So since this games we're kinda of a faill I will still go on with this games but I will put my own tributes in them I will still use the tributes that are already in and or if anyone still wants to join I will be happy to put them in as well but since nobody really joined this games i'll just put my own tributes and hopefully people like the writting and are still interested to read them :)


  • 3 tributes per user
  • Perfect tributes will die in the bloodbath
  • Don't get angry if your tribute dies, I mean there can only be one victor (:
  • Please tell me how my games are going I do appreciate constructive criticism 
  • Detailed tributes and tributes with advice have a higher chance of survival
  • & just make sure you have fun with this ^.^
  • Reservations last about 3 days but get them in fast please I want to get this started :D


Tribute Template










Weakness (At least 2):

Allies (Can be done later):

Tributes For This Year

Tributes For This Year
Dist Male User Age Weapons Female User Age Wespons
D1 Topaz Grace _____ 17 Katana & Knife Maple Shade



17 Morning Star, Steel Claw, Throwing Axe

Riley Reinch

_____ 12 Sword, Bow & Arrow Artemis Nightshade _____ 16 Bow & Arrow, Hunting Knifes
D3 Microw Veritas _____ 15 Mines & Traps Logical Queen

Empress Oreo


Throwing Knifes & Intelligince

D4 Draco Light Jabberjay78 15 Double Bladed Sword Isis Glow Jabberjay78 15 Bow & Arrow
D5 Aiden Clifton _____ 17 Close Combat Calypso Gale JJ78 17 Anything Shiny
D6 Carlos Yuacke

Rainbow Shifter

17 Sword, Hammer, Axe, Other Lillian Pierrot EHKnight 17 Meteor Hammers & Knifes
D7 Carter Bosley _____ 18 Axe Katriona Greystone Annamisasa 17

Throwing Axe & Sword

D8 Lucce Apierce

ViniciusDe Assis1999

18 Knives & Spear Twill Textus _____ 13 Traps
D9 Spark Phyrrhus _____ 14 Knife Crop Diggins _____ 17 Blowgun
D10 Alex Powers 



16 Knives Peel Axis _____ 15 Knifes
D11 Hunther Hayes _____ 16 Spear Demeter Spade _____ 16 Camouflage 
D12 Coal Black 



claws and teeth.

Milly Clatch Robin040197 14 Bow and Arrow


Blank: Alive

Red: Dead

Yellow: Fifth Place 

Purple: Fourth Place

Blue: Third Place

Orange: Second Pace

Green: Victor


Careers: Topaz Grace (M1), Maple Shade (F1), Riley Reinch (M2), Artemish Nightshade (F2), Draco Light (M4), Isis Glow (F4)

Animal Pact: Hunther Hayes (M11), Coal Black (M12)

The Smart Ones: Microw Veritas (M3), Logical Queen (F3), Peel Axis (F10)

The "Powers" Alliance: Alex Powers (M10), Lillian Pierrot (F6), Carter Bosley, (M7), Demeter Spade (F11)

Girl Power: Katriona Greystone (F7), Milly Clatch (F12), Calypso Gale (F5)

Alone: Lucce Apierce (M8), Spark Phyrrhus (M9), Cropp Diggins (F9), Carlos Yuacke (M6), Aiden Clifton (M5), Twill Textus (F9)

Alliances Part 2:

Careers: Maple Shade (F1), Riley Reinch (M2)

Animal Pact: Hunther Hayes (M11), Coal Black (M12)

The Smart Ones: Microw Veritas (M3), Logic Queen (F3)

Girl Power: Katriona Greystone (F7), Milly Clatch (F12)

The Lovers: Draco Light (M4), Isis Glow (F4), Lillian Pierrot (F6), Carter Bosley (M7)

Alone: Carlost Yuacke (M6), Lucce Apierce (M8), Alex Powers (M10)

Alliances Part 3:

Career: Maple Shade (F1)

The Smart Ones: Microw Veritas (M3), Logic Queen (F3)

Alone: Draco Light (M4), Lillian Pierrot (F6), Katriona Greystone (F7), Lucce Apierce (M8)


24. Peel Axis Killed By Maple Shade (Day 1)

23. Twill Textus Killed By Draco Light (Day 1) 

22. Aiden Clifton Killed By Riley Reinch (Day 1)

21. Spark Phyrrhus Killed By Riley Reinch (Day 1)

20. Cropp Diggings Killed By Maple Shade (Day 2)

19. Calypso Gale Killed By Lucce Apierce (Day 2)

18. Artemis Shade Killed By Alex Powers (Day 2)

17. Demeter Spade Killed By Draco Light (Day 2)

16. Topaz Grace Killed By Roof Collapse (Day 2)

15. Coal Black Killed By Riley Reinch (Day 3)

14. Riley Reinch Killed By Coal Black (Day 3)

13. Isis Glow Killed By Alex Powers (Day 4)

12. Carter Bosley Killed By Draco Light (Day 4)

11. Hunther Hayes Killed By Maple Shade (Day 4)

10. Alex Powers Killed By Lucce Apierce (Day 4)

9. Milly Clatch Killed By Drowning (Day 4)

8. Carlos Yuacke Killed By Sinking Ship (Day 4)

7. Maple Shade Killed By Fever (Day 5)

6. Lucce Apierce Killed By Draco Light (Day 5)

5. Katriona Greystone Killed By Draco Light (Day 5)

4. Lillian Pierrot Killed By Microw Veritas (Day 5)

3. Microw Veritas Killed By Himself (Day 5)

2. Draco Light Killed By Microw Veritas (Day 5)

Victor: Logical Queen, District 3, Female


The arena for this year is a huger cruise ship about 9-10 levels not counting the top level but pretty much how its going to work is that there going to start on the cruise ship and pretty much there is food, on the cruise ship and supplies and weapons, This is the arena for this year there is the deck and the bridge is on the deck but on the upper deck, the first level is a bunch of rooms where people can sleep on the second floor its

Part 1- The Ship

Day 1

Alex Powers (D10 Male)

So here I am, this is the moment where I'm about to show the capitol what I'm made of. The careers better watch out, they don't know what is going to hit them. I created an alliance that will rival there alliance and in the end I will stand as The Victor.

"So are you ready…. I said are you ready?" 

This snaps me out of my thought. "Yes I'm ready, as you can clearly see," I reply. 

I mean, some of these capitol people can be stupid but that's how it is here, people have shot attention spams. They Can't Comprehend what they are about to see the amount of kills about to get and how I will kill off all the careers and make sure that I am the last one standing. I put myself in the tube and ascend slowly until I see the sun shine bright and as my eyes are adjusting I can see the arena that the game makers made for us.  

Isis Glow (D4 Female)

My eyes adjust to the scene that is in front of me. This is very strange I can see the clouds and sun but below me is a wooden floor and than I catch that breeze that is very familiar to me and realize that I'm in the ocean. 

This is amazing I know me and Draco can survive this easily even if we're on a huge ship we are basically in our environment the one place where we have the advantage over everyone and than I catch Riley's Glance. How I hate him, forcing us into an alliance but it made sense the "other" alliance is just as big as ours and I know if I want me and Draco to survive we need to team up.

I can feel everybody tensing up and getting ready to run there is still about thirty seconds left until the bloodshed but I can already feel the blood pumping through my body getting ready to run into the cornucopia when I realize something strange about this years cornucopia.

Micro Veritas (D3 Male)

I can see the cornucopia ahead of me and there isn't much to it. Well the whole cornucopia itself is majestic and big but inside of it and around it there isn't much supplies. This is very strange to me. 

That's when an idea pops in my head. this is a huge ship, there may be more supplies in this place than we may know. I mean just looking at this ship looks like a huge cruiser. That's when I make eye contact with Logic, and that's when I know she is thinking the same thing as me but we have to make sure that we can't get kill now not when everybody is probably going to go after to short amount of supplies, in the cornucopia.

As I'm looking at Logic with the time counting down I can see her trying to say something to Peel but she doesn't seem to be registering what Logic is trying to say. She finally gives up and looks at me. That's when I notice her saying something to me but she is trying to whisper it and than I make out two words. "Go Now"

There are still twenty seconds left and she wants to leave now? but I  have to take the risk she is a pretty smart girl. I nod my head in agreement and than that's when we both take off

Maple Shade (D1 Female)

I can't believe this just happened. 

The games haven't even started and someone already has a headstart. I'm furious and everybody is just sitting there looking dumb, just seeing them run away with no explosion at all. Well not me if they can do it why can't I?

Even with ten seconds left I jump from my platform and start heading into the cornucopia. When this girl appears out of nowhere running with me yeah not today. I punch her in the face and she just drops to the ground.

She's lucky I didn't have a weapon or else she would have been the first one gone. As I reach the center of the cornucopia I grab one of the axes and just smile. Now the real fun begins. 

Carlos Yuacke (D6 Male)

Here I am just laughing. The Careers just got outsmarted and now everybody is dumbfounded. Even I have to give props to that girl from 3 for coming up with that genius plan.   

But now It's time for me to get serious. I only have a few seconds so I grab a backpack and sprint towards a hatch as i'm going down the last thing I see is the girl from 1 throwing her axe at the girl from 10 and I know this is the first death of the games and not the last….

Coal Black (D12 Male)

 I rush into the cornucopia, the plan was simple Hunther would get the supplies and I would watch his back but things got a little tricky. I the boy from two has me cornered and I have no where to run.

"I'm going to kill you like the mutt you are" Screams Riley.

This is the most scared i've been in my life. Knowing that this lunatic has your life in his hands and is about to kill you with one swing of his sword. Than the best thing happens as he is swinging the boat rocks back and forward. This causes him to lose his balance and now this is my chance.

