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The victor in these games will be add in the 1st quarter quell...Well i will need 12 tributes in the 1st quarter quell . 1 tribute in a district.I will create a brand new story after these story...Need 2 or 3 winners in my stories:D :D 

Dont be sad if your character died

You could sponsor your character if it belongs in the top 8


Bag 1

-5 cherry

-2 biscuit

-1 flashlight

-2 lemonades

-3 knives

Bag 2

- 5 berries

-2 medic

-1 water

-1 sword

-1 loaf bread

Bag 3

-1 axe

-1water bottle

-2 pizza

-1 smoke bomb

-Tribute Tempelate






Tribute Gallery


Name: Gender: District: Weapon: Name: Gender District: Weapon:

Odin Amarth

Male 1 Spear Kayla Smith


1 Bow and Arrows
Skylar Fenton Male 2 kama and healer Firebelle Vinicius Female 2 Dagger
Nick Maclachan Male 3 anything that it can throw  Mallory Persictance Female 3 Wire and a sword
Pineskull Vinicius Male 4 Trident Crystal Mcfuree Female 4


Erik Norsemen Male 5


Irelia Birdhouse

Female 5 Blowdarts and dagger
Brendan Jack Male 6 Kukri

Lovely Chune

Female 6 Bow
Carter Sun Male 7 Poison and Traps Fawn Rose Female 7 bow and arrow,throwing knives or dagger
Connor Smitherson Male 8 Scythe Charinah Love Female 8 fists
Jack Bolton Male 9 Glaudius Savannah Darnell Female 9 blowgun,knife or double sided knife
Eli Winersin Male 10 Axe,sword.spear and fists Shira Teresa Female 10 bow and arrow,throwing knives and mace
Colin Sun Male 11 His fists and a sword Sophie Batkil Female 11 bow and arrows

Groulite Jilt

Male 12 Spear Marie Chanse Female 12 Mace



Districts 1 Odin,1 Kayla,4 Crystal

Anti Careers

District 8 and12 Charinah,Marie

Girlfriend and Boyfriend Duo with Skylar's brother

Districts 2 and 4 Skylar,Pineskull and Firebelle

The Capitol Hater

Mallory,Nick,Sophia and Irelia

Districts 7 and 9

Fawn and Savannah

The Twin Bro

11 Colin and 7 Carter

Private Practice

DISTRICT 1 Odin Smarth

He grabbed a spear and go to the holographic moving tributes.Odin threw his spear and hit all six tributes in one shot.He walk towards the weapons and grabbed the last spear and shoot all 7 tributes in 1 shot.

DISTRICT 1 Kayla Smith

When she entered the dome of private practice she quickly grabbed the bow and arrows and stand in the archery spot.When the gamemakers impressed,they make a holographic mutts.Kayla was shocked and smiled and then she fire the bow to the mutts.When all of the mutts died the gamemakers added a gigantic holographic mutt.Kayla said "HEY!Can I ask a question? In the games there is a wild gigantic mutt?Well i guess i can kill it." Then she fire 5 arrows in a one single shot,then the mutt died.

DISTRICT 2 Skylar Fenton

He entered the dome quietly with a grin.He said"Im Going to win this games!!!" Skylar grabbed kamas and 3 huge dummies appeared.Skylar cut the heads of the dummies.Then 10 huge dummies were added this  time.He slice the body of 9 dummies and he throw his kamas to the head of the last dummie.

DISTRICT 2 Firebelle Vinicius

Firebelle saw a dagger in the table then she get it.When Firebelle get it she saw a tribute dummy then she slice his neck and stabbed then another dummy apeared but this time there are stuffed toys sword then he used her dagger like a throwing knives and get her dagger and cut her head.

DISTRICT 3 Mallory Percistance

When she entered the dome,she get slowly the sword and the wire.When she done get her weapons the gamemakers make a holographic tribute.Mallory stabbed the first holographic tribute then she sliced the another neck of the other tribute then she grinned.When she done killing holographic tributes,the gamemakers added a wild holographic mutt with a horn.Mallory grinned then she swing her wire and tie the mutt and then she stabbed the wild holographic mutt.

DISTRICT 3 Nick Maclachan

Nick grabbed the trident and run towards the holographic tributes.He saw 15 holographic tributes then he imagined the headmaker in the dummie..He throw the trident but he only hitted 14.He shouted and yelled then he grabbed his trident there and cut his neck.

