this is where we make our own soundtrack, so if you find a song that has something to do with HG, you comment the song say what it's for and I'll add it! for example, and the first to the soundtrack. NOTE!: THESE DON'T HAVE TO BE STORIES, THE CAN BE PARTS IN THE BOOK!

1) Secrets by Onerepublic~ Finnick Odairs Story

File:Secrets - One Republic with Lyrics ~ Full Song!!

2) Girl On Fire by Arshad~Peeta's Story

Arshad- Girl on Fire w lyrics on screen04:16

Arshad- Girl on Fire w lyrics on screen

Peeta's Story

3) I'm Coming Home Pt. 2 by Skylar Grey~ Katniss To her family back home, including Gale

File:Skylar Grey - Coming home part 2 - Lyrics

4) Fences by Paramore~Katniss watching Peeta being tortured

File:Fences - Paramore (With Lyrics)


So you can still add to the "soundtrack" if you don't wanna do this but!!!! the contest is best Parody, and no it isn't like the Peeta and I know It. you don't find them, you make them, so yeh changing the lyrics to a song. get it??? good!

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