The Calamity Games - A Darker Games


In an unknown time period, a troubled world beats down a lonely path... One of hardship, as the great nations have fallen, leaving only three behind presently. One is said to be underground, one is a type of a myth of solitude and safety... And one is here. This "one" is artificially ruled by The Flappers, the official name for District 1. This nation is divided up into 5 "districts", which we will examine later on. District 1 holds a Games every year, calling forth 6 people from all districts to compete for glory. And every single person wants it, make no mistake about that.

'''District 0: Low elevation, snowy mountains and caves make up the resourceful zone of the even more resourceful individuals who live in them. Weapons found here are brutal, like daggers and sai and bladed objects. People tend to be smart with astronomy, playing off their wanting to be somewhere they are wanted. This is the most remote and forgotten district.

'''District 1: Where the rich live their dreams of being in the 1920s, a long past time of unprecedented wealth and ease. Except, the blazing city and 1920s-era architecture will have to do for now. People soar high and a bit snotty, but know what it is like to chase their dreams and succeed, which can be a help and a downfall. Weapons found here are secure and stealthy, such as non-fatal pistols and small daggers.

'''District 2: The smartest and most down to earth of all the districts. Woodsy area and country roads are here, covering the land with a distinct tone of mystery and hidden. People use swords and other ancient weaponry to get their point across, but only when it is necessary. District 2 people will trust you even if you are a scam. Except when they don't trust you!

'''District 3: A small, yet hectic, district... People dont trust each other. Chaos has taken over, and many people take drugs to satisfy their deep hunger for worth. These drugs have changed some of the youth and young adults here, so that their genes are altered and their cells have been enhanced, sometimes for the good. Weapons used by these people are exotic; and sometimes built inside them from the horrendous drugs. Avoid these people.

'''District 4: The last and poorest district, but also one with big heart. Small towns are built around family, and everyone gets along just fine. When the Games come around, youth get their favorite armament, one they have trained with... One that has been passed down in their family for generations. Morale is at average, with people wanting to win the Games to save their family from extreme poverty.

Time to give tributes! As I said on my last games, you may use a person from that games (excluding the winners), use one of my characters, or of course make a new person. Report to my last games to take one of my characters (Audrina Kindramos, Karmon/Karlotte Vaktank) or to update and use any other character from it.

Rules -

I accept 3 boys and 3 girls from EACH district. This makes a total of 30 competitors.

Upload a character in this format:


District and Age:



Weapon choices:


Possible alliances:


Competitive spirit:

Values and other information:

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Official Contestants for the Calamity Games:

Districts Male Male Male Female Female Female

Mike Litoris;16

Thin, loves a fight.

Armed with combat knowledge. Will win because he wants to.

Harley Swoop;14

Courageous, honorable

Armed with a blowdart and dagger.  Wants to win to keep his family alive.

Colossus Magnitude;16

Pure and trained

Armed with a spear.  Will win to come back home.

Drina Voxamer;15

Intellectual, accurate, stealthy

Armed with trident and whip.  Will win just to survive.

Zia Clow;14

Rejected and underestimated

Armed with curved knives. Wants to win to get out of D0.

Nyx Salem;15

Dark, mute, odd

Armed with....


Harry Stytle;17

Brutal fighter

Armed with a sword.  Wants to win for himself.

Maroon Cutter;16

Calm and collected

Armed with knives.  Wants to win to leave District 1.

Yashlen Karpenter;15

Rude and obnoxious

Armed with a pistol.  Will win because he has trained.


Proficient, charming

Armed with a bow and arrow. Wants to win for her sister.

Audrina Kindramos;17

Sharp, will surprise you

Armed with disruptive gadgets. Wants to win to prove herself.

Yasmine Karpenter;16

Snotty and entitled

Armed with knife gloves.  Will win to show her family she can.


Cove Lowson;17

Accurate and social

Armed with long range weapons.  Will win for the thrill.

Marshall Abadeer;14

Unforgiving and tricky

Armed with  trident and knives. Wants to protect his sister and have her win.

Soul Silence;14

Mute, fighter

Armed with a scythe.  Wants to win to bring glory to his name.

Jinny Billtrox;15

Intellectual and flexible

Armed with traps and knives.  Will win to survive.

Maysilee Abadeer;14

Dangerous and cunning

Armed with knives and axe.  Will win to survive.

Raven Silence;14

Mute, fighter

Armed with blades.  Wants to win to bring glory to her name.


Admes Wicker;14

Unfriendly fighter

Armed with a dagger.  Will win for his self.

Kent Beat;16

Trained fighter

Armed with gymnastic knowledge.  Will win because it is his time to shine.

Zak Slaughter;16

Harsh, insane

Armed with blades.  Will win to help his district.

Karlotte Vaktank;16

Drugged, insane

Armed with good fortune and deadly attacks.  Wants to win bad.

Thalia Combe;15

Sadistic and seductive

Armed with throwing knives.  Will win because she wants to.

Mimic Slaughter;16

Armed with blades.  Wants to win to help her district problems.


Trident Bekke;16

Good attitude and loyal

Armed with a trident.  Wants to not win, to see his sister win.

Gabriel Woodson;16

Strong-willed, kind and trained

Armed with a two-handed sword.  Will win for his unfortunate brother.

Keyan Champion;17

Respectful and situational

Armed with two swords and electronic dagger.  Will win to prove himself.

Brooke Bekke;15

Hardened, tough

Armed with a knife.  Wants to win to prove herself.

Amelia Celes;15

Kind and trusting

Armed with a dagger.  Wants to win to survive.

Daster Baygun;15

Dark, cautious

Armed with batons.  Will win to keep herself out of poverty.