I sprint as fast as I can. Hunther has the supplies we need and we make it into a hatch into the great unknown but at least I know for now I won't die. As I make my way down all I hear is Riley Screaming, "I will find you, and I will hunt you down like the dog that you are." This scares me I know that we will meet again and we will have our showdown but until that day happens I know I'm safe for now and hoping someone kills him before he kills me.

Riley Reinch (D2 Male)

I can't believe he got away from me, but that's all right there is plenty of fresh meat still on the deck.

As I make my way towards the careers I can see Draco Killing the girl from 8 in very good fashion. I better keep an eye on him and that girl of his. An alliance like that is almost unbreakable and I need to cut that up as soon as I can. Than I get taken by surprise as a kid jumps on me and topples me back.

He has a knife to my throat but does he really think he can finish the job? As he is about to slit my throat I grab his arm and twist it. Than I use it to stab him with his own weapon. I bet his family at District 5 must be so proud of him to almost kill a career. Than I see his little friend quivering with a knife in his hand thinking that they we're about to take out some careers.

"So what are you going to do now? Run away? Fight back?" I ask him.

He doesn't reply. Typical. He doesn't have what it takes to take down a career. As he is about to run I grab him by a headlock.

"Have sweet dreams Spark" I whisper to him. Than end his life with a simple snap.

Topaz Grace (D1 Male)

I feel stupid. How am the only career to get injured.

"How's the leg doing?" I ask Isis. "Not that bad," She responds.

I can tell she is lying a little bit. I'm just glad she is very good with medicine or else I might not have survived that long. I stand up and try to feel it but I crumble just like that back to the ground. It is a little embarrassing and this careers will not take any weaklings.

"Why don't we just kill him now? He is no use to us if he can't even walk," Says Maple.

Sometimes she annoys me as much as I respect girls she is one of those girls who think there being honest when really there just mean. I'm happy we're still barely in this games where they need numbers that they won't just kill me off but I know once the moment comes maple will be one of the first careers I take out. Also that Alex kid, he slashed my leg and is the reason we're in this mess. Him and his little alliance are going to be the first one's that we take out.

Milly Clatch (D12 Female)

I survived. I survived the first day, I still can't believe it I made it down the hatch and this ship is just magnificent. Its so big and theres at least 9 levels on this ship, enough space to hide out for the remainder of the games. I'm still fearful that someone will find me when I hear voices.

"Shut up Calypso, I'm trying to find a room where we can stay the night."

As I hear that I try to be as quiet as possible but to no prevail I move a little bit when the box I was hiding in come toppling over and I land right on there feet.

"Oh hi there," Says the girl with the majestic red hair. I'm scared but I can't show it or they will kill me with no hesitation I have to think quickly. 

"So I hear you need a place to stay tonight, there's a room on the second floor that seems to have everything we need and three beds," I tell them.

They look at me for the longest time especially the girl with the red hair. I haven't met her yet i've seen her around training but I don't know that much about her. At that girl Calypso doesn't look like much of a threat either she just seems to be obsessed with a brush that she has with her. After a long pause the girl finally speaks.

"Yea that sounds good, and if you also want to be in our alliance your welcomed too join us, i'm getting pretty tired of just having Calypso for company."

Maybe I shouldn't have joined them but I did it was my best chance to at least get with this group of girls and maybe take down a few tributes a long the way.

Lillian Pierrot (D6 Female)

Somehow I got stuck here in the lower decks of this ship following a crazy dictator around. At least I have Carter here he is a very sweet guy and makes this bearable to walk around with Alex. I mean his a genius and everything when it comes to the games. Especially to come all the way down here since it would take the careers forever to search every room of this ship until they got to the lower levels. He has a plan to kill all of them off but he snaps very easily. He snapped at Carter but only because he was protecting me form him calling me stupid. 

"Are you even listening to me?" Alex snaps at me. "I'm sorry I was lost in though," I reply. "I know you are, I mean seriously Lillian how do you expect to win this games when you are such a weakling?"

"Shut up, Alex or I will do something about it." Gosh Carter can be so sweet sometime but I feel that there tension will come to full force one of this days but before anything can happens I step in.

"Guys so I think this will be a good place to set up camp."

They look at me and just calm down.

"Fine we will set up camp today than tomorrow we will kill off the rest of the tributes of." 

Logic Queen (D3 Female)

Yes that was a risky move and I wish it would have worked out better now i'm just here in tears. How could I let this happen. I left Peel by herself and now she is probably dead. We heard the canons there we're four of them I'm just hoping it wasn't Peel all I can do is wait until tonight where there going to show all that dead tributes.

"I can't take it anymore Microw, I just can't,"  I'm just sobbing right now and he is trying to make me feel better but I know he is not much of a people person and is very shy but at least his trying.

"Logic you have to be tough, you have the whole country of Panem looking at you, can you imagine all the sponsors that you're getting for coming up with that grand ideas. Can you imagine what there thinking with you hiding out in The Bridge. No one will think to look at us here I mean come on who will come up here where the ship is getting controlled. If Peel survived we will meet her soon and we will make it out of here together. Just stay strong if not for me, for the sponsors let them know that you are strong and you can win these games."

I know this isn't true all I can hope for is to die first because I don't know what I would do if I lost Microw. I just look at him and smile because I know that no matter what happens there will be a District 3 victor and his name will Microw Veritas.

Lucce Apierce (D8 Male)

As I'm watching the sky and them announcing the fallen tributes all I can think is 19 more tributes. 19 more and finally I can go home. I can't wait until I take down Alex. He is a very mean person and put a pretty large target on his back for the stuff he did during training. I will have my revenge on him or better yet let him and the careers duke it out until I'm the only one left well whatever happens he will be dead before the games end.

For now all I can see is the announcements that there making on this screen they have in the room tomorrow should be a good morning until than all I can do is fall asleep knowing tomorrow will be full of surprises.

End Of Day 1

Day 2

Draco Light (D4 Male)

It's to early to be up. I mean I know it's the games and we have to be one step ahead of everyone but I just can't do it this early in the morning, and the sun isn't even out. Except, I know one false move and they will turn on me and Isis. I just can't have that she is the only one that is there for me. Everything I keep bottled up inside is only there because of her. I would have already killed off all these kids and just win this games with her but she reminds me almost every minute the game plan and calming me down. I'm just happy she is here with me even though inside of me I know only one of us can become victor.

As we make our way down towards the lower levels ready to hunt these tributes down I can sense the tension that is going on between the careers. Who is going to get the first kill today, that is on everybody's mind.

We suddenly open a room, and all I can see is a little girl sleeping like a baby. This is going to be messy. Everybody is arguing of who is going to kill the girl. This is so stupid they are going to wake her up. 

Than suddenly I see the figure moving in the bed, even before I can react Maple notices first and with a single slash of her axe the girl from nine is gone forever.


Carter Bosley (D7 Male)

I was having a pretty good night, cuddled up to Lillian. Don't get me wrong she is a beauty but we are nothing more than friends trying to stay warm at night. Than I hear that noise the dreaded noise that I know we'll soon sound for most of us here. I wake up suddenly making sure first that Lillian is all right, but of course she is, she's in my arms there isn't a safer place that she can be in at the moment.

Than I see Alex stand up surveying the area once everything seem's all right we gather in a circle and eat our remanding food talking about what we should do next.

"So what do you want to do find food or go find the careers?" I asked. "I don't know yet it's to early to get head to head with the careers so for now I suggest we go find food," than he gets interrupted when a figure appears from the shadow.

"You can find all the food that you need on the fourth lever," says Carlos.

This is strange he knows that we can kill him whenever we want, but I know we won't. He is to likable, everybody is in an alliance with him. He is very dangerous in these games and I know this but I guess its just his character. He is to likable and no one will kill him when everybody thinks there in a secret alliance with him.

So I guess that does it we head our way up to the fourth level to scavenge some food.

Hunther Hayes (D11 Male)

Me and Coal have just finished up our breakfast and getting ready to pack up and move to our next location when Carlos showed up.

"Yea so there is a showdown going down on the fourth level, it's Alex and is pack agains the careers," he is explaining to us. "I already talked to the kids from district 3 and the girls and they all seem to be heading down there to watch the showdown unfold and if I we're you two I would go down there to check out some action as well." 

"Well I don't know we will see what happens and if we decide to go down to the dining hall, you will see us down there," says Coal hesitantly.

As Carlos starts to get out from our sight we start talking about what seems to be the best choice for us.

"Dude I understand if you don't want to go up there, I know Riley is going to be there  and we don't have to go there if you don't want to better yet lets go to the cornucopia and while everybody is down there we can got grab some supplies."

"Yea sounds good," He replies.

So we head up towards the deck while we know that today there shall be more deaths and we will have more odds with us in getting back home

Carlos Yuacke (D6 Male)

I cannot believe I just pulled that off. First I find the careers after they killed off the girl and told them I saw Alex and his group getting food at the dining hall and than I convinced Alex and his group to go to the dining hall. All I can do is laugh knowing that everybody in this whole arena is completely stupid and I'm going to win this games with no issues. 

Suddenly Lucce appears in front of me.

"Seems like a good day to die doesn't it," he says with a smirk on his face.

This wasn't in my plans I didn't think he was going to appear next to me but thats all right I think quick on my feet.

"Yes it certainly does, especially for that kid named Alex," I reply.

His face is priceless and full of shock, but I know everybody here and no how to play with there emotions and plan to exploit that as much as possible.

"If you want to spare me I will be willing to give up some information for where your little friend is going to be in an hour," I know that this will certainly save my life for the moment. Now he just smiles knowing that he will finally be able to take him down. So I tell him about my plan and how I got them all down there we shake hands and he goes on his way to finally get rid of him.

