The Victors

Congratulations Victors!

I didn't think I was going to do another games but I couldn't resist! Here it is! The Modern Games (First Post-Rebellion Hunger Games)!

These games are unique in that users may not submit tributes. Instead, I creep on users profiles to find tributes I like, and ask permission to use them in these games. IRH, IWantSeddietoHappen, and Leshawna333 will most likely not be asked to submit tributes due to the fact that they have a victor in one of my previous games.

The games take place 78 years before Cho Abiko kills President Hayes, and around 150 years after Katniss's rebellion takes down President Snow. However, the Capitol will for the first time allow a possibility of more than one victor.



Here We Go Again...

These games take place in the country of Panem, but there is a strange twist to these games. Twenty-four tributes will be chosen randomly, but the arena and rules are much different than in the past. The tributes will be placed in a city-like arena, inhabited with many actors and regular people who do not know that they have been placed in a games. Instead, these people will be living their lives as if they were in a real city. But the tributes don't have to kill each other this time. Because peacekeepers will be released, tasked with killing any tribute they see. So who will survive these deadly games? This time, there may be more than one victor. But only if the tributes can figure out the secret of the arena.



  1. Tributes may not kill townspeople
  2. Peacekeepers can kill tributes and tributes can kill peacekeepers
  3. Tributes can kill each other, as usual
Ending Banner Modern

Let the Modern Hunger Games...end...

Supplies and the Arena:
  1. There is no cornucopia, the tributes start at seperate places in the arena
  2. Tributes may stay in apartments in the town, gather supplies from any sources, and use parts of the arena to their advantage.
  3. There are no gamemaker traps
  4. There are no sponsers
  5. There are no mentors
  6. If an alliance has more than three people, gamemakers will give peacekeeprs a tracking device to find said triubtes.
  7. A majority of the townspeople are drugged to think they are in the Capitol, and do not know they are in the games.
  8. Each tribute has an earpiece that "rings" when a tribute has died. At the end of the day (around 9 o' clock) the tributes who died that day are announced in the earpiece.


  1. The last tribute standing is crowned victor
  2. The victor does not necessarily have to kill anyone
  3. The games can be ended via a secret method in the arena. If this happens, more than one victor is possible
  4. No matter how many peacekeepers are killed, they will be replaced

The Tributes

District Male User Female User
Zero Dusk Shivers Firecatcher3 Fawn Sage Firecatcher3
One Tux Golden Tommyboy97 Jade Sycamore Skybender101
Two Bradley Ward Fantasyfilm99 Genevieve Sparks DistrictTributexD
Three Steel Plate EffieLuna Lexi Strong EffieLuna
Four Aaron Blue Nate777 Oceana Blowfish MnkyGrlsj
Five Fall Sky Moviepopcorn123 Ora Gaffe Prezziesnow9704:)!
Six Zuan Klowc Eievie Autumn Lush Tommyboy97
Seven Rush Leafs Moviepopcorn123 Paige Bennet DistrictTributexD
Eight Everett Frazier DistrictTributexD Mystique Cirque Anon...
Nine Echo Stone PurplexMuffin Sapphire Rolland PurplexMuffin
Ten Vulcan Olympus Anon.... Venus Olympus Anon....
Eleven Lion Coy Kenzen11 Summer Fest Brony12
Twelve Ridge Hillsong Tiki tooki Anya Showers Skybender101

