So we all have an inner Hero or a inner Villain and this will make two teams that will fight to death :3

What is this?!

So two teams that will be sent to a remote part of the world and fight to be the last one standing. 

They will have to survive in the nature and face a challenge every three days to win immunity and a reward. The loosing team will have to vote a member out.


  • No reservations
  • If you don't want to choose a team we will choose for yah
  • Be nice... bish

Giving yourself more chances

If you want to win this you should show yourself interested in this by cheering yourself, proposing me your strategies and all that shiz. Only users that are active will get chances of winning.

The Template








Eliminated Users

Placed Name Original Tribe Actual Tribe Votes For Day
14th Connor Villains Malicia 4 3
13th Justin Heroes Bondad 3 6

The Users


Number Name Gender Strengths Weakness
1 Sam Male Sly and Accurate Disobiedent, Strength
2 Erlend Male Strengths, Building skills Speed
3 Jade Female Speed, Climbing Survival skills
4 Emma Female Strong, Good swimmer Speed, Not so bright
5 Dani Female Strong, Climbing Endurance, Bossy
6 Dustin Male Swimming, speed, intellegence. Temper, keping calm.
7 Justin Male Swimming, Fast Climbing


Number Name Gender Strengths Weakness
1 Alice Female Speed Swimming
2 Wes Male Accuracy, Swimming Balance, Climbing
3 Joan Male Plant ID, Speed Swimming, Strength
4 Callam Male Resourceful, Quick Thinking Physically weak and mentally unstable
5 Cass Female Manipulation and Hotness Strength and Arrogance
6 Connor Male Karate, Swimming, Intelligence Short fuse, gets stressed easily, poor at strategizing
7 Annie Female gun, swimming, and really smart uncontrollably flashing into insanity and obsessed with revenge

The Island

The Place were the season is gonna take place is called Derpness Island. It's on somewhere in the canary islands. It has really dense vegetacion and virgin beaches. This season the teams will be called Bondad (Heroes) and Malicia (Villains).

Episode 1: Nobody tries to find out my plans

An helicopter flied towards Derpness Island a blonde boy was giving smiles to his teammates.

Wes (Villains): Im in villains for some reason, I manipulate, betray and will push a baby down a cliff to win the money.

Sam a member from heroes is giving sitting there playing with his orange Buff.

Sam (Heroes): Im a hero, but I take justice with my own POV.

As the helicopter landed in a bridge Annie smiled.

Annie (Villains): I may be the smartness person here. The other Villains are little bullies and that's it.

Jeff welcomes the castaways and smiles "Welcome to Heroes vs Villains." Everybody cheers "In this season the nicest and most protective people will battle the against the most cruel and manipulative people. In your camps there will be a hidden immunity idol. Here are the maps and good luck."

The people start walking in different directions.

Cass (Villains): I need to find somebody to manipulate. But Im sure that all my teammates also play that game.

Emma (Heroes): This people are known for being nice... Good I shall find some people to ally... Maybe later on the game they can be usefull. 

The Heroes arrive to their camp and see a toolbox next to their orange flag. Erlend smiles and people start gathering wood. Emma grabs an axe and she starts chopping some thin trees. Dani steps up as the team leader and she starts saying what people shall do without doing nothing herself.

Sam (Heroes): Thats just what I don't like. People giving me orders. If we are a team we shall work as a team everybody doing what we are best at.

Jade grabs so wood and she helps Erlend to put it together with a hammer with some pins. She isn't the best at it but she handles it. Justin is following Dani's orders and he gathers leaves. Sam instead of making a fire is also gathering branches.

"Sam what are you doing I said you to make a fire?" Dani said

"I don't know how to make a fire and you aren't doing much Dani." Sam replied

Dani frowned and started making the fire herself. She fails.

Dani (Heroes): Im just trying to take the role of the leader. If not this is falling apart and we are all sleeping on a pile of wood after the wind blows.

Meanwhile at Malicia's camp Joan and Alice are making a pretty solid roof and Joan suddenly whispers to Alice "Alliance?" 


