This is my first annual hunger games. I need 23 tributes. No stylist or mentors will be needed. HAVE FUN. Reservations last 2 days. You can sponsor ur own tribute

Do to error District 12 will have 1 tribute. Sorry for the inconveinnce.

Tribute Form:CLOSED






Name-------- Age------District ------Weapons -------Looks
M1.Bentley Emerson- Odair; 17; emerald green eyes, brown hair, hot; Axe, mace, sword, knives, spear.
F1. Shimmer Cashmere: 17; knife,axe, bow and arrows, mace, pretty much everything; Beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes, porcelain skin, pink lips, GORGEOUS, thin
M2. Jupiter Nellnex; 17; spear, mace, strength; blonde/brown hair, blue eyes
F2. Natala Teegly; 18; swimming, disk; black hair, blue eyes
M3.Ryan Porter; ; tall, muscular, good looking, handsom
F3. Aria Camelliston; 16; Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body; Bows and arrows
M4.Nicholas Davenport; 17; spiky blonde hair, emerald green eyes, tall, muscular, and handsome; trident ,sword, mace
F4. Maysilea [Maci] Parcels; 17; Beautiful, blonde wavy hair with a couple aqua colored streaks, bright blue eyes, pink lips, light skin; Trident, mace, sword
M5. Rick Powers; 15; wires, knife, bow and arrows; blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin
F5.Olivia Blake; 17; bow and arrows, spear; long brown hair, dull green eyes, freckles all over face.
M6.James Will; Spear and Slingshot; fit body, shocking blue eyes
F6.Misty Calliden; 16; bow and arrows, knives, spear, throwing knives; long ilky brown curls, tall, thin, lean, strong, ivory skin, petite stature, beautiful
M7. Johnathan Hunted; 17; sword, knife, axe; slicked back black hair, slim but strong
F7. Cassandra-Lynn Anderson; 18; throwing axes; pale skin, long curly brown hair, frecles on cheeks;
M8. Cotton Woods; 12; plant identify, knife, spear; white skin, hazel eyes, brown hair, ugly.
F8. Derryn Tai; 15; Scimitar; black hair, dark eyes, pale skin;
M9. Andy Pillars; 18; dark blue hair, emerald green eyes and handsome; machete and spear
F9.Sasha Selenta; 17;light green hair(dont ask me how, but it helps for camoflauging), freckles, one blue eye and one green eye, quite small; bow & arrows/knive throwing
M10.Jack Fielder; 17;White hair, dark brown eyes;mace, never misses with an axe or throwing axes
F10.Hanna Watson; 15; Lasso, dagger, sleuth; red hair, porcelin white skin, pink lips, green eyes.
M11. Chaff Marks;17; spear, plant identify; brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes
F11. Demi Bloom; 18; blowgun, spear, axe, throwing knives; long shiny black hair, olive skin, electric blue eyes, thin, muscular, gorgeus.
F12.Arabella Spyder; 17; her teeth, poison knives, poison bow and arrows;pithch black eyes, skinny, tall and only three finger on left hand.

Alliances will be up too me if your District 5-12. I might add u to the carerrs. I will decided how many in each alliance. The alliance will probably get changed. Dont worry :) NO MORE CARERRS. PICK ANOTHER ALLIANCE OR BE ALONE

Careers: Maci (4); Aria (3);Shimmer(1);Bentley(1);Nicholas(4);Cassandra(7); Misty(6) Jupiter(2); Natala(2);
Anti- Careers: Jack(10); Sasha(9); Derryn(8); Johnathan(7); Cotton(8); Hanna(10)
Olivias Alliance:: Olivia(5); James(6); Demi(11); Ryan(3); Chaff(11)
Alone; Andy Pillars(9); Arabella(12); Rick(5)

Sponsors: Each will have 750 dollars

Tribute being Sonsored -----Sponsor---- In need of----Money
M1. Bently.............................Katelyn.danita
F1. Shimmer.......................... Katelyn.danita
M2. Jupiter...........................Simscons
F3. Aria................................. Katelyn.danita
M4. Nicholas .........................FinnickForever
F4. Maci .................................Katelyn.danita
M5.Rick................Jake Olmos
F5. Olivia .................................Asfbn
M7. Johnathan......Mysims
M8.Cotton.......Jake Olmos
F8 Derryn Tai..............District1MarvelRules!
M9 Andy...............FinnickForever
F9. Sasha ...............................Tobi99
M10. Jack ...............................Tobi99
F10. Hanna ,,,,,,,,,,,,AshtonMoioLover
M11. Chaff.....Jake Olmos
F11. Demi.........Readwriteliveniki

