Games Cruise of Tragedy:


In an unknown time period, a troubled world beats down a lonely path... One of hardship, as the great nations have fallen, leaving only three behind presently. One is said to be underground, one is a type of a myth of solitude and safety... And one is here. This "one" is artificially ruled by The Flappers, the official name for District 1. This nation is divided up into 5 "districts", which we will examine later on. District 1 holds a Games every year, calling forth 6 people from all districts to compete for glory. And every single person wants it, make no mistake about that.

District 0: Low elevation, snowy mountains and caves make up the resourceful zone of the even more resourceful individuals who live in them. Weapons found here are brutal, like daggers and sai and bladed objects. People tend to be smart with astronomy, playing off their wanting to be somewhere they are wanted. This is the most remote and forgotten district.

'District 1: Where the rich live their dreams of being in the 1920s, a long past time of unprecedented wealth and ease. Except, the blazing city and 1920s-era architecture will have to do for now. People soar high and are a bit snotty, but know what it is like to chase their dreams and succeed, which can be a help and a downfall. Weapons found here are secure and stealthy, such as non-fatal pistols and small daggers.

'District 2: The smartest and most down to earth of all the districts. Woodsy area and country roads are here, covering the land with a distinct tone of mystery and hidden. People use swords and other ancient weaponry to get their point across, but only when it is necessary. District 2 people will trust you even if you are a scam. Except when they don't trust you!

'District 3: A small, yet hectic, district... People dont trust each other. Chaos has taken over, and many people take drugs to satisfy their deep hunger for worth. These drugs have changed some of the youth and young adults here, so that their genes are altered and their cells have been enhanced, sometimes for the good. Weapons used by these people are exotic; and sometimes built inside them from the horrendous drugs. Avoid these people.

'District 4: The last and poorest district, but also one with big heart. Small towns are built around family, and everyone gets along just fine. When the Games come around, youth get their favorite armament, one they have trained with... One that has been passed down in their family for generations. Morale is at average, with people wanting to win the Games to save their family from extreme poverty.

Rules -

I accept 3 boys and 3 girls from EACH district. This makes a total of 30 competitors.

Upload a character in this format:


District and Age:



Weapon choices:


Possible alliances:


Competitive spirit:

Values and other information:

Likes/Dislikes (optional):

Official Contestants for the Cruise Games:

Against the backdrop of an elegant ship on its way to terror, the contestants will face a ride of a lifetime, on the cruise to death.

District Male Male Male Female Female Female

Ryan Parthenon;17

Armed with chains and blades.

Carbonis Lex;17

Armed with tech weapons.

Ron Klamtin;16

Armed with shock pads and guns.

Esmerella Xenaris;15

Armed with a lariat and other blades.

Koska Flarewind;16

Armed with twin pistols.

Artemis Nightshade;16

Armed with bow and arrow/knives.


Topaz Grace;17

Armed with katana and knives.

Sky Cobby;16

Armed with melee skills.

Cole Harrison;18

Armed with mace, club and spears

Ella Vanut;16

Armed with an axe and spear.

Viola Galdy;17

Armed with knives and slingshot.

Reya Isolfa;17

Armed with sai and throwing axe


Kyle Scholare;15

Armed with supreme knowledge.

Raye Strickler;16

Armed with a kind heart.

Sajay Opaclipta;17

Armed with a sword and strength.

Yvonne Von Duvershcnitz;14

Armed with an axe and other weapons.

Lavonna Kilamaxo;15

Armed with electrocution weapons.

Saphira Blaze;15

Armed with swords, tools and poisons.


Microw Veritas;16

Armed with traps and electronics.

Jastanzo Coup;15

Armed with guns and tools.

Calix Storm;17

Armed with blades.

Ariande Teeth;14

Armed with a bondage whip

Jessa Maglaxol;15

Armed with persuasion and unstability.

Chloe Black;16

Armed with blades.


Ronto Gecipe;14

Armed with deadly tools.


Erica Swan;16

Armed with double swords.

Catherine Rickle;15

Armed with clubs and smart words.


Start of the Cruise Games;

Reapings are not normal.  The contestants are gathered, three missing from District 4.  When asked about it, the only present just say that a tragedy struck and these three missing were part of it.  The gamemakers don't care, and usher on the fighting. 

No pre-games activities.  Just fighting.  Except, not. 

The cool wind brushed Catherine Rickles hair for her.  No need for her to do it.  Materializing on a large cruise ship, a few people freaked out.  But most just looked at each other and could almost not bear to kill each other on such a nice relaxing ship.  27 contestants waited until the signal was made.