Calypso Gale (D5 Female)

This dining room is very beautiful and big. We got a great view of the action up here in the rafters with a cat walk on the roof just sitting down watching the action. The other viewers are watching but different places but we're all here for one thing to watch the battle commence and hopefully see them kill themselves.

The action unfolding couldn't be any better. Alex and his alliance are scrummaging through everything trying to find food and than the Careers walk in. 

"Look what we have here its the little punk," tells Ryan to Alex."Little?. Look who's talking a 12 year old who hasn't gone through puberty still," Replies Alex.

He doesn't even look up at him that kid has guts maybe because he knows that he can probably take them on a one on one but they are outnumbered but there's something about him that scares me. You can see it in his eyes that Alex can snap at any moment.

But for the moment there just staring each other down waiting for someone to make a move but neither does for the longest time first a minute passes than five minutes and there just staring at each other, you can feel the tension growing with each passing second. Than something happens not down there but up here.

I feel my shirt get yanked and someone is holding me in a hold with there knife to my throat. Than just like that I'm choking on my own blood trying to grasp any air that I can, but I know that I'm about to die.


Isis Glow (D4 Female)

With that canon sounding all hell breaks loose. I look at Draco and we both know that its too dangerous to get into this massive brawl that has evolved. All you can see is Alex and Riley going full force at each other with swords. I can see all the spectators the kids from district 3 seem to have fled. Smart Choice. I would leave now too but I wouldn't want to look weak in front of the capitol.

It seems that Alex is overpowering Riley, and Riley has tripped and fallen. I know I can't let him die he is part of out alliance but I got bigger issues to worry about the kid from 8 has magically appeared in front of me and now heading straight towards me things are about to get messy. 

Riley Reinch (D2 Male)

Things got pretty sticky once me and Alex started fighting. I'm furious that I can't use my bow, we are to close to even get a good shot off. As we're fighting back and forward I realize that he has the upper hand. If only I was a little bit older I could probably pull this off but I know for now I can't I need a miracle to happen.

Than just the opposite happens and I fall on my butt. This can't be happening. Alex is towering over me with that smirk that he has ready to strike at me. When my little miracle happens and Artemis comes through and topples Alex to the ground.

I'm not even going to stay around to see what happens. I hustle my way out of there  before a here the sound of the canon go off and can only hope that Artemis took down my competion.

Carter Bosley (D7 Male)

Watching Alex overpower Artemis was scary. Knowing that someone has that much strength when the get angry is scary and is somebody that I have to watch out for, but thank goodness we're on the same side. As I watch him step back up looking for Riley I turn my attention to the other battles being fought, Draco is fighting off Demeter and I didn't know she had that fight in her but I can just watch as she will easily be over powered unless I do something. I start running towards them when I just feel the whole room tremble, and pieces of the roof are collapsing.

As I'm running towards Demeter she looses her balance and Draco hits the final blow and all I can think off is where Lillian is and as I'm looking for her a piece of the roof crashes on top of me and pins my leg to the ground.

Lilian Pierrot (D6 Female)

I'm going crazy all I can do is watch, as Carter gets pinned down by the debris and this whole place is crashing down. As I'm running towards him climbing up the debris and everything I see Topaz get to him first. I can't believe this to think I was to slow to get to him and thinking that this morning would be the last day that I would have him near me. I'm starting to tear up and my vision is getting blurry. All I can make out is Topaz raising his knife for the kill than the roof came crashing down and I hear the canon sound.

Katriona Greystone (D7 Female)

She didn't deserve to die. I hate this games, I don't care how annoying or conceited or bad personality someone has, Calypso didn't deserve to die. No one deserves to die. I grown attached to this girls and now to know one of them is dead is horrible. I know me and Milly must stick together now and I need to protect her. 

Things got messy once I saw Lucce just slit her throat I was scared but he didn't seem to want to fight even when he was going towards that girl from four it seemed like he had other plans, but I didn't stay to find out. 

As we are catching through the levels of this humungous ship we try to put as much distance from us and the other tributes. We already heard four canons go off today we don't want to be the fifth. We will find I place to stay for the night and we'll find out who made it from the battle.

Lucce Apierce (D8 Male)

I could have easily killed off those weaklings but I needed to finish the job I made. Now here I was staring down Alex. That smirk on his face. The way his looking at me is disgusting. I can't wait until have his head.

"Look at that parent killer are you going to kill me too?" Now his just mocking me. I don't know how he found out. I never told anyone but he knows and now all of Panem knows. 

"Come at me skunk hair, I'm not scared of you," But he should be scared. He should be terrified I hate how he would make fun of me during training and now he will face death. The noise of Lillian is annoying me, jus her screaming is distracting me but just on the other side of this massive wall of debris.

No. This is the perfect setting just me and Alex. This was how it was suppose to be all along the final meeting between us. As I ready my knife, I see him readying his ready to strike as we're about to move at each other, the roof starts to collapse between us. Perfect. The game makers have decided that there has been enough action today and fortunately for him they are planning for our battle some other day. I guess I'm going to have to be all right with this.

"We will meet another day, my dear friend alex, until that day try to stay alive for me," Just like that I dash out, I need to rest now as night is setting in. For tomorrow I will finish the job.

Draco Light (D4 Male)

How I get stuck in this stupid alliances I will never know. But when Isis when off on me and told me how we have to save that poor kid I couldn't say no to her. I say we just let him die it will end these games quicker.

"Draco, Honey can you pass me that tape?" yea I still can't believe this.

Carter starts talking to me, " Thank you Draco, I know you didn't have to save me, even after Topaz died you know it wasn't my fault""yea I know, I didn't even like the kid," I reply."Yes, but still I know that you understand what me and Lillian are going through." and to tell you the truth I do understand deep down inside I know that what there going through must be tough, knowing that only one will survive that someone is going to have to live the rest of there life without the other person. 

For the rest of the night I just stand there and help Isis through it and make sure that everybody is covered tomorrow is going to be a long day. For the most part I want to stay with this group they seem to understand and trust each other and even if it doesn't last that long I can live with this for the moment.

Maple Shade (D1 Female)

"Can you believe this two careers dead and we lost those kids from district four." As I'm talking to Riley its like this isn't phasing him."Its all right they weren't career material anyways this will be good just you and me, tomorrow is going to be good day and we will kill more people," he replies.

I don't know what to think but his right we're stronger than most of this kids here he elects to take first watch and I drift into a deep sleep, there isn't any point in watching who died tonight I already know who died and who will die tomorrow.

Logic Queen (D3 Female)

As we're watching the anthem play I can only be happy we made it out alive. It has been a long day. Me and Microw are trying to get some sleep but I can feel him trying to cuddle up to me. I can tell that he may want more from me but I'm too cold to think about it and I fall asleep waiting for the start of the next day to start.

Hunther Hayes (D11 Male)

I can see it in his eyes his still scared. We heard four canons today and saw all the fallen tributes. He still knows Riley is still out there trying to find him, no us. Because we made a pact and we will protect each other until the end. No matter what happens I have to cheer him up, I know this is going to be a long night but as long as we keep hope we can make it out of here.

Alex Powers (D10 Male)

As I'm sharpening my knifes I can't help but smile. I may have only gotten one kill so far in the games but even that doesn't hurt my chances with the capitol as the games progress the sponsors will start coming in and all I can do is smile knowing that everybody is so scared of me that there all trying to kill me off, those careers and Lucce but none of them know what there messing with.

End Of Day 2

End Of Part 1

Part 2- I Have A Sinking Feeling

Day 3

Microw Veritas (D3 Male)

Being here is surreal it doesn't even feel like we're in the hunger games. Waking up next to Logic is amazing. The sunset looks beautiful and if this was anywhere but the games it would be amazing. Except, It's not. Only one person can make it out and every time I look at logic this feeling of joy overwhelms but than I sadden knowing that when this game ends both of us could be dead. But I try to get this out of my head its the morning and we're both lucky we haven't witnessed any deaths we haven't even played the games yet we have just been hanging out, but soon but we will, soon we have to play the games. That's how it works you can't win without making a death the capitol won't have that. They want a show thats all they want so I know for us to win we have to make those kills that we wouldn't other wise.

"Good morning sunshine, How did you sleep last night?." I look into Logics eyes and for some reason she is acting different.

"Pretty good I guess," she uttered at me. "Are you sure because you've been acting weird lately" I hesitate than I say it, "You know I like you right, why are you acting like this I mean we're going to die, we might as well enjoy it with the people we love."

After a long hesitation and looking into my eyes like I'm a stranger she replies, " Microw I do love you, but not like that, I can only see you as a friend. It's not that I don't care about you but I just don't see you like that. You're talking like we're both going to die, well I'm not planning to die, I want to live and you should want to live as well. If you want to leave the alliance I'll understand but just know that I do care about you."

Before I can answer her Carlos comes in and interrupts our conversation.

Carlost Yuacke (D6 Male)

As I was walking towards the kids from district 3 I couldn't help but over hear there conversation. I mean I thought this was the Hunger Games not another soap opera. As I'm trying to explain to them what's going on, I try my best to do it with a straight face.

"So I heard that the boy from 2 is hunting down that dog right now and there by the area, I would start packing up and moving to somewhere else, cause the feast is coming up within the next 2 days and I know you both would want to make it to the feast." I announced to them.

"Why should we believe you, how do you even get his information?."  she retorted."Let's just say I have my ways, I mean the capitol loves me and I am the most good looking tribute to come since the Odair kid back in the old games, so I can get information easily." The girl is just looking at me weirdly but at least I know who the leader is of this little group.

