To avoid having too much text on one blog post, the 1st (and later 2nd) part of the Modern Hunger Games will be archived in this blog post. However, the more current writing pieces, the list of tributes, and the rankings and rules will be kept on the original page: The Modern Hunger Games. Hope that is understandable!

Part One: Let the Games Begin!!!

Entering the Arena

At the center of what anyone would describe as an ordinary, upscale city, 26 young and aspiring children suddenly appeared, rising on metal plates that surrounded a flowing golden fountain. The kids were given a minute, the usual amount of time, to get their bearings before the next games began. But these games would be so they were the first in over one hundred years. This time, the tributes were placed in a city full of unsuspecting "civilians" and were going to be chased by peacekeepers, who were going to be released into the arena in about two hours. These civilians had no idea that they were in an arena and, under the impression that construction was taking place, were prevented from seeing these seemingly harmless children get released into their city.

Every tribute this year had at least a partial following, or at least some type of promise.

Dusk Shivers and Fawn Sage decided to present themselves as best friends, though they didn't know each other much. But nevertheless, the Capitol loved them.

Tux Golden made sure the Capitol was quite afraid of them...and it didn't really take much for this to happen. He was a favorite to win for sure. Jade Sycamore shocked the Capitol by presenting herself to them as polite and kind, and they expected that this was just a ploy and she would become ruthless any day. But that certainly wasn't in her plans.

Bradley Ward loved to make the Capitol laugh in his interview, and they would sure be sad that he may not come out of this alive. But he allied himself with Tux and Jade, so he certainly wouldn't have a hard time surviving for at least a while. Genevive "Jenny" Sparks used her intelligence as her main asset when presenting to the Capitol, and she sure made an impression on them. But, against her plans, she would not be with the careers, knowing the rule about an alliance of more than three.

Steel Plate left the Capitol heartbroken when he professed his love for Lexi in front of the entire nation, Peeta Mellark style. But Lexi was a little less impressed with this, and now she was reluctantly forced to ally with him.

Aaron Blue didn't say much, and the Capitol could tell he was a shy boy who probably wouldn't last very long. On the other hand, Oceana Blowfish just wouldn't stop talking!

Fall Sky was nearly as good as Bradley at making jokes for the Capitol's amuesement. However, they don't ever really appreciate when tributes present themselves as a great friend. Ora Gaffe tried her best to make them all think she was a cold-blooded, sexy, killer but she really couldn't pull it off that well.

Zuan Klowc practically had to be pulled off stage when he wouldn't stop talking, but the Capitol still got a kick out of him. Autumn Lush was much less talkative, and the Capitol didn't really seem to notice her that much.

Just after Bradley had made the Capitol practically pee their pants with laughter, Rush nearly made them die from laughter. They loved him and assumed he'd be the first to kill other tributes by making them laugh themselves to death. Paige Bennet presented herself as both friendly but also smart. Yet, she didn't seem to want to make any friends for the arena.

Everett Frazier was as cynical as ever, and didn't pass the chance to strike up a snarky remark. But eventually, this got old. Mystique Cirque, claiming: "The games are just like a circus!" However, the Capitol was a little confused by her crazy circus-remarks.

But more than anyone else, the Capitol loved Sapphire and Echo's love story. Boyfriend and girlfriend who, out of their whole district, happened to be reaped. Echo loved the attention, but Sapphire came close to tackling the interviewer. She hates this.

Vulcan and Venus were both by each other's side just as much as the D3 and D9 tributes. A very kind and compassionate aunt-and-nephew duo, these two were certainly going to be a pair to watch during these games.

Lion Coy, a poor lonely boy from District 11, managed to elicit the Capitol's sympathy. Their hearts broke when he talked about the girls who turned him down and how he knew now that he really will die alone. Meanwhile Summer Fest, was too upset to be interviewed, as she was and still is in love with a boy named Stan Grain form District 11.

Ridge Hillsong was unable to talk, but still seemed a mysterious tribute to the Capitol, who could end up a very skilled tribute in the arena. And finally, Anya Showers, was very kind during her interview, until an innocent remark about her family ended up in a temper tantrum.

Every one of these tributes stood now on their plates, ready to run any second. The announcer's voice rang out, greeting the tributes enthusiastically. "Welcome tributes of the 1st Hunger Games! It is my earnest hope that you do your best in this arena, and remember to avoid the peacekeepers!" He says this like its all an innocent game. It makes the other tributes sick. "But keep in mind, this year there can be more than one victor! But first, you have to figure out the secret of the arena! I wish I could tell you, but alas, I cannot. So I will give you a hint! Just keep in mind, it's always useful to retrace your steps! Now let the 1st Hunger Games begin!" Was that it? Was that the hint? The tributes are caught in their thoughts, and sixty seconds quickly go by. Then the gong rings, and the games begin.