The Arena: The Beginning

"Well, good citizens of our nation.... We are in the process of getting our contestants for the Calamity Games!  And yes, this games will be much different than the last... Oh yes, and we may now announce the arena the contestants will battle in... well, one of them at least.... I will reveal the most evident arena which will take place when the games start... It is a Gladiator Colosseum, now let's have fun for the Calamity Games!

  • A teaser for the colosseum...

But keep in mind that there will be extra challenges awaiting these competitors, of course.  And most of them will not see what these challenges are until it smashes them in the face."

-Master Simono

Contestant Entrances;

"Well, let's talk a bit about last games.  District 0 was out by the Top 14, District 1 did good like normal... And one of the winners last year was from D1!  And of course District 2 did well, and one of the winners was from D2.  Congrats again to Victoria Heart and Evelyn Pearson!  And then D3 was a mixed bag as usual, both in effectiveness and logic!! And some fell early and some fell late, with the top being Lachelle at 3rd place overall.  Last but not least, District 4 fell hard this time, with tragedy striking very early in the games and continuing on.  By the Top 10, only two remained with one (Piper) not perceived as able to win.  She got 6th place, and the last remaining D2 person, Allana, achieved 4th place.  So, basically these were a pretty good games!  And I hope you, the audience enjoyed them too.  Now onto these new games.... Tonight will be the contestant entrances, and we will be very excited to see how they pull off their district identity and show us how much they want to win!  See you all tonight!"  -  Master Simono


"And here we go!  District 0 is up first, and once again I must say the boys do not impress... They just look very flimsy and dull.  But the girls that show up, they look fierce just like last time!  Drina Voxamer looks very determined and tough, and Nyx Salem looks like she wants to kill.  Now onto District 1!"

"D1 enters strongly and fiercely, as usual.  Maroon Cutter looks very content, and Audrina Kindramos looks stunning and confident.  They sure know how to work the crowd, don't they!  District 1 is all about excess and wealth, and these guys show it off perfectly."

"District 2 comes now, with Cove Lowson loving the attention and certainly looking strong.  And, oh, I see a brother and sister... I always hate when that happens, it is just so tragic.  In fact, let's go talk to them."

"How do you cope with being a brother and sister act, destined for the terrible at some point during this games?"

Marshall Abideer; "Well, she needs my help and I am here to give it to her.  I'm planning on her winning, and I will stand by that.  I will protect her and fight to have her win."

Maysilee Abideer; "I don't need your help, okay?  See, I am ready for this.  It will be tough, but I will do my best."

"Second to last, District 3... Always the crazy ones, I must say.  Here comes Karlotte Vaktank, a stunning woman that is sure to be a piece of work.  And Thalia Combe looks fierce.... and quite mental, if I may add."

"Finally, for District 4 we have a good attitude group, with another brother-sister combo.  Trident Bekke and Brooke Bekke are in this together, and it looks like they are very close.  Gabriel Woodson will be one to watch, with his sword and honorable attitude.  Looks like a good group this year, altogether!"

Training to Die-

"Now, as we gather all of the contestants to train, we will be explaining a bit of the rules.  The contestants will start off in a colosseum, to fight to the death.  But there will be a trick that they don't know about... A colossum will get crowded and not very spacey, so we have devised a devious diversion that will sure make them think about what happens when they try and leave the colosseum... What lies outside of it?  Who will be able to get out?"

-Headmaster Simono

The contestants sleeplessly train with their weapons, hoping to be the last people.  There are fights, like usual.  And this time, liines are drawn and grudges are made between brothers-sister duos, as there are more than 3 present in these games.  Everyone wants to protect each other, and this will get interesting.  The training area closes for the night, with everyone getting their fair share of all of the areas to practice different skills. 

And it is clear that Brooke Bekke is scared of Maysilee Abadeer and Raven Silence,  "Brooke, listen.  It's not like I'm not scared of their brothers.  We just have to get through it.  We aren't their only enemies, and they aren't ours either.  We just have to take it day by day and do our best."  She nods, and they walk up to their dormitories.

The next day, Harry Stytle and Mike Litoris spar, with Mike ending up running away in fear.  Harry laughs, and the others laugh too.  He will be the first to go.

And there are of course some screwups and frightened ones this time.  Out of 30, people like Mike and Cove Lowson and Daster Baygun do not seem ready, but this may be their tactic.  We will find out soon enough.

The Days of the Dead:

"Well, everyone.  Tonight is the night these contestants will go to the arena!  And straight there, too.  No dance to get everyone familiarized, no challenges to worry about.  Just straight there, and I think this group will like it more.  This group seems fierce and ready to go, so let's see!"

Audrina Kindramos; "When we materialize into the colosseum, its grandeur and large setup instantly catch my eye.  They really got this thing completed, and greatly too!

Soul Silence; "Oh, Raven and I will have fun here.  The ancient colosseum was a form of deathly entertainment, we will have fun killing easy here.  Everyone will want to get a piece of the action, and we will just kill the competition."

Admes Wicker; "I will try my best, but I know I should get out of here.  Hide in one of the top areas, which will be difficult but it is the best chance I have."

Jinny Billtrox; "To plan this out well, I need to know the situations... What kind of people are here and what will their strategy be?  Well, I guess I don't need to know this.  I just need to have my weapon and strike from afar or from close quarters if need be, but I have to get out of the initial death zone."

The Beginning;

As the contestants arrive in the colosseum, hell breaks loose and Jinny Billtrox runs around and spots her targets and potential allies, visually marking them and moving on.  Cove Lowson immediately whips out his bow, spinning around and shooting anyone in the vacinity.  Of course, most have already jumped into the stands.  'Hanna' has, and she responds by throwing a dagger at him, which Cove expertly shoots right through with a tough arrow.  He smiles and shoots Mike Litoris in the back as he stupidly runs up the stairs in plain sight.  First casualty.