The Arena and The Peacekeepers

The arena is a modern city. It is very similar to appearance in the Capitol. The whole arena is surrounded by a forcefield designed to look like mountians. The top of the arena is open, letting the sky shine through. There are stores, but tributes can only buy supplies if they somehow acquire money.
  • Fawn Sage (D0)
  • Dusk Shivers (D0)
  • Jade Sycamore (D1)
  • Tux Golden (D1)
  • Genevieve "Jenny" Sparks (D2)
  • Bradley Ward (D2)
  • Elixer "Lexi" Strong (D3)
  • Steel Plate (D3)
  • Oceana Blowfish (D4)
  • Aaron Blue (D4)
  • Ora Gaffe (D5)
  • Fall Sky (D5)
  • Autumn Lush (D6)
  • Zuan Klowc (D6)
  • Paige Bennet (D7)
  • Rush Leafs (D7)
  • Mystique Cirque (D8)
  • Everett Frazier (D8)
  • Sapphire Rolland (D9)
  • Echo Stone (D9)
  • Venus Olympus (D10)
  • Vulcan Olympus (D10)
  • Lion Coy (D11)
  • Summer Fest (D11)
  • Anya Showers (D12)
  • Ridge Hillsong (D12)
Many buildings are blocked so tributes may not enter them, however, some buildings such as apartments are not blocked off. Tributes may stay in apartments if they manage to break in and they are unoccupied. Tributes may also board subway trains, which does not cost them any money. Each tribute starts with $100.

Peacekeepers have permission and access to everything in the arena. They may break into tributes apartments if they have to. Also, they are not afraid to kill in public, as the Capitol citizens know that when peacekeepers kill, they always have a good reason.


Part One

26. Paige Bennet: Shot by Peacekeeper (Day 1)

25. Rush Leafs: Shot in chest by Peacekeeper (Day 1)

24. Autumn Lush: Shot in stomach by Peacekeeper (Day 2)

23. Vulcan Olympus: Shot in stomach by Peacekeeper (Day 2)

22. Steel Plate: Knife to chest by Oceana Blowfish (Day 2)

21. Everett Frazier: Shot in the head by Peacekeeper (Day 3)

20. Mystique Cirque: Sword to back by Aaron Blue (Day 3)

Part Two

19. Jade Sycamore: Shot in the stomach by Tux Golden (Day 4)

18. Dusk Shivers: Shot in the heart by Tux Golden (Day 4)

17. Ora Gaffe: Shot in the heart by a Peacekeeper (Day 4)

16. Zuan Klowc: Shot in the heart by a peacekeeper (Day 4)

15. Lexi Strong: Knife to the stomach by Oceana Blowfish (Day 5)

14. Bradley Ward: Knife to the heart by Tux Golden (Day 5)

13. Fawn Sage: Knife to the back by Tux Golden (Day 5)

Part Three

12. Sapphire Rolland: Shot in the stomach by Tux Golden (Day 5)

11. Lion Coy: Killed by earthquake and falling injury (Day 5)

10. Tux Golden: Fell into fissure crack during earthquake (Day 5)

9. Echo Stone: Bridge crumbles beneath him and falls (Day 5)

8. Summer Fest: Falls off of beam during bridge collapse (Day 5)

7. Oceana Blowfish: Falls off bridge during earthquake (Day 5)

6. Fall Sky: Dies in bridge collapse (Day 5)

5. Venus Olympus: Dies in bridge collapse (Day 5)

4. Anya Showers: Incinerated by Fireball (Day 5)

1. Ridge Hillsong: VICTOR!

1. Jenny Sparks: VICTOR!

1. Aaron Blue: VICTOR!

Part One: Let the Games Begin!

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Part Two: The Secret of the Arena

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Part Three: Push the Button?

It Ends Now (Day 5 continued)

Echo Stone (D9) and Sapphire Rolland (D9)

Echo and Sapphire sit on a park bench, daring peacekeepers to come near. It's almost as if they have disappeared now, though the two know that this is improabable. Echo brushes away Sapphire's hair and kisses her on the cheek. "I love you, you know," he tells her, but she doesn't even so much as smile. "I know," she responds, staring out into the distance. "We're not going to die today, I won't let it happen," he promises her, though she remains unconvinced. She turns back and kisses him. "I love you too."