The Not-So-Bloody Bloodbath

This year, no tributes have to kill each other, though Tux Golden certainly wants to. Most tributes run off into the city, knowing that they'll find supplies they need somewhere else. But some run to the fountain, filling containers with water and grabbing weapons that lay at the bottom of the glistening water. No peacekeepers yet, it won't be another two hours before they make an appearance. And that's when everyone will start to die.

Tux Golden (D1), Jade Sycamore (D1), and Bradley Ward (D2)

Tux, Jade, and Bradley get as many weapons as they can, but don't get a chance to kill anyone. Bradley is ecstatic. Hopefully the peacekeepers will take care of Tux for him. They then run off, heading into town, where many civilians look at them like they are completely crazy, carrying weapons around with them.

Oceana Blowfish (D4)

The first thing Oceana does is head off for a hotel, even though she'll probably have to break into a room. But all she knows is luxury, and she certainly doesn't want to leave it behind now.

Echo Stone (D9) and Sapphire Rolland (D9)

Echo tries to convince Sapphire to come to a restaurant with him, to no avail. "Echo, these are a games! People are going to die! And you're thinking about going out to eat with me?!" Echo doens't understand her anger. "Oh come on, we have two hours to do whatever we want!" Sapphire is annoyed with his lack of fear. "Echo, do you want to win or not? We have to be smart if we're going to come out alive, okay? So we have to figure out the secret of the arena. 'Retrace your steps,'" she recalls. "What can that mean?"

Mystique Cirque (D8) and Rush Leafs (D7)

Though they don't know it, Mystique and Rush are both heading for the same place. A place where, even in the seriousness of the arena, still is near and dear to them. Almost oddly placed, both of them both enter under the yellow and red striped tent, not even noticing the presence of the other. They both enter the circus.

Aaron Blue (D4) and Jenny Sparks (D2)

Out of nowhere, Jenny tackles Aaron to the ground, holding her knife to his neck. "Hey what gives!" yells Aaron, not even considering that she could be about to kill him. "I want an alliance!" she brusquely demands, not letting him go. "Okay, okay!" he concedes. "Now get off me!" Jenny steps off of Aaron, helping him up from the ground. "I'm Jenny by the way." Suddenly, a voice rings out through the pairs' earpieces, the ones that will make a buzzing noise whenever a tribute dies and announce the names of the day's deaths. "Let the carnage begin," the voice announces, and then fades out. It's been two hours.

Death by Peace...Keeper

Paige Bennet (D7)

The tributes have cleared away from the fountain, leaving hardly anything for Paige to take with her. But there's still enough supplies to satisfy her. There's something about the city that puts her on edge, but she can't quite figure out what it is. As she begins to leave with her various supplies, a loud crashing noise comes from one of the buildings. Paige turns to face it, and a squadron of peacekeepers emerge, brandishing their guns. Oh crud, Paige thinks. Then the lead peacekeeper pulls the trigger.

Vulcan Olympus (D10) and Venus Olympus (D10)

As Vulcan stares out the window of the apartment he and his aunt have broken into, a loud buzzing suddenly goes off in his ear. "Someone's died," Venus reminds him as she tries to get some rest by lying on one of the beds. "These will be the easiest games yet...." Vulcan is quick to interject her, panicked. "Venus!" he exclaims. "The peacekeepers are here! They shot Paige! And they're coming!" Venus runs to the window and stares out, watching as one peacekeeper carries Paige's body off, probably to a building where it will be stored until the games are over. The rest then run into the building. "We have a problem." Venus tells him, as if he isn't thinking the same thing.

Anya Showers (D12)

As she marvels in the 'genius' of her hiding spot, Anya thinks to herself as if preparing for her victory interview. These games...they're just one big version of hide-and-seek. Deadly, but still similar. And the basic rule to winning hide-and-seek? Hide somewhere that the seeker wouldn't think to go. And where would the peacekeepers would never think to go? Easy...their own offices. But I'm not going to make myself that obvious, that would be like hiding behind the seeker in hide-and-seek. So instead, I sit in a nice little apartment directly above their offices. They'll think that we're not stupid enough to hide so close to them. Well guess what, they're wrong, and this stupid girl is going to win.

Zuan Klowc (D6)

Zuan travels as far as he can, finally reaching the edge of the city. There, townspeople do not venture, again under the impression that the area is under construction. A bridge leads out over a giant valley, which most likely has a forcefield before the bottom of it, and to a giant wall. The wall is designed to look like mountains with closed off tunnels leading out of it. Zuan walks into the wall, delighted that it didn't turn out to be a forcefield, and then turns back around. Walking leisurely back into town, the buzzing noise indicating a death plays in his earpiece. His walk quickly transforms into a sprint.