"Well, the Games have started!  30 people in there, one already down in a matter of six seconds.  Let's put up the chart and remind ourselves of the trick to this table.  The ones put up at any point in time are expected to fall next, and are given how much percent chance they will win.  Here it is!"

Name District Status
Mike Litoris 0 30th place
Harry Stytle 1 29th place
Admes Wicker 3 28th place
Maroon Cutter 1 27th place
Yasmine Karp. 1 26th place
Daster Bayg. 4 25th place
Yashlen Karp. 1 24th place
Nyx Salem 0 23rd place
Brooke Bekke 4 22nd place
Keyan Champ. 4 21st place
Hanna 1 20th place
Mimic Slaug. 3 19th place
Soul Silence 2

18th place

Audrina Kind.

1 17th place
Drina Voxam. 0 16th place
Karlotte Vakt. 3 15th place
Maysilee Ab. 2 14th place
Kent Beat 3 13th place
Thalia Combe 3 12th place
Harley Swoop 0 11th place
Gabriel Wood. 4 10th place
Colossus Ma. 0 9th place
Jinny Billt. 2 8th place
Marshall Ab. 2 7th place
Zia Clow 0 6th place
Zak Slaught. 3 5th place
Raven Sil. 2 4th place
Amelia Celes 4 3rd place
Trident Bekke 4 2nd place

With chilling ease, Hanna pulls back her bow once again in her row of ancient arena seating, and shoots at a girl from a bit away at a booth.  She dodges, and glares at her.  Her brother sees this, and throws a knife or something at Hanna.  Hanna disregards this and shoots again, this time at someone behind her, for two purposes: to check if someone is sneaking up behind her, and to not let them get off easy.  She smiles as she hits a big brute of a girl in the arm, and Drina Voxamer turns around and pulls out the arrow and has a look of evil on her face.  Hanna hides behind a seat near her and hopes Drina does not try and get her.

But Harry Stytle got her first, with his sword which he slashed through a seat next to her with.  She stood up, and let her temporary look of horror leave her.  "Oh, you don't seem to have very good aim with that." Harry growled at her, and attempted to raise it again to stab her, but she moved and shot him in the chest with an arrow and he fell.  Two casualties.

Soon a third, as Admes Wicker and Maroon Cutter and Keyan Champion were trading blows.  Keyan stabbed Admes in the arm with his electronic dagger, that left Admes writhing on the ground.  Keyan smiled and looked at his dagger, and laughed.  Maroon picked up his jaw and went to stab Keyan, but ended up tripping over Admes when Keyan dodged, and Maroon instead stabbed Admes.  Admes was down.  And this was all in the first minute.

Brooke Bekke frantically heads up the stairs on the west side of the colosseum as most people have now picked a side, and Trident is with her as they check their sides and see who is around them and what ranged weapon they have.

While this happens, the devious foursome of Thalia Combe, Zak Slaughter, Mimic Slaughter, and Karlotte Vaktank know there is some way to get out of this place.  They know that the audience won't enjoy watching everyone just stay in here the whole time.  And they think they know a way to remove people and get out of this place.

Maroon Cutter and Daster Baygun have started fighting on the colosseum floor, wide in the open but hoping to draw people out.  They both have that idea in the mind as Yasmine Karpenter joins them and stabs Daster in the stomach with her clawed gloves.  But once they start fighting more viciously on this colosseum dusty floor, they realize it is moving.  And they see the D3 foursome destroying the door of the colosseum, and Daster immediately knew that there was some sort of trap they knew about.  And the floor of the colosseum spread out, taking Maroon and Daster and Yasmine down into a hole of chaos, and they died immediately.  All of the other 20-something people in the arena screamed, and ran across the colosseum seating areas to the door that the D3 group got through.  And once everyone got out the door, they realized they were in a whole other place.

A Dark Travel;

Yashlen Karpenter was the next one out after the D3 gang, and sprang into action right as he entered the dark castle.  The colosseum entered into a dark and cryptic castle, and Karlotte immediately put her arms up and ran through it and jumped on the banister to the stairs going to the western part of the castle, and ran up and walked down a hall.  The rest of the D3 gang followed, but Yashlen, not knowing his sister just died, decided to get a headstart in the games and went to shoot Mimic Slaughter with his pistol and hit the chandelier above her, which wobbled as she took a knife and threw it back at Yashlen, who was fatally hit and died.  At this moment, the chandelier fell and Zak pulled Mimic away just before it smashed her, and he criticized her lack of intelligence.  She sarcastically regarded him as an idiot and walked on, with Zak trailing behind her. 

Nyx Salem cautiously crept through the shadowy halls as everyone flocked into the main hall of the castle.  The second part of the arena was a dark, creepy castle.  This would be interesting.  But she had no time to act, when Brooke Bekke came up behind her and snapped her neck.  Brooke then pushed her over and motioned for Trident to hurry up.  He came with her and they went through a long, dark hall and attempted to open doors.  Only a few opened, and they settled on a room with a couple of hiding areas in it, and other doors.  "This is like a maze, seriously."  Trident marveled as he saw all the possibilities.  "Yes, that is what they want.  They want this to be drama, and they want the person hiding to have the most possible ways to get killed or be killed." Brooke added.

As Brooke turned the corner, she was met with a knife.  "Hey, get out."  Karlotte Vaktank dismissed.  "Hey, no.  I don't think so."  Brooke responded.  Karlotte simply stabbed her in the stomach and went on.  Brooke was dead, as Trident waited for her to come back from "finding allies".