Ridge Hillsong (D12) and Anya Showers (D12)

Ridge walks to his window and leans out, staring down upon the fountain. Sighing, suddenly someone calls him. "Hey!" the girl yells, sitting on a windowsill a few rooms down from him. It's his district partner, Anya. "What'cha doing over there?" she asks casually, forgetting he can't talk. Ridge makes a few hand motions in sign language and she realizes. "Well I'll just come over there then." With amazing agility, Anya manages to swing over and into his room. "This'll sound stupid, but I completely forget your name, do you have something to write on?" Ridge takes his sword from his hand and moves over to the wall, carving his name in huge letters. Anya smiles. "We should definitely be allies."

Oceana Blowfish (D4)

Oceana roams the streets, a loner waiting to be killed any second. But she knows she won't go down with a fight, not when she's came this far. With even the quietest of sounds, she turns her head to make sure a peacekeeper isn't following her. But they aren't. No yet at least. Holding her knife in hand, she remembers how she killed two people thus far. The realization hits her hard, and she falls to the ground. She starts to cry. "I wan't to go home," she pleads, looking upward, as if this would elicit an ounce of sympathy from the Capitol viewers.

Fall Sky (D5), Summer Fest (D11), and Venus Olympus (D10)

Fall, Summer, and Venus move through the streets, rushing for where they saw the explosion a while back. "Oh my god," Summer mutters as they approach the building, which is still spewing smoke. "What do you think happened?" Venus asks. "Peacekeepers, definitely. Either that or a gamemaker trap," Fall responds. The group is silent for a second. "Well I guess this is where the two deaths just happened," Venus remarks. "What should we do now?" Summer asks, and the group turns to Fall. " about...we go back to the fountain?" he asks, though he is unsure of himself. But his decision is still obeyed, and the group has no idea that Jenny, Aaron, and Lion are at the fountain as they speak.

Aaron Blue (D4), Jenny Sparks (D2), and Lion Coy (D11)

Aaron, Jenny, and Lion arrive at the fountain after a long sprint though the city streets. "We don't have much time to do this," Jenny warns them, reaching her hand into the water and feeling around for something while Aaron and Lion read the instructions Fawn left to them. Suddenly, Jenny finds a button and presses it down. The fountain sinks into the ground with a loud noise that rings throughout the city, leaving a simple circular hole. Jenny turns around and looks at them. "Well, who's going down there?" She grabs the long rope that she managed to snag from a hardware store and looks at the two boys. After a moment, Lion speaks up.

"I'll do it," he tells them to Aaron's surprise. "Are you sure?" Jenny asks. "You want me to go down there?" Aaron asks her in surprise. "No, I'm just sayin'..." Jenny is then interrupted by Lion. "You saved my life, I'm ready to save yours' he says, and walks over to the hole. Jenny has him hold onto the rope. She then turns and kisses him on the cheek. Lion blushes and Aaron is suddenly jealous. "Any woman who would turn you down isn't worth your time anyways," she says to him kindly. "You are the bravest boy--I mean man---I have ever met." Aaron scowls, but he and Jenny quickly grab hold of the rope, and Lion begins to climb down into the ground. "You know what to do when you get down there Lion?!" Aaron yells to him. "Yeah!" Lion answers, his voice echoing up through the hole. And then, as Aaron and Jenny begin to lower Lion into the hole, they realize how much trouble they'd be in if peacekeepers decided to show up.

Aaron Blue (D4), Jenny Sparks (D2), Lion Coy (D11), Echo Stone (D9), and Sapphire Rolland (D9)

As Aaron and Jenny continue to lower Lion into the hole by rope, Echo and Sapphire suddenly arrive. "What the heck are you doing?!" Sapphire yells, her arrow pointed towards Aaron. "Please!" Aaron pleads. "Don't shoot!" Sapphire lowers her bow and waits for an explanation. "We figured out how to get everyone out of the arena! We're lowering Lion somewhere where he can signal the gamemakers and they'll get us out of here! Remember, they promised that at the beginning of the games?" Echo and Sapphire advance towards them, but they seem to believe them anyways. "What do you want us to do?" Sapphire asks. "Guard," Jenny answers. "In case any peacekeepers show up." Sapphire nods, and her and Echo surround the hole, facing the city. They raise their weapons and wait for an attacker. But they get something else instead.