DISTRICT 4 Pineskull Vinicius

When the gamemakers called him he entered the dome and saw Mallory walking towards outside then Pineskull grinned.When he saw a trident with a different sizes he picked the medium one then he saw a moving dummy and then he stabbed the 1st dummy then he kicked and kill the dummy and thenhe used the trident as a spear and he throw the trident towards the 1 dummy then he get his trident and stabbed all dummies and throw his trident with a grin

DISTRICT 4 Crystal Mcfuree

Crystal entered the dome quietly,then get her weapon knife and get a whole bunch of them.When she done get her knives she encounter a target range then she grinned.She get 3 knives and throw to the 3 target ranged and all of the 3 target range she throw the knives are all in the bulls eye then she walk away towards the gate when she get 3 other knives and throw again to the target range but this time this is far then she throw and run towards outside and the gamemakers shocked that Crystal bull eye the 3 target range in the same time.

DISTRICT 5 Eric Norsemen

He entered the dome politely and get his shiny silver sword.He saw 12 dummies,he cut in to halves the dummies he saw in the dome.Then,a dummie appear.He walk towards outside when he throw like a spear the sword who he's holding.

DISTRICT 5 Irelia Birdhouse

She get her blowdarts with a bow(it means she bend)then she said"Bring it on!!!".She saw a robotic dummy with a holographic bow.She cant fire her blowdarts because of the robotic dummy that fire their bows when she cant stand her patience and fire her blowdarts and the dummies fall down then she throw her blowdarts angrily

DISTRICT 6 Lovely Chune

Lovely cried because she didnt want to die when the soldiers in the capitol pull herself to the dome then she get the bow and the arrows.She saw a body target range then she hurriedly fire her bow and run towards exit.The gamemakers impressed because Lovely fire her arrows in the head part

DISTRICT 6 Brendan Jack

Brendan grabbed a bag that is full of kukri.He run towards the holographic mutts.He sliced them in pieces.Brendad saw 10 new holographic mutts.Then he throw 2 kukris and the 10 holographic mutts is in pieces.He throw the bag and run outside.

DISTRICT 7 Carter Sun

Carter grabbed the sticks ,swords,ropes and rocks.He shouted"Give me atleast 10 dummies in 5 minuites".He quickly do the traps.5,4,3,2,1 GO......He saw 10 dummies in a row.He stepped his trap and it actually throw swords and rocks like a catapult.Then,he saw 10 dead dummies and he leaved.

DISTRICT 7 Fawn Rose

She get her bow and arrows and walk silently to the target range.She get 3 arrows and put it to the bow,she saw a 3 target range that is hitted with a bullseye.Then,she grinned and leave.

DISTRICT 8 Connor Smitherson

Connor grab his favorite weapon scythe then he saw a holographic mutt then he sliced the mutt to halves then he saw a mutt run towards him then he cut the mutt to pieces.

DISTRICT 8 Charinah Love

Charinah put her fist and go to the dummie.She punched and punched and the dummie died.She run towards exit.

DISTRICT 9 Savannha Darnel

Savannha grabbed quickly the blowdarts and go to the shooing range.10 shooting range were added.Savannha shoot 10 darts in a row and she saw what she did.She saw a Shooting range with a 10 bullseye.

DISTRICT 9 Jack Bolton

When he saw a glaudius.He get it and go to the dummie center.He saw 20 dummies,he sliced them 1 by 1.Then he saw 2 dummies wit their stuff toys sword.He attacked them and cut the body.He get out with a grin.

DISTRICT 10 Eli Winersin

Eli grabbed Axe then he throw it to the dummie.Gamemakers laugh hard because Eli didnt hit the dummie when he said"SHUT UP GAMEMAKERS" and he hit the wall of the gamemakers and he get all axe and hit all 5 axe in one row. 

DISTRICT 10 Shira Teresa

She entered the arena looks like a weak girl that she dont want to be in games.She grabbed the bow and arrows and she slowly go to the target range.She shoot at least 10 arrows but it failed.The gamemakers are laughing so hard.She angrily hold the bow and attack those GAMEMAKERS!!!!! She grabbed axe,spear,knives and throw to the dummies and run.

DISTRICT 11 Colin Sun

Colin get a sword and run towards the dummies.He saw 10 summies and he cut it one by one then he shouted"ADD ME 10 MORE".He saw 20 dummies and he sliced it.Then he punched and stabbed the last dummie and run towards exit.

DISTRICT 11 Sophia Batkil

Sophie grabbed bow and arrows.Sophie saw 10 holographic tributes.She fire them one by one.She is out of arrows when she saw last holo. tribute standing infront of her and holding an axe.She grabbed his axe and stabbed him.She run.