"Fine, but don't think I don't know what your trying to do." She is trying to act tough but we both know that its not working I leave them to go. People now a days need to think. Of course I want them to stick around. There easier targets for the final day than Riley and that other career. Thank god that everybody seems to be slowly falling into one plan once they get taken out, I will get what I truly need at the feast and everything will be over within the day.

Katriona Greystone (D7 Female)

It's been a very quiet day, me and Milly have just been eating our mangos talking about out game plan.

"So what do you think we should do Milly?." "I'm not sure I think we should stay put we're so close to the halfway mark that if we just don't do anything until we have to we might actually come out on top." As she is saying this my mind is pondering about our choices. We're not killers but we have to do something before someone stronger comes and find us. Too late.

"So what are two beautiful girls doing in the kitchen by themselves?." Carlos made himself known.

"The question is what are you doing here," Saying this as I tighten my grip on my knife.

"Woah, you don't have to go on the defensive Katriona, I come in peace," Smirks Carlos.

"You know that nobody ever just come in "peace" but I'm willing to hear the information that you got for me," I reply.

"Well you know how I work you give me some food and I will be happy to give you some good information," he encourages."Ok, fine take whatever you need," I tell him.

He starts grabbing foods and putting in his backpack. Than starts to walk out of the room, "Hey you didn't tell me your information," I shout at him.

All he does is stop and all he says is four words "Someone's about to die." All I can do is look at him and scream, "what kind of crap is that, I should just kill you now." "But we both know you won't," he said, and than it hits me I know I can't I just can't kill someone, as he makes his way out the door all I can hear is a canon sound. Realizing what this meant I turn around make sure Milly is all right. I breathe a sigh of relief she's all right. Than I here the second canon sound. "Who do you think just died?." I ask. All I know is that it wasn't us and whatever just happened made the field a little smaller.

Maple Shade (D1 Female)

“Do you see him?.” I whisper to Riley.

“No, but he has to be near I can smell the dog fur,” he replies.

I still couldn’t believe what the kid could do. When Riley first told me I thought it was a joke but apparently he can turn into a wolf but that shouldn’t hurt our chances. I mean we we’re mean to hunt these tributes down one by one so this way it makes it more fitting.

I hear him running through the halls. Than he pounces on Riley and just like that he runs off but its too late I miss my chance to strike at him. Than an arrow come whizzing by and misses us.

“Are you ok riley?.” I ask him.

“Yes I’m fine he got a lucky hit on me but didn’t do much damage, what we should about is that arrow that flew by, I think it was shot by his little friend.  So we need to split up, I’ll take the mutt and you take the friend, ok?.” He tell me.

Fine I tell him there it’s not like I can argue with him about it we’re losing precious time. So we say our good byes and I go off to get Hunther.

Coal Black (D12 Male)

I give a big howl. I don’t care if they find me now, I got a shot of Riley and now I’m not scared. I know I can take him down especially now where I’m at my strongest. Except, for now I keep running. We have a plan to take them down but Hunther already messed up. I was supposed to be the distraction and once they we’re looking at me he was going to take them out with his bow and arrow. Even though that is not his weapon of choice he couldn’t have missed but he did and now we have to do this all over this.

I sprint through the hallways picking up his scent. We missed our first opportunity but we got one more. I know his making his way through the air ducts trying to get in position, now all I have to do is finish the job but then I crash into a wall.

Ah!. How stupid can I be? All I hear is the footsteps and stupid laugh of the kid from 2.

Riley Reinch (D2 Male)

All I here is the crash and to me that’s the sound of defeat as I have him cornered. I walk up to him slowly knowing  that I’m going to savor this kill there is nothing stopping me from killing him now.

“So here you are trapped like the animal that you are,” I can help but laugh as I tell him this.  As I see his face I can tell his scared, I mean I would be too if I was in his shoes.  I pick up my sword as I’m ready to strike I see him clutching to his sword ready to defend, this might be harder than I thought but I can still take him. As I’m ready to fight him an arrow goes through my calf and I fall down in pain but I know I won’t let this be the end of me.

As I’m falling Coal takes his chance to pounce on me. How can I take him on with one bad leg? I don’t have time to think about it all I can hope for is that Hunther ran out of arrows and this is just a one on one fight.

For the most part we’re just rolling around trying to get the upper hand but all I’m trying to do is get the upper hand against Coal and getting out of the range of Hunther but then I feel it the pain going through my rib. He got me with one of his knifes. All I feel is pain and I didn’t ever think I would be feeling it in the games but now knowing that it could be a death blow I have to give it my all. I over power him with the energy I have left and take the knife his eyes are scared and all I know is that he will not make it farther than me in the games and I thrust the knife into his heart.


The sweet sound of the cannon goes off and I know my cannon is coming up next. I crawl up to a wall and just sit there waiting for the my time to come. All I can think of is Maple hoping she can avenge my death and win the games. She has too she is the only true career left. As my eyes close and my heart starts to fail me, I fall asleep for the last time and listen for the sound that I never thought would come, the sound of my cannon.


Hunther Hayes (D11 Male)

I couldn’t believe I missed twice. I told him I couldn’t do it. I can’t shoot arrows to save my life. Except when we went to the cornucopia we found the weapons and he entrusted me with the bow and arrow. Now that I heard the cannons sound I had to get out of there I didn’t see Maple when I shot him so she has to be after me. I got out of the air ducts and I know she has to be on my trail. Then I see an axe hit a wall near me. She’s close.

I turn around and there she is.

“Are you here to finish me off?.” I ask her trying to sound brave.

“Well it’s not like you are going to win these games now so might as well get the job done today,” I can’t help but notice the big smirk on her face, except I still have one card to play.

“Lets say we do get in a fight. What are the chances that you will get out of here without a scratch? Why not just leave and fight another day?” I’m pleading to her.

I can tell she is taking this into consideration. She just saw one of her teammates die and I know she doesn’t want to risk a serious injury. She comes towards and picks up her axe and starts to walk out.

“You will die soon and when the day comes you will remember that this moment didn’t change a thing, all it did was give you time pondering how you will die, that’s how you’re going to spend the rest of the games, just pondering your death.”

I take this in but I know I can’t die I will avenge my friends death and I will make it out because he deserved to make it out but because of me he is dead and I will come back.

Isis Glow (D4 Female)

So far today there has been little action only two deaths so far but thats all right soon me and Draco will be out of here soon enough. I don't care what he says, "only one person can survive," I know that if our love is really that strong we can over come everything. Now its almost night time and they should be showing the anthem and all the dead tributes, but for now here I am with Lilly. Except for the fact that we should be enemies she is a very nice girl, I like spending time with her but I don't like leaving Draco and Carter by themselves especially with Draco's issue.

"Yea sometimes he can be a different person, he isn't sadistic or anything, but he will not have any compassion for others and will kill, its hard to calm him down, one time back home things got pretty ugly, I'm just glad I'm around to help him out with it," I try to explain to Lilly.

"It sounds horrible I hope I never see him like that, I would be terrified," she replies back.

The truth is, that its the most terrifying thing ever, I hate seeing him like that but sometimes it just gets hard seeing someone you love turn into that. Than I hear a scream and no something is going on.

Carter Bosley (D7 Male)

"So you and Isis are pretty official huh?" I ask Draco.

"Yea you can say that I mean she is the only one that tries to help me with this," he replies.

I can't imagine Draco like that how he can just act normal one day and the next he is a different person. Than I notice him change, you can see it in his eyes that he is just a different person and he stands above me with his sword by his side.

"Hey bro are you all right," I'm trying not to studded as I say this. I'm terrified, we're the only two people here and if he wants too he can take my life its not like I can move with my leg in this shape.

He still doesn't respond. Than he swings his sword and it takes all my energy to move away from the strike.

"Draco don't do this, we can make it out I promise you we will find the best help for you," but now all I'm doing is pleading for my life.

I feel like I lost him. I know somewhere in there the old Draco is there but I can't reach him. Than I hear screaming. Draco is huddled up in the corner covering his ears, and Isis and Lilly walk in.

"Guys I don't know what happened one time we we're talking just fine than he just went crazy on me."

I see Isis going to hug Draco and telling him its going to be all right but I know its not, it won't ever be the same. I saw a side of Draco that is scary. He can virtually win the whole games with how strong he is and when that side of him comes out he has no remorse for anyone.

All I can do is keep a watchful eye on Draco as they do the anthem. Only the boys from Districts 2 and 12 very slow day, i'm guessing the game makers will do something to make this games go by a little faster. Just on cue they announce what   we all have been anticipating. The Feast. This will surely get a lot of deaths, and I might as well get a lot of sleep before tomorrow it will surely be a long day.

End Of Day 3

Day 4 (Feast)

Logic Queen (D3 Female)

I woke up pretty early today to get a good spot for the feast. In history, the feast has had many deaths and twist and turns so of course why would this one be any different? 

“Microw, we haven’t talked about it and I really feel like we shou..” he cuts me off before I can say the rest.

“Logic.... Don’t worry about it, all I care now is the games and getting us as far as I can, so that means getting through this feast and making it another day.” As his saying this I know I lost him, I lost a friend and when things change like that it hurts but I can’t let it bother me. As long as I’m in the games that is the only thing I can think about, I can’t have any distractions. 

All I can do is wait, wait for the feast to come, wait for when I have too see Microw die, wait for when I have to make a kill, wait for the days that I’m going to have to live with these games for the rest of my life. All I can really do is wait for now.

Milly Clatch (D12 Female)

Even though I didn’t know Coal that well he still was from the same district as me. I remember the smile on his face when we we’re back in District 12. He was four years older than me but than doesn’t change the fact that he didn’t deserve to die. 

