• ENJOY!!!!! I know it's a little short, but it took me forever!

My eyes flutter awake as I wake up to my second day on the train, miserable I wake up to my mentor discusing every little thing to my fellow tribute, who also happens to be my worst enemy at work. No one truely likes me, including my family. Dyl just stares at me, turns to Ave our mentor, and starts to speak when I stop him. " Dyl, I don't want to hear it." "Fine... I was just going to tell you Ave said we've got like 10 minutes till we reach the Capitol, so you need to get your token ready." "did you not hear me? I didn't want to hear it. I don't have a token thanks to you." not my fault I made you drop your picture." I jump for him when Ave tackles me, and shoves me into my room. At that point I just wait for the capitol to come.

As I lie on my bed, someone knocks on my door as I open Dyl is standing there, trying to apoligize. I block his voice out and I start to watch the rest of the reapings, in district four, I see my best guy friend, he got moved because he couldn't hold an axe, but he could fish. I stare at the tellivisoin in shock. I walk outside to the living room, and just sit on the couch. Ave trys talking to me, telling me we have arrived at the Capitol, I stand up, and just walk off the train and to the styling room. " AHHH! Lex! we finally meet- is everything okay?" i shake my head no still in shock " would ou like to talk about it" no, I wouldn't, that would make me die before I even go to the arena. " well, Oh, dear! I forgot to introduce myself! my name Crase, I am your stylist, and this is Mack and Lace, your prep team!"

I know this day is going to be long, The opening cerimony is tonite. I can't wait for everyone to see how sad our costumes are this year. " well I have a design for you, Since you guys are the lumber-" I know I know, we are going to be trees, maybe even dead trees to support how we are going to die in the game." I blurt out. " well, not really, I was thinking of like an axe, but if you want to be a dead tree, we can make that happen." Crase seems to be stupid, because I was kidding. I breath forgeting how hard this must be for her " an axe sounds cool." She pulls out this big coat rack, and I try on this dress thing. I's a unitard witha skirt. and a sharp looking head piece." Wow, Crase, this is, Magnificint!" I look stunning, but not in a good way, I look like a shark that just got filaed. Mack does my hair is a normal bun, and Lace puts silver lipstick on me, with silver eye liner and silver jewles on my eye line.

As I walk out of the room, Dyl is waiting for me wearing the same thing, without a skirt and Jewles, " wow, I look awful" he says "i care because?" and I walk to the chariot. Ave is there, trying to hold in his laugh, I stand on the chariot with my arms crossed, looking down. Dyl hops on and shakes the chariot.

A peacekeeper comes by to check our chariot, and gets the hoarse moving. The croud cheers and screems as we ride by, im rolling my eyes. but as I look up at the screen I see district four, Jerome, and his partner, both waving at the crowd as the chariot parks.

I start crying, Dyl turns to me asking me whats wrong and to knock it off. "I'll explain later!" I wipe my tears, and close my eyes, as our chariot parks. President Snow stands on his balcony " Welcome! Welcome, Tributes, Let the 64th Hunger Games Begin!" the crowd goes wild, I see jerome look at me and my crying and mouths the words "You ok? lets talk." I nod yes as my chariot is moving into our line again, and through differant doors. I head strait for my roo in the training center. I start training tomorrow.

I Lie in bed skipping dinner, and close my eyes. I dream about Jerome, winning, He exits the areana and comes to district 7 once more to watch my funarel, and before he comes up, Meggie our escort wakes me up for training.

I take the elevator by myself, hoping that noone stops in before I get to the training room. and of coarse it stopped, I wasn't paying attention to the number of the floor. Jerome steps in and right away gives me a hug. i hestate, but I give him a hug back, and we both walk into the Training room together, Dyl mouths the words " him?" and I nod, me and Jerome walk together as the instructor tells us we aren't allowed to fight other tributes, thats what the assistance are for. Jerome looks at me and asks what I want to do first. " um, idk I think we should start with the survival stuff, then the combat, tommorow weapons?" i ask with doubt " anything works for me"

Dyl walks up and kisses me on the lips, "I had to do it before this moron," And point's to Jerome who was leaning in. I looks at Dyl, about to punch him in the face when Jerome, stops me by the hand and pulls me to the fire station. I am pretty bad with fires, so the expert there tells me to not focas on the fire it's self but how I can controll it when it starts. i put a big leaf over it, with some holes at the top, so the smoke isn't big. After he tells me I'm good to go, Jerome leads me to combat, I work on wrestling with a female trainer, and Jerome got a kick out f that. I laugh when He gets pined to the ground be her. The Day is almost over, so I work on the punching bag and I hit it hard, to the point where it fell off. the instructor blew the whistle telling us it is time to leaave. Jerome grabs me by the hand gives me akiss good night and leaves to catch up to his escort. I catch up to Meggie, " well, how was it?" Meggie is very sweet, and caring, so I tell her everything. "disrtict four? a Careeer district, my my! you my darling have got talent for a girl from 7!" " Well, he used to live in 7, but he couldn't hold an axe, so they moved him to 4 because he could fish. " oh, dear, I am so sorry." It's fine, My eyes fill with tears as Meggie takes me in for a hug.