Audrina Kindramos stalked the webbed hallways and kicked open doors when needed.  She also threw smokebombs when she saw other contestants walk by, simply as a precaution.  And then she would jump over them and kick them to the floor.  This was her style.  But this stopped when she came face to face with Cove Lowson.  He snapped his bow and arrow right in her face as she backed up, and he knew he should kill her but he thought he shouldn't.  You didn't want to make enemies here,  but an easy kill like this would be hard to pass up.  But people would come for him, he knew.  Audrina put her hands up, and walked backwards as he came forwards and got ready to shoot.  At the last moment, Audrina flipped up and tacked against the left wall, and bounced up and tacked against the right wall, and her wall jump technique worked, as he shot at the ceiling and completely missed.  She retrieved a smoke bomb and threw it down, and jumped down herself, finding him hunched over.  She walked past him, kicking him to the ground and used her speed and stealth to get herself out of there. 

When Cove got up and the smoke cleared, he had lost Audrina.  He was so close, and had botched this up.

Thalia Combe, Cove Lowson, Kent Beat, Karlotte Vaktank, and the Slaughter twins met up in a shadowy room with barely any furnishings, but they had to talk about their plans.  "Well, obviously we have some competition.  That woman Audrina is sure a little cat, she will keep landing on her feet." Karlotte Vaktank said with aggression as Cove nodded.  "Well, I think the Silence twins are more of a threat, personally.  They are just killers who haven't had their moment yet." Thalia Combe offered, with a bit of agreement.  And they talked about this for a while, until night fell on the first day.

Day 2-

"Well, a fairly interesting first day.  4, count them, deaths in the D1 group.  Not normal at all, I tell you.  Audrina and Hanna are pros, though, so we can't count them out of this.  And some interesting deaths like Brooke Bekke, and Trident hasn't even noticed yet.  He is asleep, like everyone else.  No one is actually walking the halls like we figured, and it is almost ready for Day 2 drama.  Who is your favorite so far??  We know who ours is."

The Top 21 rose out of their deep sleep slowly, with real difficulty.  This arena was by far the most hectic, with the colosseum in the beginning and now a creepy and dark castle.  Keyan Champion and Gabriel Woodson were safe in their room.  The D3 (plus Cove Lowson) gang were safe in their room.  Audrina, Hanna, Zia Clow and Drina Voxamer were alone in their enclave.  Colossus Magnitude, Kent Beat, and a few others slept alone.  Some of them had burned bridges that were going to be fatal later on, such as Jinny Billtrox.  Her trap had already secured Amanda Celes in her net-trap, securing Amanda for a night of inconvienence and uncomfortableness.  And when Jinny, in the next day, found her trap to have been helpful, an angry Amanda attempted to stay calm.  But she couldn't, and she cut herself out and attempted to attack Jinny, who easily blocked the attacks, and Amanda fled the scene.  Jinny cautiously looked around her, an unneeded attempt to save herself from death coming towards her.  But it would be later when Amanda would find her group and find Jinny.  But they would find her and kill her.

"Okay, guys.  We are tired of sitting here, we are just going to kill some people." Mimic Slaughter said after 10 minutes of sitting in their room.  Cove nodded, and Thalia barely acknowledged her speaking.  Everyone else ignored this as they were thinking things in their own minds and they were all on their own planet of thoughts.  Zak got up and went with her, and they sprang into action.

"Please, don't kill me!"  Harley Swoop cried as he ran from the Slaughter twins.  Keyan and Gabriel were nowhere to be found, since Harely was technically allies and friends with them.  The Slaughters threw knives at Harley, not aiming to kill.  Only to frighten and, if one hits, to injure.  But finally, Harley slammed against a wall he clearly didn't acknowledge, and was slammed into by Zak Slaughter.  Mimic laughed, and cried out with Harely in a mocking way.  Zak got his blade as Harley dove through Zak's legs and stumbled into Mimic, and ran another way, screaming for Keyan. 

And Keyan came, out of the shadows.  His double swords were a threat, and Zak walked backwords but got out two knives and flipped them around.  The two dueled a bit, as Mimic noticed Gabriel found Harley and they ran.  Keyan looked back to see if this was happening, and Zak took this moment to stab Keyan in the gut.  Keyan crunched backwords, but slashed at Zak and Mimic, who got in the way and she got slashed in the arm.  She cried out, and jumped at Keyan and stabbed him three times with her blades.  Zak went crazy too and, while Mimic stabbed Keyan, Zak got out his trident and stuck right through Keyan, and slammed him on the ground.  Keyan was certainly dead. 

Top 20 was announced, and a new challenge was produced as the voice boomed through the dusty and delicate castle hallways.  The challenge was torturous: Beasts would roam the castle halls and attack their own respective targets.  One beast for every person, with specific personality towards their targets' hardships and trials. 

When this was announced, Drina Voxamer was telling Audrina, Hanna and Zia Clow her story about her fathers death and Drina's own hardship and desperation.  Drina cried, though fakely, and the girls attempted to comfort her.  When the challenge was announced, Drina started crying, real crying, and realized she would have to face her fathers death again, in the form of a killing beast. 

And Zia Clow immediately got up, taking her curved blade and leaving them.  Audrina yelled after her to stop her, but Zia brushed her off and told her it was time for her to go,

Zia Clow wandered through the halls, seeing beasts of burden and hardship and pain everywhere.  She didn't care, though, and was looking for her match.  She was ready to fight her past.  She stopped by an arched window area, when she felt she saw her enemy.  The beast pranced its way across the empty hall, and stopped at Zia.  She kept quiet, not knowing what to do.  But it walked past her in freezing silence and darkness and kept walking.  Zia was relieved for just a minute, but realized she shouldn't have been when a beast from the lower area of the castle jumped on the stairway and pounced on Zia, who backed up and stabbed it in the mouth.  It whipped its nose around, and growled at her.  It opened its mouth, spitting out real history of Zia, about how her family left her and their final words to the young girl.  Zia Clow fell to the ground, reliving these memories of being left, being starving, and rising up with her weapons and her fighting prowess.  And she got up, feeling stronger than ever before, and lifted up her blade and her courage, and brought it down upon the beast.  She had conquered her own beast, and would vow to win the Calamity Games.

