The Reading of the Card

President Jacob steps on stage to adress all of Panem of the nations 1st Quater Quell. He starts," To show the rebels that in each district had a certain amount of rebels due to faithfulness of the capitol. The districts will give up how many tributes that there district number is. Confusion spreads threw Panem, how many tributes there district number is. The president senses confusion and says, in other word 1 tribute from Distrcit 1; 12 tributes from District 12. Thank You.

Tribute Form( I will not go on Profiles) CLOSED








Name Age Gender Weapons Strategy Alliance 1 Jonathan Backdon 16 male Throwing spears and throwing maces get with careers careers
2 Lanie Reford 14 Female Throwing kbives, throwing axes, and bow and arrows Allie with careers, kill everyone else and win Careers
2 Jamelle Peterson 17 Female Trident and machete Get with careers careers
3 Alice Williams 16 Female Coil Of Wire

Bloodbath, Run

Whole Game, Stay Low, Try To Survive. Attack When Needed.

Her District Partner, If He Doesn't Accept Her Then No One.
3 Dexter Bolts 14 Male Wire Made Into An Electrical Trap And Tazer Along With A Stun Gun Whole Game, Stay Low, Try To Survive. Attack When Needed District Partner
3 Quincy Williams 17 Male spear, sword, axe get bag or weapon and allience get outt district 6 and district 8 or anybody
4 Katelyn Danita Powers 14 Female Archery, hand-to-hand, camoflauge. Run from Cornucopia, get leftovers and share with allies Stay with allies until the final few Careers if they accept her. Otherwise, some trustworthy allies.
4 Nicholas Davenport 17 Male Trident, sword and mace. get with careers Careers
4 Finn Odair 17 Male Trident & Net Whole Games, Ally With Careers. Leave In The Final 10. Steal Supplies And Weapons When The Rest of The Careers Are Asleep Careers
4 Ann Cresta 16 Female Hiding Whole Games, Hide And Stay Hidden. Don't Ally. Attack If Needed To No one
5 Demi Campbell 14 Female blowgun ? nobody
5 Rick Powers 12 Male wires run no one
5 Beatrice Sparks 18 Female blowgun grab and hide no one
5 Caleb Nucula 14 Male any weapon Kill everyone in his path, make sure Alex gets home safe. alexa
5 Alexa Grace 14 female Spears, swords, plants, climbing, running Ally with Caleb, and D12, D11, and D8 Ally with Caleb, and D12, D11, and D8
6 Reggie Miller 14 Male Fast and long range weapons ( blowgun ) ? : Anyone
6 Belinda Love 17 Female Swords, knives, karate Find the biggest and strongest alliance and ally with them. While fighting with another alliance, discreetly kill some of your alliance, making it look natural the biggest and strongest
6 Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 16 female any ? She also likes D7 and D3 a lot. Although D5 is not to be forgott
6 Nikki transport 13 female knife kill eveyone she comes across alone
6 James Madrigal 12 Male axe run 10,11,12

