Mind-change #451: I WILL be doing chariots, interviews, and sponsors. This is the 80 kajillienth time I changed my mind. It will most likly happen again.

District 1: Eveiaalova

Male- Joo-Chan Park- 9 - $650

Female- Yuri Blue- Eveiaalova- 5 - $500

District 2: Fidofiderson

Male- Ernie Sasalot- 6 - $375

Female- Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter- 8 - $500

District 3: Anon

Male- Digit Starr- 6 - $425

Female- Lucky Dawn- 7 - $475

District 4: Racmany

Male- Leonardo Vargas- 5 - $425

Female- Venus De Millo- 7 - $500

Districe 5: Firecatcher3

Male- Jake Tucker- 8 - $500

Female- Molly Brechin- 5 - $425

District 6: Tacosalad1127

Male- Blair Quagmire- 7 - $450

Female- Michelle Nash- 5 - $375

District 7: Totaldramarox97

Male- Anthony Woodow- 4 - $300

Female- Beria Selian- 5 - $325

District 8: TeamPeetaForever

Male- Jared Nylon- 8 - $600

Female- Claire Silk- 4 - $425

District 9: Rosella6

Male- Hayden Hawkins- 7 - $500

Female- Prett Willis- 7 - $525

District 10: Cinder-Rose

Male- Kovu Seys- 10 - $475

Female- Cinder-Rose Calbury- 7 - $400

District 11: RueRose

Male- Garrick Gardiner- 10 - $700

Female- Issabella "Issy" Stone- 6 - $525

District 12: InsertRandomnessHere

Male- Odysseus- 2 - $275

Female- Maisie 'Red' Gallium- 4 - $300


So, while we're waiting for those to fill up, why don't we learn about the arena? (If any new tributes mention the arena in their stratagy or something, please note that they will be taken out quickly. They're not supposed to know what it is, remember?) :P

The arena will be a large circle, 35 miles (about 56 kilometers) in diameter. In the center of the circle will be a tall plateau. Inside of the plateau, there is a large cavern, where the cornucopia is. The tributes will begin in a circle inside the cavern, surrounding the cornucopia. The only way out of the cavern is by way of 8 tunnels, all equally distanced from one another.Once out of the cavern, the arena is largely forest. A river flows from the top of the plateau, (there is a waterfall). Once on the ground, the river splits in two, each arm flowing a different way around the plateau. The water is relatively clean, and the river is shallow enough to cross in many places. There are two lakes in the arena, both fed by the river. One is smaller, and is on the opposite side of the plateau as the other, larger lake, which is where the two arms of the rivers meet. The forest is made of a variety of trees, and has a sizable amount of game, like squirrels, rabbits, and even deer. Both lakes have some edible fish, though the river has none. Berry bushes are common, though there are nearly as many poisonous ones as there are edible. There are a variety of mutts in the arena, including, but not limited to, wolf mutts, tracker jackers, spider mutts, and squirrel mutts. There are, of course, various traps set by the game makers, but those we’ll keep a secret. ;) Map found below. (I know its not a


This is a rough map of the arena, showing the Plateau, (Brow center dot) exit tunnels (Light brown lines) cornucopia, (Gold dot) and rivers/lakes. (Blue stuff.)

circle map. Just use your imagination.)

Each tribute starts out with $250, and can receive more by doing well in Chariot rides and Interviews. Also, each day a tributes survives, they will earn $50.


Sharp rock: $25

Small knife: $100

Large knife: $200

Bow (Includes 5 arrows): $600

5 more arrows: $150

Spear: $200

6 throwing knives: $250

Short Sword: $300

Normal Sword: $350

Trident: $500

Axe: $450

Mace: $400

Blowgun (Includes 10 darts, poison not included): $250

Small jar of poison: $100

Large jar of poison: $200

Akimbo SMG's: $3000 (Ok, if someone manages to get this much money, they deserve akimbo SMG's. xD)


Body armor: $675

Helmet: $175

Shield: $150

Protective Gloves (Fire/Water/Cold): $100


Bottle of water: $75

Half-gallon of water: $150

Small amount of food: $175

Medium amount of food: $250

Large amount of food: $300

Capitol meal: $375

Tent: $475

Backpack: $400

Iodine: $125

Rope: $50

Warm clothing: $150

Sleeping bag: $150

Flint (Fire starter): $100

Burn medicine: $150

Other medicines: Up to $700 (Actual amount depends on what the medicine is. I'll decide the exact amount!)

Bandages: $100


Chariot Rides!

Yes, you heard right! Bring out the chariots! :D

District 1

District One starts of the night with a sparkle. They come riding out in a chariot completely covered in jewels that shine with a light coming from beneath them The costumes are similar. The crowed thinks its pretty great, but they really love it when Yuri and Chan start throwing diamonds into the stands. It’s soon discovered that they aren’t real, but the crowd doesn’t really care. Overall, a pretty good performance.


District 2===

District two’s chariot comes out in a slightly (Ok, a lot) less spectacular fashion, depicting the districts official industry, stone mining. Ernie is dressed as what is supposed to be a mountain, while Lucy holds a pickaxe and is pretending to ‘mine’ Ernie. The crowd is board and confused.

District 3

District three comes out in a chariot lined with flashing, multi-colored light bulbs, while the tributes themselves are dressed in white, one piece jumpsuits that also have light bulbs on them. The crowd thinks this is a bit much, but Digit and Lucky look happy as they wave to nobody in particular, and really, anything would look good after that last chariot. A moderately good ride, overall.

District 4

District four comes out in a chariot which is designed like a beach at low tide, with seaweed, seashells, and crabs adorning it. The horses are made to look like seahorses, and that’s a nice touch. Leo and Venus are wearing matching white outfits, with deep blue trim. Leo is waving a trident around, and Venus has a sort of scepter. It all looks very good, but then Leo accidentally hits Venus with the end of his trident. The crowd gasps as she loses her balance and begins to fall, but at the last second, Leo reaches out and catches her arm, pulling her back in. Though not planned, the audience loves it, and goes wild. Venus gives Leo a sharp look, and Leo just shrugs.

District 5

District five comes out, and, to be truthful, is rather plain. Jake is dressed in a sharp black suit, and Molly in a beautiful dress, but other than that, there is nothing really special. By the end, the audience is yawning, and the tributes are feeling rather down.

District 6

District six comes out in a light pink chariot with white trim, and the universal medical cross on the front. Beria is dressed as a (Slightly revealing) nurse, and Anthony as a doctor. (With his shirt unbuttoned.) Unfortunately, neither are particularly good looking, and the ride seems to be in jeopardy, when they both start throwing what looks like pills in the air, which turn out to be little fireworks. The crowd gives a good applause.


District seven rides out in a chariot made of wood. On top of the rather plain chariot, the tributes were clothed in togas, secured with golden pins, and were having a mock duel with wooden swards. The crowd thinks that it is rather half-hearted, and it is a stretch of the imagination to connect this with sevens logging industry.


District eight streams out in a chariot that is covered in patterns made of silk. Trailing behind the chariot are long strands of silk that flutter in the wind. Clair is in a snow-white dress that shows off her innocence and purity, while Jared is shirtless, with just long, silk pants. The crowd thinks that both the chariot and the tributes are pretty cool, and when Jared tentatively takes Clair’s hand making her blush, they cheer enthusiastically.

District 9

District nine comes rolling in with what seems to be a disaster waiting to happen. The chariot is very large and heavy, taking four instead of two horses to pull it, because in the middle of it is what looks like a mini assembly line. The crowd is confused. Then the line starts moving, and small metal disks are on it. Hayden and Prett take these and load them into small air cannons that pop out of the sides, and launch them into the stands. The disks say, “District nine is the best!” Despite the weirdness and the cheesy slogan, the crowd always enjoys free souvenirs, and clap happily.

District 10

District ten comes out in an unforgettable way. And not a GOOD unforgettable way.

Cinder-Rose and Kovu come out wearing nothing but… Meat? Yup. You heard it right. The pair are decked out in still-bloody meat. Even they look disgusted. Mothers shield their children’s eyes, and many in the crowd will be haunted with reoccurring dreams of this chariot ride.

District 11

District eleven rolls out in a chariot that looks like it is woven of wheat, the front adorned with the district symbol. Isabella and Garrick are dressed in strange garments made of a coarse, natural looking material. They both have scythes, the kind used for harvest, and are doing complex routines with them, throwing them into the air, and twirling them around. Then, the ends of the scythes catch fire, and they are twirling around torches. The crowd loves it, and goes crazy.

District 12

District twelve, comes out in a charcoal-black chariot. The tributes, are powdered in coal dust, are dressed in overalls and are holding pickaxes. They actually look pretty good, but Odysseus curls up into a ball and begins muttering to himself halfway through, and though Maisie was charming, the crowd looked upon 12 with displeasure.


Caesar: Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Hunger Games interviews! I’ll be your host tonight! First up, for district One, please welcome Yuri Blue!

Yuri Blue

Yuri walks onto the stage, wearing a royal looking black gown, embroidered with gold stitches.

Caesar: Hello, there, Yuri! How, may I ask, are you doing this fine evening?

Yuri: Well, ok I guess.

Caesar: Just ok? Is there anything on your mind?

Yuri: Well, nothing in particular. It’s just the whole thing. The Games.

Caesar: Ah, I see. You worried?

Yuri: Of course, who wouldn’t be? It’s hard to go through all this. But I know I have to. For my family.

Caesar: And who is that?

Yuri: I have four other sisters. Rini is four, Akira and Kagami are twins, they’re both nine. Miki is fourteen. I have a dad, too. I miss them all so much.

Caesar: I bet they miss you too, Yuri.


Joo-Chan Park

Caesar: Ok, thanks, Yuri. Next up is Joo-Chan Park! So, Chan, how are you doing?

Joo-Chan walks up, showing off his muscles in a tight suit.

Chan: Well, Caesar, I don’t know bout’ the rest of these wimps, but I’m feeling pretty good!

Caesar: Whoa, there, Mr. Big Shot! Don’t get to cocky!

Chan: Not cocky, just confident.

Caesar: Confident indeed. So Joo, you have anyone special back home?

Chan: If you mean as a girlfriend, no. But I have my family, and so far, that’s all I ever have needed. *Waves at a camera* HI MOM!

The crowd laughs.

Caesar: *Chuckling* Well, Chan, nice meeting you, and good luck in the games!


Lucy Fighter

Next is Lucy Fighter! Come on down, Lucy!

Lucy walks on-stage wearing a beautiful white dress, studded with white diamonds.

Lucy: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: Hey Lucy! Your looking nice.

Lucy: Thanks! This is so much better than what we had for my chariot ride…

A look of annoyance crosses her face as she looks at her stylist, who just smiles and waves sheepishly as the crowd laughs.

Caesar: Bah, don’t be too hard on them. They have a hard job you know. Just like you back in district two do. Do any of your family work in the stone quarries?

Lucy: Uh… Ya! That’s just what they do! *Winks at the camera.* The crowd laughs, they all know 2 is really the supplier of peacekeepers.

Caesar: Hahaha! So, Lucy, how did you end up here?

Lucy: Well, I was in my dressing room, then they told me to walk onto this stage, and then you called my name, and then I got up and started to walk, and then-

Caesar: No, not HERE. I meant here, as in, the Hunger Games.

Lucy: Ohhhhhh! I get it! Well, I volunteered, because I want the show the nation that blonds are the best, and I’m the best blond there is! And I’m NOT DUMB!


Ernie Sasalot

Caesar: Oooooook… Thank you for that, Lucy! Next up is Ernie Sasalot!

Ernie walks up in a dark green t-shirt and black pants.

Caesar: So, Ernie. A nine in training! How do you feel about that?

Ernie: … It’s ok. Coulda done better.

Caesar: Oh really? Nine is very good, one of the best scores in these games.

Ernie: Yea, but nobody got over a freakin ten. That’s pathetic. I could have gotten a twelve…

Caesar: Oh, really? So why didn’t you?

Ernie: I would have had to kill one of the gamemakers… And I don’t think that would have gone over well…

Caesar: o.O

Ernie: ….

Caesar: Uh… Erm… So, how’s life at home?

Ernie. Fine.

Caesar: … >.>


Digit Starr

Caesar: Oooooook… Thank you, Ernie... Next up is Digit Starr!

