Wizard Duels Intro:

Yes... The games you have all been waiting for!  Harry Potter meets Hunger Games... And I promise, it will be epic.  And when I am assembling 40+ characters of the most renowned series possibly ever, how can it not be epic?


You may choose TWO of the announced characters farther below.  In addition, you may create ONE from-scratch character for me to use besides the bulk of real characters.  So, if you take advantage of both options... You may have three of the 60+ people in the tournament.

Be aware, there are only 14 spots available for the characters to be made.  And here is the format...


Age (11-adult):


Specialty Spell (look some up):

Personality and Background:

Blood (pure-blood, half-blood, muggle-born... look these up if you need to):


Magical Capabilities:

Characters Available:

Name House Availability
Godric Gryffindor, Adult Gryffindor TAKEN
Rubeus Hagrid, Adult TAKEN
Molly Weasley, Adult TAKEN
Harry Potter, 18 TAKEN
Hermione Granger, 18 TAKEN
Ron Weasley, 18 TAKEN
Neville Longbottom, 18 TAKEN
Ginny Weasley, 17 TAKEN
Seamus Finnigan, 18 TAKEN
Fred Weasley, 20 TAKEN
George Weasley, 20 TAKEN
Lavender Brown, 18 TAKEN
Dean Thomas, 18 TAKEN
Parvati Patil, 18 TAKEN
Oliver Wood, 22 TAKEN
Katie Bell, 19 TAKEN
Helga Hufflepuff, Adult Hufflepuff TAKEN
Nymphadora Tonks, Adult TAKEN
Cedric Diggory, 21 TAKEN
Justin Finch-Fletchley, 18 TAKEN
Susan Bones, 18 TAKEN
Rowena Ravenclaw, Adult Ravenclaw TAKEN
Filius Flitwick, Adult TAKEN
Luna Lovegood, 17 TAKEN
Cho Chang, 18 TAKEN
Padma Patil, 18 TAKEN
Salazar Slytherin, Adult Slytherin TAKEN
Lucius Malfoy, Adult TAKEN
Narcissa Malfoy/The Carrows, Adults TAKEN
Horace Slughorn, Adult TAKEN
Draco Malfoy, 18 TAKEN
Vincent Crabbe, 18 TAKEN
Gregory Goyle, 18 TAKEN
Pansy Parkinson, 18 TAKEN
Millicent Bulstrode, 19 TAKEN
Blaise Zabini, 19 TAKEN
Marcus Flint, 21 TAKEN
Albus Dumbledore, Adult Others TAKEN
Severus Snape, Adult TAKEN
Minerva Mcgonagall, Adult TAKEN
Voldemort, Adult TAKEN
Bellatrix Lestrange, Adult TAKEN
Remus Lupin, Adult TAKEN
Sirius Black, Adult TAKEN
James/Lily Potter, Adults TAKEN
Mad Eye Moody, Adult TAKEN
Kingsley Shacklebolt, Adult TAKEN
Fenrir Greyback/Scabior, Adults TAKEN
Fleur Delacour, 20 TAKEN
Viktor Krum, 21 TAKEN
Dobby, Adult TAKEN
Solphy Argentenum, 15, Athletic, Graceful Ravenclaw Madge
Dawn Angelfrost, 15, Diamond strength Hufflepuff Madge
Annabel Kacy, 16, Healer and Defends Ravenclaw Junior
Kane Tophyn, 17, Cheater yet caring Slytherin Junior
Roxanne Alonna, 16, Strong, Antisocial Gryffindor Alex
Oskar Doskel, Adult, Dark, antisocial None Fabri
Carbonis Lex, 16, Quick and agile Ravenclaw Zane
Ashley Green, 15, Sociable, Wishful Hufflepuff Maria
Ralph Hallery, Adult, Strong and Silent None Andy
Ronnie Sloan, 17, Smart and dilligent Hufflepuff Me
Alexo Larkon, 15, Wise, Just Gryffindor Lexi
Espisca Ironside, 16, Cruel yet Innocent Slytherin Ash
Lonna Ironside, Adult, Sly and Cunning None Ash
Scabo Falcon, 15, Brave and loyal Gryffindor Me

As you can see, the TAKEN ones are some of the most powerful.... I spread about half of them out in their appropriate houses, just to spread the wealth in the "teams", as you can maybe think of the Houses as.  At some times the Houses will seem like teams.

So as we fill up the spots, choose your favorite people and/or make a person!  This will be a great story, and it will go far beyond Voldemort.  This will take into account any place you can think of in the Harry Potter Universe.  That is my promise... 

The Set:

This will be set in an alternate future. Harry and his friends are now 18. Voldemort is at large since the Hogwarts battle failed. Harry was almost killed, until Ron and Hermione ran out and shot spells at Riddle to cast him away. He went to kill them, too, until all of the surviving Hogwarts members came out and attacked Voldemort. Since the battle was over, Riddle has not come out to fight once more. But he is not dead, by any means. He is getting stronger to fight, again.

This means the surviving Hogwarts members will need all the help they can get. And they know exactly how to find it... They will look into the past to determine the future.

The Start of the Fireworks;

"Will you just let me be?!"

Argus Filch shouts at the imaginary demons in the castle as he paces.  A month after the death of many good people, and the wins of Voldemort, Filch has been one of the only people at this castle.  Every single person has either left temporarily, fled, or been left here for dead.  But something told Filch the castle would be alive once more, very soon....

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