DISTRICT 12 Groulite Jilt

Groulite grabbed his weapon spear then he throw his spear to the holographic tribute then he leaved then the gamemakers shocked that there are 20 holographic tribute then Groulite shot them all with a one shot.

DISTRICT 12 Marie Chanse

Marie get the mace and go to the dummie center.She saw 10 dummies and she sliced them 1 by 1.Marie run towards exit. 

Private Practice Scores

20 is the highest :D 21 is the over highest :D :D :D :D :D

Name Gender District Score Name Gender District  Score
Odin Smarth M 1 19 Kayla Smith F 1 20
Skylar Fenton M 2 20 Firebelle Vinicius F 2 18
Nick Maclachan M 3 19 Mallory Percistance F 3 20
Pineskull Vinicius M 4 20 Crystal Mcfuree F 4 20
Erik Norsemen M 5 20 Irelia Birdhouse F 5 21
Brendan Jack M 6 20 Lovely Chune F 6 20
Carter Sun M 7 21 Fawn Rose F 7 18
Connor Smitherson M 8 19 Charinah Love F 8 18
Jack Bolton M 9 20 Savannah Darnel F 9 19
Eli WInersin M 10 21 Shira Teresa F 10 21
Colin Sun M 11 20 Sophie Batkil F 11 20
Groulite Jilt M 12 19 Marie Chanse F 12 18


Chelsea Victorino FEMALE Twists Maker
Destiny Galaxy FEMALE Mutt maker
Disaster Maker

Tribute Stats

Name Gender District Fate Name Gender District Fate
Odin Smarth M 1 DEAD

Kayla Smith

Skylar Fenton M 2 DEAD Firebelle Vinicius F 2 DEAD
Nick Maclachan M 3 DEAD Mallory Percistance F 3 DEAD

Pineskull Vinicius

M 4 DEAD Crystal Mcfuree F 4 DEAD
Erik Norsemen M 5 DEAD Irelia Birdhouse F 5 DEAD
Brendan Jack M 6 Lovely Chune F 6 DEAD
Carter Sun M 7 DEAD Fawn Rose F 7 DEAD
Connor Smitherson M 8 DEAD Charinah Love F 8 DEAD
Jack Bolton M 9 DEAD Savannah Darnel F 9 DEAD

Eli Winersin

M 10 DEAD Shira Teresa F 10 VICTOR!!!
Colin Sun M 11 DEAD Sophie Batkil F 11 DEAD
Groulite Jilt M 12 DEAD Marie Chanse F 12 DEAD


Name Gender District User Name Gender District User
Odin Smarth MALE 1 Icanhasnofriends Kayla Smith FEMALE 1 Lexi142685
Skylar Fenton MALE 2 Tehblakdeath Firebelle Vinicius FEMALE 2 Tehblakdeath
Nick Maclachan MALE 3 AwsomeAidan Mallory Percistance FEMALE 3 Rayplayzlol70
Pineskull Vinicius MALE 4 Tehblakdeath Crystal McFuree FEMALE 4 A Wikia Contributer
Erik Norsemen MALE 5 Icanhasnofriends Irelia Birdhouse FEMALE 5 Rayplayzlol70
Brendan Jack MALE 6 Therial opian Lovely Chune FEMALE 6 A Wikia Contributer
Carter Sun MALE 7 AwsomeAidan Fawn Rose FEMALE 7 Pippycat
Connor Smitherson MALE 8 HaraiGoshi345 Charinah Love FEMALE 8 MYSELF
Jack Bolton MALE 9 Therial opian Savannah Darnel FEMALE 9 Pippycat
Eli Winersin MALE 10 YourFavoriteSalmon Shira Teresa FEMALE 10 Pippycat
Colin Sun MALE 11 AwsomeAidan Sophie Batkil FEMALE 11 Rayplayzlol70
Groulite Jilt MALE 12 A Wikia Contributer Marie Chanse FEMALE 12 MYSELF

