl from 5. She moves out of the way, but she isn't quick enough. It goes right through her stomach and she falls to the ground. As her cannon sounds, the boy starts to cry. "Haha, what a wimp." I don't even expect the same wimp to drive his knife through my abdomen.

Tinsley Cape, D1, Forest

Rovil was extremely ignorant. He should have held Thorn's arms down instead of just holding a knife to his neck! I mean, first Loxie now him, the careers this year are so stupid! Well, now he is on the ground, struggling to breath as his slowly bleeds to death. He is beyond saving, and neither of us even give him the honor of a quick death. We simply sit and wait for the cannon, not even attempting to pursue his killer who has escaped. He soon ceases to squirm and his cannon sounds. I can't help feeling bad for him though, I mean, after all he did have autism. But his death will soon be avenged. As will Loxie's and Easton's; when I come out victor.

Douglas Head, D3, Forest

Velma and I move silently, trying to find any more tributes to get in on our plan. Kyler and Peppa have agreed with us, saying that they will vow not to kill anyone else in the arena. Kyler was hesitant, but Peppa was really happy to agree. And now we are travelling in pairs, seeing if we can find anyone else to agree with us. Even the careers...except they won't agree with us. So I guess we'll just have to kill them instead. It's already nightime now, and Velma and I prepare to head back to regroup with Kyler and Peppa. And head back through the woods, guess who we run into?

Velma Ready, D12, Forest

The careers jump out of nowhere and stand in our way. Guaranteed, there are only two of them now, so it's not like we're that scared of them. It's Tinsley Cape and Seiko Nox who block our way now, both with knives in their hands. "Going somewhere?" Seiko asks menacingly. "We're not going anywhere," I start, holding up my own sword. "But you'll be heading back to the Capitol soon. And not as victor." Seiko lunges but I duck out of the way, and we both fall onto the forest floor. Meanwhile, Douglas starts dueling with Tinsley, her knife against his sword. Before Seiko and I even get back up, Tinsley slices her knife across Douglas's stomach and his internal organs spill out in a distusting fashion. So I run. I run as fast as I can away from the caniving careers, and the cannon sounds. And this is all my fault.

Surf Blue, D4, Lake

I ran away from the careers the morning that Easton and Loxie died, and I bet they haven't even noticed. They probably don't care that much. But I have several packages of food and weapons that I took from them, they most likely have noticed that. Here at the lake, I've met Cho Abiko. She is a very nice ally, though she is a little emotionally scarred by her boyfriend's death. The two of us have agreed that tommorow we will kill the careers for what they made me do to Nikki. The anthem begins now and the faces begin to appear in the sky. First is Rovil Lariste of 1, then Douglas Head of 3, Emma Rice of 5, and Lucifer Shadows of 6. Well, that only leaves us with two careers to kill. And 11 more tributes to kill total. One of those 11 will be me. Because Cho must become the victor of the 79th Hunger Games.

End of Day Three

Day Four

Gimili Laurson, D8, Cave

I make a decision. It's time to stop being afraid. Time to stop hiding. Time to fight. And most importantly time to kill Seiko. There are only 12 tributes left, and I want to make sure that she has no chance of winning. Even if it means I have to die in the process. I rip the sleeve off of my arena uniform and tie it around my head like a headband. I hope that Seiko knows she is about to die.

Willow Thorne, D9, Jungle

I think being in this arena for 4 days has toughened me up. Either that or it has made me crazy. Because I have this strong urge to go show off my archery skills. I feel like actually proving myself to the Capitol and going after the careers, to make them pay for killing Fred. But I know this is stupid, I'll die. I hate this. I hate the arena. I just want to go home. I curl up in a ball and start to cry like at my training session. I don't want to die!

Kyler Quist, D10, Jungle

I don't know where Velma is, but as the sky proved last night, Douglas is dead. And Velma must be injured and unable to reach us. I hope she's okay...but maybe I was wrong to go with this plan. According to rumors, Whimzi Electrelle tried it last year, and it didn't exactly work for her. Her house blew up the day after she was crowned victor and she is presumed dead. Peppa is still asleep, but I just can't rest now. I just have this feeling...something is going down today. I have a really bad feeling about this.

