Hey guys! so there is only 487 days until Catching fire comes out!!!! so.... lets have a count down while we wait!

so you comment your caption, email, or answer and you say your district Ex: President Coin-D7

every monday we will play the email game. where you create what you think the email would be for a certain character

tuesday, caption contest!!!!

wednesday trivia

thursday guess the character!

Friday, picture spam!

comment if you want to change one or if you want to do this!!!!!

note! I may not be able to do this on some days, so yeah! it'll still be very fun!!!!


Since today is Thursday-7/19/12-guess the Character! 15 points to your district!

They have gold eye liner

Friday-7/20/12-Photo Spam!!!!

Anser for yesterday: Cinna

Photo spamming time!


Monday-7/23/12-Email Game

Create an email for the one and only... FINNICK ODAIR! 30 points! PLEASE COMMENT YOUR ANSWER (: AND I'LL CHOOSE MY FAVORITE

  • don't actually make an email, just what you think the address would be

THE WINNER IS...... finfin@district4hotmail.nets!!!!! I liked this one because of nets, for D$. Congrats! you earned 30 points for D4

Tuesday-7/24/12-Caption Contest

So think of a funny comment for each person in the picture, but in this case it's just one. Make it funny! *hint: try to use what he is thinking, funny (: 45 points (:


'Do my muscles look big in this? Dang right they do!'

Contest ends at 2:30 MDT

Here is tthe caption (: and I had to cange on word because of language. but its the same (: I Love It! Congrats Thena.airice14

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday-trivia/Character/Photo spam

So I'm grounded for the next three days, I'm not even supposed to be on the computer, but I did it for you guys!!!!!!!

So I'm combining everythig today and I might post the answers on saturday or on monday, idk yet, but here is trivia first:

all 5 right:50 points Please number the answers you are answering

4 right 40 point 1: Real or Not real, Peeta Died in Catching Fire?

3 right 30 points 2: real or not real, The baker gave cookies to katniss?

2 right 20 points 3: What is the man's name from d7 in the third quarter Quell (75th HG)?

1right 10 points 4: how many allies does Katniss have through the whole series?

5: Why does Peeta think Katniss is a mutt when he arrives from the capitol to 13?

next is guess the Character, I give you hints and you have to guess the character, or I will post a picture, of something that reminds you of the character put it in your answers with the trivia ONLY FOR THIS WEEK!



this isn't real it's fan made by somebody out there

And The photo spam is....

Guys a photo spam doesn't need an answer, it's just a cool pic.

ANSWERS FOR 7/25-7/26

so 1 is rea he died in the arena, but Finnick did cpr and brought him back. technacly he did.

2 real


4 is 7 allies

5 is he was hijacked.

thursday was Alma coin.

I got alot of message with correct answers but if you didn't leave your name, or district I couldn't award you the points. so if that happens with the comments again, Please at least leave your district! so please don't be mad if you had them correct but i didn't give points was because you didn't properly answer in my messages.

Monday-7/30/12-Email Game

Make an email for Prim *hint: make it shorter not like a million words, and pay attention to what "website" the wold use, not like hotmail or gmail, but like or something

WINNER! 20 points to D4

Tuesday-7/31/12-Caption Contest!!!!

35 points to the winners district

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! 35 points to 7

Gale woods

"When I said we could leave I meant together"


just like last week I'm givving you 5 questioons and each question that is correct is 10 points. don't forget your district (: you have until 2:30 MST(moutain standerd time)

1:real or not real, rue got shot with an arrow

2:real or not real Peeta purposly burnt the bread he gave to Katniss

3:what continent is Panem in

4: What does Gale say to Katniss in mockingjay when the capitol is attacking?

5: what are the first 15 lyrics in the Meadow song?

ANSWERS not real,real, north america, gale mouths the words Shoot Me, and deep in the meadow under the willow a bed of grass, a soft green pillow

Thurday-8/2/12-Guess that Character!

this character has "The Beard" 20 points to the first 6 answers (:

the answer is....


