So I just finished up my last Hunger Games, and now on to the next one. This will be the sequel to the last one and for the back ground this timeline of the hunger games is with the rebellion never happen and the events of the 75th hunger games never occuring with how they occured. And the Victors nevery dying and Katniss and Peeta not entered into those games and there still mentors, with everyone else. Now I really hope this games are better than the last ones and I will try to be better than last time. With that said I hope everyone enjoys these games. 

The 96th Hunger Games (This is my last games)


  • 3 to 4 tributes per user (depends on how many people join)
  • Perfect tributes will die in the bloodbath
  • Don't get angry if your tribute dies, I mean there can only be one victor (:
  • Please tell me how my games are going I do appreciate constructive criticism 
  • Detailed tributes and tributes with advice have a higher chance of survival
  • & just make sure you have fun with this ^.^
  • Reservations last about 3 days but get them in fast please I want to get this started :D
  • & please follow and comment on this games and I will try to make it as interactive as possible 


Tribute Template










Weakness (At least 2):

Allies (Can be done later):

Tributes For This Year

The 97th Hunger Games
District Name User Age Weapons Scores
D1 Male Alric Gould Beetee19 18 Sword 11
D1 Female Lillain Trials


16 Mace 8
D2 Male Chlorine Brandt The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo 17 Axe & Sword 10
D2 Female Lavender Tone PumPumPumpkin 13 Throwing Knives or Spears 9
D3 Male Wire Elec Tehblakdeath 14 Khopeshes & Hookswords 6
D3 Female Zendra Junip Kayleigh Rockstar 15 Bow & Arrow 6
D4 Male Artic Tsunami Hybrid Shadow 17

Spear & Saber

D4 Female Chione Nereus The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo 18 Trident & Net 8
D5 Male Seedum Plant Kman528 15 Scythe 7
D5 Female Oleum Graisser The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo 16 Throwing Knives & Throwing Axes 5
D6 Male Lane Nashh Tehblakdeath 17 Khopeshes and Hookswords 9
D6 Female Sophie Watterson TwilightPerry 17 Bow & Arrow 5
D7 Male Furry Anderson Teen Derp 17 Throwing Axe, Throwing Knives, Mace, Sword 6
D7 Female Camellia Winchester Beetee19 16 Axe & Knife 8
D8 Male Lucin Cansil Wesolini 17 Awl & Knives 8
D8 Female Lace Crossford Teen Derp 15 Shuriken, Knives, Swords 9
D9 Male Jett Ora Annarki 17 Scimitar or Javelin 7
D9 Female Aleyen Meyer RossinSA 14 Bow & Arrow, Throwing Knives 4
D10 Male Braxton Rhea Vatonica 17 Throwing Axe, Spear, or Spiked Disk 6
D10 Female Dawn Santori Wesolini 14 Slingshot & blowgun 6
D11 Male Indigo Rankine Kman528 13 Sword & Slingshot 7
D11 Female Keely Breslin District7ersz 12 Dagger 5
D12 Male Pik Morrison Tehblakdeath 12 Khopeshes or Hookswords 6
D12 Female Wildfire Champion PumPumPumpkin 15

Twin Sai Swords & Traps Involving Fire



Red: Dead

Green: Victor

Yellow: Fifth Place

Purple: Fourth Place

Blue: Third Place

Orange: Second Pace

Green: Victor

Pre-game Alliances:

Careers: Lillian Trials (F1), Chlorine Brandt (M2), Lavender Tone (F2), Artic Tsunami (M4), Chione Nereus (F4), Lane Nashh (M6)

District 7: Furry Anderson (M7), Camellia Winchester (F7)

The Misfits: Jett Ora (M9), Aleyen Meyer (F9), Braxton Rhea (M10), Dawn Santori (F10)

Loners: Alric Gould (M1), Wire Elec (M3), Zendra Junip (F3), Seedum Plant (M5), Oleum Graisser (F5), Sophie Watterson (F6), Lucin Cansil (M8) Lace Crossford (F8), Indigo Rankine (M11), Keely Breslin (F11), Pik Morrison (M12), Wildfire Champion (F12)

Part 1 Alliances:

Careers: Lillian Trials (F1), Lavender Tone (F2), Artic Tsunami (M4), Chione Nereus (F4), Lane Nashh (M6)

District 7: Furry Anderson (M7), Camellia Winchester (F7)

The Misfits: Jett Ora (M9), Braxton Rhea (M10), Dawn Santori (F10)

The Though Guys: Chlorine Brandt (M2), Lucin Cansil (M8)

Associates: Seedum Plant (M5), Oleum Graisser (F5)

Loners: Alric Gould (M1), Wire Elec (M3), Zendra Junip (F3), Sophie Watterson (F6), Lace Crossford (F8), Wildfire Champion (F12)