Drina Voxamer stalked the empty room she resided in, knowing the beast would come to find her.

Harley Swoop did this too, watched over by Gabriel Woodson.  Gabriel maintained he would be fine if he was found by his beast, because his past was fine with him.  But Harley was not okay, he cried as he remembered his terrible past.  And the beast must have heard him, because it knocked down the door and stood in the doorway, ready to attack Harley.  Harley protected himself, scrunching up on the floor and pulling his knees up.  Gabriel looked to the beast and then to Harley, knowing he was giving up.  The beast prowled over to Harley, who screamed and inched his way away.  Gabriel picked Harley up, whispering in his ear "You don't have to fight this alone." And as the beast spat out sounds of his mom dying from electrocution and his sister being reaped, Harley realized he could find courage in this.  He would win for his sister.  And Gabriel realized Harley thought of this, and Gabriel swiftly inserted his sword into the fingers of Harley's sweaty hands; Gabriel put his hands over Harley's and told him he didn't have to fight this alone.  Harley smiled, and the two of them swung the sword through the beast's neck, killing it instantly.  Harley was freed.

Drina Voxamer's ears were pounded by the sounds of despair, of the Abadeers' older brother dying and the strain on their mom, whos' two kids were going off into the games.  Marshall pleads for Maysilee to go do something, to go find food.  But Maysilee doesn't want to, she claims she isn't hungry now.  And the two beasts surround them.  Drina laughs insanely, knowing they both will fall.  But sounds of fighting means Marshall has gotten the courage to destroy the beasts.  Maysilee sighs, and says she will go find food and talk to the D3 group for what they should do next.  Marshall says okay, and walks through the hall away from Drina.  Drina looks around, her mind spinning and slowly making her insane.  She knows she is next. 

The beast enters from the side door.  It slashes through the door, and Drina gets her flaming whip and runs at it.  The beast screams and runs, being attacked by another beast.  Wait, why are there two beasts?  But she disregards this from her mind, and whips the humanly beast.  It screams out in girlish pain, and Drina smiles.  She whips it again, and the beast dies.  And then Drina pulls way back, and slashes the other beast.  She has survived this.  And then a beast from behind her attacks her.

Audrina pounds through the broken door, and finds a dead beast and a dead Hanna.  Audrina cries out, knowing Hanna probably didn't survive her beast.  Hanna had a bad upbringing, with her dead mom and sister, both from a killer disease.  And her dad abused her, and left later on.  Audrina cried as her sad friend died, but noticed whip marks on her.  Fatal whip marks.  This wasn't from a beast.  And she entered an ajar door leading to another room and saw Drina Voxamer, standing over another beast.   Drina whipped her body around slowly, almost like a fleshy robot, and said to Audrina "I took care of three beasts... I don't know why they all came for me, but they did."  Audrina forced herself not to pity the poor woman, and became stern.  "That's because, one was a girl.  A young girl by the name of Hanna, being chased by her beast.  You took her life."  Drina's eyes glossed over, not realizing what she had done.  And she collapsed onto the floor, looking up at the ceiling, her head tilting and nodding as she slowly rejuvinated her senses.  Audrina saw this, and walked out of the room, disgusted with what had just occured recently.


During all this chaos, Colossus Magnitude and Amanda Celes stayed in their room, not caring about the beasts.  They both accepted their past, and were going to accept the future.  They were silent and noncaring, waiting for ideas to attack people.  Until they heard commotion outside their door.  They listened, and heard Mimic Slaughter and Abadeer fighting.  Maysilee taunted Mimic about where her brother was and how much she needed his protection, and Mimic taunted back mostly the same thing.  Colossus sighed, wondering where their brains had gone.  And then they started fighting.  Thalia Combe tried to break it up, but the three girls soon started stabbing at each other and Mimic was going insane.  Amanda Celes opened the door wide, slamming Raven Silence in the face.  She frowned, and became a nightmare, stabbed Amanda in the abdomen, not deep though. 

Soul Silence found Colossus sitting on the window seat, a place of tranquility.  He attempted to slash right through Colossus with his scythe, but Colossus rolled backwards and popped right up, picking up a large lamp and shooting it at Soul's face.  He got hit with it, and Colossus had already fled through the other door.  The Silence boy sped through the door, only to get grabbed in a headlock by Colossus, who attempted to snap his neck, but Silence flipped his body up and slid out of the grip, landing behind Colossus and elbowing him in the back and jabbing him with his scythe blade.  Colossus winced, but spun around and, as Soul stabbed at him, Colossus grabbed the blade and used his strength to spin it around and stabbed clean through Soul, and Soul fell against the wall, eventually acknowleding his wound, and collapsed on the ground, dead.  Colossus couldn't look at this, and left the scene, hearing the girls still fighting.

Mimic Slaughter was hit in the face with a thrown knife, and was pronounced dead.  Amanda Celes eventually got out of the chaos, finding Colossus and was healed by his skills.  He retrieved his hidden weapons, a spear and shuriken and axe, and they realized they needed to move.  Though Amanda wasn't happy, much, to be allied with him of all people, he was cool and content and easy to be with.  Most of the D2 people ended up being on the D3 side, strange for the D2 group.  Cove seemed good, but he ended up being a killer like the others.  Amanda wasn't, and she was content with being with Colossus, a defender, and Harley, who was nowhere to be found. 

