The Tributes!

District 1 (Male: Joe Age: 18) (Female: Amy Age: 16)

District 2 (Male: Shadow Age: 17) (Female: Sky Age: 15)

District 3 (Male: James Age: 13) (Female: Star Age: 14)

District 4 (Male: Kevin Age: 16) (Female: Vaida Age: 12)

District 5 (Male: Luke Age: 15) (Female: May Age: 17)

District 6 (Male: Smith Age: 13) (Female: Jan Age: 15)

District 7 (Male: Scott Age: 17) (Female: Jennifer Age: 14)

District 8 (Male: Kane Age: 18) (Female: Kim Age: 16)

District 9 (Male: Maine Age: 12) (Female: Cashlin Age: 15)

District 10 (Male: Matt Age: 14) (Female: Hannah Age: 14)

District 11 (Male: Rider Age: 13) (Female: Kelsey Age: 16)

District 12 (Male: Nighthawk Age: 18) (Female: Kaiyah Age: 17)

This Year's Arena!

This year We will have a Forest and what the Tributes don't know is that some parts have Lava in it. So They might want to look out, Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Day 1: Bloodbath!







Rider's POV D11 Male:

I see my District Partner, Kelsey, I hope She want's to team with Me. But I need to get a Sword so I ran to the cornupocia and grabbed a Backpack I smile at Kelsey I also got an Axe. I see The Careers take down the Boy from 12.


Career's POV D1&2:

That was too easy Said The Boy from District 1. Oh theres the Kid from 9 I got him Said Amy. And so she grabbed out her Sword and ended the Boy's Life.


Luke's POV D5 Male:

All I got is a lousy Backpack I said. Walking over to Kevin the Boy From District 4. Well I got two Knifes so lets get going and get out of here he said.

Matt's POV D10 Male:

Yes I got a Axe and a Backpack I said now it's time to get out of here. I run to get out of there and I see the Boy from 8 kill the Girl From 3.


Oh no I need to get out of here he's HUGE, I run but trip The Careers are coming right at Me I let them get it over with Goodbye Life.


James POV D3 Male:

Time to get out of here I said, I run away with my Knife but then The Girl from 4 Pops up but gets shot with a bow by the Boy from 6. I run away relived.


Kelsey's POV D11 Female:

Whew I ran away from there I said But then a voice comes out saying DIE! I jump up it was the Girl from 9. She trys to stab me with her Knife but I kick it out of Her hand then we start throwing punches. I pulled Her hair and she kicked me, Then I finally got her knife and stabbed her in the heart she fell over and died.


Hannah's POV D10 Female:

Well my District Partner is gone I can't find him. I just hope he's ok, Let me open up my Backpack. Lets see, Water Bottles, Beef Jerky, Dried Fruit and a Sleeping Bag. I just hope I can make it out of here Whats that I said, Whos there? The Boy from 6 comes up I grab out my Sword I got and stabbed him in the eye he fell over but came back up to fight. Holding his eye in his socket he threw a hard hit I fell over. He holds up his Axe and slams down but he missed and I pull up my knife and he cuts my arm bad, I threw him into my firepit. He was on FIRE!! I scream and run away then I heard the Cannon and ran off.


Kelsey's POV D11 Female:

Night approaches, The Bloodbath still Goes on




The Fallen! Day 1:

24th Nighthawk District 12

23rd Maine District 9

22nd Star District 3

21st Matt District 10

20th Vaida District 4

19th Cashlin District 9

18th Smith District 6

17th Jan District 6

16th May District 5

15th Rider District 11

14 Tributes Remain!

Day 2:

The Careers POV D1&2:

I can't wait to kill some more Said Joe, 'Me neither Said Shadow. Lets go hunt Then. I know just where to find them Said Amy with a smile.

Luke's POV D5 Male:

Ok Kevin You ready? I say Yes hold on Said Kevin Let me get my Knife and lets get this over with. I mean theres only 14 including us it can't be that hard I said. Ok whatever Said Kevin, Thats when I saw a kid The Boy from 3 I said Lets go get him So we will venture over there and expose of him.

Kane D8 Male:

I cant wait to leave this thing I will finally go back home where I belong. But for now I must do the right thing and kill anyone who stands between me and my Family. Home here I come.

Luke's POV D5 Male:

Ok I see him lets climb in the tree I say queitly We step in then find a Backpack then shake it out came a MILLION BEES! We scream and ran out I tripped and the Bee's took me away for good.


Kevins POV D4 Male:

I run away but fall down too but the boy from 3 comes out and stabs me to death with his Sword. Goodbye world!


Night Approaches Once More..

