This is my first mentor Games. it will have sponsors. It is going to be very interesting. Im going right into the games once this is filled. You can sponsor as many tribues as youd like. Each sponsor will get 1,000 dollars. Thank You.Some items price will increase over time.

Sponsor Form:





Food and Drinks

  • Fruit Basket (apples, mango, bannana, pears, and strawberrys) 50$
  • Chicken(already cooked) 25$
  • Bread (loaf) 15$ With Jam (if you want) total 20$
  • Rice 10$
  • 1 bottle of water 20$ Told u there would be price changes
  • Gatorade 10$
  • Soup 1 can( chicken noodle, tomato, cream of brocali) 25$
  • Hot chocolate 1 mug 10$
  • Coffee 1 mug 10$
  • Cookies (a pack of 10) 5$
  • Crackers (10) 10$
  • Bacon (10 peices,cooked) 15$
  • Eggs ( 2 eggs, cooked) 5$


  • painkillers (5) 10$
  • Burn Cream 20$
  • Fever Reducers Pills ( 5) 10$
  • Bandages (10) 15$
  • Stiches 45$
  • Sleep Syrup 15$
  • Infection Fighters( kills any infection) 50$
  • Cough Syrup 20$
  • ==Clothing==
  • Jacket 25$
  • Waterproof jacket 30$
  • Divers Suit 50$
  • Desingner Clothes ( last a really long time) 40$
  • New Tribute Suit 10$

Normal Things

  • Edible plants encyclopedia ( shows edible plants for the arena) 25$
  • Medical plants encyclopedia 30$
  • Map of Arena 25$
  • Iodine 1 bottle 20$
  • water container 10$
  • fan( keep tributes cool) 20$


  • Axe 50$
  • Mace 100$
  • Wire 25$
  • Trident 250$
  • Sword 100$
  • Knife 20$
  • Throwing knives (10) 40$
  • Bow and Arrow 50$
  • Blowgun (poisonous dart) 100$

Name Sponsor Money Left In Need Of
Peeta Terri Rosedain 1000
Gale Terri Rosedain 1000
Katniss ILOVEBOOKS 1000 water
Prim Terri Rosedain 1000
Mrs.Everdeen AshtonMoioLover 1000
Greasy Sae Supkatniss 1000 Stiches/ Pain Killers
President Snow 1000
President Coin 2legit2quit 1000
Cinna 1000

Terri Rosedain

Octavia Madgeical 1000
Fulvia 1000
Plutarch HeavyRotation 1000
Finnick Catnipkatniss 1000
Mags AshtonMoioLover 1000
Enobaria MistyLovesAsh 1000 Bandages
Brutus AshtonMoioLover 1000
Haymitch ILOVEBOOKS 1000 water
Effie ILOVEBOOKS 1000 water
Rue Annamisasa 960 Food
Thresh ILOVEBOOKS 1000
Glimmer MistyLovesAsh 1000
Cato Catnipkatniss 1000
Clove Annamisasa 990
Marvel 2legit2quit 1000
Seneca ILOVEBOOKS 1000
Johanna Catnipkatniss 1000 water
Foxface Annamisasa 940
Name Careers:

Brutus, Enobaria, Thresh

Katniss Alliance: Katniss,Peeta, Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, Cinna, Finnick, Mags, Haymitch, Eiffe, Rue, Johanna, foxface
Cloves Alliance: Clove, Cato, Glimmer, Marvel.
Gales Alliance;

Gale, Greasy Sae, President Coin

Octavias Alliance:

Octavia, Portia, Fulvia

Alone Tributes:

President Snow, Seneca, Plutarch,

Death Chart
Tribute Day Killed By President Snow 1 Clove
Fulvia 1 Brutus
Cinna 1 Glimmer
Mags 2 Plutarch
Plutarch 2 Foxface
Gale 3 Clove
Marvel 3 Prim
Glimmer 3 Katniss
Johanna 3 Brutus
Brutus 3 Finnick
Octavia 3 Thresh

Day 1- Bloodbath

Katniss looks around the arena. The arena is a tropical isalnd with warm, clear waters surrounding it. The mainland of the island has a huge mounain in the center of it.The outer area around the mountain is flat with palm trees, fruit, and clear water streams and rivers and waterfalls. It is kind of warm. the temperture is about 75 degrees.It is humid. The tributes know they can dehidrate fast.

GONG! The tributes dive into the water. All reach the cornacopia which isnt stuffed too much. Peeta grabs a knife and backpack and runs into the forest. Most tributes dont take a chance at the cornucoplia and run into the forest. Gale and President Snow fight over a loaf of bread. Clove gets a knife and throws it at President Snow. it hits his heart. BOOM!. Brutus gets a spear and throws it at Gale. Gale ducks. Fulvia is behind him. It hits Fulvia in the stomach. BOOM! Greasy Sae finds a knife. Marvel grabs the knife from her and stabs her in the hip. She runs away.She is alive though. Finnick atttacks Enobaria. Finnick grabs her a slices her hand. Not to deep. She runs away. Glimmer finds Cinna, grabs a knife, and slits his throat. BOOM!.

Everyone is in there allinace and on the move to the mountain.

Night 1

Foxface receives a knife, soup, which she eats hungrily, a bottle of water, which she drinks because she is reeaalllyy thirsty. She says," Thank you, sponsor" She also receves a edible plant encyclopedia. Shell start eating plants tomorrow. She is safe up high in a palm tree.

Clove and her alliance receive a bottle of water. they all have a big gulp. They also receive some bacon strips. Cato says." Better save those for tomorrow. Another long day. Clove also says thank you to her sponsor.

Katniss alinace is getting super thirsty. Rue receives water. They all drink a tiny sip because there is so many. Rue also receives, soup. they share the soup, and a map of the arena.

Greasy sae is hurting.

The carerrs r fine.

A warm breaze begins to blow threw the arena. The warm breaze turn into just warmth. the tributes dont know it. BUT THE ARENA IS HEATING UP!!!.

Katniss is the only one who thinks something is wrong. She thinks this heat is definetly unatural. 'She checks Peetas watch. He got it at the cornucopia. 80 degrees. it is heating up. there is something strange about that mountain. Huh. She falls asleep.

President Snow, Fulvia, and Cinna's faces appear in the sky.

Day 2-

Katniss, Haymitch, and eiffe recveive water. They drink it instanly. They also get gatorade. They save it. A fan also for the three . They turn it on. Plutarch hears the hum of the fans. he attacks. he gets his knife and slits mags throat. mags falls to the ground. BOOM! Then foxface appears. She grabs plutarch and puts a knife in his heart. Boom! Foxface says," can i join your alliance." katniss says yea.

The sound of a speaker gets all the tributes attention. Reamanning tributes...Tomorrow there will be a feast. It will have something each of u desperetly needs. It has your alliance leaders name.

All alliances decide to go. Tommorow...

Day 3- The feast

All alinances head to the cornucopia for the feast. All enter the cornucopian feild which the cornucopia sits on. A large fence surrounds the tributes to enshure that there will be fatalities. GO!!! Clove runs for the backpack only to have Gale pursue her. the feild is in chaos. Gale grabs clove. Clove punches him. She gets her knife and stabs him. BOOM! Prim runs like crazy. Marvel tries to spear her. Prim gets her blowguna and shoots him. BOOM! Glimmer attacks Peeta. katniss defends Peeta. She gets her bow and arrow and shoots glimmer. BOOM! Brutus grabs Johanna and slits her throat. BOOM! Finnick sticks a trident through brutus. BOOm! Thresh gets his sword and stbas Octavia. BOOM! The fence decends. the tributes go back into the forest.


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