The Demigod Games

This goes for The Heroes of Olympus and the Percy Jackson series.

I made these games since my last game was pretty bad, and nobody even made a tribute. But anyway, I hope you like these games better. See ya later. :)

What are The Demigod Games about?

Well, you can make a demigod, I will have gods names down for help if you can't remember.

Since they're demigods they have special powers. 



1- Don't yell/insult me if your demigod/tribute dies.

2- Don't swear.

3- You can make up to 5 tributes.

4- Don't go over the sponsorship money.

5- Don't use the character's from the books.

Tribute Template


Son/Daughter of- 

Age (12-18)-

Appearance (lunaii)- 

Special Power-



Muttations and Biomes

Muttations- Helldogs, Titans

Biomes- Dark Forest, Beach, Meadow, Fields


You get $100

Map- $5

Blanket- $10

Clothes- $15

Soup- $15

Crackers- $10

Tent- $50


Zeus Male
Zeus Female
Poseidon Male
Poseidon Female
Hera Male
Hera Female
Hades Male
Hades Female
Apollo Male
Apollo Female
Dionysus Male
Dionysus Female
Aphrodite Male
Aphrodite Female
Athena Male
Athena Female
Hermes Male
Hermes Female
Ares Male
Ares Female
Hephaestus Male
Hephaestus Female
Demeter Male
Demeter Female

Every spark, begins with a revolution.

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