BOOM!  Sky Cobby rushed around, almost tripping over some lawn chairs.  This was the main deck.  Of course chairs and umbrellas and counters were everywhere.  And steps.  Raye Strickler ran and ran, found some steps up to a higher deck and barely even realized they were steps.  She cried out, not knowing what to do.  Reya Isolfas axe went straight through her.

Sky Cobby didn't fare well either, being stabbed right through his stomach by Erica Swan.  The crowds seemed to like her.  She was elegant and graceful under pressure.  Kyle Scholare immediately hid, Ariande Teeth whipping people and not being attacked back.  Kyle found the stairs to the main area of the ship and descended. 

Catherine Rickle did the same, after seeing Cole team up with his partner, Viola Galdy.

When the deaths were finished on the first day, as day turned to night, the Top 24 was in place.

Name Placing
Raye Strickler - D2 27th
Sky Cobby - D1 26th
Ronto Gecipe - D4 25th
Ron Klamtin - D0 24th
Catherine Rickle - D4 23rd
Lavonna Kilamaxo - D2 22nd
Koska Flarewind - D0 21st
Carbonis Lex - D0 20th
Kyle Scholare - D2 19th
Topaz Grace - D1 18th
Reya Isolfa - D1 17th
Ella Vanut - D1 16th
Sajay Opaclipta - D2 15th
Cole Harrison - D1 14th
Erica Swan - D4 13th
Ryan Parthenon - D0 12th
Jessa Maglaxol 11th

Wind Blows through my Hair;

Booking it through the large cruise ship, Koska Flarewind realizes she doesn't have to run.  She will just shoot everyone up.  Of course, this is what a mental person would think.

So she turns around as she sees Jastanzo Coup and Catherine Rickle coming for her.  Catherine is just running from Jastanzo though, who wants to stab right through her.  Koska whips out her double pistols and shoots through the clear silence.  Glass breaks, objects are shot, and the pellets keep coming.  Jastanzo slams Catherine out of the way, obviously wanting to kill her himself.  He pushes her down into a door and gets ready to stab her.

Koska arrives, shooting at Jastanzo.  Catherine, scared, makes up a smart comment to get him away from her.  He grabs her by the collar and puts her in front of him.  "Yeah?  Well, you will be shot first so I don't really care."  And he shoves her forward, as she gets shot and he runs.  Koska glares, but doesn't care about Catherine and runs the other way.

Meanwhile, likely big enemies become unlikely allies.  Yvonne and Ariande set aside their differences in deadliness, each thinking the other is weaker, and join with Ella Vanut, Topaz Grace, Chloe Black, Microw Veritas, Calix Storm, Carbonis Lex, and Jastanzo Coup (who was out killing people by himself).  The typical D3 killer group had expanded.

And on the other side, most of the remaining D0 group had allied.  It was a simple idea.  Get a D0 winner out there.  But who knows... Would they survive the killing machine that was the D3 gang?

Night fell, and Lavonna Kilamaxo and Koska Flarewind were found dead.  Finally, the bloodbath had ended on this windy cruise of terror.  Where was this ship taking them?  What if they landed somewhere?  What would happen if the ship sunk?  What was in this ocean?...

Recap - Top 20:

"Well, folks.  This will be an interesting one.  We may have a D3 group rising from the ashes this time.  Such hated people, and lost.  But I don't see any particular side right now.  I just see people allying and wanting to win, which is great.  So, D0... Got some strong people left.  In fact, all three of them are quite strong.  They will survive for a while.  And while D0 is getting better, D1 has been getting worse these last two games.  And I don't believe any of them will make the Top 5.  Maybe one.  But I doubt it.  People seem to be losing faith in them.  There used to be that awful D1 vs D3 stuff, it was just boring.  Two games ago, the Survival Games, it was quite interesting.  Do you remember Biohazard and Allana and Tristabella?!  Good people.  And of course the D1 people, like Victoria and Audrina.  Some great people that year.  This year will be one of those in-the-middle years, but anway let's talk about D2.  D2 offers some interesting people... Like a self-proclaimed genius, who seems to just be hiding right now.  And some killers this year, that really want to kill.  They will certainly be big allies for the D3 group.  Finally, D4 has taken a hit this year... Not only starting off with only three people, the only one they have left now is Erica Swan... And trust me when I say this, she is a stayer.  The others weren't really, but she has some real skill.  We will see her in the Top 15, and the Top 12.  Maybe not the Top 10, but she will be a stayer.  Got some good ones this year, but they will have to make themselves stand out from the fake ones.