The Five at the Fountain, Fall Sky (D5), Summer Fest (D11), and Venus Olympus (D10)

An arrow from Summer Fest shoots right past Echo and hits a building. "Cut it out!" yells Sapphire, and the three look confused. "This is a hunger games, there is no cutting it out!" Fall responds, and readies his sword. He then sees Jenny and Aaron. "What the heck are you guys doing?" Venus asks. "Getting us out of here," Jenny answers, already sweating from lowering Lion. "So are you going to help or not?" The three seem to understand, and they move to guard with Echo and Sapphire, forming a large circle of protection around Jenny and Aaron. "How deep is this thing?" Aaron asks, but Jenny shrugs. "I don't know, but I'm more worried for Lion than for us."

The Eight at the Fountain, Ridge Hillsong (D12), and Anya Showers (D12)

Anya and Ridge exit a buliding nearby the circle around where the fountain once stood. "Put down your weapons," Anya orders. "We come in peace," she says to them in almost annoyance. The two heard the entire conversation about Aaron and Jenny's plan from the balcony. And if they hadn't? The two warriors from District 12 proabably would have decapitated half of the tributes by now. They join the circle, leaving Oceana and Tux the only tributes not with them at the time. But peacekeepers are permitted to track any alliance of over 3 people, and it is only a matter of time before the group is inevitably found.

The Tributes of the 1st Hunger Games

Oceana Blowfish scopes out the scene, knowing the tributes won't accept her in their group after what she's done. But they don't know that she has killed the two tributes from District 3. She approaches them, and they don't even move to kill her. "Aren't you going to shoot me?" she asks. "Why would we do that?" Summer responds. "We're all a team now." Oceana smiles and runs into the group. "Oceana, could you take this rope for me?" Jenny asks, and hands off the rope to Oceana. She walks out of the group. "Fall, could you hold onto this for me," Aaron then asks, and quickly hands off the rope. Fall and Oceana continue to lower Lion into the seemingly endless hole.

"Where are you going?!" Aaron calls off to Jenny, who turns around. "I made a promise to a dying girl, and I'm not going back on it, not now," Jenny answers, weilding her knife. "You're going to kill Tux?" Aaron asks in surprise. "That's suicide! Jenny, we're going to get out of here, who cares if he comes with? Fawn is dead now, and you will be too if you go after him." Aaron grabs Jenny by the wrist as she tries to walk off. "I have to do this for her," she says as she tries to pull away. "I can't lose you..." Aaron pleads as she walks off. She turns around and walks back, giving him a long kiss. "Aww, how sweet," Tux Golden says as he emerges from a street. "It's too bad you're all about to die."

You Can't Convince a Career

Sapphire is the first of the tributes to step forward. "Don't even think about it Tux; you're not going to kill anyone," she commands. Jenny keeps her eyes on the knife in Tux's pocket, stained with blood. "Is that the knife you used to kill her?" Jenny asks, stepping forward. Tux smiles and removes it. "No as a matter of fact, this is the knife I used to kill every peacekeeper in the arena." The group goes silent, most not believing him. It is only when he smiles, his teeth stained with blood, that they believe him. "You're crazy," Aaron says aloud. "Well they all came for me, all twelve of them, and I wasn't about to think you can fill in the rest." Jenny can't decide whether to be relieved or disturbed. Tux aims his peacekeeper gun and steps forward. "Tux stop!" Sapphire commands. "We're trying to save your life! They'll send in more peacekeepers in no time, and expect all but one of us to die! But we found a way to get everyone out! Don't you see?! There can be twelve victors this year!" Tux is silent, staring at Sapphire. It is obvious he is trying to decide what to do. "No Sapphire, there can't be," he says menacingly. He aims his gun and pulls the trigger.