Digit walks up in nerdy-looking white coat and suspenders.

Caesar: Hello Digit! Let me ask you; What’s up with the suspenders?

Digit: I really don’t know. I guess they’re supposed to make me look smart…

Caesar: Do you think you’re smart?

Digit: I guess. Well, I’m supposed to be, being from district three.

Caesar: You don’t sound too sure of yourself.

Digit: What do you mean? I’m very sure of myself! I’m gonna win these things and go back home!

Caesar: That’s more like it!

Digit: Bah, who am I kidding… I’ve gotta one in twenty-four chance in this! Its never gonna happen…

Caesar: Hey now, don’t get so down on yourself! I’m sure you’ll do great!

Digit: Psh, like that means anything. I bet you say that eight more times tonight.

Caesar: No! Well.. Ya. You kinda have a point.

Digit: *Sigh*

Caesar: But I really mean it! You’ll do great!

Digit: There’s number one…

Caesar: >.>


Lucky Dawn

Ok, next up is Digits district partner, Lucky Dawn!

Lucky walks up in a flashy yellow outfit, complete with low cut top and super short skirt.

Lucky: Hey! Why and I that nerds district partner? He should be MY district partner!

Caesar: Well, it really doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a term…

Lucky: Well, it makes me sound inferior! And everyone knows I’M going to be the winner here! There’s no way I’m dyeing now! That’d just suck.

Caesar: Yes, indeed it would, but I’d like to ask you-

Lucky: And to all you Richey McFancyPants capitol people out there, you better get your checkbooks ready, because your lookin’ at the winner of these things! Right here! ME!

Caesar: Well, its good that your feeling confident, but I’d really like to ask you some-

Lucky: And to all you other tributes, you better start writing your wills! You’ll all be gone within two weeks, no more! Goodnight, folks!

Lucky stands up and walks off the stage, and everyone waits awkwardly for the last half-minute until the buzzer goes off.


Leonardo Vargas

Erm…. Thanks, Lucy… (Lucy: No problem!) Next up is Leonardo Vargas!

Caesar: Hello, Leonardo.

Leo: Please, call me Leo.

Caesar: Ok, Leo. So, I must ask you- How’s life back home?

Leo: I love home. I love my family, my friends, everyone. I have a twin brother, Raphael, and my mom and dad. I miss home… A lot.

Caesar: I don’t doubt it. It must be pretty frightening, being in these games.

Leo: You don’t know the half of it. I might never make it home… But I can’t let that distract me from winning. I have to have hope.

Caesar: If those aren’t words of wisdom, I don’t know what are. With that mindset, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

On the chairs, Digit murmurs, “Number two…”

Leo: Ya. Thanks Caesar.


Venus De Millo

Ok, next is Venus De Millo!

Venus come onstage, wearing a white and blue swirled dress, which sparkled with tiny diamonds.

Caesar: Why, hello, Venus! You’re looking beautiful.

Venus: Thanks, Caesar. *sigh*

Caesar: Anything wrong?

Venus: Oh, nothing… It’s just… This was a really bad time for me to be in these games…

Caesar: Oh really? How so?

Venus: Oh, nothing you guys need to know about…

Caesar: Oh, now you’ve got us all interested. You can’t just leave us hanging!

Venus: Oh, but I can… If you ever want to find out why, you might just have to sponsor me.

Caesar: Oh, ho ho, you sneaky girl. I bet you’ll have sponsors galore. I bet you’ll do great!

Venus: Thanks, Caesar. That means a lot.

(Digit: Number three… And no it doesn’t!)


Jake Tucker

Ok, thank you Venus! Next up is Jake Tucker!

Jake is wearing a spiffy green suit with gold trim.

Caesar: Welcome Jake! So tell me, how did you end up here in these games?

Jake: Well, back home in five, me and my brothers take out a bunch of tessera, and give the extras to our neighbors. We knew it was risky, but there are just so many people, it never seemed like any of us would actually get reaped…

Caesar: Ah. That’s a very noble thing to do, Jake. Now, if my sources are correct, you know the other tribute from your district, Molly?

Jake: Ah… I mean… Er… Ya. I’ve known Molly for a long time... We’re really good friends.

Caesar: Well, that’s a stroke of bad luck, now, isn’t it?

Jake: Yea… REALLY bad luck.

Caesar: Do you plan on allying yourself with her once in the arena?

Jake: Of course I do! What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t? I’m going to make sure that it’ll be either me or her going home.

Caesar: What if it comes down to you two?

Jake: Well… I’m not gonna think about that right now.


Molly Brechin

Ok, Jake, thanks for that insite! Next up is Molly Brechin.

Molly walks up, wearing a yellow dress with green streaks in it.

Caesar: Hello, Molly. Molly, I remember that you got a four in training scores. How do you feel about that?

Molly: I think that I could have done a LOT better. I Think I deserved much better than a four… But obviously, they don’t appreciate anything but brute force here in the capitol. *Looks accusingly at the game makers, seated in the front row. *

Caesar: My, my, this sounds interesting. But we all know that what goes on in there is a secret.

Molly: Of course.

Caesar: So, I understand that you are friends with Jake?

Molly: Oh, yes. We hun- I mean, work together back at home. We’re very close.

Just then, a capitolite in the front row shouts out, “HOW CLOSE?!?!”

Molly: Uh… What?

Caesar: For one, you are not supposed to interrupt a live broadcast, thank you very much my good sir, (The man shies away a bit as the cameras all turn on him) and second, I’m thinking what this man is trying to ask, is whether you and Jake have any sort of relationship…?

Molly: Uh… Erm… Wha…

Caesar: Is that a blush?

Molly: NO!!!


Blair Quagmire

“Oh, why couldn’t this timer be set for four minutes?” Caesar said to the roar of agreement from the crowd. “Ah, but rules are rules. Next up is Blair Quagmire!”

Blair walks up, looking handsome in a classic black suit.

Blair: Hey Caesar.

Caesar: How are you doing, Blair?

Blair: Oh, about as good as you’d expect for someone in my situation. *Sigh*

Caesar: It’s tough, huh?

Blair: Tell me about it. And it doesn’t help that this isn’t the first time this has happened to my family…

Caesar: Oh? What do you mean by that?

Blair: Well, my brother was reaped some years ago… He didn’t make it.

The crowd gives a sustained ‘awwwww’

Caesar: Wow… That’s so sad, Blair. Your family must be really hurting right now.

Blair: Yea, I bet they are. But they shouldn’t be. I’m winning this. For my brother.

Caesar: That’s the spirit! I’m sure you’ll do great!

(Digit: There’s number four…)


Michelle Nash

Ok! Thanks, Blair, for that heart-wrenching story! Next up is Michelle Nash!

Michelle walks up, wearing a purple velvet dress.

Caesar: Why hello, there, Michelle.

Michelle: Hi.

Caesar: So, Michelle, what makes you think you have a chance in these games?

Michelle: Psh, nobody else has a chance. I mean, look at these guns! *flexes her formidably muscled arm*

Caesar: Geez, that’s pretty strong!

Michelle: Ya, I know. My parents are pretty big on fitness.

Caesar: So, if you win, what’re you going to do when you get home?

Michelle: Well, I don’t really know. Right now, I just gotta focus on winning first!

Caesar: Good plan!


Beria Selian

Ok, thanks, Michelle. Next up is Beria Selian!

Baria strides up, wearing a sparkly light blue gown.

Caesar: So, Baria, what are you going to do once you get to the arena?

Baria: Well, I don’t really like to fight, so I’ll probably just try to stay alive.

Caesar: Well, these are the games. What happens when you have to kill?

Baria: I never said I wouldn’t kill. Just that I don’t like to. I’ll do anything I can to get home…

Caesar: Do you have any family?

Baria: Ya. I have three brothers and sisters and my mom. My dad died a while back, though…

Caesar: It’s always sad to hear about losing family.

Baria: *Sniff* Y-yea… A-and the thing is… I just d-don’t know how they will handle l-losing me too… *Sniff* :’(

Caesar: There, there, I’m sure you’ll do great. (Digit: Number five…)


Next up is Anthony Woodow!

Anthony Woodow

Anthony is wearing a brown shirt with a black vest.

Caesar: So, Anthony, what is your strategy once you get in the arena?

Anthony: Well, I’m planning to try to survive, and maybe teaming up with a group.

Caesar: Do you happen to know your district partner, Beria?

Anthony: Well.. Er, I mean.. I’ve seen her around school and all….

Caesar: Oh, is that all? Remember, we at the capitol have a very good eye for relationships…

Anthony: No, I swear! I hardly know her! I-

Caesar: Ah, calm down lad. I’m just joking with ya.

Anthony: Yah, sorry. I guess my nerves are a little fried… I’m really nervous.

Caesar: Don’t be! I’m sure… No wait; I bet… No… I believe you will do amazing!

(Digit: Nice try, Caesar, but it still counts. Numbah 6.)


“Ok, thanks Anthony! Next up is Claire Silk!” Nobody noticed Caesar sneak a quick look over at Digit to see if he was still counting. Nobody noticed Digit hold up six fingers. Nobody noticed Caesar wince slightly.

Claire Silk

That’s because they were mesmerized by Clair’s amazing outfit, which was a ankle-length dress, colored and designed perfectly to look like a white rose.

Caesar: Whoa, Claire! What a beautiful dress!

Claire: Thank you, Caesar! But it wasn’t me who made this, it was my stylist.

Caesar: Well, of course. But that doesn’t take away from how pretty you are in it.

The crowed shouts in agreement.

Claire: *Blushing* T-thanks…

Caesar: Well, enough about your dress. Tell us about your life at home.

Claire: Well, back home, I live with my mother, father, and younger sister, Emery. We’re really close.

Caesar: Do you have anyone special…?

Claire: You mean a boyfriend? No.

Caesar: Really? A pretty girl like you?

Claire: Psh, whatever. No, no boyfriend. But I’m best friends with Jared.

Caesar: The other tribute from your district? Really? Wow, there seems to be a lot of districts like that…

Claire: Yeah, seems like it.

Caesar: Anyway, how did you meet Jared?

Claire: Well, we’ve known each other since we were little. we’ve been best friends forever. But… I’m kind of confused.

Caesar: Hm?

Claire: Well, at the reaping… I was called. It was terrible. Then the boy was called, and then… Well, Jared volunteered. I don’t know why. He’s never wanted to go to the games. But he volunteered…


Well, we’ll end this interview with a mystery! Thanks Claire! Next up is Jared Nylon!

Jared Nylon

Jared walks on, wearing a strange neon yellow silk suit.

Caesar: Ah, Jared, just the man we wanted. So, Jared, tell us, we’re all dieing to know; why DID you volunteer for these games?

Jared: Jeez, Caesar, way to put me on the spot.

Caesar: C’mon, Jared! The crowd demands it!

* crowd demands it*

Caesar: See?

Jared: Well…

Caesar: Pleeeeeeeease? Are you really gonna make me beg? Because I will, you know.

Jared: Ok, ok! Well, I volunteered because… Well, because of Claire. *crowd gasps* It’s just… We’ve had each others backs for so long, and, well… I really care about her.

* crowd ‘awwwwwww’s.*

Caesar: You say you care about her. But this can’t be any normal sort of caring…?

Jared: No… I really think I love her. And I’m here to make sure she lives. That’s it.

* crowd goes ballistic… for a full minute…*

Caesar: So, if it came down to you and her…?

Jared: Well, I hope that won’t happen. But if it does, the choice is easy. Like I said, I’m going to make sure she wins.


Ok, Jared, thanks for that heartfelt confession! Good luck to you! Next up is Hayden Hawkins!

Hayden Hawkins

Hayden walks up, looking surprised (Along with everybody else), and wearing a short-sleeved golden shirt and black sweat pants.

Caesar: So, Hayden, you think you could top that last interview?

Hayden: … No. Not a chance. Gotta say, that was pretty brave.

Caesar: Indeed it was. So, enough about them. What about you? What is your strategy going to be in the arena?

Hayden: Well, I’m probably going to team up with Prett. Our families have been friends for a long time.

Caesar: Is it just me, or is this whole ’we’ve been friends forever’ thing getting repetitive?