This Ship will Carry On-

Carbonis Lex, bored as could be, was found in the onboard bar scene.  After a quick shower, he decided to go get a few drinks and listen to some music.  Someone joined him though.  Ryan Parthenon walked through the silent corridors, stumbling upon the bar.  He snuck up on Carbonis, and grabbed him in a headlock.  "You are going to come with me", he said.   He shuffled Carbonis along with him, who walked slowly and then whipped out his plasma guns, shooting everywhere.  Ryan strafed, spinning out a rusty couple of blades.  They smashed the glass behind Carbonis, who ducked with the loud crash.  Ryan grinned and sent a chain right for Carbonis.  He was hit by that, and fell to the floor.  Ryan kicked him a few times and took his guns once he knew he was dead.  This guy has some nice stuff...

The bar scene was on fire.  Ella Vanut strutted down, seeing Ryan running.  She didn't care about Ryan too much.  He would die soon enough.  And her partner Yvonne thought the same thing.

Ella and Yvonne found Kyle Scholare in his room, with some plans for the ship.  They found this interesting, but killed him first.  They were both psychotic in their own way.  But they could sure understand this ship stuff.  They found his documents he had written and diagrams he had discovered by looking at the ship and the area in which it could be taking them.  But the two girls kept this stuff to themselves.

Shuffling down the stairs, Topaz Grace and Esmeralla Xenaris stalk the bottom bunks.  Microw Veritas was going to come along, but Topaz immediately dismissed him.  They didnt need him, a weirdo kid.  "He is just a silly kid, we really don't need him" Topaz bellyached.  He was only friends with Esmeralla because he admired her.  The  girls here were difficult killers, and he would need to ally strongly.  "Yeah, well.  We will take all the help we can get.  D3 needs good, strong characters to pull together."  Xenaris waved at him, snidely.  Topaz just walked it off and continued on with her.

The bottom floor.  Seeing a huge, great window, the two looked outside quickly.  Land... They were skimming through land, barely getting smashed on the sides.  Where was this ship taking us... But they didn't have time to find out.

BAM! A sharp from the depths crashes into the wide window, and smashes again.  The two back up, realizing they shouldn't be down here.  Esmeralla attaches her blades to her trusty whip, and smashed lightly upon the window.  The shark seems to be frightened and swims sharply away.  "Okay, well, we know nothing is down here.  Just crazy sharks." She starts to say.

SMASH!  Evil sharks, to be exact.  Topaz is bit on the leg, and brought by the shark into the deep water.  Esmeralla shouts, and then realizes her lower body is deep in water.  A piercing scream pounds against the low ceiling, and she stumbles to the steps to go back up, knowing that the water coming through cannot be stopped.  But she seals the doors she goes through, anyway.  Temporarily, the water is stopped.  She breathes a sigh of relief.

On the Road Again;

Looking down after twirling her sai blades, Reya found a dart stuck in her stomach.  A last breath was spent on exhaling to spin the sai blade toward her.  The "her" was Ella Vanut.  "Haha, I did it!  I love killing people!"  And then the blade stabs right into her nose, and her vision goes bloody.  Sajay, once finding her, stabbed himself with his own sword.  So many deaths, so soon. 

Cole Harrison, while sleeping, was drowned by the water rising.  It, by the next night, was 1/4 up the ship.  Something was going to happen.

Sunlight.  Brightness.  Strange quiet. 

"Get up!  You have slept the whole night away.  We almost died."  Jessa Maglaxol shouts at Viola Glady and Yvonne.  "Ah, shut up woman.  I am the queen of threats here.  You are a disgrace."  And with that, she picks a confused Yvonne up, claiming "It is time we moved on.  We are a better duo anyway."  And they leave.  Jessa, angry, looks at them adventure through the long top deck.  "OOOH, if I could only kill them.  But I have no weapons!  Oh my god, I want to kill them so bad..."

Finding a dead Reya with the poison in her system, Jessa operates on this poisonous stuff.  Maybe this will benefit her....

RECAP : Top 13

"Ah, yes... Just as we figured.  D3 has suffered not a single death.  They have an incredibly strong team this year.  But, I fear we may have a problem with Jessa.  She is a crazy one.  But anyway, once again lets start with D0 and D1.  While D0, like we imagined, has suffered no more casualties and is left with an elite group, D1 has suffered insanely.  We knew they would get stuck inside themselves, and it shows; Viola Galdy, though a strong competitor in her own right, is the only left of her group.  Will she make it to the Top 5?  Much less the Top 10?  We will see.  We must keep an eye on her, nevertheless.  Now... D3, we have already talked about.  Nothing more to talk about.  D4... Erica Swan has survived!  And we will guess she can keep herself till the Elite Top 10.  She will be one of the people inhibiting the top.  Her ninja-like way of keeping from fatal combat, like we have seen, is impeccable... But I really do want to see those double swords in action!  It is very interesting.  So, we shall see what will happen.  Any guesses?  Sound off.  We need your ideas on this one.  I am dying with excitement, personally.