6 Ryan Cargo

18 Male sppeed, knife run no one
7 Thalia Woods 17 Female Tomahawk Act Weak And Stay Hidden, Then When A Handfull Of Tributes Left, Show Her Ablity To Kill No One
7 Kendall Quarry 17 Male axe, sword, camouflage avoid the center of the bloodbath, and grab on the outskirts, then run to allies District Allies
7 Jamie Fera 13 Female Throwing axes and mace Grab something on the outskirts and run district partners
7 Nichelle Davies 14 Female throwing axes, throwing knives,identifing poison hide, make a small alliance with younger tributes, avoid cornucopia area Ask politely to join Ammie Toro's alliance
7 Callope Shade 12 Female Spear, plants, running, climbing, surviving Ally with Gaden and try to stay alive Gaden
7 Gaden Sharp 13 Male Axes, Swords, knives, plants, running, climbing, strength Allie with Callope, hide her from the real world Callope
7 Forest Green 12 Male camoflauge get with D7 alliance D7
8 Mys Rocky 14 Female Bow and arrow Playing alone and running away No alliance
8 Mistah Luster 15 Male Bow and Arrow Strangle the enemy until he breaths for last time. no one
8 Penny Summerglow 16 Female seduction, cross bow, bow and arrow, dart gun Fool boys into liking her, and manipulate them into killing people for her. Eventually have them fight each other any
8 Josie Betra 12 Female Throwing knives, slingshot, or blow gun Run to alliance, or if something is close grab it and go to alliance try to get with the 10, 11, and 12 alliance
8 Sydney Cotton 16 Female blowgun grab something and kil and run no one
8 Melenie Swift 13 Female axe,speed kil,kill,kill alone
8 Joshua Zane 16 Male Labrys Grab a Labrys and fight careers
8 Jane Sybella 12 and a 1/2 Female Hunga Munga Collect weapon and then run to cover, lay low and kill tributes passing infront of her careers
9 Carmen Kensington 18 Female sword, machete, axe, plant and healing knowledge, ability to lie ally with careers and kill them off one by one, framing it on someone else careers
9 Chopa gunna 18 Male : anything kill and sneaky D9
9 hunter arrows 17 Male mace and sword/ hands if needed help alliance D9
9 captain bow 18 Male blowgun/ crossbow : leader of alliance D9
9 Gunther Powet 18 Male Large Knives, Trident, or just fists Kill anyone who threatens him and get the good stuff careers
9 Ronnie Wheats 12 Male kives, axes, bow and arrows, you name it. kill anyone who gets in his way D9
9 Luis grain 18 Male nothing run 10,11,12
9 Anastasia King 15 Female Miao Dao Collect from the outskirts and run for cover careers
9Seraphina Sage 16 Female Numchucks Collect possible equipment and search for a water supply. careers
10 Gunner Pann 15 Male Sword or Knives ? A small one, like 4-7 people
10 Jason Winthrop 15 Male anything he can use to kill kill, kill, kill None
10 Jared Petters 18 Male Machete, Sword, and His fists Grab something good, kill whoever interfers and get to allies 10, 11, 12
10 Sam Cattles 16 Female lasso get out no one
10 Tina Lassos 12 Female lasso run no one
10 Sara cow 12 Female knife run 10,11,12
10 Mike Gabriel 17 Male blowgun,knife kill 10,11,12
10 Xavier Sifonios 14 Male Kaskara Fight with careers and collect all supplies and stash into the Cornucopia careers
10 Aletta Sifonios 13 Female Spears Fight with Careers and obey orders. Kill anyone who gets in her way careers
10 Melissa Riche 14 female Katana Join up with the other Careers and then kill them in their sleep towards the final 5 careers
11 Lauren Hill 12 Female Knives(non-throwing) and spears. Run away from the bloodbath, only collecting small items from the outskirts Anyone from Districts, 10,11,12
11 Stewart Wilson 14 Male sword To fight in the bloodbath No one.
11 Bethany Wakeling 14 Female Blowgun Run away straight away, not collecting anything District 5 tributes and District 6 tributes
11 Dylan Mack 16 Male Machete To fight for the supplies Anyone
11 Jasmine Webb 15 Female Throwing knives Run away with her alliance at the bloodbath Districts 8,9 and 10
11 Marigold Summer 13 Female Sling-shot, Bow&Arrow, Knives Grab nearby supply at Cornucopia then clear off and head down hill to find water to meet up with alliance Districts 12, 10, 9 & 4
11 Cherry Winter 17 Female Throwing knives Get as many supplies as possible from the Cornucopia Bloodbath at the start, then later in the games strategically murder career allies

Career pack

11 Elzabeth Gold 16 Female knife, spear fight with strongest alliance and take over cornucopia in bloodbath. biggest and strongest one
11 Apple Hill 15 Female Can climb trees and scale cliffs and rocks swiftly, quickly, and smoothly. Is handy with a bow and arrow Go into the Cornucopia and get as much useful things as possible without putting herself in too much danger, killing tributes there and back. No alliance planned
11 Ammie Toro 12 Female Throwing knives, Throwing axes, and Bow and arrow. Grab something on the outskirts and run to her alliance. 10, 11, 12
11 Maria Ventura 17 Female Blow gun, Bow and arrow, and slingshot Grab something on the outskirts then stay with allies, and protect 12 year olds 10, 11, and 12
12 Cimerella Alvi 17 Female archery, knife throwing, sharp memory Ally with D12s to make a huge alliance, and kill the careers D12. Possibly D11 also
12 Maybelle Derinda 18 Female knives, Spear, bow and arrow, camouflage, swimming and drowning people D12 and 11 alliance D12 and 11
12 Damien Samuel 15 Male swords, spears Lay low and stay out of big fights, get small pickings from the cornucopia, don't come out until the last few, showing his ferociousness. maybe one or two district partners
12 Devin Waters 14 Male Camouflage, archery, machete D11 and 12 will ally, and take over the cornucopia with sheer size. When it's down to the final 10 or so, Devin will run away from the group, taking some supplies D11 and 12
12 Swan Destiny Mayflower 17 Female Shuriken, Throwing knifes, Snares, Sword, Axe... etc. Hide, and then Attack Her District? Maybe
12 Aubrey Clark 15 Female Bow and arrows, slingshot, andd blow gun run away 10, 11, 12
12 Rilios Madd 18 Male Any weapon, anything, strength, hand-to-hand combat Ally with the Careers, but don't trust them Careers prefered, but go solo if he doesn't cut it
12 Ceritia Arrow 14 Female Act weak, then kill as many tributes as possible Fireashes preferred,otherwise anyone she deems worthy of survivng
12 Ash Reinz 15 Male Machete, Knives, Sickle, and Hand to Hand Grab something good, kill whoever gets in his way, and go to allies 10,11,12
12 Cecilia Mine 18 Female knife, axe, bow and arrow get many allies 10,11,12
12 Jack Mine 18 Male axe knife bow and arrow protect sister at all cost 10 11 12
12 Kiley Coal 12 Female knife run 10 11 12


