Hi everyone its me again John Gabriel....Well if you didnt see my previous story you can see it now...Just click the link below....Have Fun...

Note:I can only update this story in saturday and sunday because of school days :D


After the 1st Hunger Games,A huge spaceship landed in the seashore of the west Capitol.They saw thousands of elements orbs.They try to eat it then after 10 seconds they have powers to kill those who didnt go in the reaping.Those orbs has different powers such as Fire,Water,Ice,Nature,Earth,Wind and Gas.The president of the capitol,President Ash said all districts that this next games will be different in the Previous game.Then the president said"Let the game BEGIN" 


1.No Badwords allowed

2.Reservation lasts only in one day :D

3.Dont be so bad that your character died

4.2 tributes per person...

5.Districts 1,2 and 4 is Careers(NOTE:If you dont want to put your character in careers put who is his/her alliance)

6.Districts 3,11 and 12 are Anti-Careers....(Just see the note above)

Tribute Template



(Power Such as Fire,Water,Ice,Nature,Earth,WInd and Gas)





Name District Power Weapons Gender Name District Power Weapons Gender
Mario Adams 1 Fire Sword and THrowing Knives Male Snowflakes Pawpaw 1 Ice ??? Female
Nile Sebek 2 Fire Metal Staff Male Mallory Percistance 2 Nature Axe with a wire Female
Watt Electryk 3 Fire Small throwing knives,Wires and Daggers Male Fierce Palloya 3 Ice Axe,Throwing Knives Female
Luigi Adams 4 Ice Trident and Throwing Knives Male Annie Cotton 4 Water Trident,Net and Spears Female

Marco Lling

5 Ice None Male Alexis Smith 5 Fire Throwing Knives and Slingshot Female
Marcus Jhowerli 6 Fire Throwing Knives,Spears Male Carrolyn Collins 6 ??? Sword, Throwing Ax, Hatchet Female
Cristopher McQuakerz 7 Water Spear Male Whitney Grey 7 Nature Bow and arrow,mace and sword Female
Tristan Mallorina 8 Fire None Male Audrey Seeley 8 Earth Bow Female
Martin Walker 9 ? ? Male Evelyn Bloom 9 Nature Bow and Arrows Female
Cross Sandford 10 Ice Spear Male Meka Ruba 10 Earth Mace and Spear Female
Charlie Lancaster 11 Nature Bow and traps Male

Snowy Tiger

11 Nature Female
Michael Lawson 12 Fire Bow and Arrow Male Quinn Aites 12 Fire Dagger,throwning knives,slingshot



The Arena is composed with 5 small islands.The smallest island is the cornucopia.The cornucopia is composed by lots of trees and rocks in the sea shore.The 1st island at the upper left corner is the Bamboo island.It has lots of bamboo there that will cause you rashes(That is a rare new species of bamboo).The 2nd one in the upper right corner is the Volcanic island.It composed with 4 small volcanoes that will kill you.The 3rd one in the lower left corner is the Desserted Island.According to the archeologists,this island was the dangerous island and spooky too.The ghosts room around in this town especially zombies so better dont put your tributes there.The last island in the lower right corner is the Jungle island.That island is the coolest island in these 5.But remember the mutts habbitat is the Jungle so better watch out.The temperature everyday in the morning is 40 degrees celcius,In the afternoon is 43 degrees celcius and in the evening is 20 degrees celcius.The tributes might have Sunburns,Heatrashes,Dehydration , Skin Cancer or even 


Dead Charts

== ==

Name Gender District Killer When

Victor Chart


Team Strong

Snoflakes,Mallory,Audrey,Quinn,Evelyn and Whitney

District 4 and 5

Annie and Alexis





Money Bags in Tributes

Name Money Name Money
1-Mario Adams 1000 1-Snowflakes Pawpaw 1000
2-Nile Sebek 1000 2-Mallory Percistance 1000
3-Watt Electryk 1000 3-Firce Paloya 1000
4-Luigi Adams 1000 4-Annie Cotton 1000
5-Marco Lling 1000 5-Alexis Smith 1000
6-Marcus Jhowerli 1000 6-Carrolyn Collins 1000
7-Christopher McQuakerz 1000 7-Whitney Grey 1000
8-Tristan Mallorina 1000 8-Audrey Seeley 1000
9-Martin Walker  500 9-Evelyn Bloom 1000
10-Cross Sandford 500 10-Meka Ruba 1000
11-Charlie Lancaster 1000 11-Snowy Tiger 1000
12-MIchael Lawson 1000 12-Quinn Aites 1000

Note:If you are in Top 10 you could sponsor.If you have one kills ill add your money in 500,if you can hurt a tribute ill give you 100 upto 300 and if you are in the Top 7 ill give you 10 000


All tributes was in their plate when suddenly a huge thunder appeared and strike directly at the middle of the cornucopia.3 tributes died at the starting game because they fall from the plates.First,Snowflakes Pawpaw,second,Tristan Mallorina and lastly,Whitney Grey Died.The gamemakers counted 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GONG All tributes ran except Quinn and Michael

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