The Careers D1&2:

Ha ha I want to kill the Kid from 8 Said Joe. Not if I get him first Said Shadow. Whats that fire over there? Said Amy, Lets go check it out. Its the girl from 7! Here Amy take My Sword Said Shadow with a smile.


The Fallen Day 2:

14th Luke District 5

13th Kevin District 4

12th Jennifer District 7

11 Tributes Remain.

Day 3:

Hannah's POV D10 Female:

I miss home I say, Sometimes I wish the Games just never existed. I will win and go back home I just know I will atleast I hope.

Careers D1&2:

Come on Amy Said Joe, Hold on She said. We will wait at the cornupocia Joe Said. What a jerk Amy says, Always telling me what to do I'm sick of it She ran back to the cornupocia and reunited with the Group.

Scott's POV D7 Male:

I want to go Home I dont belong here in this sick sick Game. I just want to go back to my Family and Friends I know they are routing and betting on me. I just hope I win if I lose... I die. I will go hunting for some deer I run to find some Deer I ran into a HUGE Bear but I stabbed it with my Axe and took that as the Deer. I came back roasted it and ate some Lunch. I guess I will go swimming or something, But first I need to find a Lake. I think theres one back over near where the Bear was. I ran over there took a swim and came back for supper.

Kelsey's POV D11 Female:

Today I will just relax and wait till Night comes up then fall asleep dreaming I'm back in District 11 and Singing to the Mockingjays. I will find a way home.

Night approaches.

The Fallen Day 3


11 Tributes Remain!

Day 4:

Amy's POV D1 Female:

I woke up Joe and yelled at him about being a bad Leader, And that woke eveyone else up too. Then he said You know what and I said what of course. He grabbed my neck and cracked it I fell down not breathing then I floated into the Clouds.


Joe's POV D1 Male:

Thats why you never step out of line I said Everyone looked shocked but knew not to mess with me. I'm a good Leader anyone got a problem with that goes through me. Lets go hunt I finally said we caught some fish and some Deer's. We went back to the cornupocia and ate lunch. We also swam at the Lake with the Deer's. I have had a good Day.

Jame's POV D3 Male:

I will win I will kill tonight I said. I turn around and through my Axe at a Dummys Head. I knew I was going home.

Kelsey's POV D11 Female:

I just decided to rest again and wait till tommorow, Tommorow is the Feast. So I will make my mark there.

The Fallen Day 4:

11th Amy District 1

10 Tributes Remain!

The Feast Day 5:

Shadow's POV D2 Male:

Today us Careers will win we will go home. I know it atleast I know I'm going home. So other Tributes look out!

The Feast Started around 12:00am.

They all ran to the Cornupocia at that time.

Hannah's POV D10 Female:

I'm running to the cornupocia I'm running as fast as I can then all the sudden I fell into a BIG pit AHHHHHHH I Say and I fall into a lava pit and burn then die from the burns.


Kim's POV D8 Female:

Im here any Careers here good I said Then The boy From 1 Stabs his Sword through my chest and shoves me down I know I'm a goner then he said Go to sleep and stepped on the blade even harder.


James POV D3 Male:

I got 3 Knifes A Backpack and some food from the Feast Well Im set I might just take some rest today.

Night approcaches.

The Fallen Day 5:

10th Hannah District 10

9th Kim District 8

8 Tributes Remain!'

Day 6:

Joe's POV D1 Male:

I cant wait to go home I say Wake up you guys Lets go hunt I say with a smile.

Shadow you take out Kane ok? Ok He said. good, lets go from here we walk but wheres Star and Shadow.



Oh no I said I run there both Dead I walk still but sad. I finally want to end this Theres The kid from 3 I stab him and Walk by. But pass out


Night approches.

The Fallen Day 6:

8th Shadow District 2

7th Star District 2

6th James District 3

5 Tributes Remain

Day 7:

Kelsey's POV D11 Female:

I just woke up from a long sleep when I feel a sharp pain, IT'S THE GIRL FROM 12! She hits me and stabs me with her Knife I get cut but take out my Sword and cut her Then an Axe flew threw the Window and hit her in the back of her Head.


Kane's POV D8 Male:

Your Next I said to the girl from 11 I walk up and stab her with my axe and she falls over I close my eyes then Slam as hard as I can.


They all ran to the cornupocia and Ran into each other

No please Said The boy from 7 No chance Joe says


Why Joe why Says Kane I want to go home said Joe Well its time to end this Said Kane he threw his Axe at Joe and at the 2 second mark, Joe ducked and it hit Kane right in the Head.


This was my First Hunger Games so please don't take it off ;(

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