Part 2 Alliances:

Careers: Chlorine Brandt (M2), Lavender Tone (F2), Artic Tsunami (M4), Chione Nereus (F4)

The New Misfits: Lane Nashh (M6), Sophie Watterson (F6), Lucin Cansil (M8)

Loners: Alric Gould (M1), Seedum Plant (M5), Camellia Winchester (F7), Braxton Rhea (M10)

Part 3 Alliances:

Careers: Lavender Tone (F2), Artic Tsunami (M4), Chione Nereus (F4)

The New Misfits: Lane Nashh (M6), Sophie Watterson (F6), Lucin Cansil (M8)

Loners: Seedum Plant (M5), Camellia Winchester (F7)


24. Aleyen Meyer Killed By Artic Tsunami (Day 1)

23. Indigo Rankine Killed By Lucin Cansil (Day 1)

22. Pik Morrison Killed By Drowning (Day 1)

21. Keely Bresling Killed By Alric Gould (Day 1)

20. Oleum Graisser Killed By Lillilian Trials (Day 2)

19. Wildfire Champion Killed By Alric Gould (Day 2)

18. Wire Elec Killed By Lillian Trials (Day 3)

17. Zendra Junip Killed By Braxton Rhea (Day 3)

16. Furry Anderson Killed By Artic Tsunami (Day 4)

15. Lace Crossford Killed By Dawn Santori (Day 4)

14. Dawn Santori Killed By Lace Crossford (Day 4)

13. Lillian Trials Killed By Lavender Tone (Day 4)

12. Jett Ora Killed By Chlorine Brandt (Day 4)

11. Alric Gould Killed By Lane Nashh (Day 5)

10. Chlorine Brandt Killed By Braxton Rhea (Day 5

9. Braxton Rhea Killed By Lavender Tone (Day 5)

8. Lane Nashh Killed By Sophie Watterson (Day 6)

7. Chione Nereus Killed By Camellia Winchester (Day 6)

6. Sophie Watterson Killed By Artic Tsunami (Day 6)

5. Lucin Cansil Killed By Camellia Winchester (Day 6)

4. Camellia Winchester Killed By Artic Tsunami (Day 6)

3. Lavender Tone Killed By Artic Tsunami (Day 6)

2. Artic Tsunami Killed By Seedum Plant (Day 6)

Victor: Seedum Plant, District 5, Male


So the Arena for this year is going to be divided in half with 12 tributes on the forest side. Which is like a normal forest it has trees and such with clearings of flowers scattered around in the forest. There is also a running through the middle of the forest, that may be a good source of water, it is also easier to hide in this arena. The second half is a Tropical arena with the Cornucopia having water around it and as you go away from the cornucopia you'll reach the beach ant

Pre-Games (Training)

Lucin Cansil (D8 Male)

As I’m riding the train towards the capitol it still hasn’t sunk in that I have been reaped. I’m just looking out the window trying to collect my thoughts. At least I know that I will have a good shot of winning the games especially with my brother being my mentor I know he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. 

As we’re coming to a stop to pick up the other kids who got reaped my brother is making his way towards me.

“I’m sorry Lucin, I wouldn’t have thought that they we’re going to choose you, I’m positive that there doing this to get back at me.” As his telling me this I just can’t imagine what he did to make them mad.

“But it’s all right you have a very good mentor that’s going to have your back and keep you alive during this games,” he laughs and gives me hug,”I love you, please make sure you stay alive for me.”

“I just don’t know if Lace will have as good luck as me,” I laugh just thinking of how she will every win these games, she is the most girly girl I know, when I saw her get reaped I knew that at least I wouldn’t be the first to die.

As I’m laughing, she walks in with Cecilia, “Please Lucin, I’m going to have this boys fighting all over me,” she tells me with that smile of hers.

I really don’t like her she thinks she is all that but in this games you will need more than just good looks to win it all but who knows maybe she will get all the guys to kill each other. For now my brother and Cecilia sit us down for our game plan than my brother asks us, “ So will you two be doing this thing by yourself or will you be teaming up for the games?” As he says this I quickly answer him, “I think being separate for now will be the best thing to do and worry about alliances once we met the other tributes.” Except me and my brother know that being stuck with Lace would be a death sentence.

Chione Nereus (D4 Female)

As I make my towards the train I’m taking deep breaths going towards the couch and grab some food and take a seat. I look at this beautiful train, we never really had anything this majestic. While I’m admiring the train Finnick walks into the room and I drop the food I was eating.

“Oh I’m sorry I’ll pick that up right away,” I can’t believe it, I’m so embarrassed. Except he is so nice about it, “It’s okay darling don’t worry about it, they have people who clean this train.” 

