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    April 20, 2011 by Jacob55111

    I have always thought there was so much potential in fanfics NOT haveing to do with the games, that I am planning to write one myself. So, this takes place BEFORE the first rebellion.

    P.P.S. FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING! There WILL be swearing... No F-bombs or anything, but mild language. I'm sorry, but it's physicly impossible to write a military man with no language. So be mature and deal with it.

    The year is 68 BD. Panem has ruled over North America with an iron fist for 68 years. As President Malum is listening to his radio, the broadcast suddenly turns to static. After a few moments, a new signal is received by the antenna, sent from a satellite orbiting hundreds of miles above the atmosphere. The message? Great Britain, long thought to have b…

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    Untold Stories

    March 19, 2011 by Jacob55111

    Every character has a story

    The story that goes untold.

    Of happy days out in the meadow

    Dancing in the grassy knolls.

    Of days of hardship

    Of days of pain

    When the sun won’t shine

    And there is only rain

    Of days when sunlight turns to snow

    And days when friendship

    Is worth more than gold

    And times of glory

    And times of shame

    And times when the world is permanently stained

    With the rivers of blood

    That will always flow

    These are the stories

    That we’ll never know.

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    My 1st Hunger Games!

    March 14, 2011 by Jacob55111

    Mind-change #451: I WILL be doing chariots, interviews, and sponsors. This is the 80 kajillienth time I changed my mind. It will most likly happen again.

     District 1: Eveiaalova

     Male- Joo-Chan Park- 9 - $650

     Female- Yuri Blue- Eveiaalova- 5 - $500

     District 2: Fidofiderson

     Male- Ernie Sasalot- 6 - $375

     Female- Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter- 8 - $500

     District 3: Anon

     Male- Digit Starr- 6 - $425

     Female- Lucky Dawn- 7 - $475

     District 4: Racmany

     Male- Leonardo Vargas- 5 - $425

     Female- Venus De Millo- 7 - $500

     Districe 5: Firecatcher3

     Male- Jake Tucker- 8 - $500

     Female- Molly Brechin- 5 - $425

     District 6: Tacosalad1127

     Male- Blair Quagmire- 7 - $450

     Female- Michelle Nash- 5 - $375

     District 7: Totaldramarox97

     Male- Anthony Woodow- 4 - $300

     Female- Beria Selian- …

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