Friday-8/3/12-Photo of the week....

(: It is lovely and sexy peeta/Josh <3

yes it's huge because I love him

Monday-8/13/12-Emaail contest!

OMJ GUYS!!!! IM BACK FRM VACATION!!!!!!!!!!! yay! I had so much fun! anyways email game, so I would like to see the most creative email for the girl on fire! so you may NOT use "girl one fire" or "the mockingjay" type emails because they are too corney, so make it creative!!!!!! btw this is 25 points to my TWO favorites (: closed!!!!!!!


30 points to my two favorites (:


ANNOUNCEMNET! please read!

So I start school thursday, but I will be continuing this blog, so don't fret!

what will happen:

-I will post right when I get up, so 6 am for me

-I will post the winner when I get home around 4 my time

-wednesday's I have late start, but I will still post in the mornings at 6.

- I can't get on Friday's, my mom works from home then.

-I will change the least favorite game and trade it for Picture of the week. so I will be posting a poll for you to vote in the comments

-tueday and thursday nights I have practice, I get back at like 7:30 so I might get on but idkso If you have any questions, MESSAGE ME, don't comment, because it'll get lost in other's comments (:

THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING! I really appreciate it (:


again 10 points for every correct answer for the first eight! please use differant districts just so they can get on the board (: thanks (:

1 real or not real, Katniss ran into a barrior to her face during the jabberjay section?

2 real or not real, mrs everdeen dies?

3why don't the jabberjays effect Johanna?

4 SPOILER ALERT!!!! how many kids does katniss have?

5 what is the last thing Katniss says to Peeta in THG?

Thursday-8/16/12-Guess that character!

as you know I start school today so yeh....

any way who am I thinking o?


blonde hair

long hair


15 points to the first 5


y'all should be happy if you were lucky like me and got your copy of The Hunger Games first thing (:

second... you all voted and the most votes for least favorite game was the email game, so heres the new scedule




THURSDAY: CAPTION CONTEST!!! If you don't know yet I will not be able to get on on friday's so heresa the new schedule, and see you, well you know what i mean, on moday! (:

Monday-8/20/12-Picture of the Week!


cool??? heck yes!

I think this is cool!

Tuesday-8/21/12-Guess That Character!

you know what to do... 10 points to the firt five

this person doesn't like people in the nude :D


you know, 10 points for each right answer for the first five!!!!

1: Real or not Real, Gale gets ticked off at Katniss in the shack in Catching fire

2:real or not real, Madge is Katniss' only "true" friend besides gale

3: In the movie, where does Katniss get her pin

4:in mockingjay, describe the mutts that chase them

5: whats the last word in the meadow song?

Thursday-8/22/12-Caption Contest

Effie &amp; Katniss at reaping
don't steal this because obvi I'll know but heres what the caption should be like

Effie: look at peeta back there, Katniss

Katniss: thats not peeta... that's gal dressed up as him...

its short ish and funny, in my opinion, and list whos talking, well ttyl tonite when I get home (:

10 points to my third fav. 20 to my second and 30 to my fav

Monday-8/27/12-cool photo of the week!


Tuesday- 8/28/12- Guess that Character

SOOOO sorry this is super late but guess the character who is the forgotten tribute

wednesday-8/29/12- TRIVIA!

ten points each ,for the first 10 answers

1: what district did Gale end up going to?

2: what did Buttercup play with in the lockdown in district 13?

3:real or not real, they celebrate christmas in Panem?


no picture today ): but i can see who can come up with the funniest line that either; Clove, Cato, Peeta, Johanna or Haymitch WOULD say not what they have said, so set a place, and the qoute that you came up with : have fun 50 points to ze best

pictuer of the week-9/3/12

Down with the capitol

i don't think ive posted this yet... its fan art... its still pretty epic!

District point
1 20
2 130
3 55
4 125
5 50
6 40
7 155
8 190
9 165
10 40
11 65
12 0

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