After this they smile at each other and continue building. Cass inisted that she wanted the camp with views at the sea and people had to make it or she was getting really mad. Wes said that he was going to gather cocunuts but he lied and started searching the immunity idol. It wasnt that obvious since he went grabbing coconuts and continued searching.

Callam was trying to make a fire but he kept failing and failing. Joan lended him his glasses but they still didn't manage it. Callam got up really angry and kicked the pile of dried cocunut.

Callam (Villains): It's so frustating when I don't manage to complete something! Sh*t!

Connor finded a chest in the jungle and he told the others about it. Slowly the night arrived and everybody started going towards the hut the've built. Cass neared Wes and asked "Alliance you, me and maybe more people?"

"Maybe Im not sure yet." Wes replied.

Wes (Villains): Cass could be a good ally. Nobody questions her and she is hot.

Cass (Villains): I asked Wes for the alliance because he is hot and all that stuff. We could be the fab alliance!

As the members of the cabin fell asleep the temperature decreased and they all snuggled with each other to be less cold.

Joan (Villains): People back home find snuggling and stuff is a stupid way to make you look weak, but people back home are not in a f*cking island trying to make allies! Gawd It's pure strategy!

Meanwhile at Bondad Heroes they managed to make smoke but the fire died and they decided to go to sleep. 

Day 2

Jade wakes up before anybody and she goes to the comunity chest to find a bag of rice. Having no fire doesn't allow her to cook it so she leaves it there. She haves the temptation of searching the idol but she shrugs it of since she knows that her tribe mates are about to wake up.

Jade (Heroes): I get that temptation alot! The idol could be anywhere! I need to find a clue or something!

By the end of the day Villains managed to make a fire to cook their rice but it died since they forgot to feed it.

Day 3

Justin (Heroes): Today is the Immunity and Reward challenge... Im really nervous for what we may have to face.

The tribes meet up in a beach with a plataform in the water 10 metres away from the beach. Jeff is standing near the water "Welcome to the first Immunity Challenge also this challenge includes the reward of fire in the form of flint." Everybody murmurs wanting the flint "So do you want to know what you have to do?"

Everybody says yes or nods.

"This will be like the game Im sure some of you played when you were young. Cops and Robbers. Heroes will be the Cops and Villains will be the robbers. Each time a Hero touches a Villain , the Villain will have to go to the plataform and he will have to wait until another villain swims to the plataform and save him. If all the Villains are caught Heroes win. If fifteen minutes pass and their are still Villains outside the plataform Villains win. At the count of three. 1, 2, 3, GO!"

The villains run either to hide in the jungle or behind some rocks and after 20 seconds the Herroes chase them. Cass is caught by surprise as she tries to hide in some bushes. Joan is also caught when Emma and Justin force him to go into the water and him being a bad swimmer gets caught. Dustin and Dani try this with Wes but they fail. Wes goes to the platform and saves Joan and Cass but gets caught as they escape. Alice gets cornered in the jungle by Jade and also caught. Sam catches Joan again as he swims away from the platform. Connor is forced to leave the water when Emma, Justin and Dustin corner him and he is also caught in the Jungle by Jade. Callam is successfully hiding between the bushes in the jungle but he decides to give a peak and Erlend discovers him. He is caught by Erlend. Annie gets surprised by Sam and Dani as she tries to sneak to the platform hiding behind some rocks. At the end Cass tries to hide in a small cave in the water as the Heroes try to find her. They find her and it's game over for Villains."Heroes win Immunity!"

After this Malicia returned to camp. They where really frustated. The two duos Joan with Alice and Wes with Cass. They start looking at each other and smiled. Cass and Wes walked to Joan and Alice. "Alliance?" They asked.

"Sure why not." Alice awnsered "This game is about numbers."

After this Wes looked at Connor as he sat near them trying to hear what they are talking around.

Wes (Villains): FFS! Does this boy know that being nosey puts a huge target in your back!