Kent Beat wandered around, looking for Harley and Gabriel.  His own beast hadn't arrived yet, and he assumed they were gone.  Earlier, Jinny Billtrox had found him and she attempted to maim him, but he got away.  He was tired now.  He walked through a promenade with no windows.  He walked through numerous hallways.  He walked flights of stairs.  What an empty castle.... Of course, Kent would be fine wandering throught here.  He liked open spaces to do whatever he pleased, and he was a gymnist who could hide anywhere and be not found.   These things flooded his mind as he walked aimlessly, just to find his allies.  Which was pretty aimless, as this castle was so large.  But shouts told him he needed to leave now.

Trident Bekke was fighting his beast, and he was having trouble.  Recreations of the tsunami that killed his mom and sisters were killing him slowly, and Karlotte Vaktank thought this was the best thing ever.  She laughed and laughed, and Trident could not stand it.  "See, most of your family is dead.  You have nothing.  And I killed your sister a while back, remember?" Trident sunk his head and let himself die.  Or waited for himself to die.  But he didn't.  Karlotte laughed even harder.  He was a pity in her eyes.  She was so lucky to be able to watch this.  But Gabriel Woodson had to ruin it, he came in and slashed the beast in the leg, and it squealed loud and growled sharply.  Karlotte reached out and Gabriel had no time to react; she took him by the throat and attempted to corrupt him, using her deep rooted alterations to confuse him.  She giggled and slapped him, pushing him into the wall.  But Trident was soon up and went to grab her arm to turn her around and stab her, but she was smart; she took his arm, she knew this was happening, and she pulled him towards her and then stepped around him and ripped back his arm, and he was bent and she was behind him, tugging his arm farther and farther back.  She laughed maniacally, and he screamed out in pain.  But Karlotte looked away, to find Gabriel gone.  She then saw a sword out of the corner of her eye and moved Trident's arm in the way of the sword, and Gabriel yelped and jerked back the sword just in time to only scratch Trident.  But Gabriel jerked back far enough to be caught in some sort of electric net, and he was out in just two seconds.  Karlotte let go of Trident, who fell, and she walked over to the net, laughing.  This was getting better and better for her, but Jinny Billtrox would make sure it would stop.

Day 2-Nightfall;

After intense fighting, it was announced that Audrina Kindramos was killed by Maysilee Abadeer, who immediately got bored and started bickering with her brother and went to get food.  And Drina Voxamer commited suicide, a pure shame.  Jinny Billtrox was about to kill Karlotte, when Maysilee Abadeer caught her by the throat and pulled her back.  "I dont think so, sweety", and she took Jinny and threw her against a nearby railing.  And she stabbed Karlotte to death with her.  Jinny was shocked, as she witnessed a gruesome death.  Trident ran off with Gabriel, and now Maysilee walked over to Jinny and about stabbed her, but Jinny rolled away and Maysilee instead slashed the wooden banister, and Jinny took her and pushed her over the stairs and Maysilee fell 14 feet and hit her head, and died instantly.  Jinny winced, but knew it was what she had to do.

"As night ended, we realized this was not an ordinary games.  This was intense death, and intense pain coming from these contestants.  Both mentally, from the beasts of burden, and physically, since a lot of brutal stabbing has occured so far!  But of course the audience loves it!  Anyway, here is the recap for Day 2 as night overcomes these contestants and their dark-flooded arena.  District 1 has, quite surprisingly, lost all of their contestants by this Top 14.  District 2 has fared much better, recently losing just two people.  But it all can come crashing down, that is certain.  Next, District 3 has lost only two people also, one early and one more recently.  Lastly, D4 has lost three people so far, one early and two in the middle, and it seems they are about to lose one or two more, but who knows.  Happy Games!"   -   Master Simono

Day 3;

Thalia Combe; "What do you want?  Your sister was just first in the plans of our group, and I hope you're still not sore about it."

Trident Bekke; "No, I'm not.  This is what happens in these games.  But I need you to help me get inside your group, I need to infiltrate it."

Thalia Combe; "It's possible, but I will need you to act terrible and viciously and really be the part."

Trident Bekke; "I can do that.  Let's go."

Waking up to the sound of silence, Cove Lowson wakes to find everyone already up, milling about and checking if anyone infiltrated their area last night.  But Cove turns over and finds an unfamiliar boy sleeping near him, and Cove goes to check it out.  It is Trident Bekke.  Marshall Abadeer comes right next to Cove, and Trident wakes with a startle, moving back.  The two boys get ready to attack, but Thalia Combe arrives inbetween them and stops them, claiming he is on their side now.  Thalia turns back around to help Trident up, when the door slams.  Kent Beat arrives, out of breath, getting out "Guys!  I know, I haven't been here in a while.  But I have seen so much!  First, Karlotte died and a chick fight and everything.  Maysilee died, and all that.  And then I saw more."  Marshall Abadeer and Raven Silence and the others were all ears as he caught his breath.  "And then I found Thalia and Trident Bekke, I think.  And they were saying about infiltrating the group.  That was this morning, I swear I heard it.  I woke up and heard it, they were like in the next hallway away from me."  Thalia Combe slowly turned around, glaring right at Kent.  His mouth dropped, and Thalia immediately pushed the people around her away and fled.

Cove spun around to see Trident gone, and Thalia fleeing out a different door.  And he turned back around to see Kent on the floor, a knife in his chest.

Thalia and Trident met up with Amelia Celes and Colossus Magnitude, two of their allies, and the four of them sped to their courtyard room area, somewhere not many went and somewhere they could not be found.