“So do you think we should risk the feast,” I ask Katriona

“Yea that would be the best plan,” She hesitates and she has been doing this more and more lately. I’m loosing her to the games and I know that is something that cannot be happening right now.

“Katriona.... We need to talk, I feel like your getting distracted. I know that after the death of your friend Johanne it was tough for you, but I need you now. People back home need you even if you feel like they don’t. You can’t just go in and out the games it doesn’t work like that. You can get killed if you are not fully invested in the games. Please I need you now more than ever if I lost you I don’t know what I would do.” I’m begging her now.

“I’m sorry Milly, these games are really hard on me and what if I can’t protect you, what if I fail...’’ 

“Even if I die, you can’t just disappear from the games, you can’t mourn my death. You have to promise me if I die you will keep fighting.

I look into her eyes and realize that this is coming through to her.

“Yes, I promise, I promise that no matter what happens I will keep fighting for the two of us,” I’m ecstatic to hear this from her. We make our way down towards the lower levels so when everybody is upstairs dying we will be safe.

Maple Shade (D1 Female)

The smell of the sea is refreshing I've never felt more prepared. Being the last true career left is amazing, especially with the whole country of Panem watching. Personally, I wouldn’t count those snobs from 4 true careers, especially when they don’t stick it out with there own alliance. Right now though I don’t need to worry about that. I need to make a game plan, the feast is about to start and I have to be ready for anything. I’m anticipating that I’m going to get that morning star that I haven’t seen at all. With my weapon of choice I will definitely win these games.

It’s very quiet and I’m assuming everybody has taken there positions for the feast. Trying to locate everybody is very tricky, finally I decide to give up and wait for the bags to appear.

Just like that they start to appear one by one each one different in size and distinguishable to the right person that is for. As I’m waiting for the first victim to appear I see Isis and that boy from 7 appear getting their things. Perfect, as I make my way towards the bag the boat begins to rock back and forward and the most excruciating sound you’ve ever heard, and now I know things are about to get a little more complicated.

Alex Powers (D10 Male)

As I feel the boat shaking I know something has gone terribly wrong. Its crashed into something but what that would be I don’t have a clue. I can hear the sirens going crazy, announcements of an emergency to get off the ship, but how there are no boats to lower down. I can’t worry about that now my target is right ahead of me the bag with the number 10 on it. Darn it there are two people in front of me I push that boy from 7 to the ground and grab my bag. Perfect, all the knives that I’m going to need. As I see the Isis go towards her bags I think that this will be the perfect time to strike down a tribute.

As I’m walking towards her I see the green bag the big bold 8 on it. I laugh as I grab it. This will be perfect taking out two tributes in one day. Than I turn towards the girl. As she tries to run away I grab her by the hair.

“No, no, no. Now where are you going off too,” I whisper to her.

“DRA--,” she tries to blurt out but I cover her mouth.

This one will be messy if I don’t kill her now. With one fluent strike I cut her throat and you can hear the sound of the canon go off. As I watch the boy on the ground, I know I don’t have time to finish him off as well, Lucce will be on my trail soon. I take off with both our bags and hope soon he will come after me. With the boat sinking this might be a great way to finish him off.

Draco Light (D4 Male)

I can see Carter limping towards us and I know something has gone wrong once he shows up by himself with all four of our bags.

“What happen?” I shout to him.

“She’s gone, I tried everything, I was helpless Draco really I’m sorry there wasn’t anything I could do. The other tributes started to come for there bags there was nothing I could do....” his trying to explain it to me but it starting to sink in. She’s gone. The one person that was truly there for me is gone now. Because I let her go with him. No, its because he couldn’t protect her. I should have been there.

I turn towards Carter and just look at him as he is handing both her and my bag. I take out the contents of the bag and its my sword. The double bladed sword the one I told my mentor to make sure I got in the games. It’s my special weapon the one I will use to kill every tribute in the games.

“You know Carter,” I start telling him, “ I think you need to feel what I felt you need to feel the pain of loosing someone important to you.”

Than I face Lillian. 

“No, you can’t Draco, please don’t do this,” but there isn’t anything he can do, he can’t move fast with that leg of his. I don’t feel any compassion for him, why should I. I ready my sword in my hand, the feeling of having it near me excites me. I ready my weapon to strike. As I’m bringing my sword down Carter gets in the way of the blow.

Lillian Pierrot (D7 Female)

The emotions flowing through me can’t even be explained. Sadness, anger, confusion. I can’t even look at Draco as I crouch next to carter knowing his time in these games are about to be up.

“Are you happy now, you got what you wanted,” typical Draco he just stands there with that blank face. He keeps shaking his head like he doesn’t know what he just did.

“I’m sorry Lilly, I swear I didn’t know what I was doing.”

I break him off mid sentence, “I don’t care what you we’re doing the point is you did,” I’m on the verge of tears now. “Just get out, leave and don’t come back Draco you’re on your own now I never want to see your face again,” now I’m just screaming at him.

He just takes off without saying a word. I didn’t mean to be so mean to him but he brought this on himself. I know his going to spiral out of control now especially now that Isis is gone. All I’m going to do is stay near Carter and hold him, until the canon sounds. As I'm sobbing, I can only imagine whats going on at the cornucopia right now.

Hunther Hayes (D11 Male)

This has been a very interesting feast, already there are two deaths and the ship seems to be in some kind of emergency but it still seems to be moving, hopefully there wasn’t too much damage. As I’m watching the bags there are only five bags left, I’m guessing the other people are too scared to take anyone else's bag. As I watched Carlos take his bag there still something that is uncomfortable about this situation. Maple hasn’t showed her face. Her bag is still there and she is easily one of the strongest tributes left, I wonder why she hasn’t gone for it yet?

Than it hits me. She’s waiting for me, I’m her next kill and she won’t come out until I come out. Now I’m just stuck here wondering if I should go for my bag and hope whatever is inside of it helps me beat her. I get in my stance ready to run, this is it whatever it is it better help me now. I take off towards my bag.

As I’m running towards my bag, I can’t help but smile. I’m so close to my bag, I’m going to make it, as I grab my bag joy runs through me. I open it to look inside me and dread just overcomes me. A blow up raft and a lifejacket. Out of everything that they can send me they send me this. As I’m looking through it I suddenly get tackled to the ground. Great, she found me and I'm stuck with no weapons. 

“I guess this ship is going down if there sending tributes rafts to get out of here,” she is smirking as she is saying this. I can see her scrummaging through her bag taking out that morning star. The one weapon that I saw her use during training and how deadly she wield it. This is it, knowing my life came down to wether there was a weapon in my bag or not. As she swings her weapon, all I can do is smile. 

“I tried coal I really did try,” I whisper to myself. The last thing I see is Maple swinging her weapon at me and than as I fall to the floor she takes my bag and takes off, as if the thud I make on the ground and the canon go off almost instantly.

Microw Veritas (D3 Male)

During the whole sequence of events I was just scared that they would take our bags, anytime I saw them go any where near the bags, I was ready to jump in but Logic thought it would be a good idea to wait, and of course she was right. As we stroll towards our bags with no one in sight I realize that nobody is here anymore which is kinda strange that there is no one in sight.

Than I realize what is going on the whole ship is going down. When I heard that screeching sound I just thought it was nothing but now I can feel something wrong. I look at Logic getting our bag. Apparently they didn’t want to send us our separate bags but am I relieved when I see our bag come with a raft and life jackets. Of course our mentor would have thought of everything we needed. As we look into our bag for anything else I take a look at the last two bags on the pedestals. Since there not showing up anytime soon I decide to take the last two bags with me.

As I grab the sword that was in the bag I start asking Logic, “So what do you think we should do now?”

“Well, it’s been about an hour since we heard the screeching and right now it would be risky getting down towards the water at this height even with the raft. We just have to wait like everybody else for the boat to get closer to the water and with the size of the boat that could be in about another hour or two.” 

Well, this is great we just have to wait now for us to drown but at least there was another raft in Milly’s bag that way since the numbers are dwindling down we might have to split up soon.

The Final 10- The Odds Of Winning

Name Odds Of Winning Original Training Score
Maple Shade (D1 Female) 5-1 9
Microw Veritas (D3 Male) 50-1 5
Logic Queen (D3 Female) 10-1 7
Draco Light (D4 Male) 5-1 10
Carlos Yuacke (D6 Male) 3-1 10
Lillian Pierrot (D6 Female) 50-1 6
Katriona Greystone (D7 Female) 100-1 6
Lucce Apierce (D8 Male) 15-1 8
Alex Powers (D10 Male) 20-1 9
Milly Clatch (D12 Female) 100-1 5

Light Green: Good Chances

Green: Decent Chances

Yellow: Not The Best Chances

Orange: Bad Chances

Red: Horrible Chances

Day 4 (Continued)

Lucce Apierce (D8 Male)

Unbelievable, that kid actually had the guts to take my backpack. Now I’m hunting him down with my one spear that I made out of things I found around the ship. I swear he had to come down here when it’s filling up with water, I’m just grateful its not that bad yet. 

As I’m carefully going down the hallways I know that he has weapons now, that he has the upper hand now. Except, I won’t let that stop me from going after him. This will end with his death even if it means that I have to die in the process. As I’m looking through the rooms I can hear him. That laugh of his is very annoying, that I see a knife zoom right pass me. I roll next to a chair and catch my breath. This is it, as I ready my self to attack I can only imagine the capitol cheering me on. I come out of my hiding spot with my spear in hand when I look down the hallway and no one is there than it hits me.

