aka Jennifer H.

  • I live in Sacremento,CA
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is Having Fun!
  • I am 13 Years OLD
  • JenniferHungerGames

    Hi this is my first games and I hope they run smoothly. So post the stuff in the chart. Theirs Stylists,Mentors,and tributes.So each district will provide 4 tributes. Also including The Capital and D13

    • No On My profiles
    • No perfect Tributes
    • No Wikia Contributors
    • No Swearing or being rude to others
    • Reservations last 1 day.
    • Please don't be mad at me if your tribute dies. It'll probably happen because only 1 lives. It's highly unlikely you'll win.
    • Provide a lunaii
    • If You don't make a lunaii I will have to make one for you!

    District/Gender Name/Age


    Lunaii With No Backround Or Crop)

    Weapon Status



    Allies User
    CF Tarelia Anderson/ 17
    Bow and arrows and knives Alive 1,000 Careers Robin040197

    Alive 1,000


    Alive 1,000


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