So, as the Elite Top 12 emerged, so did a feeling of disrespect and finality.  There were lines drawn.  Harley Swoop, Gabriel Woodson, Thalia Combe, Trident Bekke, Amelia Celes, and Colossus Magnitude are the biggest group.  But tragedy will soon strike.  The "D3 group" is no longer mostly D3, and contains Zak Slaughter, Raven Silence, Marshall Abadeer, and Cove Lowson.  Lastly, Jinny Billtrox and Zia Clow are allied. 

As the Top 12 starts, one of the groups gets attacked.  The one with the most people, of course.  Thalia Combe is killed, and so is Harley Swoop.  The rest get away, except for Gabriel Woodson and Colossus Magnitude.  They are caught, and interrogated.

Raven Silence, who stabbed Thalia and caught Harley for Marshall to kill, paces the room.  She is mute, but she can threaten.  Every once in a while, as Marshall and Zak ask them questions, Raven stares one of them down with her unforgiving dark eyes. 

Zak; "Good, well at least we can talk to you without you guys leaving."

Gabriel; "Well, that is soon.  But not now, so don't worry."

Marshall; "What is your plan of attack?"

Gabriel; "We dont have to tell you that, do we?"

Zak; "We can kill you otherwise."

Colossus; "Fine, kill us.  We don't care."

Marshall; "Good, because we don't either."

Zak; "Okay, you take Colossus.  I have Gabriel."

After some fighting, Gabriel Woodson was pronounced dead at 10th place.  But Colossus barely got away, and was now on a run for his life. 

"Ah, the Elite Top 9.  This is where it gets interesting, but I am not really seeing any standouts... Are any of you?  I will certainly be interested to see who survives to the Top 5, I really will be.  Let's see how this plays out here, though, because Colossus is a strong good character.  And here comes Zia Clow... What will happen here..."

"Zia!  I haven't seen you anywhere!"  Colossus almost shouts, out of breath.  But Zia Clow comes towards him with her curved knife, stabbing him in the abdomen.  He falls and she grabs him by the ear, bending down close to him.  "This is my time to win.  Sorry, buddy.  But I'm on my own now.  Jinny and I, we fit okay together.  But she won't stand in my way of winning.  Neither will you."

Colossus stared up at her in awe, saying "Zia, you have to help me.  Don't just kill me, we have to survive for the good people like us that have already died!"  "Oh, no.  You are the good people.  You and whoever else, I don't care who.  Not me, I'm not good.  I should have started off with the D3 gang the whole time, they hunted for the unworthies and rid us of them.  But you are still here, so obviously they didn't finish up." And with that, she slit his throat with her knife and went on.

Jinny Billtrox snuck out the courtyard and into a wide space, filled with entrances to the main castle.  She wanted to get out of here, just out.  The atrium seemed to go in the direction of this small building, an interesting small building.  She crept across the stone, wobbly bricks on the road and hastened up the steps to this small building.  The steps creeked as she partially hid behind the column at the top of the stairs, and she peeked around to see if anyone was watching her.  And she opened the unlocked door.

  • Castle Courtyard
  • Mystery room outside of the castle
  • A surprise for later...

Jinny found a catacomb, of secrets and of strange light.  She ducked over the hanging walls, and the ground sloped.  She ducked under the smashed entrance in the wall in front of her, and the sandy ground was kicked up in front of her.  She was in a completely not-mentioned place.  This was going beneath the castle.

Meanwhile, Cove Lowson and Marshall Abadeer and Zak Slaughter and Raven Silence met up with Zia Clow, who happily joined their team.  Trident Bekke was with Amanda Celes, who was looking for Jinny Billtrox.  The Top 8 was ready to fight, but Cove knew better than to immediately trust Zia.  He later talked to Raven and Zak, who agreed that Zia was a bit of a wild card.  They would later decide what they should do.  Now, their team should rest.

The End of Day 3;

Jinny had rested down in the underground, sleeping against a wall.  And she realized no one had followed her, so she decided to go deeper.  The downhill slope was nice, and the path kept twisting and turning, making it interesting.  As she sifted through the last catacomb, she realized she was at the end; the ground started leveling out.  And she smashed through a wall that was hollow, and saw an amazing sight.  A temple of some sort.  And she looked down, and lava flew through the cracks of rock in the temple walls and floors and columns and stones and walkways.  But when she came to her senses again, footsteps behind her told her she was in trouble.  And when the footsteps entered the temple, Jinny, hiding behind the column, felt a pain in her stomach and saw Raven Silence and Marshall Abadeer stabbing her with both of their weapons.  Raven took her and shoved her into the lava, and Jinny was dead. 

"As night comes once again, we review once again.  The Top 7 is made up of one D0, Zia Clow.  No D1s, which is a new record.  There has always been a D1 contender in the Top 7, not to mention the Top 17, which was when the last D1 contender, Audrina Kindramos, died.  What a shock.  Next, at any rate, for the D2 group we have a great turnout, which is mostly normal.  With Jinny now dead, the D2 group has three people left.  D3 has not a single person left, the last being Thalia Combe.  And this is not normal for D3, usually we have plenty of D3 by the near end of this thing.  They have grown up so difficultly and dangerously, they thrive in this environment.  Not this time.  Finally, D4 has Trident Bekke and Amelia Celes, two people we were not expecting to survive this long.  But this is an interesting feat, two good hiders that have played the game well.  Who knows if they will survive much longer though.  Hope you have your favorites picked, and good luck to the Top 7!"

Day 4, The End -

Trident and Amelia paced the empty courtyard, wondering what to do.  It was them versus five trained killers, and they knew that had no way of surviving.  But Trident knew if they could just be sneaky and somehow mess with their group, they could win.  Or maybe they could somehow trick their group or snag them up somehow. 