Carter Sun Male 7 Skylar Fenton Cornucopia Day 1 BLOODBATH 21st
Jack Bolton Male 9 Fawn Rose Cornucopia Day 1 BLOODBATH 20th
Groulite Jilt Male 12 Lovely Chune Bank Day 1 Morning 19th
Lovely Chune Female 6 Marie Chanse Bank Day 1 Morning 18th
Crystal Mcfuree Female 4 Marie Chanse Bank Day 1 Morning 17th
Charinah Love Female 8 Commited Suicide Tall Skyscraper Day 1 Morning 16th
Marie Chanse Female 12 Savannah Darnel Fountain Day 1 Morning 15th
Irelia Birdhouse Female 5 Skylar Fenton Attic House Day 1 Morning 14th
Sophie Batkil Female 11 Colin Sun Skyscraper Day 1 Evening 13th
Colin Sun Male 11 Mallory Percistance Skyscraper Day 1 Evening 12th
Odin Smarth Male 1 Deadly Gas Dome Day 2 Morning 11th
Kayla Smith Female 1 Deadly Gas Dome Day 2 Morning 10th
Eli Winersin Male 10 Firebelle Vinicius Closed Room Day 2 Evening 9th
Nick Maclachan Male 3 Firebelle Vinicius Closed Room Day 2 Evening 8th
Savannah Darnel Female 9 Pineskull Vinicius Cornucopia Day 3 FIest 7th
Pineskull Vinicius Male 4 Fawn Rose Cornucopia Day 3 Fiest 6th
Skylar Fenton Male 2 Mallory Percistance Cornucopia Day 3 Fiest 5th
Erik Norsemen Male 5 Coldness Room Day 4 4th
Connor Smitherson Male 8 Dizziness Room Day 4 3rd
Fawn Rose Female 7 Thundershocked Room Day 4 2nd
Mallory Percistance Female 3 Shira Teresa Desserted Island Day 4 1st
Brendan Jack Male 6 XOXOXO XOXOXO Day 4 VICTOR!!
Shira Teresa Female 10 XOXOXO XOXOXO Day 4 VICTOR!!
Firebelle VInicius Female 2 XOXOXO XOXOXO Day 4 VICTOR!!


The arena is composed by scyscrapers,buildings,gardens ,fountains ,rivers and buildings.There are rivers that poisonous and dirty,the fountains are clean.The cornucopia is located inside the church.If you are in the top 6 you will teleport to the deserted,dark and hot island.There are mutts,weapons and traps.If it is 12:00 midnight the gamemakers will add a traps,mutts and disasters.There are twists in the games.



A fresh air was covered the entire arena.The tributes are in the tubes and they are ready to rock.When they are in the arena they were excited and scared.The gamemakers said In the first hungergames may the odds may ever in your favor!!! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They run to the cornucopia.Odin(1) stumbled to the rocks and hitted hard to the rock but he didnt died.Eric(5) and Irelia(5) was the first person who is in the cornucopia.Irelia(5) grabbed a bag and dagger and she run.Skylar(2) grabbed a mace and stabbed Carter(7).BOOM.Fawn(7) grabbed the grapes and a bat and killed Jack(9).BOOM.The bloodbath has ended.

Lovely Chune POV

Lovely and her alliance Crystal was sitting to the bench in the bank.I saw 2 tributes walking towards us.I grabbed my knives and slowly throw her knife.BOOM.I laugh hard then I saw Crystal slept in my legs.I saw a knife throwed by Marie towards me and Crystal then i blackout BOOM,BOOM

Savannha Darnel POV

Me and fawn was walked towards fountain and get water.I was eating while Fawn is drinking water.I saw a tribute that looks like Charinah commiting suicide in the tall skyscraper.BOOM.I saw Marie holding a sword and I throw a brick to her.BOOM

Irelia Birdhouse POV

Me and my allies were in the house called attic house.Nick grabbed the blanket and the lamp.I saw Firebelle and Skylar walked slowly.I grabbed my blowdart and slowly hit Firebelle but Skylar grabbed his kama and throw to me.BOOM.


Colin Sun POV

I was going to save my pal when he was hitted by Skylar.That freak boy i am going to get a revenge to HIM!!! GM:GOOD EVENING EVERYONE........TONIGHT I HAVE A BIG TWIST.....TONIGHT,A DEADLY GAS  WILL COVERING THIS ENTIRE ARENA AND A DEADLY WILD MUTTS THAT IS STAYING IN THE BUILDINGS,SKYSCRAPERS AND HOUSES!!!!ONCE AGAIN May The Odds May Ever in your Favor               I was going to shout and run when i heard that well i am going to win this game.I saw a tall skyscraper in my front then i entered.I saw 3 box of weapons and foods.I saw 2 tribute walking upstairs when i get a dagger and throw to 1 of them.BOOM.I saw Sophie lying in the ground when Mallory shouted and throw me a wire and pull towards her and i saw she swing her sword BOOM.