Hayden: Heh, it kinda seems like it, doesn’t it? But I’m not kidding, Prett’l back me up here.

Caesar: I’m sure she will. So, are you sure she’s not gonna nail us with another confession of love?

Hayden: Psh, no. Prett and me? In love? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

Caesar: Are you saying you don’t think she’s pretty?

Hayden: Whoa there, Caesar! Way to back me into a corner…

Caesar: Ha, I’m just joking with ya. Well, I wish you luck in the arena Hayden, I’m sure you’ll do- I mean, good luck! (Digit: Fine. I won’t count it. >.>)


Caesar: Next up is Prett Willis!

Prett Willis

Prett walks up in a beautiful dress, made to look like a daffodil.

Caesar: So, Prett, what’s on your mind right now?

Prett: Well, I was planning on professing my love for Hayden, but as he thinks I’m not pretty….

(Hayden: o.O)

Caesar: Are you serious?

Prett: Nope.

* crowd laughs as Caesar rolls his eyes.*

Caesar: Wow, way to confuse everybody Prett. So, what’s really on your mind?

Prett: Well, I’m thinking that Claire stole my dress idea.

Caesar: Oh, yah, yours looks like a flower too…

Prett: Yah. It does. Thanks for noticing. >.>

Caesar: Are you really angry that you had the same dress themes?

Prett: No, no, I’m just messing with ya. I like to mess around with people. *Several in the crowd start giggling*

Caesar: Um… You might want to think about what you just said…

Prett: What? Wait… Ok, really? Get your mind out of the gutter, Caesar.

* People are laughing in earnest now*

Caesar: I’ll get my mind out of the gutter when you stop saying suggestive things, Prett.

Prett: Is that how this is gonna go down, sweet thang?

* People are wiping tears from their eyes*

Caesar: I believe so, sugar.

* Seriously, this laughing is getting out of hand*

Prett: Then lets get down to it, Mr. Man.

* Someone just collapsed, paramedics are on the way*

Caesar: Times almost up, see you tonight, honey bunch.

* Crowd goes silent.*

Caesar: Too much?

Prett: Just a tad, sugar. ;)

* Crowd goes wild. The laughing, the crying! People are going down left and right, paramedics trying to revive them, only to fall themselves, succumbing to the horrible humor! OH THE HUMANITY!*


* Technical difficulties please stand by*

A minute later…

Caesar: BUAHAHAAHA! J-just- HAHAHAHA J-just w-wait a sec. BUAHAHAHAha ha ha… Haha… ha…. O-ok.. I think I’m HA good now… ha ha… Next up is Cinder-Rose HA Calbury...

Cinder-Rose Calbury

Cinder walks up in a red and black dress that goes down to her knees.

Caesar: Ok, lets get some normality after that last interview! Cinder, can you do it?!?

Cinder: I think I can I think I can I think I can…

Caesar: … What?

Cinder: Oh, just an old kids story that we tell back home. You know the little hovercraft that could?

Caesar: Er… No.

Cinder: Oh, never mind then.

Caesar: Aaaanyways, what is your strategy when you get into the arena?

Cinder: Well…

Caesar: Let me guess; Ally with Kovu?

Cinder: No, actually. I know him, but just from school. He’s so quiet and solitary.

Caesar: Well, I must say, this is new. A tribute pair that’s NOT best friends…

Cinder: It seems like it, doesn’t it? Well, you asked about my strategy?

Caesar: Oh, yes, that. Continue.

Cinder: Well, I really don’t know. I think I might team up with someone nice, but It seems like everyone is already taken… By their best friend…

Caesar: Nice girl like you, I’m sure someone would love to have you as a ally.

Cinder: I sure hope so. I’m really nervous.

Caesar: Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll do great. (Digit: HA! SEVEN! YOU THOUGHT I HAD FORGOTTEN!)


Ok, thank you Cinder-Rose! Next up is Kovu Seys!

Kovu Seys

Kovu walks up, wearing a simple grey shirt and jeans.

Caesar: Welcome, Kovu!

Kovu: Hey.

Caesar: Kovu, what do you think of Cinder-Rose calling you ‘quiet’ and ‘solitary’?

Kovu: Eh. I think she’s kinda got it down.

Caesar: Really?

Kovu. Really.

Caesar: So you like working alone?

Kovu: Yup.

Caesar: … Anything else you’d like to add?

Kovu: Nope. Not really.

Caesar: Oooooook then.


Ok, thank you, Kovu, for that amazingly interesting interview! Next up is Issabella “Issy” Stone! Come on down, Issy!

Issabella Stone

Issy: Hey, Caesar.

Caesar: Hey! So, Issy, do YOU know your district partner?

Issy: Do I know him? Yes. Do I think he’s a complete idiot selfish scumbag and hope he dies? Also yes.

Caesar: Whoa, there, Mr. Warmonger. Why the hate?

Issy: Me and my family always are sharing and helping the community, even when we don’t have enough for ourselves. But HIS family, oh, they have feasts every night, and have never given a crumb to help someone in need.

Caesar: Wow, that’s some pretty heavy accusations. You sure your not exaggerating?

Issy: Does it LOOK like I’m exaggerating to you?

* Super evil eye* >:[ |

Caesar: No…

Issy: Well I’m NOT! I’m glad this kid got thrown in here… His family needs a good loss…

Caesar: Jeez, to not like a person is ok with me, but to wish them death?

Issy: Caesar, you haven’t seen people starve to death. I have. I’ve seen them stave to death while Garrick’s family ate what they pleased.


Caesar: Well, thanks for those fiery words, Issy. Next up is the object of those words, Garrick Gardiner!

Gerrick Gardiner

Caesar: So, Garrick. What do you think of those words Issabella said about you?

Garrick: Well, I say she should get over it.

Caesar: Wait, so you don’t deny that? Any of it?

Garrick: Not really. She should just learn her place. If those stupid peasants were good enough, they would be on top. But they’re not. I am.

Caesar: Wow, I think we just found words harsher that Issys.

Garrick: Indeed you have. That little brat will be the first to go. Nobody insults me like that.

Caesar: Wow, never seen two tributes with such a deep-seeded hate for each other.

Garrick: Nobody messes with me. I’ll win this by brute force, and then we’ll see who’s family will be starving next.

Caesar: Are you really threatening Issys family? I’m pretty sure that’s against some rule or another…

Garrick: Did I say that I was targeting her family?

Caesar: Well, not specifically, but…

Garrick: So there’s no proof who’s family I meant.

Caesar: You’re a very cruel person.

Garrick: Tell me I’ll do great in the arena.

Caesar: Bu… What?

Garrick: DO IT NOW!

Caesar: Uh, uh, uh… You’ll do great in the arena!

(Digit: Ok, I’m not even gonna count that one.)


Uh… Ok… Time for our next tribute, Maisie 'Red' Gallium.

Maisie Gallium

Maisie walks on wearing a red robe-thing with a red hood.

Maisie: Hay, Caesar! Hows your night going?

Caesar: Oh, It’s had its ups and downs.

Maisie: So, who do you think is gonna win?

Caesar: Well, Its hard to tell at this point, but I think- wait a second, aren’t I supposed to be interviewing you?

Maisie: Oh, ya. Sorry.

Caesar: No problem… So, whats with the costume?

Maisie: Oh, I’m dressed as my favorite character from my favorite story evar! My stylist didn’t want me to, but I just got out of the dress he chose for me and put this on once we got out here!

Caesar: Uh… Ok. What story is it?

Maisie: Little Red Riding Hood, of course!

Caesar: Uh… Ok, I’ll pretend I know what that is.

Maisie: Fine with me!

Caesar: So, do you think you have a chance at winning this?

Maisie: Not really, but that isn’t gonna stop me from trying!

Caesar: That’s the spirit!

(Digit: Say it, say it, say it!)

(Caesar: NEVA!)

(Digit: :’[ )


Caesar: Ok, folks, last, but certainly not least, is Odysseus Six! Hey Odysseus! Come on up!

Odysseus Six

Odysseus walks up extremely slowly. He doesn’t seem to have changed his cloths since chariot rides…

Caesar: So, Odysseus, I saw you had some trouble during chariot rides. What happened there?

Odysseus: Your sure? Ya? Think so? I don’t know, its kinda risky, dude.

Caesar: Uh… Kid, are you alright?

Odysseus: Hey, your right… Shh! Quieter, he might hear you… Ya, I see it! That’s good! I like it!

Caesar: Uh…. Well… What do you like?

Odysseus: Ok… Ya… Sweet! Heheheh… On the count of what? 3? I like 7 better. Fine. We’ll do 5. 5.

Caesar: No, really kid. What’s wrong?

Odysseus: 4

Caesar: Uh… Odysseus?

Odysseus: 3, 2,

Caesar: -looks around at game makers. They just shrug- Odysseus….?

Odysseus: 1, GO TROY GO GO GO!!!

-Odysseus gets out of the chair and dashes for the back of the stage, and goes through it. A bunch of security personnel suddenly appear on the scene, and chase after him.-

(Digit hangs his head. He did not get to eight.)

Caesar looks back at Digit, feeling as though they had made a personal bond in their struggle against each other. As Odysseus’s timer runs down, Caesar makes one last remark)

Caesar: Oh, and Odysseus: I’m sure you’ll do great!

Digit: EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Runs up and gives Caesar a big hug-

Caesar: Ok! … GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!

The end. ;P

Day One: The Bloodbath

In Venus’s POV

Slowly, ever so slowly, I rise up toward the unknown. What will it be like? What should I expect? Well, let me tell you, I sure didn’t expect it to be pitch black.

In Jake’s POV

At first, all I can think is about how dark it is. Pitch-black. But seconds later, harsh florescent lights flicker on above me. Seems to me we are in some sort of cavern or something. But that doesn’t matter. First thing first. Where’s Molly? I look around a bit, and spot her. She’s only separated from me by one tribute, a girl, I think district 11. She’s looking at me. She looks over to the cornucopia, then back at me. I shake my head. We can’t risk it.

In Jared’s POV

After taking in my surroundings, I do what is immediately necessary. Find Claire. I do, and she’s about two districts away from me. At the same time, she notices me, smiles meekly, and waves. So brave. I haven’t been able to talk to her since the interviews yesterday. I’m really nervous. Funny, I’m more nervous about what she’ll think of my love then of the games. Then again, isn’t that why I volunteered anyways?

In Kovu’s POV

All around me, it seems like all the tributes are looking for one another. Caesar was right, this is kinda ridicules. Everyone seems to be best friends. Whatever. Friends are just weaknesses, because if one of them dies, the other is sure to follow soon.

In Garricks POV

I look around and lock eyes with Joo-Chan, Lucy, and Lucky. We already had this planned out. We tried to get that Kovu guy, but he’s a loner. Ah, well. Don’t need him anyway. It just stinks that we have such a small Career pack this year.

Odysseus’s POV

I see the cornucopia in front of me, and want to go and get some stuff. But Troy pops onto my shoulder. “Don’t do it, Odysseus. You’ll never make it.” “But look at all that stuff…” “Doesn’t matter. When the gong goes off, run straight behind you. There’s a tunnel. Trust me. “Ok. Thanks bro. You’re my best friend.” “You do know I’m dead, right?” “*Sigh*.. .Yea…”

In Ernie’s POV

That stupid kid next to me, Odysseus, I think it was, is talking to himself again. Gosh. This is one hell of a long minute. Wish they’d just start already. Jeez.

Suddenly, the gong sounds. The Hunger Games have begun.

Ernie, Joo-Chan, Lucy, and Lucky all dash forward to the cornucopia without hesitation, barreling at top speed to grab weapons. Cinder-Rose, however, is faster, and dashes with incredible speed to the cornucopia. She doesn’t stay long, though, only long enough to grab a large, heavy backpack and a spear. She continues running to the opposite end of the room, straight towards Anthony Woodow, who is bending over to pick up a knife. Cinder doesn’t want blood on her hands this early on, however, and runs past him. Anthony turns to see if he could get a stab at her with his knife, when he feels a sharp pain in his hip. Looking down, he sees that there is a large gash in it. He looks up, and sees Lucy Fighter with a handful of throwing knives. That’s the last thing he ever saw.

