Hi everyone i m new to the wiki and want to make my first games so please sign up and enjoy!


After the second rebellion that ended the Capitols rule commander Paylor took control of Panem. And instead of being kind like everyone thought she would be she became evil and reinstated the games.


1. Two tributes per user (Number may change)

2. Everyone will recive $500 spending cash on their tribute.

3. These are my first games so keep in mind they may not alwys be great.

4. Reservations last 48 hours

5. Please include 








6. Tributes who have not been in dozens of games will do better. 

7. Have fun and please sign up!


District Gender Name Age Weapons  User
1 Female Caroline Slate 18 Crossbow,Dagger Wiki A
1 Male
2 Female Lavinia Quartz 16 Sword Sambaroses
2 Male
3 Female
3 Male Sam Goode 17 Sword,Dagger Mcoury
4 Female
4 Male
5 Female Honeysickle Ash 13 Axe,Sword Wiki A
5 Male Welson Dare 14 Dagger Meoryou
6 Female Ruby Burn 12 Dagger,Knife Pippycat
6 Male
7 Female Reserved
7 Male
8 Female
8 Male
9 Female
9 Male
10 Female
10 Male
11 Female
11 Male
12 Female
12 Male
13 Female Claudia Well 14 Knife Meoryou
13 Male
Capitol Female Lyra Meadowlace 18 Sword Sambaroses
Capitol Male

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