Reapings: Will be posted once tributes fill

Bently Pov 1

It was 5am. I coudnt sleep. I got up out of my bed and walked outside into the cold air of District 1. I remembered today was the reapings. As much of an honor it would be to be picked. I didnt wanna be picked. I walked inside and got ready. I had on jeans, a t-shirt with 1 on it. My parents took me by the hand praying i did get picked. We walked in front of our justice building. In front were two bowls filled with boys and then girls names. Our escort walked onto the stage, picked up the girls name from there bowl and said,"Shimmer Cashmere,". I count beleive it. She was my best friend and long-time crush. I think she likes me too. But anyway, the escort walked over to the buys bowl and read," Bentley Emerson- Odair" My parents were cheering. I was not. For i new i coundnt kill Shimmer. She should kill me.

Ryan's POV 2

The day was balmy here in District 2. The crowd was exited though. I was exited becasue i wanted to be picked. I want to show Panem What i got! Our escort, bright and pink walked over the the girls bowl and read" Natala Teegly" Never heard of her. Then the escort walked over to the boys bowl and read" Matty Mchibin" No!!! i stood up and yelled" I volunterr."!!! Matty was my enemy, i coundlt let him steel my glory. I think he might enjoy it if i die. But i won't.

Aria Pov 3

Great! the day of the reapings my least favorite day of the year. Whats there to look foward to. I guess if i got picked i would join the carerrs. But the chances are ill die. District 3 hasnt had a victor since Beetee won. I waited in anticipation to see who was going to the arena this year. Two kids who dont know what there doing probably. Our male escort walked over to the boys bowl and said" Ryan Porter" I knew him from school but I knew he wasnt very athletic. Our escort walked over to the girls bowl and said" Aria Camelliston" that was me! But i wasnt happy. Remember i said two kids who didnt know what they were doing. I was one of those kids.

Maci Pov 4

.The smell of fish ligered in front of the Justice Building here in District 4. Our district is usually a career district so i knew if i got picked i woyld make it to the end. Out escort, dressed in fish clothes to match out district walked over to the girls bowl and said," Maci parcels" that was me, Yes! I get to show Panem there next victor. Then the escort walked over to the boys bowl, picked a peice of paper and said," Nicholas Davenport" Oh, great. The guy who has a crush on me is going to try to kill me. But not before i kill him.

Olivia Pov 5

You can here the hum of the electricity line here at the Justice Building. Nobody here liked the games. let alone we had to watch them. Everybody seemed sad. The escort, not as cherry as usual walked over to the Boys bowl and said,' Rick Powers" I hated him, he thought he new everything. the last thing i needed was to get picked. The escort walked over to the girls bowl and said," Olivia Blake" Thats great! Seriously! I get to kill Rick, my no it all freak of a friend. I will kill. i will come out victorious.

James Will 6

The clunk of transportation was everywhere. I coudnt here anything. The escort was wearing a car costume! She walked over to the girls bowl and read,"Misty Calliden." Weve exchanged small talk and were not close friends. The escort walked over to The boys and said," James Will" That was me. Even the transportaion sounds cant block that out. But i was puzzuled. I dont want to kill misty. But i have to.

Cassandra Pov 7

The smell of pine was in the air. I coudnt leave home. Unless i was picked i wouldnt have to. The escort walked on stage. looked at us and said "I hate my job" Well, thats nice. Ur not the one heading for death so get over it. He walked over to the boys and said"Johnathan Hunted" he was as white as a ghost. the escort walked over to the girls and said "Cassandra- Lynn Anderson" Can these name get any longer" I walked on stage and punched him. I walked over to the micophone and said" happy hunger games" the crowd cheered.