Yuri Blue grabbed a light pack and a small knife and was running for one of the exit tunnels. Unfortunately, so was Leonardo, and he had a spear. Yuri tried stab the younger boy, but to no avail. She felt the spear go through her stomach, and out the other side, and be pulled out again. In her mind, she said sorry to her family. She had not tried hard enough. She had died.

Lucy was having the time of her life. She had never imagined killing was this much... Fun! She had her throwing knives, and killed first that stupid kid who was looking the wrong way, then, as she looked for more targets, saw that girl from 9, the one with the hilarious interview, running, trying to get to a bow. Fat chance. One well placed throwing knife was all that was needed, and she collapsed to the ground. Suddenly, Lucy felt somebody grab her. Felt cold steel at her neck. “This is what you get… For killing my father…” Came a whisper. Ernie. “But.. I-I didn’t…” “No. But your father did.” But before Ernie could finish her, he gave a grunt and fell to the ground. “Be more careful, Lucy. The packs small enough as it is.” Garrick. “Thanks, Garrick.” But he was already gone off in search of anouther kill...

Molly and Jake were halfway out of one of the tunnels when they heard pounding footsteps behind them. They ran faster, but a voice yelled for them to stop. Looking at each other, they spun around, Molly with a long dagger, Jake with a short sword. But there was no need to worry. It was Hayden Hawkins, his face red and eyes stained with tears. “P-P-Prett… P-P-Prett… S-she’s gone…” Molly and Jake looked at each other again. Molly sighed. “Come with us.” And they dashed away.

Venus saw Leonardo kill Yuri Blue, then run out of the tunnel. She grabbed a nice knife by her, and followed after, hoping to get an ally. However, as she caught up with him, she shouted, “Hey! LEO! Allies?” and he turned around. His eyes were scared, but he held out his spear menacingly. “Hey, now, Leo. Wanna ally up?” In response, he thrust his spear at her, forcing her back a step. “Ok, then, If that’s how you want it…” She deftly spun around, gabbed the shaft of the spear, pulled it away, and stabbed Leo with her knife. She aimed for the heart. She didn’t want this boy to go through any more suffering than he had to. He died almost immediately. Venus heard footsteps behind her, and kept on running, taking the spear with her.

Michelle Nash was in the middle of a heated battle with Maisie Gallium. Michelle had a short sword, while Maisie was clumsily handling a knife. It was obvious the girl hadn’t known what she was getting herself into. Michelle was just about to deal the final blow, when she heard a giggle from behind her, followed by a “1- 2- 3!” She saw a spear, flung from somewhere to the side, enter Maisie’s body, at approximately the same time she felt a sward pierce through her. She fell to the ground, to see Lucy Fighters giggling face. “Good job Joo! Hee hee!” Her last thought on this earth was, “Damn those Careers…”

Lucky Dawn and Blair Quagmire were fighting it out near the entrance to one of the tunnels, Lucky with a sward, Blair with a spear. Unfortunetly for Blair, one’s enemy’s could grab onto spears. After his first jab missed, Lucky relieved him of his spear, and deftly stabbed him through the middle. “HA! What did I tell all of you? I’M THE BEST!” She shouted.

After all this was done, 8 dead bodies lay on the floor. Lucy, Lucky, Joo-Chan, and Garrick are the only ones left in the cavern. After congratulating each other, they grab all the supplies they can and get out of the cavern. After wandering in what seemed like endless woods, they finally came across a large lake. They decided to make this home base. Setting up several tents in a circle formation, making a stockpile of supplies in the middle, they made their camp.

Jared and Claire ran though the woods together, just trying to put distance between them and the careers. They decide to stop when they reach a wide river. They open a backpack Jared managed to snag, and found a sleeping bag, some iodine, a small knife, some wire, and a few beef strips. Claire finds some blueberries growing along the sides of the river, and they snack on those. While they’re eating, Claire asks, “What you said in the interview… Did you really mean it?” Jared looks at her, straight in the eyes, and says, “Yes.” He ate a blueberry. “But the question is… How do you feel?” Claire just leaned over and hugged him. “I don’t know, Jared. I don’t know.”

Darkness was just falling when Digit removed himself from his hiding spot, in the bushes right next to a tunnel. ’I sure hope the lights are still on in there…” He thought. Luckily for him, they were. He immediately went to work, using the head of a snapped spear to begin scooping away the gravely rock at the base of one of the tributes platforms, looking to excavate the mines surrounding it. Just as he was beginning to see the mines surface, he heard a voice “Hey! Who’re you?!?” Digit turned around quickly, wielding his half-spear as menacingly as he could. Which wasn’t very. “W-w-who goes there?” He said shakily. “Beria Selian, district 7. Who’re you?” The voice was coming from the other side of the cornucopia. “I’m Digit Starr, District 3.” There was a pause. Digit fiddled with his broken antenne token nervously. Then came Beria’s voice. “Allies?” Digit sighed with relief. “Sure.” The pair quickly got to know each other, and became friends quite quickly. They decided to make camp inside of the actual cornucopia. There was enough stuff left over to last them at least a good week. Things seemed to be going just fine, when the lights suddenly went off, leavening them in the near pitch darkness.

"I'm sure the sun will light this place up in the morning. We mind as well get some sleep.”

“I’m going to try to get outside and see who died."


So Beria went up to a wall of the dark cavern, and felt her way around till she found a tunnel. She got outside just in time to hear eight cannons fireing, and see the tributes faces on the screen. She was glad they had been able to get the bodies out of the cave where they were staying, though she didn’t know how the hoverships could manage to do that. Suddenly, She heard a scream echo from inside of the cave.

“DIGIT!” She yelled, and ran back down the tunnel. But it was too late. While she was out, bat mutts, which they hadn’t noticed earlier, were already covering a screaming Digit, knawing him to death. Beria didn’t even try to scavenge anything. She just ran into the forest, saddened by the loss of a good ally.

And Digits cannon fired, and his face flashed, a bit later than the rest, in the night sky.


Anthony Woodow- Throwing Knife- Lucy Fighter, 24th place.

Yuri Blue- Killed with spear by Leo Vargas, 23rd place.

Prett Willis- Throwing Knife - Lucy Fighter, 22nd place

Ernie Sasalot- Sword- Garrick Gardiner, 21st place

Leo Vargas- Knife- Venus De Millo, 20th place

Maisie Gallium- Spear- Joo-Chan Park, 19th place

Michelle Nash- Sword- Lucy Fighter, 18th place

Blair Quagmire- Sword- Lucky Dawn, 17th place

Digit Starr- Bat Mutts- 16th place.

Day Two: Hunters and the Hunted

In Issabellas POV

How confident they are! That will be their downfall, surely. They didn’t even post a guard last night.. Yes, they are way to confident. Not to mention stupid. Here I am, not thirty feet from the careers base, up in a tree, listening to their conversations, strategies, everything, and they’re never going to notice. The only remotely intelligent one among them is Garrick. And I’m taking him out first chance I get.

But meanwhile, I’ve got it pretty nice here. Those stupid careers dropped enough food to last me a week, plus a blanket and a small hatchet. I’d really like to explore this arena more, just to get my bearings, but I like my situation right now, and I’m afraid if I go elsewhere, I might not make it back.

“Ok, before we go hunting, we need to make sure we’re all prepared. Take a decent amount of food and water, some medical supplies, and a couple of knives to supplement your main weapon.” Garrick said seriously to his fellow careers.

“Why? We’ve got it made here! All that’ll just slow us down.” Lucy replied.

“Hey, if you guys want to be stupid, go ahead. It just means I won’t have to kill you later.”

The careers had a nervous stare-down for a second. Hostilities usually didn’t arise until much later in the games, and none of them wanted a fight to break out now.

“…Alright, Garrick. C’mon everybody, he’s right. Grab some stuff and we’ll go.” Joo-Chan said. He didn’t like that this district 11 kid was ordering them around, but he had to admit, Garrick was a smart guy.

As they set out, Lucy asked, “So, Garrick, what exactly are we doing now?”

Garrick shook his head at Lucy’s air headedness. “Get with the program, Lucy. We’re learning the area around the base camp, so we’re not lost in our own backyards. And kill anybody who we happen to find, of course.” Lucky and Chan nodded and looked at Lucy harshly, like she had been the only one who had been wondering that same question. Garrick saw through this, though.

All he could think was, ‘Why the hell did I have to get the idiots?’

Kovu was wandering around, looking for a good place to stay the day. He had found the large lake, but had seen the careers camp, and decided to steer clear. Let them kill themselves off, he thought. Then all you have to do is clean up whoever is left.

While he didn’t stay on the lake, he did stay near it. He wanted to know what the careers were doing at all times. He had a short sword and bottle of water, but no food, so he wanted to stick near the career base and steal some while they were out.

When he heard them crashing through the underbrush, he knew that it was them. Only careers would dare make such a ruckus. Now was the choice. Fight or flight, fight or flight?

Of course, to Kovus survivalist mind, the answer was flight. But.. Where had they gone? The sound had stopped. Kovu was getting nervous, and set off quietly, the opposite direction he had heard the careers coming from. But he hadn’t gotten ten steps before he was suddenly face-to face with Garrick, who was waiting for him. And milliseconds later, found himself without a hand.

As Kovu screamed in agony, Garrick just smiled. “You can’t outsmart me, Kovu. You don’t need our help? Well, then, we don’t need yours.”

And Garrick ended Kovu’s agony.

Cinder had been walking along the banks of the river she had found for what seemed like ages. She hadn’t seen anybody, and had seen no change in the environment. She was actually getting pretty nervous. She knew that the game makers always had a way to bring the contestants together, if things got to boring. But it was only noon the second day, its not like the audience was getting bored.

She walked along for a little while longer, occasionally taking sips from a water bottle she got in her pack, when she came across a medium sized lake. It was separated from her by the river, but she found a shallow spot and waded across with ease.

“This is where I’ll make camp.” She said quietly to herself, moving about 10 feet into the cover of the forest, right near the lake.

Just then, she heard a rustle in the bushes, a few feet away. She turned, just in time to see Jake jump out at her, sword in hand. She had just enough time to raise her spear to deflect the blow. She stumbled backwards, off balance, and the weight of her heavy backpack caused her to fall down. Jake tried to take advantage of this, but as he was charging forward, Cinder struck out with her spear, which he was barley able to avoid. Cinder used this to quickly get on her feet and begin to run, but before she got out of range, Jake lashed out with his sword, scoring a deep cut along Cinders thigh. She yelped in pain, but ignored the blood pouring from her wound as she ran away.

After only a few minutes of running, Cinder was forced to stop and examine her wound. It was very deep, almost to the bone, and she was pale with loss of blood. She dug around in her large pack, and found a simple first aid kit. Taking it out, she found anti-infection spray and a roll of medical tape. She gently dressed the wound, and wrapped it up tightly. She tried to walk a bit farther away, but is too weak, and is forced rest for the rest of the day.

‘Well, this sucks.” She thought, as she slowly slipped into slumber...

“Jake! I heard a shout! What happened?” Molly asked nervously as Jake re-appeared into the clearing by the lake.

“It was another tribute… A girl, I think from seven.” He said with a grim face.

“Did you… Did you get her?” Try as she might, Molly just couldn’t ask, ’did you kill her’ casually.

“No. But I cut her pretty good, on the leg. I don’t know if it’s fatal or not, but she had a spear, and I didn’t want to risk finishing her.”

Personally, Molly was glad he didn’t actually kill the girl. To think of her friend, her best friend, Jake, a cold blooded killer, was a bit much still. But Molly knew that she’d have to embrace the fact that both she and Jake would have to kill if either of them were to get out of this alive.

Jake sighed as he sat down on the grass and wiped the blood from his sword. “Hey, do we have any food?”

Molly grimaced. “Not much. Just these blackberries I found.” She said, holding up a bowl with some of the sweet berries.

Jake took some. With a look over his shoulder to make sure their hastily-made ally, Hayden, was still collecting water, he whispered to Molly, “So, what’re we going to do about him?”

Molly shook her head. “I don’t think we have a choice. We’ve got to get rid of him.” she whispered back. It’s not like they didn’t like Hayden, but he was a little useless. He seemed to be in some sort of shock after his district partner and friend Prett had been killed.

“Yea. You have the berries?”

