aka Justin Bieber

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Killer
  • I am She-Male
  • Jrussell01

    Hello, and welcome to the 29th annual Hunger Games! Also, please read the rules below before submitting a tribute and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    • 1 tributes per person. This number may go up whether I feel as if I'm in need for more tributes.
    • Follow the given template. If not, your tribute will be denied on the spot.
    • Wikia Contributors are alowed but their tributes will die in the Bloodbath.
    • No reservations, I want these to begin as soon as possible.
    • Do not criticize my writing or attempt to make it "better." Little things, such as spelling errors, are okay but if you try to change what I have planned, I will not hesitate to kill your tribute.
    • Don't complain if your tribute dies or gets injured. This is the Hunger Games after all, where …

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