Vulcan Olympus (D10) and Venus Olympus (D10)

Venus takes a lamp and smashes the window open, letting glass rain out the seventh floor window and onto the street below. "Grab onto me!" she yells to her nephew as she climbs out onto the windowsill and grabs onto a nearby clothesline. "Venus these things only work in the movies!" Vulcan yells to his aunt. "Just trust me!" Vulcan jumps onto the windowsill and grabs onto her in an embrace. As the peacekeepers burst through the door, Venus cuts the clothesline with her knife and the two swing down, Tarzan-style, into the city center below, landing just next to the fountain. As the peacekeepers shoot at them from above, the pair escape into the streets, unharmed, but surely shaken up.

Tux Golden (D1), Jade Sycamore (D1), and Bradley Ward (D2)

Tux sharpens his knife with a stone, he and his allies sitting in the basement of one building in the city. Like the rest of the tributes in the arena, they now know that one tribute has died, and have now realized the reality of their situation. But Tux is apathetic as usual, while Jade's worries annoy him. "We need to figure out the secret of the arena," she reminds the two. "That way, all of us can get out of here unharmed." Tux doesn't even look up from sharpening his knife. "Why would we want that?" he asks. "The more victors, the less glory," he arrogantly explains. "Whatever," Jade says. "Come one Bradley, let's see if we can figure this out without him." The two walk off to another area of the basement, and Jade flashes Tux an angry look.

It's All Fun and Games....

Dusk Shivers (D0) and Fawn Sage (D0)

The first buzzer went off thirty minutes ago, a wake-up call to the remaining 25 tributes of the arena. And Dusk and Fawn do not waste any time panicking. Keeping a cool demeanor, Fawn puts on sunglasses and a ridiculous-looking fuzzy pink hat. "Are you sure this is going to work?" Dusk asks her as he places a gold chain necklace over his head. "Of course it is, we'll be fine if we just hide in plain sight," she tells him, though she isn't so sure herself. The two then race into the crowd of townspeople, trying to conceal themselves as best as possible.

Steel Plate (D3) and Lexi Strong (D3)

Although Steel seems to be determined and joyful, Lexi is dying slowly inside as his ally. It's not that she hates him, which she doesn't considering they are friends, but all she can think about is how he said he loves her and how she doesn't return these feelings. Already she is planning on how to leave him without hurting his feelings. But there is no way to do this, unless he dies. He cannot die, she knows that, because he is her friend. Maybe this alliance won't be too bad after all, she thinks. Then, Steel comes over and whispers in her ear. "So when do we kiss for the cameras?" Okay, scratch that thought.

Rush Leafs (D7) and Mystique Cirque (D8)

As Mystique runs around, attempting to tame a lion with a stool and a whip, Rush juggles three bowling pins expertly for the crowd. Who knew the games could actually be fun? Just then, peacekeepers break into the circus, wielding guns. The audience doesn't even bat an eye. Mystique notices first, turning fearfully to the peacekeepers. But Rush notices to late. He is shot, a bleeding red hole forming in his chest and the pins dropping to the ground with loud noises. Everything goes silent, the last fun seeping out of the arena forever. Mystique turns and runs, managing to escape in the nick of time. A loud buzzing rings in her earpiece. It's too late to save Rush.

Lion Coy (D11)

As Lion sits at the bottom of a dumpster, he thinks to himself. It's almost nighttime now, I can see the lights of the city from my hiding spot. A dumpster in an alley. It's smelly and horrible, and I have to periodically remove the trash onto the street so I don't get sick. But I'm not dead, so it's paid off. Two have died today, and I can only imagine who. The thing is, I really don't care. Because there's no way I have a chance of winning these. If I did....oh if I did....I could finally get attention. Oh yes, that would be great! I know now, I must win these games and go back home. I curl up and go to sleep, happy I have a clothespin on my nose blocking the stench.

Fall Sky (D5) and Summer Fest (D11)

Fall and Summer have allied, the two hiding in a hotel room. They both know it's risky, but they surely aren't the only ones who are now living in luxury. Oceana and Ridge both have the same idea, the two both in separate rooms elsewhere in the city. The rest of the tributes risk the wilderness. At around ten o'clock, the tributes' earpieces list off the day's deaths in a sinister voice. "Rush Leafs of District Seven and Paige Bennet of District Seven. May the odds be ever in your favor." The voice laughs evilly and then fades out, making Summer shudder. "We're going to be okay," Fall tells her, though he doesn't even believe his own words. The two then go to bed, both wishing they could be somewhere else. Anywhere else.