Three Bullets

The first bullet grazes Oceana Blowfish's hand, and she falls to the ground, writing in pain. Fall throws himself to avoid the bullet as well. The second bullet is aimed for Jenny, but Aaron pulls her to the ground with him and it whizzes over their heads. The third bullet hits Sapphire Rolland in the stomach, and she immeadiatley falls to her knees. Tux laughs. "I'll be back!" he yells, and then runs down the street. Echo is the first to run to Sapphire, calling her name in desperation. Jenny gets up and goes to chase Tux, but Aaron grabs her. "Not now!" he yells, and Jenny looks between where Tux has run off and Sapphire in deseration. "Echo..." Sapphire mutters weakly, but her boyfriend only cries as he hold her hand. "Get out of here....go back home...bring honor to District Nine..." she is adament, though her voice is weak. "Sapphire please don't go!" Echo shreiks between tears. "And one last thing...." she begins again. "Kill that son of a b*tch." Sapphire then falls back to the ground, and the buzzer sounds. Echo is hysterical, ignoring Venus as she tries to calm him. As Aaron and Jenny make their way towards Sapphire, another scream catches their attention. "Lion!" Fall yells in desperation, staring down the hole.

An Important Choice

Aaron and Jenny run over to join Fall, Summer, Anya, and Ridge, who all stare down the hole. Oceana still writhes in pain on the ground. "You let go of the rope?!" Aaron yells at them. "That maniac was going to kill me!" Fall yells. "And look what he did to my hand!" Oceana yells. "Shut up Oceana," Jenny orders in annoyance. Oceana wishes this was a normal hunger games, wishes she could jump up and stab Jenny without consequences. "Lion!" Jenny yells, staring down the hole. At first there is nothing, but then a weak voice responds. "I'm here...." Lion yells up through the hole. "I didn't fall that far." The group is relieved. "Except..." Lion takes a while to spit it out. "Guys I'm hurt....a bone is sticking out of my leg....I think I might black out." The group is silent in contemplation, but Lion suddenly yells something back up the hole. "You told me to push a button when I got down here and I think I see it now. Do you still want me to push it?" Aaron looks to Jenny in surprise, and they soon notice that the nine remaining tributes have all assembled in a cricle around the hole, even sobbing Echo. "Well...what do we do now?" Jenny asks Aaron, but the answer is obvious. "We get the hell out of here," Aaron responds, and no one in the group disagrees. Jenny leans down to the hole. "Do it Lion!" she yells, and the group can only wait.

The Secret's Secret

Deep in a cavern under the arena, Lion crawls towards the oddly placed button, a small red circle mounted carefully on the cold brick wall. Blood fills the cavern as Lion's vision blurs, and the only hope left for his life is the button that lies in front of his eyes. Crawling faster now, he starts to grapple with the feeling that his life may be soon over yet; it isn't a good feeling. But even if he dies, he will die a hero, and he knows that. The button is straight in front of him now, and he extends his hand, pressing down on it. And for a moment, nothing happens.

Up above, nine of the remaining tributes sit and wait. They decide to move away from the hole, so as none of them accidently fall in. Not a single one even turns to see if Tux has returned, but he has not. About two minutes go by in silence, which is quickly broken by Anya. "Is this it?" she asks in surprise. "Is this some kind of joke." Jenny turns to the group. "Of course it is," she tells them. "I was so dumb not to notice it before, why would the gamemakers let more than one tribute win?" The group is afraid for a second, but Aaron tries to reel them in. "Don't worry," he says. "Just wait, don't give up hope yet." As he says this, the announcer's voice rings out on the loudspeaker. "Congratulations tributes of the 1st Hunger Games!" he exclaims, and the group begins to rejoice, hugging each other, knowing now that they are about to be rescued. No one else has to die. "You have finally reached the grand finale of our games! It is a free-for-all now, and whoever survives this may be crowned victor! And the rest...of course they will die. May the odds be ever in your favor." The voice quickly fades away and the tributes realize that something is wrong. "They lied...." Summer remarks, distraught. The tributes exchange looks of worry, and suddenly, the ground begins to shake violently. Most tributes fall to the ground as they take in what is happening around them, but Jenny runs over to the hole. Without worrying if she will fall, she screams down to Lion. "Lion!" she calls, hoping she is okay. Aaron runs over and grabs onto her, trying to prevent her from falling. And then the buzzer goes off. They turn to each other in worry and Jenny begins to cry. It's too late to save Lion Coy.