Albany York, D6 Victor, District 13

The hovercrafts are ready. It is time. Time to go to the Capitol. We've done enough stalling, and now half of the tributes have died. But no more, because we are heading out soon, and we will take them all by surprise. These will be the last Hunger Games. As soldiers board the hovercrafts (Whimzi and I have been ordered to stay behind) the two of us watch with intrigue. Then, I turn to Whimzi. "Are you ready?" I ask her. She nods shakilly, not taking her eyes off of the hovercrafts. I grab her hand and we head back to the viewing room to see how the games are going. I have a really good feeling about this.


Cho Abiko, D6, Forest

Surf and I move silently through the night, looking desperately for the careers. "Do you have this strange feeling about this too?" I ask him. "What do you mean?" he responds, trying to keep as quiet as possible. "I don't know, I guess I just sense a showdown coming." He nods this off, but I still can't shake this feeling. I hope that I'm not going crazy or something. I also hope that this feeling isn't me sensing my own imminant death.

Sonny Raine, D7, Forest

I decide that I love this arena. I seem to be the only one who can climb the slippery trees here, and it's where I've been for the last few days. Running around, feeding off of the plants I've collected and the animals I've managed to hunt. I can see the careers from where I am, all two of them, but they're not alone. Two other tributes are nearby, walking around as if they're strolling in the park rather than in a fight-to-the death situation. I want to tell them to run, but I know I can't. If I do, the careers will see me. And I can't let that happen. So I just watch.

Peppa Ranoch, D11, Forest

Suddenly, Kyler disappears from my side. I turn instinctively on my heel, and see that he is now a few feet form me, held by Tinsley Cape, who has a knife to his neck. Seiko steps out of the woods next to them, swinging her knife like a toy. But before she can do anything, Gimili Laurson jumps out of the woods on the other side of me, aiming his bow and arrow at me. "Move!" he orders, wanting to kill Seiko. But for a while, no one does a thing, a stalemate as Tinsley could kill Kyler any second, Gimili could kill me, Seiko could kill me, I could kill Seiko, the possibilities are endless. But no one is going to kill anyone. So I try to do something, the stupidest thing a person could possibly do. I try to reason with a career.

Seiko Nox, D8, Forest

That dumb District 11 girl starts yelling useless plans at us, and the only reason I haven't killed her yet is because I haven't laughed at someone's stupidity in the arena yet, so this is a good time to have some fun. "We can just stop right now!" she yells. "We don't have to kill anyone else; we can all live! As long as we just wait, no one can kill us! And then what will happen? They'll have to take us out of the arena!" I don't think she realizes how idiotic she is sounding right now. "You stupid girl!" I yell and I pull out my pocket knife. "I hope you're ready to die now!"

Lyse Kjerabolten, D10, Forest

I arrive just in time to see Kyler Quist elbow his captor, Tinsley Cape in the face. She then falls backwards and Kyler grabs her knife. He jumps on Seiko Nox and they engage in a knife struggle on the forest floor. Peppa turns to Gimili, who is still aiming his bow at her. "Gimili please stop!" Peppa yells. But I don't get to hear the rest of the exhange. Tinsley jumps back up and tackles me to the ground, she then slams my head into a tree over and over again until everything goes black. BOOM!

Velma Ready, D12, Forest

I hear the cannon and know that this whole non-violence thing is not going well. Apparently it never does. So I run in the general direction that I can hear voices from, and see several people over in a clearing. Kyler is fighting Seiko, Gimili has his bow aimed at Peppa, and Tinsley has just killed Lyse. Well, if the non-violence thing isn't even working, what's the point in trying. "This is for Douglas!" I yell at Tinsley. She turns around to face me, just in time for her to watch my knife bury itself in her head. BOOM!