Cotton Woods Pov 8

The smell of fumes from our district was overwelming. Some people were vomiting! the escort got right to it. She reached in the boys and read" Cotton Woods" I walked on stage prepared to die. She walked over to the girls bowl and read" Derryn Tai." that sounded like a boys name. No matter, they were sure to die. As was I.

Andy Pillars Pov 9

the amber waves of grain were right behind the justice building. My home was beautiful. The escort, trying to impress us, was wearing wheat as a dress. It was unimpresive. She saw that nobody liked it and said," I would be happy to send u out to die" Ouch. That hurt. But who cars. She walked over to the girls and said" Sasha Selenta" She wasnt very pretty. The escort walked over to the boys and said" Andy Pillars" Great. Im going to die. maybe the careers will like me. If they dont i need to find an alliance.

Hanna Watson 10 Pov

I hate the reapings. You sit in front of the justice building on a hot day smelling animal poop! Gross!. the escort smells it two and goes straight for the boys bowl and says: Jack Feilder I dont know him but ive herard hes really good a butchering. That might come in handy. The escort walks over to the girls bowl and says; hanna watson" I shoudve gone to butchering school.

Chaff Marks 11 pov

My district smell like fruit. I love my district. The escort is as cherry as usual. She hops over to the girls and says"Demi Bloom My ex-girlfriend! Oh shell probalbly die. The escort then says," Chaff marks." The problem is, I might be the one to kill her.

Arabella Spyder 12 Pov

The old justice building stands before me. there was a rule change for 12 a few days ago saying due to errors in the system. District 12 will have 1 tibute. The boys and girls ball are 1 in the center of the stage. this year we could have either a boy or girl as tribute. The escort, dressed in black reaches into the bowl and says," Arabella Spyder" Well, im representing district 12. 12 might not have a victor this year.

TRAINING- Training scores will be up soon. Alliances are final. 1-12 range

Training Scores
Tribute- What they did-- Score Bentley; knife/ threw a spear at dummies 8
Shimmer; bow and arrow at gamemakers 10
Jupiter; wrestled, mace at dummies 9
Natala; Swam in pool(might come in handy) 7
Ryan; sword with trainer 6
Aria; bow and arrows, bullseye 8
Nicholas; trident dummies, mace dummies, sword 11
Maysilea; trident at dummies, some missed 7
Rick: wires, knife 8
Olivia; speared dummies, some missed 6
James: Slingshot, spear at dummies, most missed 4
Misty: bow and arrows, bullseye 8
Johnathan: sword, knife, axe at dummies 9
Cassandra; threw axes at dummies 7
Cotton: identified plants, spear at dummies 6
Derryn; knife at dummies, missed 3
Andy: machete at gamemakers 11
Sasha: knife at gamemakers/dummies 10
Jack; axe at trainer 9
Hanna; lassoed angry bull 8
Chaff: identifed plant wrong, almost died 2
Demi; blowgun at dummies 7
Arabella; poised knives, arrow, shot at dummy, 10
Death Chart
Tribute District Day Killed By Cotton Woods 8 1 Shark
.Chaff 11 1 Aria(3)
.Sasha 9 1 Bentley
Maci 4 1 Hanna
Cassandra 7 1 Johnathan
James 6 1 Aria
Jupiter 2 2 Aria
Derryn 8 2 Rick
Rick 5 2 Jack
Tribute Health In Need Of
1.Bentley 100
1.Shimmer 100
2.Natala 100
3. Ryan 100
3.Aria 100
4.Nicholas 100
5.Olivia 100
6.Misty 100
7.Johnathan 100
8.----------- ------- --------
9.Andy 40 Painkillers(50)



9.--------- -------- --------
10.Jack 100
10.Hanna 100
11.------- ----------- --------------
11.Demi 100

12.Arabella 100

Cornucopia Day 1: The arena is a dolphin shaped tropical island. There is not much food but plenty of water and medical plants. The tributes are on the warm ocean, surrounded by water. They have to swim to get to the cornucopia. There are animals in the water that can kill.

Gong! The tributes dive off the plates into the water. Cotton Woods(8) can't swim. A shark attacks him and he can't get away he loses to much blood. BOOM! Aria(3) makes it to the cornucopia only to have Chaff Marks(11) try to stab her. She finds a blow gun and shoots him. BOOM! Bently(1) finds an axe and attacks Sasha(9) he throws it and it hits her chest. BOOM! The carerrs have formed and have left the other alliances too have done the same. 3 deaths today.

