Hi guys its me Jack412 and this is my first games so yeah, enjoy! You can have 3 tributes.


This years arena

Tribute template:







Weapon(s) of Choice(two max):





(NOTE): Mentors will not be used.

District   Gender   Age   Name   Allies   Strategy   Weapons   User
   1        Male    18    Tyson  careers   Fight       Axe    Calopy
                          June                        Scythe
   1       Female   17  Columbia careers   Fight      Spear   Calopy
                          June                        Sword
   2        Male    15  XxXDrake   Careers   Fight      Sword  Theman77
                        Mordan                        Spear
   2       Female   17   Thyra   Careers   Fight       Bow   Wesolini
   3        Male    16   Logan   Emerald   Fight     Knives District1er
   3       Female   17  Emerald   Logan    Fight     Knives preziesnow
                        Infinity                      Axe
   4        Male    18   Carter  Careers Scavenge  Trident Sethmorris95
   4       Female   17   Almary  Careers   Fight     Knives  Zokab96
                         Wintes                     Blowgun 
   5        Male    17 XxXSsitheis  Ora   Fight     Knives  Preziesnow
   5       Female   15    XOra  ssitheis   Fight     Knives  Preziesnow
   6        Male    17    John Jackie    Run      Machete  theman77
                         Madrick                      Club
   6       Female   16 XxXMystique None   Fight       Bow     BWTPT
   7        Male    16   XLumex   Rose       Run     Tomahawks  Captainsv
                         Albane                      Spear
   7       Female   16    Rose   Lumex     run      Throwing  Wesolini
   8        Male    17   Blake  Careers   Fight    Sowrd     Tails818
                         Hatch                     Knives
   8       Female   12  Kayliegh None     Fight     Bow    Kikeverdeen  
                          Reed                      Axe
   9        Male    18  Pauline  None    Fight      Axe       BWTPT
                        Falcone                     Mace
   9       Female   16   Hermia  None    Fight    Scythe     Thena
   10       Male    17  Lucas    None    Fight      Bow       Zokab96
   10      Female   13  Allie    None    Fight      Axe      RossInSA
                        Green                       Bow
   11       Male    13  XxXSam   None     Run      Knife     Tails818
   11      Female   16  Jackie   John     Run    Bow knives   Theman77
   12       Male    17  XTyson    None    Fight    Knives     Leapkit 
                       Ashford                   Trident
   12      Female   16 x Melanoi  None    Fight     Stars   BWTPT

== Chapter 1 ==

Sam Geto POV

I am standing on my plate I see a wheat field and a forest I don't dare to guess what is on the other side of the arena. The count down has begun I am terrified I don't want to die. The gong sounds and out of shock I can't move the others are fighting and I move and run I see the careers at the cornucopia and some others the rest have already fled I see a bag I run to it and then hear a voice 'Not so fast 11'. It's the girl from 5 she stabs me in the chest and I fall to the ground the last thing I see is the district two male chop the district 6 female head off.

Ora gaffe POV Boom, boom I hear two cannons go..... I stop and stand holding my combat knives. I see the boy from eleven lifeless body I grab a pack and see my district partner sshithies and we run to the forest. About three km later we find a owl sleeping in the top of a large tree. I say to sshithies to grab one of my knives and throw it at the owl. But just then we hear a noise in the bushes, we freeze. It's a rabbit said sshithies our minds are playing up I said. The rabbit stares at us for a while then jumps in fright and runs away I think of why it would run away I turn t ask sshithies but he says nothing because their is a 2m spear, wedge between his body, holding the spear is the boy from eight Blake with the careers laughing and then I run......

Carter Cane POV Blake just killed the worthless district 6 boy and we are chasing his partner through the forest she fast but not fast enough a peg my trident in to her leg and she falls I pick her up by her collar and I slowly slit her throat savour the moment there's a russle and I see the district 12 male plundge a knife deep into drakes neck I draw my trident ti kill him but no matter Blake has already plunged one of his spears through his chest he wheezes then we here three cannons BOOM.....BOOM.....BOOM.....BOOM. We arrive at out camp just as night falls the face in the sky are drake both from five female from six boy from 11 and male from 12

Kayleigh Reed POV After looking at the faces in the sky I keep on continue to tail the careers. I know the careers don't want me because of my age, I think tagging behind them is my best chance of survival. I would have just teamed up with Blake but he is with them so theirs no chance that Carter will accept me in the group. Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me a knife raises to my neck. Who is it I say a noise replays, is that you Kayleigh. I slowly turn around, Blake! Before I can explain how happy I am, he asks me what I am doing I reply and say following the careers because I use them as protection. Blake nods and give me two apples this should last you a while he says but you promise me you will never try to join the careers because they will kill you, I promise I say and Blake went back to join the careers at the camp site.

Logan Dixon POV Me and Emerald Have made our way to the Wheatfield. While walking in the wheatfield we encountered what we thought was a dog but was a mutt Emerald stabed it with her knife our water is full and we are concealed we don't know what to do next. We can just see the careers camp and a small figure at the top of the tree it's small we dicide to move in its the district 8 girl she sees us and mouths the word allies we nod she slowly comes down and we set up camp in the forest for the night

Rose Greyser pov As dawn rises from East Lumex and I destroy our tracks and set off hoping to find the cost. About 5 km later we find the start of the beach and we wait a while to look for any signs of any other tributes. Just before we start to walk on the beach the girl from 12 runs towards and we get up she throws a star at Lumexs leg. I throw a knife at her torso and she falls to the ground and Lumex delivers the final blow to the neck Boom goes a cannon we have one this fight I say to Lumex. He nods his head and we go in search for higher ground to tend to Lumexs leg.

[[[chapter 2]]]

Blake Hatch POV After talking to Kayleigh we set out to try and find more tributes to kill. We reached the wheat fild and saw a burnt out fire where over tributes have been watching out for us just like Kayleigh. We sat down and we talk about our lives when it was my time to speak Carter ask me how I am so good at fighting I reply its because I was originally from district 2 and my parents back. to back victors sent me away to a more peacefull district. The careers look at me in shock. Cater smiles and says its good to have you our side two kills already you lucky dog. Next ones mine says Almary and we get up and start searching for the tributes again target sighted says Almaty she shoots it in the neck carter laughs its the boy from 7.

Jackie Delvin POV Me and John move throught the forest wondering what we will find we have plenty of water weapons and food we soon reach water there is an island we jump in and we swim eventually we make we crawl on to the sand to get our breath back we move along we eat some nuts as we go until we hear something we begin to move more cautiously until we see a girl hacking away at something it's a tree wait there a boy the one from the tree is almost down he months the word HELP I draw my bow and she turns and runs at us she goes for John the scuffle then she slices his stomach I shoot her down I tend to johns wounds as the boy from nine comes down she didn't hit anything vital but he's bleeding badly the boy hands me a jar it's cut cream it was in my bag he says I apply it and John groans in pain the boy shows me where he got cut there's a big scar but apart from that its completely healed wow I reply he leads us to a cave with woven mat it's like a cosy little house.

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