End of Day One

The Manhunt Continues (Day Two)

Ridge Hillsong (D12)

Ridge wakes up to find a bad feeling in his gut, like something unfortunate is about to happen. He slowly walks to the door, but the knob beings to jiggle unsuccessfully from the outside, as it is locked. Instinctively, he runs right into the closet with his sword to hide, right as the peacekeepers break down the door. For a while it is quiet, but Ridge doesn't take the risk of relaxing. Suddenly, the closet door opens and Ridge stabs his sword....straight into the chest of a peacekeeper. Running out of the room, Ridge cuts the head of another peacekeeper off and barely manages to escape. As they run out into the hall, the mute District 12 tribute is already gone.

Everett Frazier (D8) and Autumn Lush (D6)

Even though Everett and Autumn haven't heard the buzzing noise that indicates a death today, they don't take their chances. Running through town, they push civilians out of the way and eventually head into an arcade. "What are we going to do?" Autumn asks, knowing that there are peacekeepers right outside. As she asks this, the peacekeepers break in and Everett pulls Autumn into the employees only room with him.

Fall Sky (D5) and Summer Fest (D11)

Fall and Sky run through the streets of the city, eventually pushing themselves right into an office building. They almost forget how out of place they look to the fancily dressed people who really think that they are in the Capitol. "What are we doing here?" Summer asks as Fall frantically presses the button for the 47th floor. "Getting help," he answers. "Since we can't get any help from the peacekeepers' office, we might as well get help from someone that this town will listen to. The doors open and the pair enters, the only ones in the elevator. "This isn't going to work," Summer tells him. Fall shrugs. The elevator door closes.

Everett Frazier (D8) and Autumn Lush (D6)

The back room is big enough to hide, and hopefully the peacekeepers won't find the two of them. It is filled mostly with out of date arcade machines that no one wanted to play, or ones that don't work at all anymore. As Everett and Autumn make their way through the room, trying to find a
Day 1.5revised

Tributes' Current Locations

door outside, but suddenly, the peacekeepers break down the door. Everett and Autumn start to run, and most shots from the peacekeepers hit the arcade machines instead of the frantic tributes. Suddenly, Autumn seems to weaken, most likely because of her ankle that she rolled yesterday. So Everett carries her right out the door and into the alleyway where Lion Coy happens to be hiding. Then he hears the buzzing in his ear. He turns to Autumn and sees the gunshot wound in her stomach. Surprised, Everett steps back, deciding to sprint away from the scene. Because she would want him to live, he knows that.

Ora Gaffe (D5)

While most of the tributes stay and hide in buildings, Ora has taken a much different approach. Over at the edge of the arena, she hides on the bridge, keeping low to the ground. This way, she'll she peacekeepers coming much before they reach her. Even though she doesn't seem to realize that there is nowhere for her to run. Only the valley below. And jumping is not an option.

Venus Olympus (D10) and Vulcan Olympus (D10)

Venus and Vulcan aren't shocked enough by yesterday's events to prevent them from staying in yet another apartment. They broke in, and knew any second they could get thrown out, but they were willing to take this risk. Then a knock comes on the door. "Vulcan, stay in the bathroom and hide, just in case," Venus orders him before she heads for the door. But as she approaches it, she knows immeadiately that something is wrong. As the door breaks down, she steps back in fear, hardly noticing Vulcan jumping in front of her, receiving a shot to the stomach by the peacekeeper. Venus doesn't hesitate to drive her knife into the peacekeeper's chest, seeing that he is apparently the only one who came to their room. "Vulcan please," Venus pleads with him, holding his nephew's hand as the both of them cry. "You have to win Venus," Vulcan croaks. "Figure out the secret of the arena," he tells her. And then he closes his eyes and the buzzer goes off in Venus's earpiece. She never thought hearing that noise would hurt so much.

Retrace Your Steps

Mystique Cirque (D8)

Mystique walks through the Capitol streets, wearing a cloak to keep her shielded from the rain. Several business people pass her, carrying umbrellas. They walk leisurely, not even knowing that they are in an arena at the very moment. One person passes her and bumps into her, noticing her whip, cloak, and purple hair. "Freak," he mutters, and then passes by. I'm not a freak, she thinks to herself. Am I? Mystique walks into an alley and slumps down next to a dumpster, which happens to be concealing Lion Coy. She curls up and decides to go to sleep, wishing she had something to eat, and something to reassure her that she wasn't a freak.

Jenny Sparks (D2) and Aaron Blue (D4)

Jenny and Aaron, like most tributes, have taken up life in an apartment, waiting to be attacked by peacekeepers any moment. "Retrace your steps..." Jenny repeats as Aaron sits on the windowsill and stares out at the rainy city. "Ugh! This is so frustrating!" she yells and throws her knife at the wall. "I guess tommorrow we're just going to have to go back to all the places we were before and see if that helps." Aaron turns away from the window and looks at Jenny, who is trying to pull her knife out of the wall. "Well as much as I'd love to revisit you tackling me and asking me to be allies....I'll pass." Jenny manages to yank her knife out of the wall and nearly falls over. "Oh ha ha," she sarcastically remarks. "Well I'm going to figure this out, and you need to help." She goes and sits next to Aaron on the windowsill. "As much as I'd love to help, isn't it obvious? The games are going to turn out the same way they always do. Everyone is going to start to kill each other, and only one person is going to get out alive." Aaron stares back out the window unhappily, and is taken by surprise when Jenny turns and kisses him out of nowhere.

