• Julia lover of hunger games


    Glimmer was from district one and really pretty she didnt really have any weapon she was good with exept for a knife.The night when glimmer was with Ceaser Fickerman she hade a really pretty dress on.And everybody whent with the act.


    Glimmer decided to stay in the bloodbath but of course she did she was a career tribute.After that all the careers and Peeta whent to look for Katniss on the way Glimmer killed the girl from disrtict five but didnt finish klling her. When Peeta went to finish the job Glimmer thought it would be best to kill him but Cato stopped her thoughts.They found Katniss on the tree above themm and decided to kill her know but they couldnt so they decided to sleep under the tree and wait for Katnis…

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