Molly responded by reaching into her pocket and pulling out a handful of berries that looked nearly identical to the blackberries Molly had already collected. Well, except the sickly green insides.

“Good. Tonight at dinner.”


Just then, Hayden came back. The pair of friends fell silent as they watched him put down there only two water bottles, sit down, and put his head in his hands.

Then came a whistle. And suddenly, there was an arrow in Jakes head.

Haydens POV

As I’m filling up the water bottles, I can see the other two whispering to each other. I have no way to tell, but I think they’re talking about what to do with me. Oh, what does it matter? Prett’s dead.

Bottles filled, I walk over and sure enough, they stop the whispering. It’s definitely about me. I let it go. Does it really matter anymore? Pretts dead.

I put my head in my hands and sigh. I know I should be trying to win. Only one of us was ever going to make it out anyway. I’m letting down everyone back home. But…

Suddenly, I see movement out of the corner of my eye. In the bushes. Then a twang, a whistle. I know immediately its an arrow. I flatten myself to the ground, but it’s not me the archer was aiming for. It was Jake.

Molly screams as Jake falls over onto his side, arrow straight through his head. His cannon fires immediately. I hear over to the side, by the bushes, “Heh.. Wow! I-I actually hit him! Wow!” It’s a girls voice.

Molly’s crying over Jakes body now. I can’t take this anymore. I reach over, and take the sword from Jakes corpse. Molly tries to stop me. She’s not thinking straight. Meanwhile, the archer is sloppily attempting to load another arrow. I’m up in a flash, dashing toward the girl. She screams, realizing that I’m not just going to sit there and wait for her to kill us. Which, apparently she was betting on that, as she doesn’t even get a knife out, just feebly tries to stab me with an arrow as I stab her in the stomach. The breath comes out of her lungs, but she continues to attempt to stab me. So I start moving the sword around. She screams some more. It takes a while before she is finally quiet, and her cannon fires.

I lay her body on the ground. I can see her scrambled innards inside the hole I made. Even disfigured as she is, I can see its that girl from seven, Beria.

I walk over to comfort Molly. She’s cradling Jakes body now, which is sort of strange. But I know the feeling. We both know how it feels. She’s like me now. So I put my arms around her, whisper in her ear that it will be alright. She drops Jake and hugs me back. We stand there for a while, rocking back and forth slightly, crying. Because now we’re the same. We have the same hole in our hearts. For different people, to be sure. But it’s the same hole nevertheless.

When night came, Venus looked up at the sky. Three tributes today. Kovu, that solitary one from 10. Weird, she had expected him to last longer, he had gotten a 10 in training. Jacob, the boy from five appeared too, but not his partner. Huh. Vunus had thought they were together. Well, whatever the arrangements were, they were over now. Then the girl from 7 showed up, whatshername, Beria. Ya, that's it. Her face showed up too. Then the sky went dark.

Venus lay back against a tree. Three more dead. Twelve alive.

And only one could live.

Miles away, looking up at the pale moon, Jared and Claire lay in the pairs one sleeping bag, Claires head on Jareds chest, feeling it move gently up and down with his breathing. Did she dare say it? Could her heart take it? Saying it would be admitting defeat. It would be foolish. Stupid. Only one of them could live through this, and she knew it. But despite all this logic, she had to say it. Because emotions trump logic every time. Because it was true.

So when Jared said, "I love you," she said, "I love you too."

And they fell asleep in each others arms.

Odysseus floated down the river on his back. The stars were so beutiful. Troy kept telling him to get out of the river, but he didn't want to. He was perfectly content, floating in the water, not needing any energy at all. And the stars... They were so beutiful.

So he continued floating, all through the night.


Kovu Seys- Sword- Garrick Gardiner- 15th place

Jake Tucker- Arrow- Beria Selian- 14th place

Beria Selian- Sword- Hayden Hawkins- 13th place

Day Three: Blood and Pain

Claires POV

Me and Jared got up late this morning, ate what was left of the beef strips and some blueberries, and set off for the day. Well, ok, maybe he kissed me… And maybe I kissed him back… And it’s quite possible that this went on for a teeny, weeny bit too long… But that doesn’t really matter, does it?

Anyways, we’re currently walking along the banks of the river. It’s turning into a nice day; warm, but not oppressively so, just perfect for moving about. It occurs to me how quiet our days in the arena have been. We’ve heard the cannons, seen the faces in the sky, and I know that somewhere out there, people are dyeing. But for us, all has been calm. It’s been almost easy to forget that we’re in the arena. Almost easy to forget that only one of us can survive.


As the sun began to rise above the tall treetops, Hayden was busily working, attempting to scavenge up a meal for him and Molly. Molly was still asleep. Hayden didn’t mind. He needed to work, anyways, to keep his mind off her. Prett.

Just thinking the name made him wince. Why had she gone for that bow? Didn’t she know it was dangerous? Why oh why oh why oh-

“Hayden?” Molly’s voice broke Haydens thoughts. “You ok?”

Hayden opened his eyes to find he had accidentally crushed the pitiful handful of berries he had managed to gather. “Oh… Your awake.” Looking down at his berry-juice stained hand, he said, “Sorry… I guess we don’t have any breakfast.”

Molly shrugged. “Not very hungry anyways.” Then she sighed and lay back down onto the grass, eyes shut. Hayden saw silent tears leaking from beneath the clenched eyelids. Almost hidden. But not quite.

It was then that Hayden knew he had to do something. Things had to change quick, or both of them would be dead quicker than you can… Well, say ‘dead.’ He had to forget.. Forget… Forget Prett. The very thought made him shudder. But he had known. Known that only one of them could make it. So he had to try. For her.

Hayden looked over at his ally. He felt for her, he really did. Jake had been her Prett. And while he had watched Prett die from a distance, Jake had died in her arms.

But if he could deal with Pretts death, Molly would have to deal with Jakes.


“Ya Hayden?” she replied without opening her eyes.

“Molly. I know it’s hard. But you’ve got to be strong.”

Molly just lay there.

“You knew that only one of you could live.”

No response.

“Molly, you’ve got to-”

“I know.” Molly said. “I’ve got to try. For everyone else. I’m failing them. But.. But..”

“Molly. I know how you feel. I know you don’t think it’s possible, but I do. We know the same hurt. But Molly, we have to get through it. Otherwise, we mind as well give up.”

They were both quiet. After several long minutes, Hayden decided to let Molly think by herself, and turned to begin collecting berries again, when Mollies eyes opened. “Hayden…”


“Help me.” She said, holding out her hand. He grasped it, and pulled her up. Molly looked at him straight in the eyes. “I will never to give up,” she said. Hayden noticed that though her face was still wet, her eyes were dry. “As long as I live, I will never, ever, give up.” Then she walked to the berry bushes, and began picking.

Between the two of them, they collected enough to at least quiet the complaints of their empty stomachs. But more importantly, Molly decided she had a friend. Something to live for. Not a friend like Jake. No, she would never have anything like that again.

But a friend nonetheless.

Issabella waited an hour after the Careers had left to venture out into the camp. Finally! She had heard them talking, as usual, in those loud, arrogant voices. And it seemed today, they were setting out for some major hunting, far away from base. They had each loaded up a large backpack with food and water, and even brought along sleeping bags, as Garrick suggested that they might spend the night in the woods.

So it was with joy that Issabella moved from her hiding spot in the trees into the Careers base. She first went up to the stockpile, in the center of a circle of tents, and grabbed various foodstuffs and feasted on them. Her own food had not lasted as long as she had expected, and she was quite hungry. And besides, who knows when she was going to eat next? So she ate until she swore her stomach would split open; then she ate a little more, just in case.

Upon finishing her binge, she rearranged the supplies so that it looked as if nothing had been taken. She considered trying to destroy the supplies. Cover them with the multitudes of poisons in jars that were stacked high at the edge of the pile. She doubted any of the careers could hunt for food. But she realized that she couldn’t hunt either. So the food stayed for now.

After she was finished rearranging the supplies, she decided to take a second to wash the coat of grime that naturally came with the arena off her body. She made her way to the lake, noting how strange it was to move on such a full stomach. She hadn’t been really, truly full for her whole life. She really didn’t like it that much, it made moving difficult.

Once she was at the lake, she just walked right in, not wanting to take her cloths off on national television. The water was nice and cool. She had never swam before, so she stayed where she could touch the bottom. After a few minutes, however, she had mastered the art of floating, and settled for that.

She just lay there, floating, feeling completely relaxed for the first time since… well, even before she had come to the games. It was a nice feeling. Suddenly, she heard a noise. It was very quiet, she would have missed it if the lake hadn’t been completely silent. But she did hear it. It was a faint, mechanical sounding ‘whirrrrrr’ noise. She looked around suspiciously. A noise like that could only come from one of two things; either there was some sort of weird mutt around, or the gamemakers in the capitol were up to something.

As it turns out, the answer was a little of both. For as she looked around, she noticed something in the middle of the lake. Looking through the crystal-clear water she could see… What? What the heck? The lake bottom was literally opening up! What were they trying to do, drain the lake?

Issabella decided that whatever they were doing, she didn’t wan’t to be in the lake to find out. She was just wading out when she saw what was happening.

From the strange hole in the lake bed spewed what looked like large fish. She watched as more and more came, thousands of them. They were each about 2 and a half feet in length.

She decided that they could only be mutts, so she vacated the water quickly. She walked back to the supply dump, checking behind her to make sure the fish didn’t follow her on land or something ridicules like that. She saw that still more were spilling out of the hole, and that they were starting to head up both of the streams that fed into the large lake. She shivered. So much for safe drinking water.

Suddenly, she felt she should retire. Her full stomach made her sluggish, and she just wanted to be safely back in her trees. She grabbed more food from the pile, remembered to grab a few jugs of water, rearranged the pile once more, and as an afterthought, grabbed one of the numerous knives and a small jar of poison to supplement her existing hatchet.

Then she climbed back into her trees, dozed off, to full to do much else, with her days work.

It was a bit after mid-day when Odysseus finally got out of the water. Troy had warned him that some pretty nasty looking fish were headed his way, swarms of them, so the insane boy finally minded his dead brother and got out. His fingers and toes were very pruned from being in the water so long. He realized he hadn’t really eaten since the games began, and made that his first objective.

He wondered through the woods for quite some time, only seeing some squirrels which were far to fast for him and some berries that Troy warned him not to eat. And so he continued wandering, feeling mighty hungry, when suddenly…

“BRO, LOOK OUT!” Troy shouted. But to no avail. Odysseus took another step and was forcefully yanked up by one of his feet. He ended up suspended, upside-down, from a length of wire by his ankle.

“Odysseus! Do something, quick!” Troy shouted. But Odysseus didn’t have a weapon. All he could do was dangle there. “I’m trying, Troy, I’m trying!”

The trap, of course, had been set by none other than Cinder-Rose, who had been dozing in the nearby woods. She was awoken quickly by Odysseus’ cry, and she was immediately on her feet, trying to ignore the blazing pain in her thigh and the slight dizziness from blood loss the still felt. She grabbed her spear and cautiously moved toward the area where the one-way conversation was being held.

“She’s coming? Who is it? A career? No? Who then? Should I fight? What weapons? A spear? Well, I don’t think I have any other choice, but-” He suddenly cut off as he spotted Cinder creeping near him. Cinder stopped. They stared each other down for a few long seconds, separated by a mere 5 feet. Cinder slowly raised her spear, preparing to run Odysseus through when the boy suddenly moved violently, swinging back on his wire, and came close enough to the tree he was suspended from to push off with his arms, and swing directly at Cinder. Cinder, caught off guard, couldn’t get her spear up quickly enough. Odysseus landed a blow on her cheek, scratching her with his nails, leaving deep cuts. He began yelling wildly as he swung back to the tree and began to repeat his attack.

Cinder, stunned by his blow, hardly had time to raise an arm to protect herself. This time though, Odysseus was in some sort of insane rage, and instead of striking her, he bit her, clinging on to her left arm with his teeth. She screamed, and he began using his arms to scratch her face, trying in blind madness to gouge her eyes. In desperation, she tried to drop to the ground to escape the mad boys assault. Instead of ripping her arm from his mouths grasp, however, it was the wire that gave way, sending Odysseus and Cinder crashing to the ground.