Gimili Laurson, D8, Forest

"Please Gimili!" Peppa yells at me. "Just hear me out! Stop the violence! No one else has to die!" But she can't be right. She just can't be right. She must be trying to trick me! Suddenly, Kyler drives his knife into Seiko's throat, something I wish I could've done. She struggles, but her cannon inevitably goes off. BOOM! I aim my arrow at Peppa. "I'm sorry," I tell her, pretending that she is Seiko is the only thing that will warrant me to release my bow. But I don't get the chance. Kyler pulls the knife out of Seiko and chucks it right at me. It goes right into my chest. BOOM!

Peppa Ranoch, D11, Forest

"Kyler!" I yell, my voice shaky as tears begin to roll down my cheeks. It's over. There are only eight of us now, and none of us are above killing each other anymore. "If I didn't do it he was going to kill you!" he yells back at me, but I still cry. Velma runs over to us. "We have to go," she tells us. "Or else the other tributes will see the hovercrafts and come attack us." Then, Surf and Cho break through the woods, seeing the four dead bodies strewn on the forest floor. Surf doesn't hesitate. He throws a knife at Velma and she has to duck to avoid it. "Run!" I yell, and the three of us sprint through the woods, moving now through the dense jungle, and heading for the cornucopia. Surf and Cho are behind us as we run, but no cannons have sounded yet. Suddenly I can see it, the golden horn shining through the woods. And suddenly, the sky lights up in a menacing color. We stop, still in the jungle, about 50 yards from the cornucopia and Cho and Surf stop behind us. In a burst of bright light, the bomb lands on the cornucopia and it explodes into shimmering bits.

Cho Abiko, D6, Cornucopia Clearing

The explosion throws us all. Not just physically, but by surprise too. And after the smoke clears, and the noise of the explosion ceases, I hear a cannon go off. That leaves seven. But whose cannon was it? I finally open my eyes, my head pounding from the explosion, and I see him next to me. Surf, with a shard of the cornucopia gruesomely sticking out of his chest. That's when I break. Not just break, but shatter. I broke when they killed my boyfriend. I broke when they threw me in here and had me kill my district partner. But now, at the death of my friend on top of it all, I have shattered. And so all I do is cry. Cry...and then see the hovercraft come. But the Capitol can't have him, and I hold onto him. So when the hovercraft lowers its ladder, I am confused beyond words. And against all of my good judgement, I grab onto the ladder and rise up into the hovercraft, where several soldiers from District 13 grab me. I've escaped the arena.

Kyler Quist, D11, Cornucopia Clearing

I am suddenly back in District 11. Peppa is there too, and so is Velma, so is everyone from the arena, whether they had died or not. And we are all sitting around a table eating and laughing like kids should. With no Capitol...with no arena...with no games. I then look at the middle of the table and see the cornucopia overflowing with food.......I snap back to reality. Lying on my back and staring at the sky, I am still in the arena. A cannon has gone off, but I don't have time to worry who it is for. Sitting up, I look for Peppa....and I am not at all pleased with what I see. The explosion has knocked a tree onto her, and she is slowly dying. But I run to her side and hold her hand, there's really nothing I can say. But that's okay, because she does most of the talking. "Win..." she tells me weakly. "I will," I promise her though I can't think about winning now. "Just go home and tell Sam that I....." The cannon sounds, but I know what she was going to say. A hovercraft comes to collect her, but I soon realize that it isn't for her. It lowers a ladder, and I grab it without a moment of hesitation. I don't care if it brings me to a Capitol asssasin, I just want to get out of this arena. And I don't ever want to come back.

Scorpius Flame, D4 Mentor, Capitol

The cornucopia has exploded and the arena is being attacked by District 13, who is trying to save the tributes. I wish they had told me when they were going to do this! Now, my life and the lives of the other mentors are in danger. So I grab Star and pull her out of the viewing room. Running through the halls, we meet with Tree Summer from 7, and we manage to break out the back door of the Games HQ Building. Outside is a hovercraft, parked like it was just a car, with Apollo Silvermoon standing at the door. "Come on!" he yells, and all four of us get on board, heading for District 13.

