Introduction / Rules

Some crazy leader has taken over the world and he started the Hunger Games. I will do one day of training as well as the games. There will be 30 tributes from 15 different countries. Maximum of 4 tributes per user. You do not have to use specific names for a specific country (If your tribute is from USA you can name him something other than "John Doe"). 

1. Maximum of four tributes per user

2. You can only submit one tribute per country!

3. Advices will make your tribute survive longer.

4. Us this template:



Age: 12-18




Personality: Just a couple of words please. 

Weapon of choice: 


Bloodbath advice:

Alliance: !!!

Tributes and mentors

Tribute's name Country Mentor (User)
Tribute Girl C0 (Canada)
Gordon Ferguson (M) C0 (Canada) Vatonica
Carly Gemcode (F) C1 (Vatican City) XXToxicScreamxx
Tribute Boy  C1 (Vatican City)
Tribute Girl C2 (China)
Tribute Boy C2 (China)
Tribute Girl  C3 (Australia)
Compton Onaway (M) C3 (Australia) LightStone123
Tribute Girl  C4 (Germany)
Cristoph Claus (M) C4 (Germany) WiressFan21
Tribute Girl  C5 (USA)
Tribute Boy RESERVED C5 (USA) TypeWriter'sAreCool
Tribute Girl C6 (India)
Tribute Boy C6 (India)
Tribute Girl C7 (Cuba)
Tribute Boy C7 (Cuba)
Emma "Em" (F) C8 (England) Sebastiansgleek1
Tribute Boy C8 (England)
Tribute Girl C9 (Japan)
Tribute Boy C9 (Japan)
Gavriila Arseni (F) C10 (Russia) WiressFan21
Tribute Boy  C10 (Russia)
Noa Lieberman (F) C11 (Israel) Vatonica
Tribute Boy C11 (Israel)
Tribute Girl C12 (France)
Tribute Boy C12 (France)
Tribute Girl C13 (North Korea)
Tribute Boy C13 (North Korea)
Tribute Girl C14 (Saudi Arabia)
Tribute Boy C14 (Saudi Arabia)

Free spaces: C0F, C1M, C2F&M, C3F, C4M&F, C5M&F, C6F&M, C7M&F, C8M, C9F&M, C10M&F, C11M, C12M&F, C13F&M, C14M&F


"The Communists" (China, Russia, North Korea): 

Loners: Gordon (C0M), Carly (C1F), Em (C8F), Noa (C11F)

Information about the countries..

A crazy dictator has taken over the Earth and the Dictator rules the earth from America. The 15 most important has to join the World Games. Every country has their own industry.

C0, Canada: Canada is USA's right hand. Their industry is lumber. Canada is a rich country and Canadians are very much liked by the Americans and the leader of the country is the Dictator's best friend and also his advisor.

C1, Vatican City: Everyone in the world is now catholics and the Vatican City is the most respected and richest country of them all. Even though the residents are the richest, all of them are good people because of their religious views. Industry: "Religion". The country is liked by everyone.

C2, China: China is a huge country filled with factories. China's main industry is toys and textiles and it's a poor country. China is a poor country. Chinese people likes Russians and North-Koreans

C3, Australia: Mad scientists! Mad scientists everywhere! Australia's industry is Toxic which they make from all the toxic animals living there. Australia is not poor

C4, Germany: Transportation is Germanys industry. Germany is not poor. Germans likes French people.

C5, USA: The United States does not have an industry because they are leading the whole world. Americans likes everyone except Cubans and Russians. USA is the richest country of them all.

C6, India: Everyone loves food and India's primary industry is spices and food. India is still one of the poorest countries. The Indians has no "enemies". 

C7, Cuba: Cuba is the country responsible for tobacco. Almost everyone (over 20 years old) in the world smokes now, so everyone wants Cuba to continue producing tobacco and cigars. Cuba is one of the poorer countries. Cubans does not like the Americans and the Americans does not like them. 

C8, England: England are the leader of Europe. Englands industry is manufacturing so a lot of Englishmen travels all around the world. England is a rich country

C9, Japan: Technology is still Japan's thing and that's their industry. Japanese people are very much like the residents of District 3. Japan is a wealthy country. 

C10, Russia: The Russians are responsible for everything that has to do with warfare. Tanks, weapons and even military clothing! The Russians do like the Chinese and North-Koreans. Russia is a poor country.

C11, Israel: Israels industry is Nuclear weapons and devices. The country is not poor. 

C12, France: The French people's industry is wine. The Dictator loves wine. France is a rich country.

C13, North Korea: North Korea's industry is medicine and the country is still kind of isolated compared to the rest of the world. The country has a lot of money and nice buildings but the people living there is still poor. North Koreans likes Russians and the Chinese.

C14, Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia's industry is oil. The Arabians does not like the israelites. Saudi Arabia is one of the richer countries.  

The Tributes and information

Country Name Gender Age Weapon Strength Weaknesses Personality Appearance
C0, Canada Female
C0, Canada Gordon Ferguson Male 17 Axe, sword Size, Speed, physical strength, survival Can sometimes be a bit too nice, swimming Pretty nice, always upbeat, happy, and optimistic He is pretty tall with shaggy blonde hair and green eyes
C1, Vatican City Carly Gemcode Female 15 Mace with chain Speed, hunting Snakes, swimming Quiet, shy, friendly pic
C1, Vatican City Male
C2, China Female
C2, China Male
C3, Australia Female
C3, Australia Compton Onaway Male 16 Spear Intelligence, Climbing Running, Strength Arrogant, Rude, Brave, Ruthless He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Pale skin, 5'9
C4, Germany Female
C4, Germany Cristoph Claus Male 13 Throwing knives, slingshot details, speed, smart, jumping, climbing, swimming, ID

Honest, Shy, Respectful, Loyal, Caring and Sensitive 

Killing, transportation, weak, allies, sentimental White Skin, Short Brown Hair with a Dash of Blond in the Front,  Brown Eyes, White Collared Shirts with Black Kilt on...I'll just make a lunaii
C5, USA Female
C5, USA Male
C6, India Female
C6 India Male
C7, Cuba Female
C7, Cuba Male
C8, England Emma "Em" Female 14 Bow and arrow cunning, tactical spiders Bubbly, fun, friendly tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure
C8, England Male
C9, Japan Female
C9, Japan Male
C10, Russia Gavriila Arseni Female 16 Mace, throwing axes killing, strength, dodging, accuracy, melee attack overconfident, speed ,ID, stealth, details Wicked, Creepy, Eerie, Mysterious, Spooky, and Evil Pointy eyes, Darkish skin, Blood red lipstick, a scratch on her left  cheek, Black Long Hair (below the shoulders) with a dash of Brown in the front... I'll make a lunaii
C10 Russia Male
C11, Israel Noa Lieberman Female 18 Knife Beauty, Speed, survival, instincts swimming, sometimes cares too much about her looks Pretty harsh and sometimes a little mean (from her military service), yet nice on the inside long, brown hair, 5'7, skinny, pretty
C11, Israel Male
C12, France Female
C12, France Male
C13, North Korea Female
C13, North Korea Male
C14, Saudi Arabia Female
C14, Saudi Arabia Male

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