Raven Silence paced the temple.  What a good place to win.  A final duel, as you get pushed in the lava.  Well, not Raven.  She wouldn't get pushed.  But she would push the other one off and stab them in the stomach, a fatal kill.  That would be her plan.  In fact, now would be a good time to show off my skills.  Raven walked over to Zia, and ripped her hair downwards, pulling her skull down to the floor.  Raven let go, and taunted her, waiting for her to come. 

Zia attacked Raven with no-holds-barred, and they brawled across the paved stone floor.  Zak Slaughter looked at this scene and the two boys by him, back and forth.  And he took this opportunity to whip out his spear and stab Marshall in the chest, who cried out, and Cove grabbed Marshall and ripped out the spear.  He defended his friend and took out his bow, and shot Zak in the arm, who ripped it out and smiled.  Zak took Cove by the neck and hit Marshall over the edge with Cove, and Marshall died in the pile of lava. 

Zak then slit Cove's throat, throwing his dead body

Raven stabbed Zia in the stomach, and punched her and Zia stumbled back.  Zia jumped over Raven, and stabbed her right in the back and shoved her forward over the edge of the not-very-large brick platform.  She then kicked Zia in the legs, and crippled her, and then picked her up and threw her in the lava. 

Cove, from the clutches of Zak, was shocked at the two sudden deaths, and kicked Zak in the chin.  Zak tripped backwards, and Cove took the bow and shot Zak in the back as Zak fell into the wall, and slumped over, dead. 

Cove swung around to find the champion of the woman fight, Raven.  Cove was sweating hard, and waited for what would be a continuation of their group, or a declaration of battle.  Oh, of course... She can't talk.  "Okay, I'm done with these guys over here... Final 4?"

Raven smiled and nodded her agreement, giving a thumbs up and silently praising his performance.  He did the same, calling her and him the big shots.  Raven just looked over at him as she passed him and patted him on the shoulder, and walked back up to the castle.  Cove flinched, but knew he could probably trust her. 

When Cove received his letter from his mother by loudspeaker, spoken in monotone generic voice, Cove almost collapsed and listened well to his letter.  Raven smirked and grabbed him by the ears and motioned for him to continue going.  They were almost at the top of the temple area, about to potentially be attacked by Trident and Amelia. 

And the top four met, in the courtyard of the castle as afternoon washed across the sky.  And Raven got her message next, showing extreme expression and almost crying when her brother was mentioned.  This touched her, and Amelia took this opportunity to run over and stab her.  Raven took a dagger in the stomach, and fell over, with Cove watching with horror and whacking Amelia with his bow, letting emotion take him over as Raven sat on the ground and cried as her message finished and she held her wound. 

Trident just stood back, watching this horror.  Raven died, out of her wounds, achieving fourth place.  Cove, out of extreme anger, used his bow as a baton, knocking Amelia back and eventually whipping out an arrow and stabbing her with it repeatedly, until Trident pushed her out of the way and grabbed the arrow, throwing it down and punching Cove.  Cove retreated, shooting through Amelia with a bladed-arrow.  She took third place.

The Final Two battled it out.

The regal fountain stood between them and, though a distraction, it offered a type of barrier between the two personalities.  One a volatile mess, one a calm but overly cautious temper.  Cove, the unknowing superstar, was good with the crowds and was probably being rooted for right now.  While Trident, a serious competitor, was probably in the hearts and minds of everyone else.  "You know, you can give up now Trident Bekke." Cove got out, as Trident ran at him with his trident.  "Yeah, I could.  But I won't."  As his trident swung towards Cove, he ducked and headbutted Trident, pushing him back across the stone flooring.  Sun beat down on them as the end drew near.  They punched and kicked, threw and grappled.  Trident would win for his dead family, one who died just days ago.  He had to win with all he had seen.  Cove, on the other hand, expected it.  He knew he had to win and should win.  As they battled, Trident knew Cove would continue to fight.  So he, in an unconsious moment, ran into the castle and booked it through the rusty floors and tight hallways.  Cove followed him in a weak moment, and the two ran through the old castle, ending up in the western part of the castle, the beginning.  Where it had started in this dark journey.  Cove, a few seconds behind Trident, saw Trident open the gigantic doors, back to the colosseum.

Cove and Trident walked out into the fresh, new colosseum.  The calamity that destroyed it was no longer here, and all that was left was a fresh, new, bloodless arena.  Trident turned around and waited for Cove to come attack, and he did.  An arrow flew right into Trident's neck, paralyzing it and he fell to the sandy floor.  Cove ran over and Trident took out his trident, pushing him back.  They traded blows with Coves' bow and Tridents' trident, until Trident became weak and fell to his knees, dropping his weapon.  The arrow was dabbed with some sort of fatal poison, and Cove kicked him to the ground.  Cove took the trident and slashed through Trident's neck, as Trident gave his final look of despair.  Cove Lowson was the winner of the Calamity Games.

Cove Lowson, D2, Crowned as Winner

Master Simono beamed Cove up, and congratulated him.  Cove was healed instantly, and treated to a banquet and a speech at all of the districts.  A person that survived so much killing was highly congratuled and esteemed into greatness.  Cove Lowson loved every minute of it too, and would never forget the games or his win. 

Okay, everyone!  It is the end of my second games!! I hope everyone liked them, and special thanks to the authors of Cove Lowson, Trident Bekke, Amelia Celes, Raven Silence, Zak Slaughter, Zia Clow, Marshall Abadeer, Jinny Billtrox, Colossus Magnitude, and Gabriel Woodson for making the best characters to work with.  I really had a blast, and I will be posting at least one games tomorrow, maybe two or three... Only because I will be gone on vacation for a LONG time (until the 10th), so I am going to let them do their thing and then come back and start those games.  Thanks everyone!

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