Whimzi Electrelle, D3, District 13

Seven hovercrafts arrive at District 13. That's good, considering eight left in the first place. I wonder what happened to the eighth one, the one that was supposed to bomb the cornucopia as a distraction. The first hovercraft is the one from the Capitol carrying the escaped mentors: Scorpius Flame, Star Sun, Tree Summer, and Apollo Silvermoon. That will add to our arsenal of victors here, including Albany and I, Nolt Ranfer, Silk and Nylon Denim, Kedzie Woods, Emma Wave, Liliac Drugs, and Kitty Thomas. The second hovercraft releases Velma Ready, the first person we rescued. She is extremely happy to be here, to finally have a rebellion on her side. Next is Thorn Blaze, who is a little melancholic after his loss of Emma Rice, but is happy that the careers are dead. Third is Willow Thorne, who simply looks scared to be here, but happy to be out of the arena. Sonny Raine is fourth, and it took a while to rescue him as it was hard to find him in the first place. Cho Abiko comes out next; her eyes showing the look of a person whose heart has shattered. Finally, Kyler Quist steps out of his hovercraft and joins the group. "Well," Albany starts. "Welcome to District 13, and welcome to the rebellion."

End of the 79th Hunger Games...and the beginning of something much bigger...


Willow Thorne, D9, District 13

Things here are scary, but not nearly as scary as the arena was. It's been a week since we were rescued, the people here have told us everything that has happened since that night. They bombed parts of the Capitol and then rescued us from the arena. As retaliation, the Capitol killed all of the mentors who didn't escape, along with every stylist and gamemaker. They've managed to rescue our families, but some people, like Peppa's friend, Sam are already dead. An all-out war has started now, each district rebelling in some way. But I have something new to be scared of. Today, we are going into battle of our own. We are going back to the Capitol.

Cho Abiko, D6, District 13

The hovercraft engine begins to roar as we rise out of the sky. The six of us, plus Whimzi, Albany, and a soldier from District 13 are in the hovercraft. And we are headed back to the Capitol. I don't even care what happens to any of us now. I just want them to pay for what they have done. Not just to my boyfriend, but to the 18 tributes who died in our games, and to the 23 tributes who've died in every single games in the last 78 years.

Thorn Blaze, D5, Hovercraft

We've all lost something, I realize that now. Cho has lost her boyfriend. Kyler has lost his friend Peppa. Velma has lost her friend Douglas. Willow has lost her friend Fredrick. I don't know what Sonny has lost, but I'm sure he's lost something. And I have lost Emma. I couldn't personally make the careers pay for what they had done, so I guess I'll just have to take this out on the Capitol instead.

Velma Ready, D12, Capitol

The moment we land and get out of the hovercraft, it is evident that everything has gone crazy. People are running around in mass chaos, buildings are burning, peacekeepers are shooting. I quickly take my gun and shoot at least 3 peacekeepers down. And then the hovercraft explodes behind us. Because for some reason everything has to explode lately!

Sonny Raine, D7, Capitol

I hate this so much! The chaos and calamity of the situation scares me near to death. The hovercraft has exploded, and I know lie in the streets, trying to rouse a seemingly unconcious Willow Thorne. And then I feel for her pulse. Nothing. It's so confusing, not to here a cannon, but I guess the nearby explosions will do. In some way she is lucky, she no longer has to worry about this mess, about rebellion and the Capitol. And wherever she is, she is with Fredrick now. Thorn runs over to me. "Is she okay?!" he loudly asks over the noise. Then he is suddenly shot be a nearby peacekeeper and he falls to the ground, dead. I turn and shoot the peacekeeper in the face. It's like dealing with the careers all over again.