Cinder-Rose let out a scream loud enough to be heard miles around. As Odysseus had fallen, he had twisted around in a way that required either Odysseus’ mouth to lose its grip, or her flesh to give out. Odysseus’ maw had won, and suddenly, Cinder found herself missing a sizable chunk of muscle in her upper left arm.

Luckily for her, this left Odysseus rather stunned on the ground, with a mouthful of bloody Cinder-Rose arm. This seemed to bring him out of his insane rampage for a few seconds, as he reached his stomach acid into the grass. Cinder-Rose, with precious blood flowing from her arm, took full advantage of this, using her right arm to stick the spear into Odysseus’ side. The spear slid between his ribs, punctured a lung, and got caught on his spinal cord.

He collapsed, and within a few minutes, his cannon shot.

Cinder-Rose knew she was in trouble when she saw the amount of blood pouring from her wound. She had already lost a major amount of blood from her thigh wound, now this? Dazed, she stumbled the short distance to her makeshift camp, and looked for what was left of the medical tape. She quickly used the rest of it to staunch the blood loss. Even taped, the wound continued bleeding heavily. Cinder felt dizzy. She began seeing little circles in her vision. Everything got a little blurry.

Lucky for her, the blood started to clot, slowing then stopping the flow of her lifeblood. She sighed in relief as the blurriness slowly became clear.

Then, she tried to get up. Immediately, she was struck with a wave of nausea and extreme dizziness, which sent her crashing to the ground onto her face.

“Ow…” She thought dizzily as she rubbed her nose. She felt something wet. She took away her hand. Nosebleed.

“Ou’ve MOT Bo be kibbing me…” She managed to slur out before slipping into unconsciousness.

The sun was just beginning to dip below the tree line when the rabbit was finished.

“Man, Molly, you’re a lifesaver!” Hayden said enthusiastically, examining the recently-shot hare, and taking it off the fire. “Look at that hole. Right through the eye!”

“Don’t mention it,” Molly said, “Just get me some meat!”

It was the first real food either of them had eaten for days, and they both dug in. The rabbit was gone in minutes, and left them both feeling satisfied.

“It’s lucky that we have the bow now… Food shouldn’t be much of a problem anymore.” Haden said quietly. Then a dark look crossed his face. “That bow was the bow that Prett died going for,” he said solemnly, “and the bow that killed Jake. How funny it is that it’s giving us life now.”

“Funny, indeed.” Molly said quietly.

It had been a long day of hiking for Claire and Jared. They had decided to keep on the move, and not say in any one place. They had covered many miles, and as a result, they were exhausted by the time the sun began to set. There was, of course, plenty of story’s and kisses to keep the audience interested. :3

“So,” Hayed said, plopping down on a large rock, “Think this is a good place to stop for the night?”

“Looks good to me,” Claire replied, “ but shouldn’t we do some scouting around first?”

As it turns out, there was no need to, for the next second, the pair heard unexpectedly loud voices just through the trees.

“So, what do you think we should do now?” came a male voice.

Claire and Jared froze.

“I just don’t know… Try to stay alive, I guess.” said a female.

All was quiet for a few seconds. Jared and Claire both drew their knives, and silently crept to the place the voices came from.

What they saw when they peeked through the trees were two tributes, whom Jared remembered were named Hayden and Molly, who seemed to be readying for the night. They had their camp at the edge of a lake, in a clearing. Jared and Claire locked eyes, both wondering the same question. Should they…? Could they…?

But as Claire looked back at the two other tributes, she gasped quietly. Over to the side, she could have sworn… Yes, there it was again. She nudged Jared, and pointed to the foliage over to the side. There were more faces looking at Molly and Hayden. Four more.

Claire recognized them. They were the ones who huddled around the tables at meals, the ones who wanted nothing more in the world than to kill. The careers.

Claire couldn’t let it happen. These kids who enjoyed killing were despicable, and she could not sit their and watch it happen.

Two things happened at almost the same time.

The Careers all burst out of the trees, running straight for Molly and Hayden.

And Claire ran out of her cover, pointing and screaming a warning.

Everything from there was chaos. The careers, not expecting to suddenly have tributes running from the bushes, slowed, tripped over themselves, and generally made a mess of their previously well-planned attack. Molly and Hayden leapt to their feet, suddenly finding themselves in the presence of six tributes who hadn’t been their a moment ago. Jared, shaking his head at Claires foolishness, ran out after her.

Garrick was the first to get his head about him. “Lucky! You distract the new ones! Everyone else, attack!”

His orders got the careers moving, and suddenly, everyone seemed to be fighting. Lucky had two swords out, holding off Claire and Jareds measly knives, while Garrick, Lucy, and Joo-Chan chased after the fleeing Hayden and Molly. Hayden realizes that they are gaining on them, and attempts to escape by jumping in the lake. Suddenly, there is a frenzy in the water, and Jared scrambles out, bleeding from numerous bite marks all over his body. He tries to continue running, but Garrick is upon him.

“What was in the water?” Garrick demands, holding him in the air by his shirt .“Tell me, or you die!”

“F-f-f-fish!” he stutters out. Then Garrick throws him back into the water. The fish mutts are upon him almost instantly. Garrick is laughing as his cannon goes off.

All is calm in the meadow by the lake. The careers, after hunting around for Claire, Jared, and Molly, walked off laughing to search elsewhere. Claire and Jared fled into the bushes quickly after seeing Hayden killed, and hid there, waiting, knowing the careers would expect them to run farther. After the killers left, they walked the opposite direction.

Claire says she’ll take first watch. Jared agrees. They kiss goodnight. It is a long kiss, a kiss that should be full of longing and hope and reassurance. But for Claire, it is a sad kiss, full of sorrow and pain. Because she knows what she has to do. Because she saw Molly walk unsteadily back into that field. The sad, grieving, empty look on her face. Empty. Like a vase emptied of water. Without any glimmer of hope, no hint of happiness to speak of.

She had seen her face in Molly. What she would become. But no, she would be worse. She would lose her will to live when Jared died. She would lay in the grass and wait for death to come. It had been wrong for her to admit she loved him. It was true, but wrong. She had made them both weak. Her and Jareds hearts were now tied together, linked, so if one stopped, the other would soon follow. And one would have to stop soon.

So she made her decision. She had to cut all ties with Jared. So when one of them died, the other may just have a chance.

With Jared fast asleep, she took the bow they had retrieved from the field, the arrows, her knife, and a few berries. She kissed Jared gently, on the lips. With her knife, she carved a message into the trunk of a tree.


This isn’t right. One of us must die, and you know it. I cannot be with you while knowing that.

I wish you luck.

I love you.


Then she runs into the night. Not thinking. She must not think, or she would run back, smother Jared in kisses, and say she would never leave him.

She didn’t think.

A few hours later, the stars are out. The moon is directly overhead, big and full, making the night very bright.

Jared’s eyes snap open at the sound of a piercing scream.

Claires scream.

“CLAIRE!” He shouts as he runs toward the sound of her scream. He doesn’t even see her note.

And then clocks around Panem turn to midnight.

A new day has begun.


Odysseus- speared by Cinder-Rose

Hayden- fish mutts

Day Four: Emotions

Jareds POV

Screaming. I hear her screaming. I have to keep telling myself that the screaming is good. I can find her. It means she’s alive. It’s good.

I’m hardly aware of the thistles wiping at my face, arms, legs. Just running. Running.

I have to find her.

The screaming is getting louder. I’m near. I clutch my little knife tighter. I hear her, right up ahead, beyond the trees. Screaming.

I break out of the tree line yelling. There is a career girl, I don’t know which one, holding Claire against a tree by her collar. Her head turns around, and she’s smiling. Maybe the yelling thing wasn’t such a good idea.

I can’t lose my momentum. I continue at full speed toward them, knife ready. I see her drop Claire to the ground, then kick her head into the tree trunk. Anger and fear rage up inside of me. I’m closing in. No turning back.

The girl is still smiling as she pulls out her sword.

Claires POV

Oh God it HURTS. It hurts from everywhere at once. I can’t move. I can’t move and I’m confused and I want out and it HURTS.

I don’t know what is happening. I was trapped. Yes. I was trapped, I know it. And it hurt. It hurt like it hurts now. But not from everywhere, just one place. And I screamed. Then Jared came. But that can’t be right. He wasn’t supposed to come.

I see the career running away, all three of her. They dance and swirl in my vision, along with the trees and the bushes and the leaves and the orange stars and-

Suddenly, I am vomiting up the tiny bit of food I’ve eaten recently. The acid from my stomach burns my throat. I close my eyes to stop the spinning, but I still see it behind my eyelids. The blackness is spinning, spinning…

I hear something. Someone, calling my name. It sounds like the person is a million miles away. I try to call out, to try to tell the person to speak louder, but no sound comes out, and the blackness keeps on spinning, and I just end up puking again.

It’s louder now, followed by what sounds like metal clashing. What is happening? The voice calls my name again. Is that Jared? I can’t tell. The voice is too quiet, too far away. I dare to open my eyes. Everything is still spinning. But even as I watch, the spinning slows, then stops completely. Everything slowly, ever so slowly, morphs into everything else, three trees becoming two, two becoming one. Sounds get louder. I see the girl some distance away. She’s fighting someone. Beating, more like it.


I have to do something. I look around, but that just makes me dizzy and I almost throw up again. I flail my arms about, looking for something, anything. They are covered in vomit and blood. Suddenly, my right hand hits something. I grasp at it desperately, and bring it in from of my face. It’s my bow, already loaded with an arrow. I must have dropped it there when the girl ambushed me. What luck. Or is it fate?

I try to pull myself into an upright position, but am stopped by a searing pain in my middle. I touch my torso, and when my hand comes up, it is drenched in blood. Not good.

Focus, Claire, focus. Help Jared. He’s in trouble. Help him.

As I watch, Jared suddenly breaks away from the girl. He’s coming toward me. Everything is a little blurry around the edges, but I can hear him clearly now.

“I’m coming, Claire! I’m coming!”

What was he doing? He should be running away! I try to yell for him to run the other way, to leave me, I’ll be fine. But nothing comes out. I can’t talk. I do, however puke again. But this time, It has a coppery taste. Not bile. Blood.

Jared keeps coming.

“Don’t worry Claire! I’ve got you! It’ll be all righ-”

And then he gasps. And then he falls.

A sword is sticking out of his back.

No. It can’t be. But it is. The girl is running toward me now. Smiling. I can’t take it. I ignore the ripping pain that shoots through me as I grab my bow, pull the string, and send the arrow into the careers shoulder. She gives out a cry of pain, and decides I’m not worth it. She runs away.

Jareds canon fires.

And I sit there. The pain in my middle doesn’t subside. I hope whatever that girl did to me is fatal. Because Jared is dead.

Because my heart is dead.

The sun is just rising as Cinder-Rose awakes from her unconsciousness. She is extremely weak, her body using most of its energy desperately attempting to make up for the blood she has lost. Slowly, she gets up, making sure to take it easy. She decides to take stock of what she has.

Looking through her large backpack, she realizes something is wrong.

There is no food or water.

Immediately she grabs her spear that is lying on the ground beside her, ignoring her weakness. Somebody had stolen all her food and water while she was out. Why hadn’t the person just killed her? She couldn’t think of an answer.

“Come out!” She shouted in a dry, raspy voice. She hadn’t really realized how thirsty she was. Just great.

“I said, come out!” Perhaps she shouldn’t be encouraging the person. She wasn’t in the best fighting shape as of now, after all…

But too late now. There was a rustling in the bushes. Cinder felt the weakness in her muscles, the dryness of her throat, but nevertheless, prepared herself to fight to the death…

Out walked Venus, hands raised. Cinder nearly ran her through with a spear, but Venus just swept the weak stab aside, and twisted the spear out of Cinders hands. She smiled, held up one of Cinders wire snares with a rabbit dangling from it, and said sweetly, “Allies?”

Just then, a silver parachute falls through the trees, and hit’s a slightly dazed Cinder on the head. It’s a large bottle of water and a roll of medical bandages.

“Uh… Sure.”

Garrick was furious. “So you REALLY let her GO?” Garrick yelled angrily at Lucky, pacing back and forth. “She was half dead already! Why not just finish her?”

“Cmon, Garrick, give her a break.” Lucy said. “She’ll just bleed out eventually.”