Oceana Blowfish (D4)

Oceana still sits in her apartment, holding two knives and ready for peacekeepers to come any second. She would rather go out with a fight than not go out at all (if that makes any sense). Suddenly, a knock comes on the door. "Here we go," Oceana mutters to herself, and flings open the door. She stabs the person standing in front of her without looking, and Steel Plate falls to the ground, a knife in his chest. Lexi screams in horror, trying to help Steel, even though her efforts are futile. Oceans slams the door and sits up against a wall, hearing the buzzing noise ring in her earpiece. Holding the knife, she waits for Lexi to break down the door and attack her, but it never happens.

Echo Stone (D9) and Sapphire Rolland (D9)

Hiding out in an abandoned newsstand, Echo and Sapphire huddle for warmth in the pouring rain. Their earpieces are waterproof though, and the anthem soon blares into their ears. Then come the names. "Steel Plate of District 3....Autumn Lush of District 6....Vulcan Olympus of District 10....May the odds be ever in your favor...." The evil voice fades away and Echo and Sapphire suddenly feel even colder than before. Five have already died, and either one of them could be next. This certainly isn't a time to grab a bite to eat, Echo thinks to himself.

End of Day Two

Decoding the Clue (Day Three)

Jade Sycamore (D1) and Bradley Ward (D2)

Jade and Bradley spent the last three days trying to figure out what the secret of the arena was. And after many scrapped thoughts and ideas, they had finally figured it out, and wrote it down on a piece of paper. Now, they have a map and set of instructions sitting in front of them on a table. "I can't believe we figured this out!" Jade exclaims, though keeping quiet enough so Tux can't hear. "You're brilliant Bradley!" she gives him a kiss on the cheek and he blushes. "So now we can get out of it really that easy?" The two contemplate the idea of the Capitol actually allowing 22 victors. Of course, they would never allow that. "We just have to get away from Tux," Jade continues. "No," Bradley tells her. "Not now." Jade gives him a look of confusion. "Tommorrow," he says eagerly. "Tommorrow...we'll...kill him." Bradley is nearly sick to his stomach at the thought. "Okay," Jade responds. "Tommorrow."

Fall Sky (D5) and Summer Fest (D11)

It takes Fall and Summer a whole day (they ended up sleeping in an abandoned office) to find the owner of one of the most important 'businesses' in the faux town. But unfortunately, the man isn't particularly kind to them. "You are crazy, now stop following me!" he yells at them, as he frantically presses the buttons on the elevator pad, anxiously waiting for it to descend to him. Now on the fourth floor, the two watch helplessly. "Please sir," Summer begs, but he has no sympathy for them. "Security!" the man yells, and a squad of peacekeepers immediately show up. Fall grabs Summer into an embrace and pushes her out of the window with him and into the water just outside of the building.

Everett Frazier (D8)

Still recovering from the shock of watching Autumn die, Everett runs through the streets of the city, pushing civilians out of his way. He has one mission: find out the secret of the arena. And he thinks he knows what it is. Today is sunny, and the rain from yesterday has barely left a trace bar the occasional puddle. Running past several buildings, Everett reaches his destination. He smiles, holding his lucky gold coin in his hand. But a squad of peacekeepers form behind him. He turns around just in time to get shot between the eyes, leaving Bradley and Jade as the only living tributes who had figured out how to escape the arena.

Mystique Cirque (D8) and Lion Coy (D11)

Lion hops out of his dumpster, ready to face the day, while Mystique sits nearby. He jumps out a is surprised by her presence. She stands up, whip in hand, remembering his name....well if she can't tame a real lion....Mystique takes her whip and chases after Lion through the near empty streets of the city, no one in site to help him. And she is gaining on him. He trips, falling to the ground, and she stands over him. This surely will be a painful experience...well it would be, had it not been for his heroes. Just as Mystique raises her whip to go in for the kill, a blade protrudes from her back. She falls to the ground and the buzzer goes off in everyones' earpieces.

Aaron Blue (D4), Jenny Sparks (D2), and Lion Coy (D11)

Aaron stares at the dead body of Mystique and his bloody blade in horror, disturbed by what he has done. But Jenny seems unaffected, knowing that it's kill or be killed in the games. "Are you okay?" she asks as she helps Lion off of the ground. "Yeah, I think so," he responds shyly. "Would you like to be our ally?" Jenny asks, though her tone is serious and not cheery. Lion nods. "I just...." Aaron trails off, not able to finish his sentence. "You won't feel so bad when you're sippin' lemonade and bathing in money in the Victor's Village," Jenny reminds him. The group of three walk away from the scene.