The Beginning of the End

Jenny and Aaron are too scared to move, caught up in the reality of the situation. So it is Anya that gets them moving. "Run!" she yells in desperation, and the tributes take off down one of the empty streets. The ground shakes, fissures appearing in every direction, and buildings begin to fall. Ridge leads the group, determined to get out as fast as he can while Echo brings up the rear, still depressed over Sapphire's death. Then Ridge stops in his tracks. Not paying attetnion, Anya bumps into him and falls to the ground. "What the heck Ridge?" she asks in annoyance. The other tributes have stopped too, and they look right in front of him. "And we meet again," Tux says, giving a wicked smile. "So who is going to die next?" he asks mockingly.

Another Death

"You!" Echo yells, and runs at him. But Venus holds him back. "Well that was pleasant," Tux responds. "Where's the girlfriend?" Venus struggles to hold Echo back. "I'm going to kill you!" he yells. The ground shakes again and the tributes remember the issue at hand. "Tux this isn't the time! The arena is going to fall apart, and we have to get out!" Jenny yells at him, but he only laughs. "No Jenny, I need to get out, and I will by killing all of you." Aaron then picks up where Jenny left off. "Tux, I don't know what problem you have, but killing us is not going to solve it. So just stop rihgt now and come with us. Or we'll kill you." Tux only laughs. "I already killed twelve peacekeepers and multiple tributes, and you think you can kill me? Well, I think it's time we give the Capitol a victor. So goodye everyone. It was never nice knowing you." Tux takes out his knife and readies to kill. And then the ground shakes yet again, more violently than before. A crack forms between Tux's feet, and he looks down in surprise. But it is too late. With a scream, Tux Golden falls into the fissure while the other tributes watch. A buzzer sounds moments later. And then the tributes run. They run for their lives.

To The Bridge

Bridge Map JJ

Tributes on the Bridge

It is obvious now that the city is going to be destroyed soon, and no place inside it is safe to hide in. So the tributes decide to head for the bridge that Zuan Klowc discovered the first day. Across it is a small rocky platform that doesn't seem to be as affected by the eartquake. Jenny and Aaron lead the pack as they reach the bridge, running for the safety that is only feet away from them. And then the two stop in their tracks, just as the section of the bridge in front of them falls away. "Oh you've got to be kidding me," Anya says. Aaron looks around for another way to cross. At one side of the broken bridge, a girder is still intact, serving as a small passagway to the other side of hte bridge. Aaron grabs Jenny and pulls her over to the edge of the bridge, pointing at the girder that connects the two broken sides. "Climb across Jenny," he tells her. Jenny shakes her head. "No I can't." Aaron won't let her give up. "Just do this Jenny, don't look down, and climb across. You can win if you just get across." Jenny looks from Aaron to the girder. Then, she gives him a quick kiss, and climbs down onto the girder, starting to crawl across it. Aaron runs to the other tributes, noticing a section of the bridge on the other side has survived, leaving a railing and a strip of the bridge intact. He grabs Oceana, who is closest, and pulls her over to the railing. "Grab onto the railing and walk to the other side," he instructs her, and she nods. The ground shakes again, and a small section of bridge near the city crumbles. There's no turning back now.

