Hi my name is Jake Olmos and this is my fourth annual hunger games. 24 tribs. Please JOIN!! NO RESERVATIONS: Submit as many tributes as you want


This is the fourth annual hunger games arena. May the odds be ever in your favor

Tribute form:







Name Age Weapons Strategy Alliance
M1 Power Ligton 18 Brains, spear, and sword Grab as many things as possible from the Cornucopia and run. Hide out the Games and try to avoid tributes. Maybe make an ally before the Games. Kill only if necessary Anyone, but not the careers.
F1 Champagne Quizzer 17 Atlatl and beauty Kill, Kill, and Kill till there is no one left Careers
M2 Jasper Cypress 18 Spear, Sword and Axe Run in and grab a weapon. Then proceed to kill Careers
F2 Aletta Sifonios 13 spears with with carerrs and obey orders careers
M3 Clark Westover 17 Blowgun,Throwing Knives/Axes, he is very fast and has very quick reflexes :Look around for anything close by. If there's something near, grab it and then run as fast as he can away from the bloodbath. If there's nothing close, just run. Anyone besides careers
F3 Isa Guard[1] 13 Bow and arrow, knife for close combat Take stuff within 5 meters and run to woods for cover District Partner
M4 Xavier Valor 18 dagger get with careers careers
F4 Fiona Bennington 17 Bow and Arrows, Wires (She's good with tech stuff), and seductivness. Join her fellow careers in killing as many other tributes as possible, then sort through the supplies at the cornucopia careers
M5 Rick Powers wires run away from careers district partner
F5 Nina Camberlit 16 Best female sword fighter, edible plants, climbing, swimming, fast runner determined to get home District Partner
M6 Ray Transport 17 running, knife run with ally district partner
F6 Stella Train axe run away district partner
M7 Takuri Nanisano 16 axe grab an axe get ome
F7 Isabelle Shellwood 18 Tomahawks, axe Grab a bag or weapon and kill any Careers so she has a chance to win Alone
M8 Mike Konks 16 :Bow and arrow, rocks, and daggers Fight for victory and love No one
F8 Silken Dimity 16 Throwing knives, bow and arrows, edible plants, climbing, fast runner, swimming, finds good places to hide try to win and come back home to her family District Partner
M9 Katelyn Grain sneeky come back home no one
F9 Sienna Goldsmith 16 any weapons really mostly knives sneak around everyone and become allies and flirt will all the cute boys to get their attention for trust everyone really is my alliance
M10 Jay Greendale 16 Strength, Knife and Axe. He's good With Plant and Animal Identifcation and making shelter Look around for anything close by. If there's something near, grab it and then run as fast as he can away from the bloodbath. If there's nothing close, just run. Anyone willing besides the careers.
F10 Alice Marsop 14 Blowgun, bow and arrow, tomahawk Run in, grab any familiar weapons, kill a few tributes, and run off with their stuff Jane Sybella, Jay Greendale
M11 Thresh Agri 18 plant identify make it home no one
F11 May Morningleafs 14 A machete and a sling Make it home District Partner
M12 Peeta Coals 17 knife, running make it home no one
F12 Jane Sybella 12 crossbow with explosiive/ poisned tipped arrows lay low and kill tributes that are passing Anyone that doesnt kill her

Day 1- Games

The tributes rise from there plates to see the arena. GONG. The tributes run to the corucopia. Rick(5) gets a knife and slits Peeta(12) throat. BOOM! Rick runs away. THE carerrs start the kiling. Jasper(2) gets a spear and puts it threw Threshs heart BOOM! Katelyn(9) brabs a blowgun and shoots Fiona(4) BOOM! EVERYONE RUnS AWAY

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