6 are dead, 20 are left

And finding the secret of the arena is the only thing that can save them

Let the 1st Hunger Games begin for real...

End of Part One

Part Two: The Secret of the Arena

The Careers' Plan (Day Three Continued)

Tux Golden (D1), Jade Sycamore (D1), and Bradley Ward (D2)

Tux takes his knife and jabs it into a wall in a fit of anger. "When will you two stop planning this stupid secret and start coming with me to kill tributes!" Tux has just returned from another unsuccessful attempt to search for other tributes in the arena. "Are we careers or not?!" Jade and Bradley exchange uneasy looks. "We'll help you tommorow," Jade assures him. "Tommorow?! Help me today!" he screams. "If I don't kill anyone else by tommorow, I'll kill the both of you!" Tux then stomps off to calm down. Both Bradley and Jade are thinking the same thing. It's already almost nighttime, too late to go searching for more tributes, and tommorow, the two are planning to escape from Tux. Then, they will get the remainder of the tributes out of the arena for good.

Venus Olympus (D10)

Venus runs out through the city, pushing past anyone in sight. Tears were still welling in her eyes, though Vulcan had died yesterday. But she couldn't get over it. Running faster now, she ran past a giant building surrounded by people. A peacekeeper was being rolled out on a gurney into an ambulance. He was dead. Suddenly, a hand grabbed Venus from behind and pulled her out into an alley.

Fall Sky (D5), Summer Fest (D11), and Venus Olympus (D10)

"What are you doing here?!" Summer exclaims, though still in a hushed voice. She releases Venus, who stares right at Fall Sky and Summer Fest. Both are drenched in water. "What happened?" Venus asks shakily. "Peacekeepers found us, so we jumped out the window of that buliding and landed in a lake," Fall explains. "Then when we got out, peacekeepers started to swarm out of the buliding. We managed to kill two and then escaped." There is a silence for a moment. "So," Summer starts. "Wanna be allies?"

Anya Showers (D12)

The anthem begins to blare in all of the tributes' earpieces, waking Anya from her sleep. Everett Frazier and Mystique Cirque are announced, both of them being from District 8. These games are the easiest yet, Anya thinks to herself, staring at her plentiful food supply next to her. But at the same time she is uneasy. Only 7 tributes have died after 3 days, these games may take a while. And who knows how long until the peacekeepers find her....

End of Day Three

The Great Escape (Day Four)

Tux Golden (D1), Jade Sycamore (D1), and Bradley Ward (D2)

Day 4 Beginning

The Tributes' Locations

Jade and Bradley wake up, and it's already around 10 o'clock. They've slept in much too late. "We have to go now," Jade orders anxiously, knowing Tux is out scouting for more tributes. They both pack their stuff swiftly, Bradley taking the instructions on the secret of the arena and stuffing them in his pocket. He also puts a knife in his other pocket, just in case Tux finds them. "Are you ready?" Jade asks him. He shrugs. "I guess so." The two of them make their way out of the basement and into the streets, seeing the sun for the first time in four days. Both squinting, they check to see if the coast is clear. "Come on," Jade commands, and the two run into the streets. Just then, someone calls out from behind them. "Hey!" yells Tux. "Don't you leave! I'll kill you!" Jade and Bradley run and Tux sprints after them, vengence flowing through his head.

Echo Stone (D9) and Sapphire Rolland (D9)

Still huddling together in a newstand, Echo feels a sudden burst of sadness, afraid his life could be soon over. "I think we should hide somewhere else," he tells Sapphire anxiously. "Why?" she interrogates. "I like this place for your information, and no peacekeepers have found us yet." Echo still isn't resaaured. "Can we just go somewhere else? I feel like they're going to find us soon." Sapphire isn't too happy, but decides to agree with her nervous boyfriend. "Fine we'll move," she tells him. "Hap--" she is interruptedd when the blast from a gun scatters the newspapers from the stand. "Run!" Echo yells, and he grabs Sapphire, pulling her into a nearby building. The two run up the stairs, not daring to look back. They finally reach the top of the building, which turns out to be a jewelry store. But it's not time for Echo to buy Sapphire a present. They stare out the window, seeing the single peacekeeper walking away, apparently not wanting to chase them. The gamemakers will probably repremand him for this. But this does mean one thing, the peacekeepers have split up, deciding to divide and conquer.