The Broken Bridge

The tributes watch as Jenny makes it to the other side of the bridge, and Aaron quickly grabs Summer, leading her over to the girder. She begins to climb across, albeit slowly. Aaron looks over to Echo as sweat runs down his face, knowing that the bridge could collapse any moment. "Echo get over here!" he yells, but Echo stands far from the other tributes, looking down with a depressed face. "Sapphire is gone," he says quietly. "I have no reason to live anymore." he stands staring at the ground. "That's crazy! She would want you to live!" Echo shakes his head. "I can't live without her." Sighing, Aaron yells back at him. "Well fine then!" he turns his back on Echo, feeling upset that he cannot save everyone. Summer continues to climb across the girder, and Jenny kneels down at the other side, her hand extended so she can pull Summer up any moment. Aaron looks around and he counts only seven tributes besides himself. He can't see Ridge, but no buzzer has sounded yet. He wouldn't be surprised if Ridge had somehow snuck out of the arena. Suddenly, a scream comes from behind him. Aaron, Fall, Anya, and Venus turn to see Echo, who is now sitting on the ground. He clings to the asphalt as if it would stop the ground from crumpling in a circular fashion around him. "I don't want to die!" Echo shrieks, but the cracks in the ground grow deeper now. Aaron runs to help him, but he is too late. The other tributes scream Echo's name as a circular chunk falls from the bridge with the hapless District 9 tribute on it. It is a matter of seconds before the buzzer sounds. Oceana starts to cry, holding tight onto the railing. Only eight tributes are left in the arena.

And Then There Were Seven

Summer inches across the beam, trying to reach Jenny at the other side. Aaron looks around, trying to figure out where Ridge has disappeared to. Fall and Anya look around to see if there is another way they can get across. Oceana slowly moves across the section of the bridge, but it is soon clear that she is afraid of heights. "Oceana come on!" yells Anya impatiently, but Oceana doesn't listen. She wimpers as she slowly makes her way across. "Aaron?" Venus asks as she walks over to him. "This is taking too long, I think I'm going to have to try something else to get across." Aaron raises his eyebrows in confusion, and Venus points up at the bridge arc up above. "That's insane! You can't climb on that thing! You'll fall!" Venus shakes her head. "Ridge did it." She points across the bridge, where Ridge jumps down next to Jenny, startling her. "That crazy little--" Aaron remarks, impressed. "I have to live, for Vulcan," she tells him, and walks over to the bridge arc. She begins to climb onto it, slowly inching her way up. "Come on Summer!" yells Jenny as Ridge stands behind her. Summer slowly makes her way across the beam, starting to wimper in fear. The ground shakes again and Summer clings to the beam for dear life. One side of the beam disconnects from the bridge, and it swings at a ninety-degree angle, flinging Summer from it. Jenny, Aaron, Fall, and Anya all scream Summer's name. The buzzer goes off seconds later, and Jenny gives Aaron a terrified look.

Never Let Go....

"I'm sick of this!" Anya yells. She runs towards Oceana, who is clinging onto the bridge railing and refusing to move. At first, the tributes are worried that Anya is going to kill her, but she does something much more risky. Anya runs over to Oceana and jumps onto the railing. Like a tightrope walker, she makes it to the other side of Oceana and jumps back down. She then runs to join Ridge and Jenny. "Come on Oceana, you can do it!" Aaron yells to her encouragingly. She shakes her head in response as tears fall form her eyes. "I don't want to die!" she yells back. "Then move it!" Anya advises. Oceana grips tighter to the rail. From up above, Venus has made it halfway across the bridge arc and is almost on her way down. The ground shakes again, and this time it is more violent than before. It is clear the bridge is going to collapse very soon. Jenny, Ridge, and Anya move to the rocky area on the other side of the bridge for safety. "Come on Aaron!'" Jenny screams in desperation. Oceana breathes in deeply and begins to walk across the small strip of bridge again, her fingers tightly interlocked with the railing. And that's when the ground shakes even more violently. It catches Oceana by surprise, and with a scream she tumbles off of the bridge and into the canyon below. The other tributes call her name, but it's too late. A buzzer sounds. Jenny turns to Aaron. "Run!" she yells in desperation, and the bridge starts to crumble.