Careers: Jonathan Backdon(1); Jamelle Peterson(2); Katelyn Danita Powers(4); Nicholas Davenport(4); Lanie Reford(2); Carmen Kensington(9);Gunther Powet(9); Cherry Winter(11); Rilios Madd(12); Joshua Zane(8); Jane Sybella(8); Anastasia King(9);Seraphina Sage(9); Xavier Sifonios(10); Aletta Sifonios(10); Melissa Riche(10)

District 3; Alice Williams(3); Dexter Bolts(3); Quincy Williams(3)

District 6,11: Belinda Love(6); Reggie Miller(6); Bethany Wakeling(11)

District 7: Kendall Quarry(7); Jamie Fera(7); Callope Shade(7); Gaden Sharp(7)

District 9; Chopa gunna(9);hunter arrows(9); captain bow(9);

District 6;7,8,10,11, 12: Nichelle Davies(7); Penny Summerglow(8); Josie Betra(8); Gunner Pann(10);Jared Petters(10);James Madrigal(6);Lauren Hill(11); Dylan Mack(11); Jasmine Webb(11); Marigold Summer(11); Elzabeth Gold(11) Ammie Toro(11); Maria Ventura(11); Cimerella Alvi(12); Maybelle Derinda(12); Damien Samuel(12); Devin Waters(12); Swan Destiny Mayflower(12); Aubrey Clark(12); Ceritia Arrow(12); Ash Reinz(12); Kiley Coal(12)

Alone Tributes: Ann Cresta(4);Nikki transport(6); Ryan Cargo(6); Sydney Cotton(8); Melenie Swift(8); Ronnie Wheats(9); Luis grain(9); Sara Cow(10); Mike Gabriel(10); Cecilia Mine(12); Jack Mine(12);


This is a chart showing the Rank, Name, District, Who the tribute was killed by, . This will be updated daily once te games begin.

Ranking Name District Killed by: 78th
77th Lauren Hill 11 Alice Williams
76th Ryan Cargo 6 Alice Williams
75th Gunner Pann 10 Josie Betra
74th Luis Grain 9 Nicholas Davenport
73rd Nikki Transport 6 Katelyn Powers
72nd Jack Mine 12 Jonathan Backdon
71st Jane Sybella 8 Penny Summerglow
70th Cherry Winter 11 Ammie Toro
69th Mike Gabriel 10 A forest fire
68th Joshua Zane 8 Sara Cow




The Final 3
Ranking Name District Killed By 3rd

The Games- Cornucopia Bloodbath


THE 1ST ANNUAL QUARTER QUELL ARENA. The dark green is all forest.

The tributes stand around the cornucopia some waiting to kill, others waiting to run.

GONG!!! Most run to te cornucopia. But some tributes manage to get something around them and run to the forest around them.

Alice Williams(3) picks a knife and grabs Lauren Hill(11) and slits her throat. BOOM! Alice gets her knife and throws it into Ryan Cargos(6) heart.BOOM! Josie(8) gets a bow and arrow and shoots Gunner(10) through the neck BOOM!!!

All of the careers have gotten together and have started the killing. Nicholas(4) puts a spear through Luis(9).BOOM!!! Katelyn(4) gets a knife and throws it into Nikkis(6) eyeball. BOOM!! The tributes hurry away in fear of the careers,

The Careers

The careers have found a nice spot by te coral reef. The traditional careers (1,2,and 4) all sit together and decide that they have to kill the non tradiional careers. but not know Katelyn says, its much to early, once we get to the final few. well act.. The rest of the careers agree. As sunset falls, Jack Mine(12) comes across te careers. Johnathan(1) snaps his neck. BOOM!!

Districts 6,7,8,10,11,12 Alliance

They have decided to head for the reef too. They see the careers they all draw there weapons. They attack. Penny(8) grabs Jane(8) and slits her throat. BOOM! Ammie(11)grabs Cherry (11) and stabs her in the heart, BOOM!!! The careers run away.

The Others

everyone else is safe and unhurt.

Day 2

The tributes sit around waiting for someting to happen. Most tributes are tired, sleeping, or just sitting around doing nothing. This does not play well for the capitol audience. The gamemakes and the capitol citizens want exitment. A fire. A huge fire erupts out of nowhere and burns everything in its path. Smoke suffocates at every turn.

Mike Gabriel(10) tries to get away but trips over a rock. he burns. BOOM!

the careers take this as a perfect time to kill of some alliance members. Lanie(2) throws a knife at Aletta(10) it hits her stomach. BOOM!

Sara(10) comes across Joshua(8 and slits his throat. BOOM!

The fire stops and the tributes get away.

Day 3

Again the tributes are bored. Everyone sits around practicing using there weapons. Finally the gamemakers give up. they decided to have a feast first thing tomorrow. Jake Olmos head gamemaker/president says," Welcome final 67, you have made it pretty far into the games. Some of you need something. Come to the feast. we invite you.

No deaths today. the capitol audience calls for blood.

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