He comes crashing down and takes me by surprise. How he got up there I will never know. Except now he has the advantage while he has my back and tries dragging me down with a knife in his hand. If it’s a wrestling match he wants it’s a wrestling match his going to get. As his trying to choke me out I’m just banging him into the walls, chairs, really anything that it would look like it would hurt. I can feel his grip loosening. But I know that he will soon use that knife of his and even if he doesn’t get a death blow it will still injure me pretty bad. I take a risk and slam my whole weight to floor. 

“Do you like that Alex?” he can’t even respond that really knocked the air out of him.

“What are you going to do with that lame weapon of yours? I have both our bags and lucky for me they both have weapons,” even when he is saying this without breath, I know its true.

“Well, I guess I'm going to have to improvise now,” with that I take of running. Even with the water there isn’t much that it makes it harder to run. As I’m closing in on him he has time to take one of his knifes and throws it at me. As I'm about to tackle him he manages to scrape my arm, I let out a scream but not of pain, of success. I take him down with my spear, and as I'm holding him down I know that I have finally won. I can only imagine the cheering that is going on back in the capitol as I take my spear down and erase that smirk.


As I stand up I grab my backpack and notice the spear that is inside of it. This will be very helpful. I take off with this part of my plan achieved the next one will be to find a way of this boat. I start heading up where everybody is going to be trying to get off.

Milly Clatch (D12 Female)

We thought we we’re being smart by not going to the feast. Except now I have water up to my knees and its rising by the second.

“Keep moving we need to get out of here now!.” Screams Katriona. I try to keep up with her but I'm not that strong. Every step I take the water keeps rising and makes it harder for me to move. We make it up to the next level even with the stairs acting like a waterfall. 

“I don’t know if I can keep up Katriona I'm just slowing you down please just go on without me I can’t do this,” I’m just begging her now but I can see it in her eyes she will not leave me behind even if both die. So I have to keep pushing for the two of us.

As we’re maneuvering through these hallways, we come up to the door that leads up to the next level of the ship. As she tries to open it we realize it’s locked.  This can’t be all our hard work and now we’re going to die because of a door. I just look into her eyes and I can see she has giving up. 

“I’ll be back,” I tell her. I need to help her and realize that she can win the games.

As I come back with a bar that I found I just start hitting the doorknob. I start to cry and knowing that it may not make a difference that no matter what happens the game makers planed this the whole time and we’re supposed to die here. But I can’t let this be my future I keep pounding at the door until it comes off and I’m just relieved.

“Come on, help me open this door we can actually make it out,” and hopefully we can.

As we’re opening the door the water starts rising. I let her go first when a rush of water takes me I’m about to go down the current when I feel someone grab me by the hand.

“I’m not letting you go, not now, not when your the only one that gives me hope that we can win the games,” she starts sobbing as she is telling me this but I know that she can’t carry both of us upstairs with the amount of water that is coming. 

“Let me go, Kationa, please,” all she can do is shake her head but she knows that she has to do it, “please win the games for the two of us, don’t give up never lose hope, let me go and don’t look back.” 

As she is crying she knows that she will be alone in the games but I will be with her in spirit. She let’s go and the current takes me down, the last thing I see is her leaving and than the room fills up with water. I start moving and shaking trying to find air but I know this is futile as the water takes me down and my time in these games are up.


Draco Light (D4 Male)

As the ship is sinking around me I can only laugh as this is exactly how I feel inside. I lost everything and now I’m sinking and there is no way to repair it. I’ve been fighting with myself more than I’ve been fighting with the tributes. Now with Isis gone I feel I’m going to spiral out of control and not come out.

As I’m curled up in a corner I’ve never felt so alone in my life, but I can’t be like this now. It’s not the time to have compassion for anyone, not the tributes, not district 4, and especially not the capitol. As I stand up I feel something attach itself to me. It felt like a breeze but as I look up I can see Carlos and I know that this is my chance to finish the games today. I will hunt every single one of them down. I won’t have any mercy like I did with Lillian. When I see the tributes, if they don’t know what fear is, they will surely know once they see me coming. I head towards the direction Carlos went sprinting through.

Carlos Yuacke (D6 Male)

As I’m sprinting down the deck of the ship, I know I can’t be that careless anymore. The number are dwindling down as this tributes won’t be that stupid not to take anyone else down. As I’ve noticed the ship come to full stop I know that within the hour the ship is about to go down and I need to try to end the games before that happens. As I’m rushing through the ship I’ve already track down Draco, Lillian, Lucce and Alex but Alex is dead now so that shouldn’t matter I just need to track 4 more people and I will be able to end the games just like that. The tributes won’t even know what hit them. As I’m working on my master plan I can feel the boat shaking more and more. This is not good I need to finish this before the ship sinks I don’t even have a boat to get off.

Running through this madness is difficult, especially once I saw Draco out of the corner of my eye. This is not good. Draco is easily one of the strongest people here and his coming after me. I may have to do start the plan now, which is something I didn’t want to do. I stop running and turn around ready to face Draco.

“I wouldn’t take another step if I was you,” I tell him. He still keeps coming forward but slower now.

“Why would that be?” Draco makes his way towards me.

As he is slowly creeping up to me, I reach into my pocket and pull it out. That’s when he completely stops in his tracks.

“You know I won’t hesitate to press it,” I can’t help but smile as I tell him this.

“You’re bluffing the capitol wouldn’t give that much power to a tribute,” I can see it in his eyes his scared but I can also tell he is not his old self. He could actually do something crazy.

For now we’re at a stand off. Both of us waiting for the other to make a move. As he grips the unusual sword of his, you can hear a crack coming through and it splits the boat in two and the space between me and him starts to widened and soon enough he won’t even be able to jump the gap. Now we’re just staring at each other and out of the corner of my eye I can see a streak of orange hair go flying down from the ship and at the last second she puts a raft in front of her and lands safely on the water.

“It looks like the tributes are starting to abandon ship, I say we do the same before this ship brings us down with it,” As I tell him that, he starts to sprint and jump over into the ocean. I run towards the edge of the ship and catch a glimpse of him going head first into the ocean and starts to make his way towards a piece of the ship that he uses as a raft. I start to make my way back when the floor below me gives away. As I’m falling the device starts to fall away from me and as I’m trying to grab it I know I won’t have time and crash into the ocean. As I’m trying to get my bearings, I can barely breathe as a piece of the boat comes crashing down on me and I can only think I had the games in my hands and let it slip away.


Logic Queen (D3 Female)

As we’re making our way towards the end of the ship I know that the time to split up is about to come. As I’m turning towards him to tell him its time to split up I can see Lucce coming towards us and I’m thankful I did before he snuck up on us.

“I would advise you to leave,” Microw is trying to act threatening and his lucky he has a sword because apart from that he is not fooling anyone.

“I’m not leaving without a way of this sinking boat,” Now thats how you make a threat.

I’m looking at Microw knowing that it looks like we’re going to be spending a little more time together. I throw my bag towards him and he takes it without saying a word. I look at Microw and tell I’m that it’s time to go. We take the raft out and start sailing towards wherever the game makers have planned for the final battles.

Lillian Pierrot (D6 Female)

As I’m looking back to the ship, It’s a bit surreal, leaving everything behind. I feel 

like I left a part of me back on the ship. Carter, was a part of me, maybe I can relate to Draco more now that I’ve had time to think about it. He lost someone who he knew longer than I knew Carter. Except now it’s not time for formalities, next time I see him It won’t be to say hi.

I grab a bag of nuts that I brought with me and just stare at the sky and seeing the sun start to set down knowing that it doesn’t matter if I row my boat that the game makers have already started steering me and that I might as well enjoy the ride tonight and dream of Carter.

Maple Shade (D1 Female)

As I try to get my bearings together I realize that wasn’t one of my proudest moments. Except Lucce was right on me and was going to grab my raft if I didn’t make that jump. I hope he died in that boat and didn’t get anything. Right now, my leg is hurting, I landed on it pretty badly and I didn’t even bring anything with me all I can do is prepare myself for the long cold night that I’m going to have to endure.

As I watch the Anthem and the pictures of the fallen tributes, I can’t help but smile. Many strong tributes died today. Even though my only real threat Draco is still out there somewhere he is weak now after Isis’ died there isn’t anything else for him to fight for, hopefully he is broken. Looking at last few faces there was a lot of deaths today. Great tomorrow I will finish the rest of them off one by one. As I try to fall asleep I can feel a shiver and looking at my leg its gotten worst and it starting to look like its infected but I can’t worry about that right now I need to close my eyes.

End Of Day 4

Part 3- Going Out With A Blast

Day 5

Maple Shade (D1 Female)

I wake up startled, the sweat dripping from my forehead gives me chills as the wind hits it. It’s almost sunrise and I can feel myself getting hotter and my fever getting stronger as the hours go by. I’m at the point where my shivering is getting worse and it’s coming to the point where I can’t stop shaking. To think I have one of the best chances to win these games and a little cold is going to be the end of me. 

I look up at the stars and think about the life in District 1 I had. My life was perfect, I was a born killer, my dad just brought it out of me. Now I can only imagine my students looking at there T.V’s seeing me like this weak and helpless in the middle of the sea. Coming in s place is very unacceptable especially for a career of my caliber. As I try my hardest to stay awake, I can feel my self going to sleep and slowly I start to notice that I stop shaking and my body starts to shut down. This will be the death of me I can already see myself slip away going into the darkness. My last view is of the moon before I close my eyes for good and hear that sweet sound of my canon go off.


Microw Veritas (D3 Male)

I’m dreaming of being back home. I can see all my friends in District 3 than the scene changes and I’m back in the games. I can see Logic in front of me but there’s something wrong. Draco is behind her ready to strike and I can feel myself running towards her and there isn’t nothing I can do. I’m at the point of crying when I can see the blood going down her body and the canon sounds. Except that canon sounded very close and I realize I’m dreaming and wake myself up.