The World Comes Crashing Down

It becomes clear to Aaron and Fall what they have to do. They break into a sprint, heading for the section of bridge that Oceana had just fallen from. They push each other out of the way, trying hard to be the first to make it to safety. Behind them the bridge crumbles, and it soon catches up to them. Fall isn't fast enough, and the crumbling bridge catches up to him. He quickly falls down into the canyon with parts of the bridge, and a buzzer goes off. "Aaron!" Jenny yells as the boy she loves sprints towards her. From up above, Venus loses grip on the bridge. She thinks of her dead nephew, and knows now that she'll be with him, even though she must die for it to happen. The arc of the bridge crumbles and she comes falling down with it. Yet another buzzer sounds. Anya and Ridge both turn around, not wanting to see Aaron, who clearly has no chance, die. The last of the bridge falls into the canyon, and Aaron jumps towards Jenny. She extends her hand towards him. For a few precious seconds their fingertips graze each other, but it is not enough to save Aaron. He falls down into the canyon below, out of sight. Jenny becomes hysterical, and she breaks down crying, holding onto Ridge for support. But what Anya has noticed, and no one else has, is that no buzzer has gone off. Not yet.

The Three Victors

Jenny cries into Ridge as Anya stood solitary on the cliff, staring out at the burning city and the demolished bridge. No building stood; all had collapsed into heaping piles of rubble on the asphalt. The place that had been the death trap for 28 tributes for the last 5 days was finally destroyed. Yet only four of those tributes were alive now. The realization of this hits them all hard, especially Jenny, believing Aaron is dead. The worst part? This would happen every year. Every single year. And people would watch it for fun. Even now the people of Panem were staring at their TV screens, waiting for what would happen next. And they were certainly taken by surprise by what did happen.

Out of nowhere a hand, holding a knife, grabs onto the ledge. Anya looked down in surprise. "Guys!" she yells. "He's alive!" Jenny gets up and runs over, followed by Ridge. Another hand appears and Jenny pulls a dusty, dirty Aaron Blue up from the ledge. "You're not getting rid of me that easily," he tells her, and the two smile. "But how?" Jenny asks. Aaron lifts his knife. "When I fell, I drove this into the cliff face and just hung there for a second. I'm surprised the knife was that strong." Anya smiles as well. "I'm surprised that you are that strong." Aaron looks right into Jenny's eyes. "You'd be surprised what you'll do for love." The couple then kiss and Anya turns to the back arena again. "I can already hear them saying it: LADIES AND GENTELMAN I GIVE YOU THE VICTORS OF THE 1ST NEW HUNGER--" Anya suddenly screams, and the other three tributes whip around. A giant fireball that seems to have come from nowhere strikes the blonde tribute from 12, and the buzzer is drowned out by the trios' screams. They recoil and huddle up against the wall. "LADIES AND GENTELMAN I GIVE YOU THE VICTORS OF THE 1ST NEW HUNGER GAMES!" The announcer proclaims over the loudspeaker, and the hovercrafts materialize out of nowhere.

Ridge goes first, wanting nothing more than to escape the arena after the unexpected death of his district partner. He knows it was the Capitol's doing; apparently four victors was too much for them. Aaron and Jenny don't want to let go of each other, while Jenny cries over Anya's death. They are forced to seperate hands to enter their hovercrafts, but they go in for one last kiss. "I'll see you on the other side," Aaron promises her and they both smile. And Jenny sees comfort in that. Because through all the nightmares, all the horrible memories, and all of the death in the Hunger Games to come, at least she'll have someone who went through it with her. At least she'll have Aaron.

End of the Modern Hunger Games

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