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    The World Games

    June 26, 2013 by JumpyJump

    Some crazy leader has taken over the world and he started the Hunger Games. I will do one day of training as well as the games. There will be 30 tributes from 15 different countries. Maximum of 4 tributes per user. You do not have to use specific names for a specific country (If your tribute is from USA you can name him something other than "John Doe"). 

    1. Maximum of four tributes per user

    2. You can only submit one tribute per country!

    3. Advices will make your tribute survive longer.

    4. Us this template:



    Age: 12-18




    Personality: Just a couple of words please. 

    Weapon of choice: 


    Bloodbath advice:

    Alliance: !!!

    Tribute's name Country Mentor (User)
    Tribute Girl C0 (Canada)

    Gordon Ferguson (M) C…

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