Viola enters her cabin a couple floors down, a secluded floor, and finds two slashes through a girl.  And a girl on the floor, green.  Erica Swan and Jessa fought it out.  "Oh, yes.  Can you see what happened?"  Jessa shouts out.  Suddenly, painful visions come to Viola.  She sees Erica slashing across the chest of Jessa with her double swords, crashing through her.  But Jessa didn't die, just accepted the pain and almost brooded in it.  Coming back to her senses, Viola finds her tied up to a pole holding up the ceiling.  "Thankfully, this ship has many ways of killing you.  One, is from us.  One, is from the water rising up through this ship.  The others don't matter.  Because you are going to be drowned out.  We have crashed onto land, and the rest of us are going onto an island, as a temporary truce.  We will stay there, but you won't.  You will be stuck here, as the water slowly trickles into your room.  You will perish a harsh death."  And she screams loud, running out of the room...

"Please.. Help me..." Erica Swan struggles.  She had been poisoned, a slow poison that would eventually kill her.  If the drowning didn't.  Viola just looked at her, grimacing.  This was brutal.  But something was feeling odd in this room.  Something didn't quite feel right... The misty air was just from the sea air, right?  No... Something was happening. 

"Oh my god, she told me this would happen... If I stayed alive long enough, which she claimed I wouldn't, I would be subjected to terror I couldn't even imagine.  This girl somehow took some pills or something, and is inflicting this stuff on us."  Erica blurted out.  But she suddenly started shuddering.  Viola glared down at her spazzing on the hard wood floor.  Suddenly, she died.  But something wasn't right, once more.  The air had turned green.  Violas face spazzed, and she hit her head on the hard pole.  She was being possessed.  Or something.  Something was happening to her.

Artemis Nightshade, Yvonne, Saphira Blaze, Microw Veritas, Jastanzo Coup, Calix Storm, Ariande Teeth, Jessa Maglaxol, and Chloe Black walked out onto the soft beach terrain.   Yvonne, Ariande, and Jessa are back together.  Microw, Chloe, Calix, and Jastanzo of the D3 group walk together like they own this whole thing.  Meanwhile, Esmeralla Xenaris, Ryan Parthenon, Artemis and Saphira stick with each other, the only non-biased people there.  Everyone looked around at each other.  The Top 11, it looked as if, were ready to battle savagely.  Until Ryans head falls off.  Everyone spins around to find Erica Swan on the ground and a damaged, or disfigured, Viola Galdy.  "Hello, everyone.  Glad you forgot about me.  But that is alright...  Something happened to me, as you see... Erica is dead, and she somehow is merged with me, and thank you Jessa.  I feel wonderful now!"  And with that, Viola spun up in the air and brought her swords down on Jessa.  Jessa screamed like murder, and died in an instant with a puff of green smoke.  "She was the instable one of our group.  The stupid woman somehow is a poison and magical stuff expert... But too bad for her.  Cuz she made me a brutal killer now..."  And Viola ran for the D3 group, who booked it into the jungle.

What a big day.

Top 10 Tickers:

Microw and Artemis huddle together, and Calix and Chloe do the same.  Jastanzo just paces their makeshift shack, and flips his guns in his hands.  What can they do...

"Erica-Viola is a big threat.  I dont know what to do."  Artemis absently talks out. 

But just as Artemis strings up her bow and sees Viola running at them like a madwoman, the whole earth shakes.  Artemis shoots out random arrows and sinks into the ground... Well, actually yes ground.  Not water... The water shoots out under her as both it and the earth give way.  Everyone screams around her.  And they turn to Viola, and find her suddenly normal.  All around the island, at this time, Yvonne and Calix are also suffering the same fate as Artemis.  The top seven; Viola, Saphira, Microw, Ariande, Jastanzo, Esmerella and Chloe.  They get to the edge of the large island and watch all hell break loose.  Until a voice appears from the sky.

"YES, I AM SURE YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.  It just so happens, this is a funny games this time.  First the ship, then the island... And then the water disappearing beneath you..."

And the group looks down, and find everything disappearing.  And they fall down into nothing.

"YOU were the experimental group.  For a NEW type of games.  Well, these were the next games.  These are much more intimate than the ones of the past.  But now, we will discover a more scripted games.  More scripted means more help.  More help means more people to get this wrong.  But we will manage, and you will have the advantage.  We still have use for you."

And the Top Seven become still as they vanish into thin air.

AWAITING: THE NEXT GAMES!! Congrats to the "winners" of this one! You will see more of them in the next games...

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