Tux Golden (D1), Jade Sycamore (D1), and Bradley Ward (D2)

Tux chases Jade and Bradley through the streets, with only a knife in hand. Bradley looks back, wondering if he should throw his own knife at Tux. But he knows it's too risky. Suddenly, a peacekeeper runs into the streets, and Tux takes him out with a clean swipe across the throat with his knife. He takes the peacekeeper's gun and continues pursuit. Tux begins firing, luckily not taking out a single townsperson. If he did, he would be punished with death. One shot goes straight for Jade, and she falls to the ground, gripping her stomach. Bradley stops and looks back. "Go!" Jade yells in pain. The buzzer goes off in Bradley's ear. He turns around and runs.

Tux Golden (D1), Bradley Ward (D2), And Two Other Tributes....

Tux runs like a madman, shooting like crazy and trying to kill Bradley Ward. Bradley approaches a crowd and attempts to conceal himself within it. Tux screams and the townspeople see his gun, attempting to flee. But he fires a shot into the crowd, hoping it takes out Bradley. But it doesn't. Someone screams, and Tux turns around, running away from the scene, knowing he'll come back for Bradley later. And hoping the Capitol doesn't kill him for killing a townsperson. Except he didn't kill a townsperson. Bradley runs over to see someone crouched over the civilian who was shot. The buzzer goes off in his ear and he understands what has happened. Bradley places his hand on Fawn Sage's shoulder, who is crying, crouched over Dusk's unmoving body.

Ora Gaffe (D5) and Zuan Klowc (D6)

Ora, who is still hiding on the bridge, is slowly approached by another tribute. Zuan Klowc walks over to her, but she resists the urge to shoot him with her bow and arrow. "Would you want to be allies?" he asks her cheerfully. "Um....I think I work better solo," she answers, but then realizes that he could kill her now. "On second thought, sure, I'll be your ally." Zuan smiles. "But I don't think that we should stay here," he tells her. "I think we'd be better off taking our chances hiding in a building. We'd probably be harder to find in a buliding anyways. Ora is a little annoyed, but still agrees. As they turn a corner, a peacekeeper darts out of nowhere. Ora gasps, but is quickly shot in the heart. She falls backwards, and Zuan can only look up in horror as the peacekeeper shoots him in the head.

Fall Sky (D5), Summer Fest (D11), and Venus Olympus (D10)

Four buzzes go off in the trio's earpieces, with not much space between them. Panicking, they run through the streets, understanding that the peacekeepers have done something to find and kill more tributes faster. The three run into one of the bulidings near the fountain, the same that Venus and Vulcan hid in on the first day of the games. "This can't be happening!" Venus exclaims, still thinking of her dead nephew, and not wanting to be dead herself. "Well it is!" Fall responds as they run. "This is what the games are!" They enter a vacant apartment and Fall slams the door. "We're going to die aren't we?!" Venus exclaims. "No one is going to die!" Fall responds. "Four people just did!" Summer yells. Everyone goes silent for a moment. "Well we aren't going to. We are going to escape. We are going to win." Although Fall's comment calms the group, none of them actually believe him.

Ridge Hillsong (D12)

Ridge, still in his apartment near the fountain, is probably doing better than any other tribute in the arena. He doesn't care for the secret of the arena, planning to be the one and only victor. Plus, he's killed four peacekeepers since the games started. By now, the Capitol must be afraid to send anyone to kill the little mute D12'er. But Ridge does have one problem: he's running out of food. Even though he still has the $100 he started the games with, he is afraid to go buy anything. And the gamemakers turned the water off. Leaning his head against a wall, Ridge wishes for some food. But there are no sponsers in the arena. And there aren't genies to grant wishes either.

Bradley Ward (D2) and Fawn Sage (D0)

Hiding out in a meeting room on one of the top floors of a business building, Bradley shows Fawn the secret of the arena. Written down by Jade's careful hands on a mpa of the arena, the instructions are specific and easy to follow. "This is ingenious!" Fawn exclaims. Bradley shushes her. "So if we do this, then we can get all 15 tributes out of the arena?" Fawn asks in a whisper. Bradley nods. "So when should we do this?" Fawn asks eagerly. "Tommorow," Bradley answers. "And we better hope Tux doesn't find us first." Their earpieces then buzz to life, the announcer reading the deaths of the day. "Dusk Shivers of District Zero....Jade Sycamore of District One....Ora Gaffe of District 5....and Zuan Klowc of District 6.....Happy Hunger Games...." With his usual evil laugh, the announcer fades away. Fawn and Bradley are quiet for a second, thinking of their dead friends. "We're going to get out of here you know," Bradley tells her, and she smiles. "But we have to make sure Tux doesn't."