Garrick gave Lucy an angry glare. “Oh yea? What if she has sponsors? What if it’s just superficial damage? You probably didn’t even hit an organ!”

“Garrick, she shot me in the shoulder! I didn’t want to risk it. She is just a wounded animal. She wont last long.” Lucky said, rubbing her bandaged shoulder.

“If she was strong enough to shoot an arrow, I personally doubt she’s really as injured as you say.” Garrick spit out. He was really working himself up.

“Coulda’ just been adrenalin…” Joo added under his breath. Garrick pretended not to hear. He just continued to pace around the careers makeshift base.

“I wanted to be heading back to the main base later today, but it’s not happening until we know we have everyone around here.” He said. “We know we have at least two; the one who escaped from us the other night, and now this one. We are not heading back until we have them both.”

The other careers did not argue.

Molly roamed. She really didn’t roam with any purpose at all. She just walked around, with only her knife and a small water bottle with her. She had found a berry bush earlier in the day, and she had eaten the fruit without hesitation, not really caring if they were poisonous. But that was early, and it was now past noon, so she guessed she was alright.

Another one was dead. She had let two humans nestle themselves into her as people she could trust with anything.

She would never make that mistake again.

That night, Issabella watched the sky. Only one death today, the boy from eight. Kinda sad, she thought. He was the one who had liked his district partner. So that made… What? Nine of them left? Wow. Only ten more.

And as long as the careers stayed away like this, she was as set as can be.

Issabella slept with a full belly and a smile that night.

Deaths: Jared Nylon- Sword in back

Day Five: Desperation

In the early morning of the fifth day, just two tributes are awake. Cinder-Rose and Venus sit around the half-burned logs of last nights fire. The new allies had decided the fire was an acceptable risk, and used it to cook the rabbit that Cinders traps had caught. Now, they were picking over the remains of that rabbit for breakfast.

As they picked over the meat, Cinder decided to bring up something that had been bothering her. “So… Why didn’t you do it? Why didn’t you kill me?”

Venus licked some fat from her finger. “Eh?”

Cinder looked away. “Well… I don’t get it. You came into my camp. You took my food, my water. I was unconscious. You could’ve just killed me, right then and there. And then when I tried to stab you. You could have killed me then, too. But you didn’t. Instead, you took me as an ally. You took a weak, injured tribute as an ally. Why?”

Now it was Venus’ turn to look away. “Well… I thought about killing you. I really did. But I couldn’t. I don’t know if I can kill anybody anymore.”

Cinder smirked. “Your not going to get very far in these games if you can’t kill anyone.”

“Ya, I know. It’s just… During the bloodbath, I killed my district partner. I didn’t want to. I tried to ally with him. But he attacked me. And… I killed him. He was so young. Now I could never go back home anyway.” Venus said, hanging her head in shame.

Cinder felt bad for her. “It’s ok… I’m sure they won’t hold anything you did against you. Everything is different in these games. Everything changes. You’re not the same person in here as you are out there..”

“I sure hope so.”

Issabella took a last look back at the careers camp. After much deliberation, she had finally decided that she was pushing her luck. The careers had been gone for days, and they were sure to be back any time now. If it wasn’t for the sky each night telling her the fatalities, she would have thought them dead by now. But no, they were all still alive and killing.

So she had grabbed all that she could carry, dumped out any extra water, and poured the careers own poison on the food. There was so much that it actually began to pool up everywhere, which would probably give it away. But oh well. She had made sure nothing was edible, at least.

And so, lugging two back packs full of supplies, and with as many weapons as she would ever need, Issabella left the clearing.

Molly looked at the stream in front of her. More importantly, she looked at the fish mutts in the stream. There were tons of them, hundreds, just in the little stretch of water she could see. Just perfect.

She had just finished off her small water bottle a few minutes ago, knowing that there was a river nearby. Now this. She could already feel an ache in the back of her throat, though weather that was real thirst or just her mind playing tricks on her, she couldn’t say.

After looking at the water for some time, Molly had the idea that she might, if she was quick enough, be able to run to the rivers edge and scoop up some water. She waited until there were a little fewer fish near the edge, and made a lunge with her bottle. As soon as she moved, however, there was a great commotion in the water, and all of the fish in her general area was suddenly in the shallows, looking up at her expectantly, abruptly putting an end to her plan.

For some reason, this pushed her over the edge. She started crying. There was no hope. There was no point in trying. She didn’t have any chance of winning, and wasn’t even sure if she wanted to anymore. She considered throwing herself to the fish. Wondered how fast it would be…

This disturbing thought snapped her back into reality. What just happened? Had she really just thought that? And more importantly, had the world just seen her show of weakness?

She could only hope the cameras had something more interesting to focus on.

Molly got up, shook off the thoughts, and walked on.

After a long night of hunting, the careers had come up empty-handed. Lucy could not recall where she had wounded Claire, and Molly had remained elusive thought the night. Which, invariably, lead to some very tired and frustrated careers.

“Garrick,” Lucy said tiredly, “can’t we just go back to camp? We’ve been away for days… We barley have any food left…”

“No.” Garrick said, “We stay until we find them.”

“But they’re probably miles away by now!” Lucky exclaimed.

“Oh, but I thought that girl was going to bleed out, huh? Dead any minute, eh?” Garrick said accusingly.

“Ok, guys, we need to calm down. We’re all tired and grouchy, and need sleep.” Ju said, laying down at the base of a tree and yawning.

“I agree.” Said, Lucky.

Garrick grumbled, but he WAS tired. And maybe sleep would help him find his bearings. Because, though he had been hiding it for some time, he didn’t know where the river had gone. And without the river, he had no idea where they were.

They were lost.

Claire lifted the bow. Ignored the pain. Drew the arrow. Ignored the pain. Shot it. Ignored the pain.


Claire lifted the bow.

All day. She had practiced all day. Not only the bow and arrow. But other things. Like ignoring the pain. And feeding her anger. Ignoring the pain was the hardest of the three, because it had hurt so badly. It was like a thousand knives ripping through her middle every time she moved. But she ignored it.

She had almost lost to the pain. It had almost beaten her to submission when she lifted up her shirt to reveal the wound. A deep puncture wound on the left side of her stomach, deep red and oozing a clear liquid. All around the wound was what looked like a red stain on her skin. Probably not a good thing. Yes, seeing the wound had almost beat her. But it didn’t.

Fueling her anger. Oh, how easy it is to her now. But it wasn’t. When she had woke up, lying on the ground. Seeing where Jared had been, a bloody smear on the ground where he had lain. She had not been angry. All she could feel was sad. The sadness, too, had almost beaten her. But it didn’t.

Because soon, her sadness turned to anger. More than anger, pure rage. A rage and the people who had killed the one she loved. The Careers were evil, demons who deserved nothing more than to burn in hell forever. She soon decided that it was her job to send them there.

This is where the bow came in. The bow was hard to master, but not as hard as the pain or the sadness. At first, she had been a horrible shot. Arrows would fly every which way until she had no arrows left, and then she would be forced to go after them. Though this made it difficult to ignore the pain, it helped her develop a way of walking about. She found that by walking with a slight swinging motion on her left side, she could move about relatively freely. By the end of the day she had even managed to work out a little jog.

More importantly, by the end of the day, she was the master of the bow. It was like a hand, the arrows like her fingers.

Lift the bow. Ignore the pain. Draw the arrow. Ignore the pain. Shoot. Ignore the pain.


She stared at the tree she had been using as a target. In the middle was two halves of an arrow, split perfectly down the middle by the arrow she had just fired. She was ready.

She then laid down. Peeked at her wound. More liquid seeping out, and the red stain seemed to have grown quite a bit. She probably should have been worried. But she wasn’t. She just that hoped whatever it was, it wouldn’t kill her before she found the Careers.

No deaths today.

Day 6: Blaze of Glory

Claire’s eyes snapped open.

She lay there gasping, covered in a cold sweat, unable to clear her mind of the images. Over and over she had seen them during the night, each time it was the same thing. Jareds death flashed before her time after time, each time from a different angle. Sometimes she saw it from her own eyes. Sometimes she was Jared, feeling the sword piercing through his torso. Sometimes, she was Jareds family, watching on the television, crying as their son was slain. Sometimes as the capitolites, tittering with excitement at this new twist.

Once she was the career, running up from behind, feeling the power behind her sword stroke. And feeling the joy when Jared lay twisted on the ground. That was the worst one.

It took Claire a little while to control the emotions running through her. She took each image, each grotesque clip, and turned her mourning into rage. It worked. That terrible monster, that nameless career, had supplied her with the greatest weapon a human could have. The lust for revenge.

Nothing but this power, this driving force of revenge, could have gotten Claire up that morning. Because it was her lust for revenge that dulled the ripping pain that her wound gave when she stood up. Inspecting the wound, she saw it was worse. The area directly around the site was black and swollen, with that particular red stain over her skin spreading all the way up her left side and into her midsection. She would have to move quickly, she knew. Whatever this infection was, it was moving quickly.

Claire felt nauseous and feverish. Her head felt like a someone was using her brain as a drum. But she grabbed her bow and her arrows, and walked to find the ones who killed her beloved.

Claire was making good time given the extent of her injuries. She didn’t quite know where she was going. She wasn’t thinking. Just wandering, like the hungry lion roaming the savannah, searching tirelessly for prey. Her eyes were twitching this way and that, scanning the forest for signs of life. Her ears were listening through the chattering of birds to hear the sounds of human voices.

Suddenly, she heard one. But not the harsh, cruel voices of her quarry. No, a much softer, gentler voice called out…


She gave a involuntary yelp. No… It couldn’t be… It was impossible! She had seen it happen. She had seen it happen all in her dreams, over and over again…

“Claire! Don’t you see me?”

She did. He was there, in front of her. Real. This couldn’t be a capitol illusion. No technology could produce such a real image. It was him. He was alive.

Jared, her loved one, came walking toward her, beaming, with extended arms ready to give her a hug. She stared into his eyes, so real, so deep; but she could not dare herself to believe it.

He kept on walking. “Don’t be scared,” he said soothingly, “it’s just me.” Yes. She shouldn’t worry. He was alive, he was there, she was going to feel his strong arms around her any second now…

Suddenly, Jared stopped. His eyes grew wide, and he gasped. Claire watched as he whipped around just in time for the career that killed him to come bursting out of the bushes, sword raised.

Claire screamed as she watched the career girl shoved the sward into Jareds body, a gleeful smile decorating her face. Jared screamed, blood shooting out of him, as the career removed the sward and ran away.

And just as suddenly as Jared had appeared, he was gone. There was no body. No blood. Nothing. Just Claire, standing stunned in the forest.

The human brain is a powerful thing. And like all things that control any amount of power, when damaged, it can become corrupt.

Claire kept on walking.

Molly was walking along the bank of the river, looking for somewhere to fill her empty water bottle. This feat she was attempting was growing increasingly difficult, as it seemed the man eating fish that prevented her from drinking were following her expectantly. She was beginning to lose hope in her task, and had decided to attempt another way to collect water, when she heard the scream.

To be certain, it was less of a scream than a startled cry. But nevertheless, it came from nearby, perhaps just ten yards away, through the trees. Molly was immediately on the alert. She drew her knife and hid behind a tree. Adrenalin pumped through her veins as she listened for any other sounds. But there was only silence. That is, until a few seconds later, there was another scream. No mere cry this time, it was not cut short, but a full-out scream. Again, Molly listened for the sounds of an attack, a conflict, a wild animal, something that would provoke a scream. But there was nothing.

After a few minutes of nothing but hearing the sounds of the forest, Molly decided to follow the screamer. Maybe the person had some water she could nab later tonight.

So Molly set off, as quietly as she could, in the general direction from which the noise had emanated.

Claire had found them.

It was mid afternoon when she found them. It was a good thing she had found them then, too, or she probably never would have. She was exhausted from walking all day, and her body was ready to give up its fight. The only thing that kept her going was her lust for the killers blood.

She was ready to fulfill that lust. Peering from behind some bushes, she could easily see the four careers. They seemed to be getting ready to leave the clearing they were in, as they were packing what was left of their food and water into their backpacks.

Claire waited. Savored the moment. She watched the sun move slowly through the sky. Don’t worry, Jared, she thought, I’ll be there soon. I only have one more thing to do.

