Back Story

  • So I'm new here i've been here since mid-february and now I want to make new games now i'm not sure if this idea has been used before but hopefully everybody enjoys it. :D
  • So I'm really into the whole percy jackson thing and Olympian God's so I was going to so a series of it and this is how this came about so pretty much just MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING TRUBUTES.
  • And also you don't have to read the percy jackson books to get it you can just submit the tribute and i'll try my best to keep there attributes as close to everything as I can, like if they prefer one weapon over another or another EX. there a son of Ares but hates war thats definitely something i can work with and put it the games, or if Athena & Poseidon being enemies Anabel and Percy still dated so it doesn't have to be accurate I'm ok with that I'm just putting the information in there. :)


  • You can submit up 2 or 3 tributes, 
  • This is my first games so it's cool to give me constructive advice
  • Perfect tributes will probably die in the bloodbath
  • Reservation last 48 hours
  • Please don't get angry if you're tribute because as you all know only one can come out alive
  • Detailed tributes will probalby make it farther t
  • Typos will be found on this page (;
  • Will Try to do most reapings and the training as well
  • Tell your friends about it. c:
  • Remember they are just teenagers so that doesn't mean their powers will always work or that they have mastered it.


Just like the old times when roman gladiators would fight to death to please the masses, the Greek Gods have brought back the games but this time with a twist, Each God will offer up two tributes, a male & a female child of theres for the game with a Total of 26 tributes.  

Quickfacts You may Need To Know About Olympic Gods

  • Zeus- Usually his kids can fly and shoot ligthinig doesn't have that many enemies but it does get pretty tense with Poseidon and Hades
  • Athena-Very Smart kids, there master of the strategy of war., She hates Poseidon they don't get along to well 
  • Hephaestus- There usually not good looking but are very technical savy can built almost anything out of any material, He holds a grudge to his parents (Zeus & Hera) but misty dislike Ares
  • Poseidon-Usually good with anything of the sea can breath underwater and such and some are known to also control the earth like earthquakes, Enemies He holds a Grudge Against Zeus and Athena
  • Ares-There more into the chaos of war that strategy, there very good fighters and tough, Has issues with Apollo & Hephaestus
  • Hermes-Well they are the traveling God so anything with sprinting and endurance and also good at being sneaky and stealing stuff, doesn't really have enemies disliked apollo when they we're younger but since have become good friends
  • Artemis- Stands for the independence of women and such but hunting and very smart; Enemies are Aphrodite or anyone who dislike Apollo
  • Aphrodite-Into the whole love thing, has ability to charmspeak and convince people to do things and very beautiful children, Enemies Athena, Artemis, & Apollo
  • Demeter- can grow any food she wants, so they will not starve Enemies Hades
  • Apollo- Can view the future sometimes and heal or cause plauges, usually good with bow & arrows; Enemies anyone against her and artemis
  • Dionysus- Can cause people to go mad and crazy, can grow grape vines: 
  • Pan-His Son's & Daughter's Are Satyrs so half goat and half human Good with nature the have a flute that they can do spells on: Enemies anyone who hates nature 
  • Hades- Can sense when people die summon minions of death and sense underground tunnels and stuff like that: Enemies the usual Zeus &  Poseidon and DemeterTribute Template

The Gods

  • =District 1; Zeus
  • =District 2; Athena
  • =District 3; Hephaestus:
  • =District 4; Poseidon: 
  • =District 5; Ares: 
  • =District 6; Hermes
  • =District 7; Artemis:
  • =District 8; Aphrodite:
  • =District 9; Demeter: 
  • =District 10; Apollo: 
  • =District 11; Dionysus: 
  • =District 12; Pan: They will be Satyrs for his children
  • =District 13; Hades: 

Tribute Template





Personality (Optional):





Fatal Flaw (It can be personality or physical and it can be the same as the weakness):


Appearance (Lunaii Preferably): 

Bloodbath Strategy (Optional): 

Strategy (Optional):  

Alliance (Can Fill Out Later): 

Token (Optional): 


District Name Username Rank Weapons                     
1 Male Reserved District1 Obsessed 48 Hours
1 Female Pharmacy Oblivion EHKnight V2 Later
2 Male
2 Female Reserved Frost Snake 48 Hours
3 Male Courage Blitz Jabberjay78 Fire/Most Weapons
3 Female Syren Song Jabberjay78 Traps
4 Male Reserved District1 Obsessed 48 Hours
4 Female
5 Male
5 Female
6 Male
6 Female

7 Male

7 Female Thistel Foxbell EHKnight V2 Bow, Poisonous Plants, Blow Dart
8 Male
8 Female Reserved Frost Snake 48                Hours
9 Male
9 Female Reserved



48 Hours
10 Male
10 Female Reserved Frost Snake 48 Hours
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
12 Female
13 Male
13 Female


It's pretty much going to be an old greek town, at the center is a colosseum with the cornucopia in the middle and than outside of there is builidngs and and houses there are four distinct landmarks to the north is a mountain, the south is a sea with an island about a mile out from the shore, to west is a lake with fresh water, and the east is the acropolis. will try to have picture up.

Tribute Pictures




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