“It looks like there was another death tonight,” Logic explains to me.

“You know you should really get some sleep tonight, tomorrow is going to be a big day and we need all our energy to take down some of the top dogs that are left,” she nods her head in acknowledgement but it doesn’t even seem like she cares anymore.

“Microw I’m sorry, I’m sorry I haven’t been here, I don’t want to get attached to you I don’t want to be friends when one of us or even both of us could die. As much as I really need a friend right now it’s not smart in these games. We got stuck together because of special circumstances and we haven’t been able to leave each other sides but for the most part we cannot be friends that is something that we can’t do right now it wouldn’t be smart.” I just look at her as she can’t even look me in the eyes.

I stare down towards the water and see a bag come towards the raft, it has a number 6 and I decide to pick it up. As I reach into the bag I can see a device with a button on it. 

Logic looks at me and says, “What is that on you’re hand?.”

I look down and see a red blinking dot as I’m realizing what it is.

“The button, Logic, It’s a detonator it sets off bombs,” than she looks at me puzzled, “where are the bombs located,” She asks me, “it's the dots, the dot on my hand it’s a miniature bomb, my dad would make these back home and they are good bombs that are almost undetectable.” 

She just stares at me like I’m already a dead man. 

“I guess Carlos had some good sponsors if they we’re able to get him these to bad he will never see them work,” as I’m talking I can see Logics face start to get worried.

“Don’t worry nothing will happen to me as long as I have the detonator, it will be safe in my pocket,” Except I can only hope as I feel my pockets just to make sure that it’s still there.

“Microw you’re right maybe just realizing that you are closer to death now with that bomb on you we can’t let these games change us, we need to stick together until the end, If we are the last two tributes left we’ll figure it out when that moment comes but for now I want to be in this games with you as my ally,” as she is saying this I can only help but smile, maybe I haven’t lost the girl from district 3.

Lucce Apierce (D8 Male)

It’s been a long night, and as I see the first rays of sunshine, I look down at my supplies and start sorting the spears that I got in my bag. It feels great knowing I’m so close to wining these games. I don’t really care about my district or even care about going back home since I have no parents but it would still be great coming back home as the victor of the 96th Hunger Games. I can imagine the victory tour as the crowd is cheering my name.

As I start to look up I can see a figure in the distance. I can’t figure out what it is from here but as its getting closer you can clearly tell its a person and the only people out here are the kind that want to kill you. The figure starts getting closer and I decide it’s close enough to throw one of my spears at him. I stand up on the front of the raft and throw my spear at him. As it’s about to hit him he dives into the water. As I think about who it can be, the only one I can think it could be is Draco, he is the only one that would think he would beat anyone by staying in the water. I try to scan the water to see if I can see him but his been down there for a while now there is no way someone could stay down there for that long. I start to panic a little bit and throw my spear into the sea. Nothing, I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit a thing. I grab my last spear and wait. I’m sure it hasn’t even been a couple of minutes but to me it feels like a very long time for someone to be down there.

I wait a little bit more and than as I’m looking at my own reflection in the sea I start seeing ripples. Than he pops out of the water like dolphin and pushes me to the back of the boat. He stands there with his sword catching the rays of the sun. As much as I want to be terrified I can’t be but I start to panic.

“Draco, come on man, we can work together and take out the rest of the tributes,” but I know his not hearing anything for some reason his not in the mood to talk.

I try a last ditch effort and throw my spear at him but he easily deflects it with his sword. Thinking a moment I was at the top of the world and now I’m at the bottom ready to die. He comes towards it and the last thing I feel is the cold side of his blade and than I go overboard my limped body not being able to do anything else but float to the bottom of the ocean.


Lillian Peirrot (D6 Female) 

As I’m rocking back and forward in the boat, I feel it stop and I look up and realize that I’ve hit land. Taking a look at the scene in front of me is kinda awe inspiring. I landed on a pink beach, I reach down to grab some sand and I can see a pinkish color to it. Well, if I have to die it would be good to die on this beach.

I get out of the boat and feel the sand in between my feet but I decide to put my shoes back on in case I have to sprint or anything like that. I grab my meteor hammer and take a look around, it seems like no one has been on this beach yet, I keep walking until I reach a spot and seat down. There must not be that much action now since the last canon went off. As I take a look around I decide I’m going to make a burial for Carter and Isis. I grab some flowers and rocks and sticks. As I’m making them I can’t help and tear up about everything I’ve been through and how alone I am. As I’m putting the last touch, I can’t help but see how beautiful it looks, all it needs is pictures of both of them but that’s all right you can tell its for them even without the names on them you can tell who its for.

I just decide to sit there. I don’t care anymore, if anyone wants me they can come and get me. I know the game makers will get everyone to land on this beach and once we all come together I will make sure I avenge Carter’s death.

Katriona Greystone (D7 Female)

I’ve been holding on to this drift wood all night, I’ve almost fallen asleep but I know I can’t, if I let go I’ll let go and drown. The first rays of sunshine hit me and I can already feel it going through my body. I’m getting a sense of urgency now that its day time. The other tributes can’t be that far away from me but I have no energy and I’m stuck in the middle of the sea.

I barely have the energy but I take a look up and see an Island ahead of me. I can’t believe it, but now I know I have to make it there. It still looks far away but for now I have to try to make the swim. I let go of the driftwood and start making the swim. This swim is one of the hardest things that I’ve had to do after a while I start getting slower and slower but I know I can’t stop because if I do I won’t be able to start again.

I can feel the ground beneath me now and I start to walk towards the shore. It still morning but the sun has fully risen. I take a few steps towards the beach and collapse, I don’t care if they find me there aren’t that many tributes left. All I know is I’m going to rest for a couple of hours now.

Draco Light (D4 Male)

I try to fight it, ever since Isis died, I’ve tried to fight this thing inside me. I don’t fully understand what’s going on sometimes I feel like doing the right thing but than I stop feeling, caring, why should nobodies ever looked out for me why should I care about them. Than I think about her, Isis, she would want me to care, to show everyone that I won’t become this ruthless killer. Except I know the capitol, even my mentor told me that they sometimes can control the games to put it in favor of one specific tribute. It just happens I’m the perfect tribute, ruthless, handsome, and not crazy, well not bad crazy. Killing this many people wasn’t in my plans, she was supposed to win not me and now I don’t even know why I’m fighting but than I shift and start killing anyone in my sight.

As I’m in my raft I can see an island in front of me and as I make my way towards it I know this is where it happens the last five tributes are going to fight it out. I step off my raft and can see the weird beach. I can see a footprints going in opposite directions. I decide to cut across the island it’s not that big and I can make it across in a couple of hours. I start my trek through the jungle, within the day there will be a victor crowned and I know the odds are definitely in my favor.

Logic Queen (D3 Female)

I can see myself running, I mean literally out of breath, going through a jungle. I don’t know why I’m running? Maybe to get away from someone or running towards something but I notice that I’m alone which is weird since Microw has been with me this whole time. But I don’t stop I keep running, now I’m panicking more, worried about something but I sill don’t know what. I see a shadow behind me and I think it’s chasing me. I come out of an opening and see Draco behind me throw his spear. It flies past me and hits that girl from seven. Than Microw and Lillian appear and start yelling me. Telling me how its my fault that she died and I start crying while Microw keeps screaming at me but I can’t make out what his saying.

“Wake up, wake up Logic, we hit land!” I start to open my eyes and I see Microw shaking me. “I’ve been trying to wake up for the past ten minutes, are you ok?” “Yes Im all right,” I tell him.

I start looking at the scene in front of me. The pinkish beach with a jungle beyond it, I still can’t believe we’ve made it this far. I look at Microw and smile just knowing that I don’t have to go through this alone.

“So let’s go explore this place,” I tell Microw. He smiles back at me and we take off to the unknown. Hoping that what I was seeing was just a dream.

Katriona Greystone (D7 Female)

I wake up with the biggest headache and I don’t know how much time has passed but the sun is over my head now. I take a look around and much hasn’t changed it still like I’m the only one on this island which cannot be the case. I decide to start walking around this beach until I can find a weapon or something. 

As I start making my way around this beach I find the girl from six next to some kind of makeshift gravesite. I try to hide but she saw me before I could do anything.

“It’s ok you don’t have to worry about me I won’t hurt you,” she sounds very sad and I want to believe her so I decide to risk it. 

“Hello my name is Katriona,” as I’m introducing myself she stands up and shakes my hand.

“You know with the people that are left it wouldn’t hurt to team up and take down Draco,” she looks at me and even though I probably shouldn’t trust her I can only shake her hand because anything else would cause my death by her hand.

As I’m shaking her hand I can see the kids from District 3 come rushing out from the jungle, sweating and out of breath and I know that trouble is coming.

Draco Light (D4 Male)

As I’m making my way through this jungle, cutting away through the vines I can’t believe that I haven’t found one person. I have at least been in this god forsaken jungle for a few hours now and I think I’m lost. Than I hear a noise which is weird since there is literally nothing here. I look up and see Microw and Logic making there way through the jungle too. Perfect my next two victims. As I’m sneaking up on them I ready myself to strike, as I’m bringing my double edged sword up, I hesitate, something inside of me stops me and I think about Isis. 

“Run Logic, we need to go now,” I hear Microw yelling at Logic and now they have gone off.

This breaks my trance and I take off after them. They might have a pretty good lead on me but I’m far more athletic than both of them and it will be soon before I catch up to them. As I’m making my way through the jungle I keep tripping myself up but I can see an opening up ahead which means once we hit the beach they won’t have nowhere to run.