Connor Smitherson POV

I was in the Mega Mall when the ceiling of the mall changed to glass and the anthem starts singing


District 4 Crystal Mcfuree

District 5 Irelia Birdhouse

District 6 Lovely Chune

District 7 Carter Sun

District 8 Charinah Love

District 9 Jack Bolton

DIstrict 11 Colin Sun

DIstrict 11 Sophie Batkil

DIstrict 12 Groulite Jilt

DIstrict 12 Marie Chanse

ANTHEM STOPS I sleep under the counter and ate some bread and cookies in the mall that is so DELICIOUS!!!


Eli Winersin POV

I was in the dome called hall off the winners.Well i heard a scream and i was shocked.I was slowly walk to the hall and saw the Careers chasing Firebelle and Skylar.Well that is not my life....I grabbed my mace and broke the window so that the deadly gas will spread here...WHAT!!! SPREAD HERE... i run towards the 2nd floor and saw a large room that is full of foods and weapons.BOOM,BOOM I hear a knock in the door and i opened.I was shocked when i saw Firebelle and Skylar crying.I was going to kill them when they said "Allies?".Well im such alone and i said "ok".

Nick Maclachan POV

Me and Mallory was in the small and closed with aircon hut house eating and sleeping.                                    GM:Welcome tributes.The deadly gas will be vanish BUT.. three of you will battle in a room called "THE LAST MAN STANDING"the gamemakers will choose 3 tributes and they will kill and if the last man standing is survived you will be survived" I was shocked then the GM said:"Nick Maclachan,FIrebelle Vinicius and Eli Winersin"Mallory said to me "Goodluck".When i am in the room that is dark and there are lights that will follow the tributes and I saw all of them standing in the plates then the GM counted 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG. I run towards straight and i saw Firebelle holding a knife and a bomb then she throw them all.BOOM.Eli Died then i punch Firebelle and i shouted "YOURE GOING TO DIE" I was about stabbed her when she get her fist and punch me then she run towards the knife that she throw and i saw her holding knive towards me BOOM.


Shira Teresa POV

Me and Savannah was hunting tributes,gather foods and hide well it was going to be night so the deadly gas is going to spread the outside so we run towards the GYM then the Gm said"Welcome tributes tommorow is the most and special fiest so better stay alive to win this game oh one more thing if you hear a bell sounds bigger mutts will spawn in the house,building and skyscrapers" Me and Savannah run towards the stage and get the foods and run to the bleachers.KLING,KLING,KLING,KLING Me and Savannah hide and saw 3 big mutts standing to the stage.After an hour i saw the mutts disappear and i hear an anthem and a big flat screen tv was turned on and the anthem start to sing


DIstrict 1 Odin Smarth

District 1 Kayla Smith

District 3 Nick Maclachan

District 10 Eli Winersin

Anthem stops.It is going to be a deadly game


Note:You could sponsor now!! I will come back to update if you could not send me the sponsor bag you could not sponsor :D CONGRATS TOP 9!!!!!!!

Note:All of the tributes recieved their bags except those who didnt comment their sponsor bags :D

Fawn Rose POV

I run towards the GYM where Savannah and Shira hide,then i wake them early in the morning.

GM:Let the Fiest BEGINS!!!!!!!!!

We saw 3 bags falling from the sky and i saw my name in the blue bag 2 meters far from me.I run towards the bag and open it and saw 5 berries,2 medic kits,1 water bottle,1 sword and 1 loaf bread.I ate the berries and hide the loaf bread and i drink the water so that i can replenish my health.When suddenly i saw 2 tributes in the cornucopia hiding in there.I called them both and said softly"Lets Go"Savannah hold the bomb while Shira ate and ready to kill.We arrived in the cornucopia not in the inside but outside and saw Mallory holding a smoke bomb and trying to throw.We saw Firebelle and Skylar in the Cornucopia hiding and Pineskull hiding in the bush.I saw Erik too looks like all of the tributes are in the Feast.Mallory throw her smoke bomb and the huge smoke covered the entire cornucopia then Shira in my right position throw her knives in the smoke.When the smoke dissolved we saw Pineskull has a cut in his right arm and i said to Shira"Nice work girls".Savannah appeared in the cornucopia and grabbed the huge briefcase and run towards me when Firebelle use her dagger and throw to Savannah but she use her Briefcase to defense herself then Erik tried to attack Savannah but Savannah use her bag and throw to him but he didnt die just a bone injury.Then Pineskull attacked Savannah in her right leg then she stumbled and diedBOOMI run and try to killed Pineskul then i hitted him in his chest then he died BOOM Erik grabbed the bag and run away while I grabbed Savannah's Bag and grabbed the smoke bomb and a huge smoke covered the enire cornucopia then i grabbed the huge briefcase and run away with Shira.

