• Joaowee147

    The 1st Hunger Games

    September 21, 2012 by Joaowee147

    District Male Tribute Female Tribute
    District 1 James Smith Mary Jackson
    District 2 John Johnson Patricia White
    District 3 Robert Willians Linda Harris
    District 4 Michael Jones Barbara Martin
    District 5 William Brown Elizabeth Thompson
    District 6 David Davis Jennifer Garcia
    District 7 Richard Miller Maria Martinez
    District 8 Charles Wilson Susan Robinson
    District 9 Joseph Moore Margaret Clark
    District 10 Thomas Taylor Dorothy Rodriguez
    District 11 Christother Anderson Lisa Lewis
    District 12 Daniel Thomas

    Nancy Lee

    In Richard's perspective

    I was in my plate, I'm so scared, I'm only a 12-year-old, I want my family, I wanna go home, this is a disaster, I don't know where to go, cornucopia or forest? 50,49,48,47,46...

    In Susan's perspective


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  • Joaowee147

    Hi everyone! This is my first blog here, It's going to be random (the deaths and other things).

    The north of the arena represents spring, there we have flowers, trees, it's beautiful but have capitol animals. The east represents summer, there's only a beach, but the water of the beach is full of carnivorous animals. In the south we have autumn, nothing special there, only leafless trees and a poisonous fog. And west represents winter, we have ice but under the ice have fresh water and a deep sea.

    This will be a Role-Playing blog post, to enter in the game, you need to fill this:

    Tribute Name:

    Age (12 to 18):

    District (1 to 12):


    Best weapon:

    Worse weapon:


    District 1:

    Male: Platinum Smith

    Female: Topaz Jones

    District 2:




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