• Joe Redranger Winko

    Here's my idea for the 44th Hunger games:

    The Arena is a huge forest swamp land mass with the cornucopia in the middle. The Arena's border is a deep river surrounding the arena filled with fast swimming/ flesh eating sharks that will tare apart anyone who tries to escape. Abandon houses are also scatterd through the arnea and many creatures (trackerjackers, mutated crocodiles, posiness snakes, mutated pink attacking flimingos) lurk the area programed to kill any tribute. During the bloodbath half of the tributes are killed by the careers in this order:

    • ​The District 6 girl
    • The District 10 girl
    • The District 7 boy
    • The District 3 boy
    • The District 12 girl
    • The District 12 boy
    • The District 9 boy
    • The District 11 boy
    • The District 11 girl
    • The District 4 girl
    • T…

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