Kyler Quist, D11, Capitol

"Come on!" yells Albany to us. He is beckoning us with his gun, and Velma, Cho, Sonny, and I get up to follow him. Apparently Willow and Thorn are dead. I still can't fathom this. As we run through the streets of the Capitol, more and more peacekeepers appear, and we all shoot them as if they weren't even people. I think out of us, Sonny is the only one who doesn't have an overwhelming hate for the Capitol. Well, he'll learn. We turn a corner, approaching the Capitol's Presidential Building. That is our target. Because this is an assasin mission. And we need to get inside and kill President Hayes. I want to be the one to do it. But guaranteed, all of us do.

Velma Ready, D12, Capitol

"Oh my god it's Whimzi Electrelle!" yells some Capitol citizen. Whimzi turns and shoots them, warranting disgust from our squad leader. "What?!" Whimzi responds. "This is war!" then she turns and shoots a few peacekeers who were running at us. We are closer to the Presidential Building now, but suddenly, out of nowhere, I am tackled to the ground by a peacekeeper, bringing back memories of the careers in the games. Kyler runs to save me, but he is too late. The peacekeeper drives a knife through my neck. But that doesn't stop me from shooting him in the face. And then, everything goes black. Well, at least I didn't go down without a fight.

Cho Abiko, D6, Capitol

Velma has died, and I almost want to cry now, but I think I've already shed a lifetime's supply of tears. So I continue on to the Presidential Building, with Kyler and Sonny by my side. As we approach, the fighting gets worse, and our squad leader is killed. "Go on without us!" Albany yells as he and Whimzi fight off a mob of peacekeepers. The three of us break into the building, leaving all of the noise behind.

Sonny Raine, D7, Presidential Building

This building is eerily peaceful, and no peacekeepers are chasing us...yet. We make our way up the stairs, wondering why this building isn't more heavily guarded. It isn't long before we reach the top, and burst right into the President's room. "Well, well, look who it is," President Hayes says in an evilly confident voice. "You've managed to walk right into my trap." He presses a button and wall-mounted guns begin to fire at us.

Cho Abiko, D6, Presidential Building

The guns begin to fire. Sonny ducks and avoids any injury, but Kyler is shot right between the eyes, and he falls to the ground, dead. One bullet strikes my abdomen, and I know I won't have much longer to live now. But I'm not going out like this. I crawl over to President Hayes's desk. "This is for my boyfriend you--" my swears are drowned out by the sound of my gun, and Hayes falls backwards out of his desk. He is dead. And soon, I will be too.

Sonny Raine, D7, Presidential Building

The guns stop firing at the death of President Hayes, and I run over to Cho. The life is slowly sapping out of her with her blood, but I think her life has been sapping out of her ever since the Capitol killed her boyfriend. "It's okay," she tells me. "Wherever I'm going, he is there too..." and with her final words, and one final tear, she dies. I wait for the cannon, then realize that I left the arena a week ago. But it doesn't feel like it at all. Because I realize that even though I left the arena, I never left the games. And now, I am the victor of the 79th Hunger Games...the last hunger games. Then, Albany and Whimzi burst in the room, and call my name as I black out with exhaustion.


Sonny Raine, D7, District Seven

The country of Panem rejoices at the death of President Hayes. We are free, now, and it's all thanks to my friend Cho. I wish she didn't have to die...I wish none of them had to die. But after now, no one else will. Because the arenas have been destroyed. The games are over. We are free.

Not everything is back to normal, though. I still have my family and friends here in District Seven, but most of the forests are gone, burned down by Capitol attacks. I only wish the other 23 tributes were here with me. And they are...but only in my dreams...and my nightmares too. Albany and Whimzi have gone back to District 6, and most of the other victors have gone back to their respective districts. So I'm left with only Tree Summer, who is kinda cool, but she doesn't like to talk much.

I still don't feel safe though, I don't think I'll ever feel safe. Because even though the Capitol had been brought to justice...history tends to repeat itself. And this is the second time this has happened. So who knows...maybe we will learn this time. And maybe the word "tribute" will lose its meaning. And maybe I'll never have to watch another person get killed during my life. And maybe I can finally be happy again.


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