Mallory Percistance POV

I hide in a huge bush when i saw  Brendan looking for someone and run to the cornucopia then he get a huge bag of knives and he saw Firebelle and Skylar hiding and he get a mace and attack them.Firebelle hitted by a mace in her leg then Brendan run.I just hide here when Skylar and Firebelle go out in the cornucopia and i grabbed a axe and killed Skylar BOOM and i run away

Day 3 Evening

Firebelle Vinicius POV

I was crying in the mansion with my new friend Erik.He has an injured leg so he cant walk.I was crying the all time because my brother and my boyfriend died.I was thinnking the all time that i will suicide so that i can see my family in the other dimension.Well my friend Erik stopped me.After an hour i hear a wailing sounds and a wild venomous flying gargoyles and it looks like a MUTTT!!!! I hold Erik to the room called Attic and we spend the night there.After an Hour the gargoyles look disapear and a anthem starts singing


District 2 Skylar Fenton

District 4 Pineskull Vinicius

District 9 Savannah Darnel

Anthem Stops....Looks like 5 dead tributes more to crown the new Victor sigh.....

DAY 4 The Day After Tommorow!!!!

Brendan Jack POV

I wake up in the room with a flat screen tv and it seems we are in the tv.I saw the others in the separate room.The gamemakers counted 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG i was terribly frighten when i saw in the tv a huge word called BLIZZARD.There were boxes,trees and woods in the room of mine when suddenly a huge snow appeard in my room and the others too.I covered my entire body with box and i opened a box and saw jackets and gloves.I used it to warm myself when suddenly i heard a BOOM i saw Erik died because of cold.

Connor Smitherson POV

I was totaly scared because of this stupid rooms.I hide in the box and open the supplies box and saw a lanturn and i used that.The gamemakers counted 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG.I saw in the tv the word earthquake.The ground was shaking and i was shaking too.I saw a food a meter far from me.I run towards it but the ground was shaking too hard so i bumped in the big rock.BLACKOUT BOOM

Firebelle Vinicius POV

I was totaly dizzy and cold too but i remember my mom when iam 9 years old.Just dance then i dance.Then the gamemaker counted 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG!!!!!I saw in the tv a large capital and bold letters Thunderstorm.I was scared and i was about to hide when i heard a BOOM.And that was Fawn..Then i teleported in the plates.I have no sign where am i because i am in the dark island.

Shira Teresa POV

I was about to fall in the plate but i balanced it then the GM said welcome top 4 today is your awaiting in your life....Now i have a twist that i will say each of you.Today this is 1 on 1 battle the first contestant will be Shira Teresa and Mallory Percistance and Brendan Jack and Firebell VInicius...May the odds may ever in your favor...... 

Mallory Percistance POV

I saw Brendan Jack and FIrebelle dissapeared like a bubble.I saw Shira Teresa a girl from District 10 who survived in these games and the personwho is in the Top 4.Well i supposedly ready for this because this is going to be a bloody game.GM:10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG.......Shira and Me run towards the cornucopia.She grabbed a bow and I grabbed the sword.She fire her bow towards me and I avoid it then I attacked her with my sword then she avoid it then i throw my sword towards her then she fire her bow then my sword and her arrow stumbled to the floor then i run towards her but its too late she fire her another sword then i blackout.BOOM

Firebelle Vinicius POV

I saw Brendan Jack wearing a grin in this last battle well im confident that i will gonna win this.Wish me luck....Anyways the gamemakers counted 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG!!!I run towards the cornucopia when i saw the dead body of Mallory....I was shocked that Shira was crowned as Victor.I grabbed the dagger and run towards him when suddenly he said "KILL ME" I cant kill him because he is a good person from District 6 and poorly reaped by the capitol well I shouted "HEY GAMEMAKERS!!!!!I WE WILL NOT KILL EACHOTHER SO PLEASE LET US WIN THE GAMES OR WE TWO WILL BE DEAD" the gamemakers said"Well if that is you choices well you 3 will be crowned as VICTOR"


SHIRA TERESA from District 10 known as CUTEY KILLER


BRENDAN JACK from District 6 known as LUCKY BOY



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