44 Hunger Games Chart

44th Hunger Games Tributes

Here's my idea for the 44th Hunger games:

The Arena is a huge forest swamp land mass with the cornucopia in the middle. The Arena's border is a deep river surrounding the arena filled with fast swimming/ flesh eating sharks that will tare apart anyone who tries to escape. Abandon houses are also scatterd through the arnea and many creatures (trackerjackers, mutated crocodiles, posiness snakes, mutated pink attacking flimingos) lurk the area programed to kill any tribute. During the bloodbath half of the tributes are killed by the careers in this order:

  • ​The District 6 girl
  • The District 10 girl
  • The District 7 boy
  • The District 3 boy
  • The District 12 girl
  • The District 12 boy
  • The District 9 boy
  • The District 11 boy
  • The District 11 girl
  • The District 4 girl
  • The District 6 boy
  • The District 8 girl

The Careers take over the cornucopia and get 75% of the supplies while the rest of the surviving tributes escape with little to survive off of. Amoung those tributes is Joe Winko (the male tribute from district 8) who manages to recieve a water bottle, a pink hoodie, and a napsack filled with food from the cornucopia. He climes up a tree and hides there. He then sees that a pond not far from him is filled with alligators barely visable to the naked eye. He then has an idea...

To Joe's luck the District 3 girl soon arrives near the tree (unkown that Joe is there) and starts a fire, which leads the careeers to her. When the careers arrive Joe jumps out of the tree and catches there attietion but only after they've slain the girl from district 3.

The Careers chase him to the swamp pond, where the alligators lunge and attack the carrers. Only the tributes from district 1 manage to escape, with the male tribute from district 4. The cannon fires 3 times in a row. Indicating the deaths of:

  • The District 3 girl
  • The District 2 boy
  • The District 2 girl

The following sunrise, the District 7 girl and the District 9 girl have already formed an alliance, BUT they both plan to escape the arena oblivious of the shark infested waters. They each jump in the water to swim, only to be torn to shreads by the flesh eating sharks. The cannons fire 2 times in a row to annonce the deaths of:

  • The District 7 girl
  • The District 9 girl

Days then pass, the District 5 girl is all by herself and she starts going mad. She then goes mad enough to believe she can conquer the cornucopia from the district 1 tributes. She runs into the center of the arnea, and the district 1 boy easily kills her off as the district 1 girl watches in terror. The Cannon then fires for the deceased tribute:

  • The District 5 girl

Mean while the District 5 boy is walking through the forest, close to were Joe is, the male tribute from district 10 jumps out of no where and attacks him. The District 5 boy tries to defend himself but the District 10 boy over powers him. Joe watches them fight, but just before the District 10 boy can kill the boy from District 5, Joe fires an arrow at the district 10 boy, killing him and saving the District 5 boys life. The cannon signals the death.

  • District 10 boy

Joe then forms an allience with the boy from District 5, (His name is revealed to be Rio) and they become very close. As the days go by, they grow closer to each other and an even stronger alliance forms between them. Rio continuously thanks Joe for saving his life. The audience then become fascinated by their alliance and begins to root for them. On day 12, they both finally realize that they're the only ones left with the tributes from district 1. Joe then comes up with another idea, but out of fear of Rio getting hurt, Joe tells him to stay by the lake until he finishes the job to kill the district 1 tributes. Joe runs to the west side of the arena and starts a fire, that catches the district 1 tributes attietion, he then heads over to the center of the arena and tourches the cornucopia (destroying the tribute's supplies) and also killing the district 4 boy as the cannon sounds for him:

  • District 4 boy

As Joe hurries back by the lake, he hears Rio scream. He becomes horrorfied and finds Rio dieing, with blood pooring out of his mouth/neck. He finds several stab wounds around his body, indicateing that he was killed by one of the tributes from district 1. Joe then cries and hold Rio close while he dies in Joe's arm's.

The District 1 tributes watch from behind a bush as Joe moruns over Rio's close. The District 1 boy gets ready to finish him off, while the District 1 girl becomes consumed by guilt. She then cries. The District 1 boy then steps out and stabs Joe in the leg, leaving him defenseless. The District 1 boy then taunts Joe about Rio's death, Joe then closes his eyes and prepares to get killed by him.

BUT ALL OF THE SUDDEN, the district 1 girl runs out of the bushes and decapitates the District 1 tribute. Joe watches in shock as she then steps over to the river and jumps inside as the sharks tear her apart. the cannon sounds 3 last times for the fallen tributes:

  • District 5 boy
  • District 1 boy
  • District 1 girl

Leaving Joe Winko, the male tribute from District 8. winner of the 44th hunger games.

44 Hunger Games Chart Winner

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