I still can’t believe that’s him, he is much older and I remember hearing stories about him when he was younger but it seems that he still looks as handsome as ever. 

“You’re very pretty, you might have some potential to get good sponsors and trust me I know how to get sponsors.” I just blush as his telling me this, “Now Brooke is with the Artic right now going through there game plan, and first we just wanted to make sure that you we’re okay with joining the careers and going it with them for the games.” I just nod my head in agreement, if I stick with the careers it may just win me the games. “Okay great, so for now we will eat some dinner and get some rest tomorrow is the first day of training and we want to make sure that both of you get rest to show off to game makers.”

I’m happy that I got Finnick as my mentor even though Artic got Brooke and she just won one of the most recent games, Finnick as more experience with this and he led Draco to a second place finish at last years game. I smile at him and take my a seat at the table. I look at Artic walk in and I get a little scared he has a face that looks vicious and cruel hopefully he has a better personality than this.

Seedum Plant (D5 Male)

Watching out the window I can see the capitol coming up. We don’t have building like this back in District 5, even the smallest building here look big to me. We will be arriving in a few minutes and I nervous on how the crowd will react, hopefully I can give them a show and get some sponsors. As I’m looking out the mentor comes in. I feel bad for her she has been doing this by herself for several years now after Aiden, the mentor that was with her died, she has been even more sad and it doesn’t look she tries anymore but I won’t let a mentor determine my fate in these games. 

“So what’s the plan Ivette?.” I ask her but she just gives me a strange look. We haven’t had the greatest tributes come from District 5 but I remember hearing stories of a girl who almost won it about 20 years ago she was one of the smartest girls there and the only thing that took her out was some stupid berries. I blame this mentors they don’t even try anymore it looks like Ivette was just drinking. I take one last look at her and go to my bedroom. I feel bad for me and Oleum, if we want to survive we are going to have to do this on our own. 

I go into my room and grab everything and pack it into my suitcase. I take one last look around this is about to begin this is where I have to be someone I have to stand out. I make sure I am the first one out of the train and I see the crowd cheering, I put on the biggest smile and start waving to everyone and shaking hands for the moment they probably don’t know who I am but I’m planing on making an impression on them. 

Lillian Trials (D1 Female)

Who does this little brat think he is?. Trying to act like he will actually get any sponsors, his just a poor kid from an outlier district. The second I step out of the train all the attention get’s thrown on me. Unlike all this amateurs I know how to play this, I just keep walking not even going to notice anyone, this will make them want me more. I just keep walking, while my partner is shaking hands. 

“Lillian wait up,” I hear Gloss yelling at me. Except I don’t need them especially Alric. I still cannot believe he chose not to be part of the careers. He won’t make it far without us. I keep walking in perfect stride until I reach the elevator being from District 1 we won’t have to go all the way up.

As I’m the first one of my team to make it up to the room I take a look around, not as good as my place but I guess it will have to do, for now. The rest of the team enters the room while I’m grabbing a little snack.

“Lillian I told you to wait for me,” She starts yelling but for the most part I ignore her, I won’t need a mentor to help me out I pretty much have this in the bag, none of this tributes are going to be able to handle what I’m about to bring.

Jett Ora (D9 Male)

I wake up and I’m scared, it’s dark everywhere and all the curtains are not letting any of the sunlight in. I must have crashed on the floor. I start walking into the hallway and this place looks deserted. Bang!. I hit myself with a hanging light. I fall and start panicking the last thing I remember is being reaped and thinking maybe it was just a dream, but I know I usually black out when I have a panic attack. I start panicking, the walls seem to be getting closer and closer and I start breathing heavily. Before I truly start panicking I see light coming out of the doorway and start crawling towards the light.

I open the door and the view ahead of me seems like a scene from after a festival ends back home. Confetti on the ground, the cleaning man picking up the left over food. I step out seeing if there are any sponsors left but no. These games are already off to a bad start. I am the last one of the train and no mentor, I still can’t believe district nine hasn’t had a victor in so many years and the last mentor died about ten years ago ever since that our escort has been our “mentor” but we haven’t fared well. No tribute from our district has made it even close to the top 10 but hopefully I can change that my size might actually help me out this time. 

I make my way up to the elevator and into our floor. We barely got here and its already a mess. I see Aleyen on the floor sleeping and I wake up her up.

“Hey get your training gear on we have to be in the training center soon,” I try not to say it loud it seems like she can’t handle loud noises at the moment.

She mumbles something at me but I just help her up to the couch and start helping her into her gear. She is lucky that I’m helping her out now she won’t have the same fate in the games.

