"Who wants to end this war? every year they reap us like they own us, are we going to take that? lets fight for our rights just like katniss everdeen!" Nyx yells at the top of her lungs. the world is watching,yet they don't come out. are they afraid? are they afraid that they will control us even harsher then before?

Ever since Katniss Everdeen died the Capitol took back control and treated them even harsher; Nyx Warion, the last remaining reletive of Katniss Everdeen, holds on to the dream of everyone being free. The world has lost hope and you are the only ones who can help Nyx create freedom.

  Will you help Nyx? Will you help the districts of Panem?

Compete in the final Hunger games and show the Capitol who you are, show them that you are more then just a peice in their games. I will warn you that you may die in process but in this final Hunger games, in the end, everyone will be a winner if you are on my side then I'll tell you the rules:

1. No telling the Capitol, we need them to think that it's just a normal Hunger games

2. Don't get mad at me if you die, i warned you

3. The final contestants must show no mercy and destroy the Capitol's hope, like they did to us

4. Tobe a hero you must be known, allow me to do that for you

5. Last be no one else but yourself; because thats how we'll win

                                  Are you with me or Against me?

what i will need:










The Tributes

District Name Age Height Weapon Weight Sex
1 M
1 F
2 M
2 F
3 M
3 F
4 M
4 F
5 Leo Alleywood 17 5'6 feet Bow and Arrow 123 lbs M
5 F
6 M
6 F
7 M
7 F
8 M
8 F
9 M
9 F
10 Kaeghan Lowson 13 5'5 Bow and Arrow, Axe 120 lbs M
10 F
11 M
11 F
12 M
12 lady blanch 13 4'9 sling shot 95 lbs F

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