End of Day Four

A Fight, A Death, and A Promise (Day 5)

Lexi Strong (D3) and Oceana Blowfish (D4)

"You killed him!" Lexi yells in despair. Oceana had stepped out onto the street in hopes of finding some food. The gamemakers had turned off the water in the apartments and she was dehydrated as well. Lexi flicked her knife in her hand. "It was an accident!" Oceana yells. "An accident you're about to pay for!" Lexi responds. Oceana doesn't want to fight, but she doesn't seem to have a choice. Lexi charges forward, angry, weilding her knife. Oceana charges forward, holding her knife too. The girls collide, one falling to the ground, a bloody knife sticking out of her stomach. Oceana stands up and looks down on Lexi. "I am so sorry," she says honestly. The buzzer then goes off, signaling the first death of the day. The first of many.

Tux Golden (D1)

A career on his own, Tux roams the streets, his knives in every available pocket of his jacket. He has left his peacekeeper gun back at his hideout. He wants any kills he makes today to be as long and painful as possible. Walking down the street, he hasn't yet seen a single peacekeeper. Not that he cares; he'd just kill them anyways. Approaching a buliding, Tux throws the door open and enters. Hopefully, he'll find some victims inside.

Anya Showers (D12)

Anya has a bad feeling, but she can't identify why. She stares out of her window, looking out upon the fountain where the 26 tributes had entered nearby. It was only 5 days ago. Taking a deep breath, Anya tries to relax. But she can't. Then a horrible thought enters her mind. What if today is my last day? Anya runs to the window and stares out, but the streets are empty. The peacekeepers aren't here....yet....

Fall Sky (D5), Summer Fest (D11), and Venus Olympus (D8)

Walking through the streets, Fall, Summer, and Venus soon worry, noticing that not a single person seems to be in the city today. "Where is everyone?" Venus asks the group, and they shrug in response. "I guess the gamemakers got bored," Fall answers. "It's time to kick things up a notch, and it's harder to hide when there aren't a bunch of clueless people getting in the way." All three stop in their tracks with the statement. "Maybe we should go back inside..." Summer suggests. They then break into a run.

Jenny Sparks (D2), Lion Coy (D11), and Aaron Blue (D4)

Jenny, Lion, and Aaron move through the barren streets, heading for the fountain. Lion has come up with an idea, saying that the secret of the arena, hinted by "retrace your steps," is most likely escaping using the plates on which they first entered. If they can find a way to lift the plates, maybe they can escape. "Lion you're a genius!" Jenny exclaims, Lion blushes. "Are you sure about this," Aaron asks nervously. "It's all we got," Jenny answers. "Well what if peacekeepers catch us?" Aaron asks back. The three stop. "Then we go down with a fight," Jenny answers, though her voice is shaky as she tries to stomach the thought. Suddenly, the top floor of the buliding next to them explodes into a fireball, and the force sends Aaron, Jenny, and Lion to the ground. A buzzer goes off. "Oh my god...." Jenny mutters.

Tux Golden (D1)

Tux runs faster than ever before. The top floor of the buliding he was just in has exploded, but not until after he killed one tribute, and wounded another. Soon, there will hopefully only be twelve tributes left in the arena. As smoke billows from the building, Tux runs down the stairs. But the door swings open. Without even checking to see who it is, Tux jumps out the window of the first floor and into an alley. He runs like a maniac through the streets, too happy to care if a peacekeeper comes near.

Jenny Sparks (D2), Aaron Blue (D4), and Lion Coy (D11)

"What are we doing!?" Aaron yells between coughs. "Seeing what happened!" Jenny yells back as she bursts into the room that has just exploded. The inside is blackened, but doesn't look too bad for a room that has just been destroyed. It is a big office room, and filled with fire. Suddenly, a voice rings out, begging for help. Jenny runs over to the yelling tribute while Aaron and Lion observe the dead body lying on the floor. "It's Bradley," Aaron yells to Jenny. On the ground sits Bradley Ward, a knife in his heart.

Jenny runs to Fawn, who is coughing blood, and lying on the ground. "Tux put a knife in my back Jenny..." Fawn weakly tells her. "It isn't too deep, but it's enough..." On the ground next to her lies a bloody knife; apparently she pulled it out of her back. "Fawn please..." Jenny pleads with her. Fawn reaches into her pocket, and hands Jenny a piece of paper, oddly with no blood on it. "This is what you need to do to get out of here," Fawn tells Jenny. "Get everyone out of here please..." Jenny quickly pleads with her again. "Fawn you can survive, just hold on..." Fawn then grabs Jenny by the shirt and pulls her close. "Get everyone out of here Jenny, but whatever you do, make sure Tux does not get out of here...." She then falls to the ground and a buzzer sounds. Jenny cries as Aaron and Lion walk over. She stands up to face them. "He did this," Jenny mutters. Aaron grabs the paper from her. "This is how we get out of here," Jenny tells them. "We can finally leave..." but Jenny's tone is melancholic rather than happy. A cold gust of wind blows through the room, and the three look up as if it was a bad omen. "It ends now...." Aaron remarks, and another ominous gust of wind blows by.

End of Part Two

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