• Jisu Lee

    There are many mysteries in the Hunger Games, and i want to use this blog as a holder for all these mysteries.

    Jisu's Theory:

    Capitol: Where Las Vegas used to be

    District 2:some where in the Rockies

    District 4:The New Orleans Area.

    District 11: The Great Plains

    District 13: Washington DC area

    Jisu's Theory

    I think most countries are submurged(Japan, Dutchland, Indonesia, England, most of Africa, most Europian Countries south the Alps minus Spain, Northern Canadian Islands, and the Amazon jungle), and the the ones that do survive(what is left of Africa, Panem, Scandivania, Meso America, Tibet, Russia(DUH), China, India, Alaska, Antartica, Austrailia, and Spain) go in to chaos(if the culture level is high) or not-as-big chaos(if the culture level is…

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