Second day of training. I train with an Axe even though I know how to throw and slice, I need to work on accuracy. I find a target across the room, and throw it landing in the target. Jerome tries, and makes it half way. so i help him, and it lands a little off the target, but its a big improvment. He teaches me how to use a trident, and we both try out throwing knives.

In my private training session, I stand at the front of the room, and throw an axe into a bullseye all the way across the room. and I walk out, I had nothing else, so i just walked out. At dinner, the scores come one and I got a 6. I wasn't mad, because I didn't do anything, really.

Crase Get's me up early so I can help her with my dress that I will be wearing tonite at the interview.

" what color do you want to wear? I wan't to say blood red but instead I say red, because The would never let me wear bright red. "red, and can I design it and you make it?" I sound greedy, But I want to look pretty before I die. "of coarse sweetie!" I design a dress thats red and black, its a short dress with a red top with black short skirt and silver jewles as a decoration. I get the dress and hour later, right before our interviews

Crase put's me in a dress and snds me off to Lace and Mack. I sit in a chair, and mack puts my hair in crimps, and Lace puts black lip stick on me, and red Eye liner. I look like I could kill tonite. perfect, now I walk into the room where Ceaser Flickman awaits, and tells us the line up in district order, boys first. then we go and sit in the front of the by one everyone goes up.

Jerome just talked about if he doesn't make it out alive, he loves him mother and his older sister. 15 minutes later, I am up, I sit tensly, " Wow, Lex, you look..." " thanks, I know" "it's much differant then your chariot costume. " well I designed this," I look at Jerome, and he smiles. "Did I just catch you looking at the handsom Jerome from Four? "No I wa-" "we got a little crush here don't we?" Ceaser jokes, I get up and walk off the stage right before the bell that tells me my time is up rings. Even Dyl had no intention to say alot. Everyone else goes up, feeling miserable, and when it's over I go try to get sleep, but I can't, the games are tommorow, and I know I am going to die. " LEX!!!!" I whip around and I see jerome running to me " I-... I forgot to ask, Allies?" :duh!!!!" I say with a smile and he walks me up to my room. and then takes the elvater back down.

" you shouldn't trust him" I hear from the back of the room. " Oh my god, why are you in her Ave?" " I wanted to tell you, this happened in my games, The girl left the guy in the middle of the night and joined the careers, then she came back to kill him. "I know that happened!, that's differant, he knows me, we are childhood friends, he was and is my only friends, now GET OUT!" I fall into my bed as Ave leaves and slams the door, I don't sleep, and when I wake up, Peace keepers are are here to esort me and Dyl to our prep room before we enter the arena.

The room is warm, I drink alot of water, and eat a peice of frui while Crase puts my hair in a bun. "I wish I could be there for you Lex! I don't see any reason for theses games. I love you, I will miss you." I step into the tube and it lifts me into the arena.

I get into the arena and it's a mountainous area, I look for Jerome, he is 6 spaces away from my left.

he points towards the mountains. "3... 2... 1..." BONGGGG. I am off running as fast as I can Jerome isn't behind me. I look around and I can't find him. I start jogging in panic. and I see the careers. BOOM BOOM BOOm BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM/ thirteen dead. I look at the cornucopia, and when i step back, the tribute from 2 points towards my, so i start running again. not knowing there was a small ledge, I tripped and fell to my face, I rolled overand see three faces looking at me and I see Jerome walking up, knife in hand I look at i'm and he says he got us allies. I don't trust them, but i'm in his hands so I stay close to him. dusk is coming close. so we deside to make camp. the district two boy, kin, takes first watch.

Jerome grabs my hand and makes a bed out of pine needles. he lets me use his upper arm as a pillow. and we both fall asleep. I dream of Jerome winning, win suddenly i wake up in pain, and he does to, we both have a knife in our stomach, i grab his hand and lay down and he does too. and hands linked together, two cannons go off.


I stay connected to Jerome, and we share a Coffin. we both pass to the other side, happily together.

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