With that, she decided that it was time. She painfully hauled herself into a kneeling position behind the bushes. Grabbed her bow. Loaded an arrow.

She stood up. A career noticed her and yelled out. She let her aims fall on him first.

She fired. As the arrow hit the boy in the head, his cannon shot, and the rest of the careers shouts of alarm, were masked bye a much louder booming.

Then all hell broke loose.

Garrick watched as everything around him went to hell.

It wasn’t as if anything was unusual beforehand. After waking up, the careers had decided to finally return to their home base. Let the others kill themselves off, they thought. Let them all run out of water, and die of either thirst of by the fish mutts the game makers had put in the water.

They had been packing up, preparing to leave, when Joo-Chan had shouted, “Girl!”

Garrick looked over just in time to see an arrow pierce through Joo’s face.

At the same time, he heard an ominous booming, like thunder, coming from somewhere he couldn’t register. And suddenly, with a chance glance to the sky, he saw fireballs. Dozens of them, all arching through the sky on a crash coarse with the clearing.

His mind worked furiously. Already, the girl in the bushes, curse her soul, was releasing another arrow, this time at Lucy, who was charging her with a sword. She, too went down.

The first fireball hit behind Garrick with an enormous explosion, far enough away not to hurt him, but close enough that he could feel the searing heat and the chunks of earth hitting him in the back. He dove forward, hitting the ground hard and going limp, like the blast had killed him. All around him now, there was deafening explosions. Smoke, dirt, and burning leaves clouded his vision.

Confident that the mystery archer couldn’t see him through the smoke, he looked around for Lucky. He saw her emerge from the smoke not fifteen feet away from him, clutching an arrow in her side. Her mouth seemed to be yelling something, but her words were lost in the sound of the explosions. Garrick watched as two more arrows blasted through the smoke in rapid succession, the first one hitting her in her already bandaged shoulder, the second in the side of her neck. She was grasping desperately at her neck when a fireball appeared out of nowhere and struck her directly. The explosion was so near that it deafened Garrick for a few seconds, and then left his eardrums ringing.

Looking for a weapon, he saw a slightly bent heavy sword laying just feet away from him. He lurched forward and grabbed it, hauling himself up as he did so.

As fireballs exploded around him, he knew that he had to kill this girl. But he couldn’t just charge her. She was behind cover, with a ranged weapon. So Garrick ran off to his left, trying not to breath in the heavy smoke that obscured his vision. Seconds later, a fireball hit just where he was laying.

He worked his way left for a few more seconds, constantly in fear of being hit by the constant rain of firebombs, until he saw the forest, caught alight by the fireballs, burning through the smoke. Then, in a crouching run, he charged for the girl.

For some reason, he had believed that the game makers barrage had been directed toward the careers only, and that the area around his enemy would be magically free of smoke. But as he ran toward where he knew she was, all he saw was a wall of burning forest. Did she get hit? He thought to himself. He stood there, torn between running away and getting away from the firebombs, and making sure the job was done. Suddenly, a figure rose up, outlined in front of the flames, and an arrow shot by Garricks ear just as two fireballs exploded on either side of him. Paying the explosions no heed, he yelled at the top of his voice, dashing the short space between him and the girl before she could reload her bow.

In the second that he reached the bush she was hiding behind, he could see her face through the smoke. It was covered in black soot, and half obscured by blood pouring from her eye, from which a small knife stuck out. Apparently Lucky had scored a hit after all. Her one good eye, though, unsettled him. It was looking at him, not with fear or even anger, but a sort of longing. Her mouth was twisted into a little smile.

He hesitated, for just a second. What was she smiling about?

Then her smile vanished, and she said something. His hesitation vanished. He swung hard, felt the blade slicing through her torso. He swung again and again, even as she collapsed to the ground. Sometime in this, his sword was turned in his hands, so he was beating the girl with the broad side of his weapon. He didn’t notice or care.

After he was satisfied that she was dead, Garrick dashed off into the woods, dodging the fires that were roaring up around him. He didn’t care where he was going, as long as he got away from the fireballs.

Even as he got farther and farther away from the clearing, Garrick kept running. Even though he knew that he should get his bearings and head toward the career base camp, even though his muscles screamed for a rest, he didn’t stop running. Why? He wasn’t completely sure. But as he ran farther and farther, he realized that he was running from the girl. That young girl he had killed, and not just killed, mutilated. He was running because she had scared him. It was the same reason he had continued striking her, long after the first blow. Because he could have sworn that in that one moment of hesitation, before he had struck, he had heard her voice, weak and innocent, pleading with him.

Please kill me. I don’t want to burn.

It was hours later that Molly stumbled from her hiding spot into the pock-marked clearing.

She had seen the whole thing. She had remained behind her tree, unable to bring herself to move from it, for the duration of the bombardment. She was amazed she hadn’t been hit. She was shell-shocked, and having trouble thinking and moving about smoothly, like her brain was getting its thoughts and messages mixed up. She tried to clear her jumbled thoughts. Why had she left her hiding spot? The fire. Yes, the fire had forced her out. And there was another reason…. Claire!

Yes! Claire! She had followed her all day, not knowing who she was. At first, when Molly had seen that she carried nothing but a bow and arrows, no food, no water, she had almost killed her. But she hadn’t. She kept on following. The girl had an affected walk, a sort of shambling gait that hinted to injury. She occasionally talked to herself, though Molly could never make out what she was talking about. And every few hours, she would stop dead in her tracks, have a short conversation with somebody who wasn‘t there, followed by a scream. Then she would continue on her way as if nothing had happened.

Molly thought she was insane.

Molly had followed her all the way to the Careers camp. At first, she was scared with her proximity to the camp, but the careers seemed preoccupied with something, so she stayed a short distance away from the girl, waiting to see what had brought her here. Did the insane girl know something she didn’t?

It was when she stood up, and Molly saw her face, that she recognized Claire. The girl who was in love with her district partner. The one who had risked her life to save her and Hayden when the careers had attacked them. Molly was glad she hadn’t killed her.

She had lost track of Claire after the fireballs started falling in earnest, and the smoke shrouded the clearing. Now the smoke had cleared, and all she knew was that the once-green clearing was deserted.

“Claire!” Molly shouted. Perhaps not the best idea; but she felt that she could trust Claire not to shoot her. Her fuzzy mind didn’t even think that there might still be careers still nearby. “Claire!”

Molly looked around her. Everywhere, there was burning forest. She was literally surrounded by it. Where was Claire? Had she escaped? And how was she going to get out of the meadow, surrounded by a forest fire?

Then she heard a voice. It was quiet, nearly unperceptible over the crackling of the fire around her. But she heard it.

"I'm coming, Jared. I'm coming."

“Claire?” Molly said, sounding uncertain. She looked high and low for her. But all she could see was fire. She called her name, over, and over, and over.

But there was no reply.

The night sky was watched with interest by everyone that night. Even the ones that had nothing to do with the days events had at least heard the explosions, and wondered what was going on. Nobody really knew who had died, nor how many, as all of the cannon shots where masked by the sound of explosions.

As the faces flashed against the stars, tributes counted on there fingers how many were left. How many they would have to kill. How much blood would have to be shed.

Just to get back home.


Joo-Chan Park- Claire Silk

Lucy Fighter- Claire Silk

Lucky Dawn- Claire Silk / Fireball

Claire Silk- Garrick Gardiner / Infection

DAY 7:

Issabella walked stealthily through the woods.

Well, as stealthily as her load would let her be that is. The large amount of food, water, and weapons she had taken from the careers camp was making being stealthy a bit of a problem as her backpack rustled bushes, bumped branches, and generally made a racket.

But that didn’t matter to Issabella. The pack could make as much noise as it liked. She knew that, unless there was another lake or river in the arena, water was almost a unattainable resource from now on. And she was fairly certain that she had the most water out of any of the other tributes. She had food. She had weapons. She even had some medical supplies. So, if it came down to it, she could just wait these games out.

But she didn’t want to. There was one tribute she had to kill herself. Garrick.

She had seen it in the sky last night. The carriers had been decimated, all dead except for Garrick. And then that one girl, the one from eight. Issabella just knew that Garrick had killed her. And that made her hate him all the more.

So she had set off to look for him. She had no clue what had taken place the day before, but she saw a thick column of smoke rising into the sky some distance away from here. She didn’t know how far, but she knew that is the direction she must head.

She soon discovered another pitfall to having so many supplies; they can really weigh a girl down. She became tired quickly, and she started taking little breaks every ten or twenty minutes to sit down, rest, and take a quick sip of water.

It was on one of these breaks that she heard a bush rustle somewhere in her vicinity.

Quick as a flash, she had drawn her hatchet. Despite having several other weapons, the hatchet remained her favorite.

She looked around suspiciously. More bushes started rustling. And the leaves of trees. She heard a chattering sound.

She began to relax. It wasn’t another tribute.

That’s when the first squirrel mutt jumped out of a tree.

Cinder-Rose’s POV

We both look at the half-full bottle of water. It really symbolized everything for me and Venus right now. Just not enough.

Yesterday, we took a look at our supplies, and realized that our standing wasn’t very good. We had only a little dry meat and crackers for food, and one and a half bottles of water. And then we drank a bottle of water.

I guess what I could make last for several days by myself, just wouldn’t do for two people. That, coupled with the fact that according to Venus, the river was infested with man-eating fish and my rabbit snares had gotten no further success, made to put us in a bad spot.

We are even running out of fresh bandages to wrap my wounds in. My leg was getting better, albeit slowly, but my arm was just refusing to heal. That kid had taken a real chunk out of my arm. I can hardly even move it. Ah, well, at least it’s not infected. Yet.

“You take it.” I say, holding the water out to her. “You have a better chance at winning.”

“No,” she says, shaking her head. “You take it. You’re injured, you need it more.”

“Venus, don’t be difficult. You think I’m going to win these games with one usable arm and hardly able to walk? No, you take it. And make it last.” I say, tossing the bottle at her. She catches it. Looks at me. I smile. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I say. I don’t sound very convincing, even to myself.

“Cinder, I’m not going to stay here at watch you die. We’ll split it.” Venus says in a despairing voice. She really cares. It makes me feel good inside.

“No, your right. Your not going to stay and watch me die. You’re going to go out and hunt down the rest of the tributes and win.”

Venus looks at the ground. Back up at me. I put on a stern face. “Go.” I say. “Don’t worry about me.”

Venus stands up slowly, hesitantly. I wave her off with my good hand. “Go on, Venus. Don’t worry about me. I’m not just giving up. Just remember, when it’s just us two left, meet at the cornucopia. Got that?”

Venus nods. I see tears in her eyes. And finally, she turns and runs away, with her large knife and water bottle in tow.

I wait about thirty seconds. Then, with difficulty, I stand up. Test out my leg a little bit. I can walk fine, it just hurts a little. Then I pick up my spear and pack what was left of my supplies in my backpack; my food, two empty water bottles, and what was left of my medical tape.

Then I head off in the same direction as Venus.

Garrick was on the prowl.

He was burned, cut, bruised, hungry, and thirsty. He had no water or food.

Only his bloody sword.

And now he was hunting, moving in the general direction of the career base. Even if he couldn’t find the base, he hoped to hunt down the remaining tributes before he really started feeling the effects of dehydration. The river, he knew, was a no-go, and so far he hadn’t seen any other sources of water.

And besides. Hunting was what he did.

Molly was still trapped.

For more than a day, she had been trapped in the clearing. No food, no water. Just a blackened, cratered field, and a ring of fire entrapping her.

She knew she would die here if she stayed. She could feel the intense burning of her parched throat with every smoke-filled breath. And still, the roaring forest fire blazed on.

But she did not give up hope. She had to have hope. She dreamed of winning the games. What she would do. She decided that she couldn’t dwell on the deaths of Jake and Hayden. That would be self-inflicted torture. No. Instead of letting them haunt her, she would erect monuments for them. And remember them. Remember them always.

If she won the games.

Issabella stumbled through the trees, exhausted. She had been on the run all day. The squirrel mutts had been persistent, but she had managed to hack, slash, and run enough to finally get them off her back.

Tired. Cut. Bruised.

But hopeful.

No deaths today :)

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