Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog! -

Yes, I am new here!  But I have been doing some story writing, tournaments, etc. on other wikis by demand!  I have come here to start a "Hunger Games" type of tournament, but it will be something NEW.  No "57th Hunger Games" for me, I am making my own ideas so far and I wanted to know if you guys had any opinions about new "district" areas, new "district personalities", new "rules", new "weapons", new "era"?  How about a modern time with futuristic weapons and a new age limit and judges and challenges, and the elite top people face each other to the death?  I don't know, give me some ideas :)!

After giving ideas, you may enter a character.  But not before you give me an idea that will make your specific character shine.  I am expecting characters... by this coming Thursday?  By that time we will be at a good place to start this tournament!  Any questions, comment or ask me personally!  Get commenting your ideas! :D

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