As I make my way through the jungle I start to hold my sword as a spear, I won’t give them the chance as soon as I’m near them they will die. As I cut through the opening I throw my sword at her but it doesn’t strike any of them. It hits Katriona right in the chest and the twentieth canon has just went off.


As I realize what I did, I also realize there are three tributes standing in front of me and I have no weapons.

Lillian Pierrot (D6 Female)

As I see him in front of me I can only feel all the anger and resentment that I’ve been feeling for the past days. The man who killed Carter is standing right in front

of me and I can’t do anything, I just stand there frozen, and than that kid from 3. The one that I never really noticed, not the strongest or even smartest compared to Logic but he deicides to strike first with that sword he has. That kid has a lot of guts but he goes for it even though Logic is screaming at him

He puts up a fight but Draco is just toying with him dodging each strike like it’s nothing. Than Draco maneuvers his way to his sword and hits him with the flat end of the sword. Microw get’s knocked down to the ground and that’s when I unleash my fury on him.

I swing my meteor hammer at him and he blocks it with his sword. This is going to be a battle but I’m ready for it.

Microw Veritas (D3 Male)

I have a big headache and just trying to get my bearings, while Logic keeps screaming at me at how stupid I am.

“I can’t believe you would risk you’re life, just to kill him,” she keeps yelling at me but I’m not listening it’s just crazy how easily I got handled by Draco, it wasn’t even a fair fight. 

“I’m sorry Logic I really don’t know what was going through my mind, I just wanted you to win...” I try telling her but she’s not having it.

“Microw I didn’t want to say anything until I was certain but I’m not going to make it out of this games alive, the only reason why I’m still here is to give you a chance to go back to our district. You deserve this way more than me, you’re the one that needs to win this games, you can’t be doing anything stupid like that again,” but what she doesn’t know is that I’m about to do something even stupider than that.

Draco Light (D4 Male)

As I’m slicing and dicing she is keeping up with every move I make. Usually I would have the advantage with my double sided sword but she knows how to handle the meteor hammer. Except I start pushing her forward, getting her to think about blocking me and not falling into the waves. I make her slip up and I cut her on the left side of her stomach. I smile knowing that she is finished.

I turn around and look at Logic, she will be a very easy target. I start moving forward towards her and as I slice my sword at her Microw moves in the way and takes the blow. I just smile that’s going to be another one where I can take credit for.

As I start to look up towards Logic I see an image in front of me. I squint my eyes to see what is coming towards me and I start making out a body and I figure out that it’s Isis coming towards me. I freeze, tense up and I don’t even know what to say.

“Oh Draco, I’ve missed you so much,” she begins to tell me. I begin to cry and try to hold it in but it’s hard seeing her here, even though this may all just be in my head.

“Isis I’ve missed you so much you don’t even understand how I’m feeling right now,” I try telling her but all I can see is sadness in her eyes. 

“I know you’ve been fighting this thing inside you for a while now but you have to be strong, you can’t become this monster that the capitol has created, I know it wasn’t that bad when we we’re younger especially when I was with you, but now it’s gotten bad and you just can’t be like this, if you’re going to win you can’t let the capitol change you,” I start looking at her and feeling regret for every death that I’ve had a hand in. “Draco just remember how much I love you and that whatever happens I will love you to the sun and back.”

She starts to disappear and I crumble down and I just can’t do it anymore.

Logic Queen (D3 Female)

I don’t know what’s wrong with Draco right now but I can’t concentrate on that Microw is dying right in front of my eyes and there is nothing I could do.

“So I guess this is it Logic you’re going to go back to our district a Victor,” Microw can’t help but smile as he is saying this.

“Oh shut up, you know that you are one of my closest friends and I couldn’t do it anything without you, you should have these games, you should be the one going back to our district,” I’m crying as I tell him.

“Don’t lie, I never had a chance in this games, I wasn’t the smartest, or the strongest, or even had any survival skills, I should be happy that I even made it this far in the games.”

I don’t know what to do anymore there is no way I can win the games now, not without him I can’t take out Lillian and Draco even with the issues there going through but it’s like Microw can read my mind, “Don’t worry Logic I will win the games for you.” 

He starts to pull out the device that we found back in the ocean, “With this I will win the games for you.”

I just don’t know what to say but there is no time for goodbyes as he pushes me away from him he presses the button that sets off three explosions, three explosions that I wasn’t expecting, I guess Carlos got people after all with these bombs. I look towards Lillian and she has the brightest smile on her face and Draco has this peaceful demeanor to him. I jump out of the way of the explosions and even after that I hear the canons go off.




The three canons will hunt me for the rest of my life, because now I’m by myself, I’m by myself on this miserable island cuddled up by myself waiting for the official announcement.

“Ladies and gentleman, I present you the Victor of the 96th Hunger Games, Logical Queen from District 3,” the announcement blares through the whole arena but there’s no point I’m the only one here. 

After The Games

(Logic Queen, D3, Victor of the 96th Hunger Games)

As I’m waiting for the hovercrafts to appear I lay there looking at the dead bodies and the graves on there with Isis and Carter’s name. Thinking that I would want to do something that will show that capitol that there not stronger than us that no matter what happens they have to suffer for there crimes. I start grabbing the bodies, even with how much it starting to smell a little I line up the bodies. First, I take Draco and bury him next to Isis he would want that, they did look like they we’re in love and than I take Lillian’s body, and while I’m burying her next to Carter I can’t help but imagine that she could have won this games, she almost had Draco and she would have easily taken us out, she would have been a great Victor. Than there’s Katriona, as much as I didn’t know her she seemed like a sweet girl and she didn’t kill anyone either just like me. 

Lastly I grab Microw. I start crying hysterically now thinking about our time together. We started this games together and just thinking about how Peel didn’t come with us at the beginning maybe she would have been here instead of me. Except I just think about Microw that fun loving sweet guy who would do anything for me even if I didn’t feel the same way about him. Even when he loved me I couldn’t feel the same about him, but he was still my best friend out here and I cared about him immensely.

I take one last look at the grave sites and the work I did in this short amount of time and I feel proud they won’t show this during the ceremonies but I’m proud that the capitol will never have there bodies and they won’t ever take them away from this place. 

As I’m looking at the grave sites, the hover craft comes and picks me up and I’m taking away as they start looking at my body and see how much weight I’ve lost and any scars or injuries that I may have gotten during my time here.

The day passes by and they let me rest to get ready for the preparations tomorrow, I know that I will see Beetee and Wiress tomorrow and they will be happy for me but Wiress will be sad that Microw dies, she was his mentor. I eat some food before going to sleep as I know tonight I’m going to relive the hunger games all over.

I wake up from the long night I’ve had and eat some breakfast, even though I’m not that hungry they don’t want there victor looking like a stick. I hear a knock coming from my door and I go see who it is.

“My darling you did it, you won,” I smile at him, I know all he wants is to be happy even though I know he is also sad for Microw’s death.

“Beetee, I can’t believe I won, I didn’t even have one death in the games,” I look at him because I know that is not something that the capitol wants is a tribute that can’t kill.

“No child you did great, you we’re someone they we’re rooting for, an underdog, a love story something that they can root for,” At least for now I can be happy that  the capitol won’t hate me or boo me off the stage.

Beetee takes me towards my stylists and I get ready for the final interview I know there’s going to be more after this but at least I can go home before I start the victory tour.

They start getting me ready and trying out different dresses on me to see what the message is that we are trying to convey to Panem. They get all my make up done and I give one last hug to Beetee, his been here for me and after today he doesn’t have to worry about mentoring his an old man who should enjoy the rest of his days.

I take my walk out towards Caesar, looking as young as he did twenty years ago. 

“Ladies and Gentleman I present you the winner of the 96th Hunger Games, Logical Queen. Now darling before we get with the interview just sit down as we take a look at your time in the games,” I take my spot on the couch and make my self comfortable, this is going to be a long show.

It starts off with us getting reaped my heart dropped when I realized that my name has been called and than seeing Microw being called up and the crowd going quiet thinking that this years tributes didn’t stand a chance. Than the training and chariot rides come up and they started taken us more seriously and I managed to pull a 7 in training. Next, I’m saying Goodbye to Beetee when he whispers in my ear the secret of this years arena, knowing that he could get in much trouble for that but it doesn’t seemed to be picked up and I look like a genius when I step off my pedestal and don’t get blown to bits.

I see the bloodbath for the first time now and it seems horrible as the careers take care of most of the tributes there and take all the things from the cornucopia for themselves not knowing the ship had enough for everyone. Seeing the first night as Microw stayed up watching me for the most night I didn’t know that he did that, he cared about me more than I knew. Seeing the big battle go down in the Dining room realizing me and Microw weren’t really involved in much of the action that happened. 

The most I got from this games was that Microw was looking out for me during the whole games. Whatever I did he made sure I was safe from the feast all the way to the point where he blew himself up, they even added a little suspense there but it still the most sad thing I’ve ever witnessed and just seeing it makes me cry. I will have to relive that moment for the rest of my life. That’s all they show for the moment.

As the lights turn back on Caesar stares at me and starts asking me questions like how I felt during this moments of the games or about my genius moves that I’ve made but than he asks the question that I’ve been dreading.

“So you and Microw will he be the last person you ever love?” all I can do is give a response that will satisfy the audience.

“It will be hard to love again, he was the only one in the games that cared for me and even times that I resented him for staying with me I’m forever grateful that he stayed with me through the whole experience, he will be my first love and those are some that you never forget,” I start to tear up, “Microw will always be in my heart and no one will ever take his place in my heart.”

Caesar starts to tear up as well and he brings in my sponsors and we have the dinner and pictures but all I can think of is getting on that train home and knowing that next year I will come back and have to train District 3’s tributes.

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