Night 1:

The Careers are walking to the west side of the island where there is many caves to sleep.

Anti- careers know the careers are heading here, they go follow them.

Andy Pillars(9) is heading here too

Olivias alliance also is heading there. The two come face to face not face from there desination. They r fighting in an area with sharp rocks. Heres wht happens.

Olivias aliance finds the carerrs. They attack as do the careers. The anti-careers arive.

Hanna(10) gets her knife and throws it at Maci(4) it finds her head.BOOM!

Johnathan(7) gets his spear and throws it at his district partner Cassandra(7) it hits her heart.BOOM!

Aria(3) gets her knife and throws it at Andy(9) it hits his side. He runs away. Aria gets her blowgun and fires at james(6) BOOM!

Everyone runs away.

Day 2

As the Careers are sleeping in there cave, Aria(3) takes her knife and stabs Jupiter(2) she cuts her arm to lessen suspicion. She dives into bed. Natala(2) wakes up and finds Jupiter dead. She screams. "Who did this" she says. Everyone looks at eachother. Misty(6) says,"Look, Aria has a cut, that might meen shes next, so it cant be her!" Aria says," Yeah i didnt do it" Natala thinks Misty(6) did it.

Jacks Alliance is sleeping peacefuly when Rick(5) arrives. They wake up too late. Rick throws a knife at Derryn. It hits his throat. BOOM! Jack gets his spear and stabs Rick threw the heart. BOOM!

Eveybody else is fine. Tommorow is the announcement. Who will die?

Day 3- Annoucnment

Jake Olmos, head gamemakers voice come on throughout the arena.,"Attention alliances and alone tributes we have come down to the final 14 tributes out of the original 23 tributes. Each alliance will have one person standing at the end of the day. There will be only 4 tributes at the end of today to fight for victor tomorrow. I suggest you start killing. Those remaing 4 will go to the cornucpias at once. That is all.

This is a shock to everyone left in the arena. Only 4 left?. The carerrs start the killing in there allinance

Natala(2) still fresh with anger at Jupiter's death grabs the suspected killer, Misty(6) and slits her throat with her knife.BOOM! Nicholas(4) tackles Shimmer(1) and stabs her in the heart BOOM! Aria grabs a arrow and shoots Natala(2) BOOM! Bentley(1) grabs his spear and throwing knives. he throws the knives at aria and it finds her heart. BOOM!. He throws the speat at Nicholas(4) it hits his throat. BOOM!

Bentley is going to fight for the crown.

Jacks Alliance just heard the news. They heard the careers cannons. They get right to it. Jack(10) throws an axe at hanna(10) she dodges it and throws a knife at him, it hits his stomach. he loses to much blood. BOOM! Johnathan(7) gets his blowgun and shoots it at hanna. it misses. She gets and arrow and shoots him thew the neck. BOOM!

Hanna is going to fight for the crown.

Olivias(5) alliance doesnt want to kill but they have too. Olivia gets Demi(11) and stabs her heart. BOOM! Ryan(3)shoots Olivia thew the neck.BOOM!

Ryan is going to fight for the crown.

Andy(9)is in no shape to fight. Arabella(12) finds Andy and they battle. Arabella sees andys would, gets her sword and stabs it. Andy loses to much blood. BOOM!

Arabella will fight for the crown.

Day 4- The Final Day; The Final 4

The last 4 tributes arrive at the cornucopia. A electric fence rises around the cornucopia to make sure no one runs away.

The gong again says go. the 4 run to kill eachother. Hanna(10) grabs Ryan(3) and pushes him into the fence. She says," You knew so much about wires and u got killed by one. Ryans cannon fires. BOOM! Arabella(12) runs into Bentley (1) Benley is too fast and stabs Arabella. BOOM!.

The annoncer says," The final two trbutes Bentley- Emerson Odair and Hanna Watson everyone. Let the battle begin!" Hanna gets her knife and throws it at bentley. it misses. Bentley grabs hanna and slits her throat. Bentley Wins!


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