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    Ok so here I am AGAIN! I'll write here the winners of my 1st Hunger Games So those who dont red my story yet, just follow me and click the 1st hungergames.

    1. No Commenting of Badwords!

    2. No Cursing

    3. Have Fun

    4. Must be 3 tributes in each user

    Arena composed with 4 sections, the Devils Palace, the Mutt Forest and the Sky Parkour and the Tower of Cornucopia. This year, the cornucopia was changed and put it in the top of the tower while the players will stay at the bottom. In order to climb, there will be vines everywhere. At the Roof part of the tower, there were Elemental Orbs. These orbs contain powers that lasts when youa re in the arena ONLY. 

    This place was renamed by the father of President Snow, President Flame. The original name of thi…

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  • Johngabriel.balaman

    Hi everyone its me again John Gabriel....Well if you didnt see my previous story you can see it now...Just click the link below....Have Fun...

    Note:I can only update this story in saturday and sunday because of school days :D

    After the 1st Hunger Games,A huge spaceship landed in the seashore of the west Capitol.They saw thousands of elements orbs.They try to eat it then after 10 seconds they have powers to kill those who didnt go in the reaping.Those orbs has different powers such as Fire,Water,Ice,Nature,Earth,Wind and Gas.The president of the capitol,President Ash said all districts that this next games will be different in the Previous game.Then the pres…

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    Welcome again...Sorry for all the admin i didnt know that i will write this one into the blog..........:D


    Well enjoy :D


    The victor in these games will be add in the 1st quarter quell...Well i will need 12 tributes in the 1st quarter quell . 1 tribute in a district.I will create a brand new story after these story...Need 2 or 3 winners in my stories:D :D 

    Dont be sad if your character died

    You could sponsor your character if it belongs in the top 8


    Bag 1

    -5 cherry

    -2 biscuit

    -1 flashlight

    -2 lemonades

    -3 knives

    Bag 2

    - 5 berries

    -2 medic

    -1 water

    -1 sword

    -1 loaf bread

    Bag 3

    -1 axe

    -1water bottle

    -2 pizza

    -1 smoke bomb

    -Tribute Tempelate






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