He winked at Cass, Joan and Alice and said "We should vote out Annie. She is a threat. She is smart and could manage to find the idol."

Connor smiled and left. 

Connor (Villains): Thats all I need Im save tonight.

"Guys did you notice how Connor tried to hear us?" Wes said

"Yeah. We should eliminate him." Joan said

"Ok guys we should start going to council." Cass added

Callam (Villains): I don't like that alliance... I hope they turn up in each other before it's only me against them....

The tribe arrived to council and Jeff greeted them. "Welcome to the council. Tonight one of you will be leaving. First of all Wes do you think it was smart rescuing Cass and Alice so early on the challenge?"

"Of coarse it was! They are like my bros and I had to safe them. It gave us time and Cass nearly managed to survive the 15 minutes." Wes said

"Cass do you feel any sort of guilt for making your tribe loose?"

"Not at all. THEY should feel guilty for leaving us alone!"

"Ok that's enough. Alice you're first to vote."

One by one they all vote.

Wes: Sorry Connor but nobody tries to find out my plans.

"Ok, I will go and taly the votes." Jeff says

"Ok so first vote goes to Connor. 1 vote Connor. Wes. 1 vote Connor, 1 vote Wes. Connor. 2 votes Connor, 1 vote Wes. Connor. 3 votes Connor, 1 vote Wes. And first person voted out of Survivor is... Connor. Grab your torch Connor."

After this Connor leaves the island.

"Connor has left, but you get a reward. Fire in the form of flint. Goodnight"

Episode 2: Cheating Villains!

Emma, Dani and Jade have formed an alliance and they start planning strategy. They decided to look around for the idol, they didn't find nothing.

Meanwhile Cass at Villains walked around and sat in a log. The log rolled forwards behind leaving a little bag. Cass grabbed the idol and she smiled. She saw that it was a coin with a bird in it. She smiled and walked to her allies and told them about the idol.

Cass (Villains): This is just perfect! I find the idol without effort, this game is now going how I want to.

Three more days pass and it's time for the challenge. The tribes walk to a pool where some coloured tiles are hanging from a set of totems emerging from the water. 

Jeff quickly greets them all "Welcome, today you will have to do the following; 2 people from each tribe will be taking turns to shoot the tiles of your own colour with a sling shot. When the tile breaks it will release a coloured key. When all five coloured tiles have been breaked 2 other people will jump into the pool and grab them. These people will give the keys to two other people that are incharge of opening a chest and solving the puzzle that is inside of it. Do you want to know for what you're playing?"

People say yes and all that shiz

"First of all Immunity, second a set of fishing gear." People cheer "You have one minute to prepare yourselfs."

After that minute everybody has organised themselfs. From Heroes Jade was sitting out, Sam and Dani where shooting, Emma and Justin swimming and Dustin and Erlend solving the puzzle.

From Villains Alice and Wes where shooting, Cass and Annie swimming and Joan and Callam solving the puzzle.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" The four shooters start firing stones at the tiles. Wes breaks one immediatly. Sam and Dani also break one. Joan then breaks another tile. Dani breaks a Villain tile by mistake and this gives Wes and Alice an advantage who break the two remaining tiles.

Cass and Annie jump to the water and start looking for the keys Annie grabs a hero key on purpose just as Emma and Justin jumped into the water. She and Cass gather all the keys slower than the Heroes who are trying to find  the key that Annie haves. When Annie and Cass exit the pool Annie throws her key to a corner far away from Emma and Justin.

Annie (Villain): It's technicaly not cheating since I didn't take the key with me.

Joan and Callam work on the chest and open it just as Dustin and Erlend also start opening it. Joan and Callam start working on making the 3D cube and just manage it a few seconds before Dustin and Erlend "Villains win Immunity!" That night at elimination things went pretty fast. Emma got one vote, Justin got three votes and got eliminated.

Episode 3: It's back

So this is a test episode. Heroes lost and Villains won immunity and some baskets of fruit.

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