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JaguarGuy2212's 72nd Annual Hunger Games

JaguarGuy2212's 72nd Hunger Games

The rules are that you illiminate tributes by wounding them in a certain way. Wound badly. Now please give me triutes





Hair Color



Eye Color


Training Scores:

Crystal - 10

Jacob - 12

Hannah - 10

Caelan - 9

Day 1: The Bloodbath

Sky Azure D1:



I have my eyes on a silver-blue trident in the center of the Cornucopia. I was able to get to it in time and grab a large blue pack. I ran towards the snowy moutain section of the arena. Then I stop to watch. The huge seventeen year old from 7 has grabbed the boy from ten and begins to strangle him. HIs strong arms are wrapped so tightly that in only a matter of seconds the boy is dropped and starts convulsing on the ground, for his lungs are permanently damgaged. Better stay away from him. Then the boy from 2 has seen me. He's only twelve so I don't think hes very dangerous. Thats what I assume until a huge knife is embedded in the tree next to me, only a half a centimenter from my face. Thats when I run.

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