Fury Anderson (D7 Male)

Coming down from the elevator is nerve wrecking knowing that all the tributes are about to meet each other. We’ve all have seen each others reaping but this is where everyone is going to get to show off. Johanna is right behind me staring me down, I can feel her just staring at me. She expects me to win, she is tired of not having a District 7 victor in over 15 years she is very determined to get one of us to win the games.

She leads us into the training room and than whispers in my ear, “Don’t attract attention to yourself, just go tot he stations where you need to excel in.” I look at her and shake my head that I understand. I turn around and crash into the weapons rack and fall down. I don’t even want to look up but I know I have to. The first thing I see is Johanna disappointed at me, the first thing she tells me to do and I already failed her. Than I see some of the career tributes looking at me. I can’t believe this happened now everybody will think I’m clumsy.

I stand up and compose myself and head over to the plant station to get started on this training, hopefully something will happen that will overshadow my little stunt.

Lavender Tone (D2 Female)

I watch the careers take turns with the weapons trying to show off one at a time and I know I will have to step up and show them what I got. I’m not the most out going person and being the youngest of the careers doesn't help. I gravitate more towards Chione she is way sweeter than that girl from District 1.

“Grab a weapon punk and show us what you got,” I just look at her like I really hope someone kills her in the games she is very annoying. 

I go up and grab some throwing knives this is it, I want her to eat her own words, I can see her smirking out of the corner of my eye. I throw three knives simultaneously and hit all three targets square in the eye. I can see that smirk coming off her face but I will be on her list that’s for sure she will be someone that I will have to look out for.

The next person takes there line to practice with there weapons. I know I need to be more exciting but I can’t it’s going to be very hard tomorrow in the interviews if I won’t be able to say anything for being to shy but I can’t worry about that, for now the careers and me go and scout tributes to see if any of them are worthy of being a career.

Lane Nashh (D6 Male)

I can see the careers coming towards me and I know this is where I have to really be on top of my game. We have a very good chance this year to make it far, first Sophie volunteering for her sister will surely win points for our district. Now it’s my turn and if we can get in with the careers this may be the opening we’re looking for to turn the tides for our district and at least bring some pride to them.

I start doing the obstacle course they have set up. I can see some of the times that the other tributes have done and some of them are very slow. I maneuver my way through the course jumping for barrels and crawling through tunnels. As I approach the climbing wall I know that this will be the hardest part for me. I start the climb. Knowing that I’m very slow climber all I can do is just keep looking up, approach the end and slide to the finish. I look up at my time and feel good, third best time of the day. I look at the careers and there smiling. 

“Good job Lane, I wish I was athletic like you,” Sophie is telling me. I look at her and smile, we may have a chance this year. Except I know the careers are looking so I just look at her and walk away.

That might have looked rude but we have to do anything to win and even with how cute she is, we have to stick to the plan our mentors have given us. If we want to make it far in the games we have to stick to the plan and not let our emotions get the best of us.

“That was very good Lane,” Says Chlorine. He looks like the leader of this years pack. I shake his hand and respond, “Thanks, and if you need any more people I would be happy to join.” He smiles and than takes off, that was good, usually careers won’t even look at you.

Keely Breslin (D11 Female)

If I want to survive this I know I must make an alliance with my district partner but it’s hard when he is being mean to everyone. Being the youngest doesn’t help either. We are both 12 and 13 and that puts a major target on our backs. I’m very scared that they won’t have any mercy on us. I’m just glad there is four of us that are in the same age group, hopefully I won’t be one of the easy targets. I take my turn doing the obstacle course and my size doesn’t help it takes me longer to climb and get over some of this bigger obstacles. I look up at the wall and realize this is going to be a long day of training.

Braxton Rhea (D10 Male)

I try to stay away from the obstacle course the first day, me not being the most athletic I would rather have the game makers look at something that I’m good at instead of me failing at everything else. I take one last look at the girl trying to climb that wall I feel bad for her she will have a very low training score if she keeps that up.

I go over to the camouflage station and start working with the paints. This I the only place where I can feel at home. I would go out with my dad all the time to do this, but now I know that I probably won’t ever be able to do this. I start to tear up than I’m realizing that I have shadow. I look behind me and Jett is looking straight at me. 

“Hey there bro, can I help you with something?” He just looks at me with a strange look and I don’t know what to do. So I just do the most natural thing and ask him if he wants to learn how to paint. He brightens up and is a little hesitant at first just watching me paint but than he gets into it. As we spend the afternoon painting I soon start to realize more and more about this kid. We both don’t have mentors just looking out for each other. I can understand him not having anyone to look up too., feeling like you have no shot in this games, and for some reason I feel like him and me can just help each other through this and maybe bring along some few other people to try to at least make it far in the games.

As we work on our painting skills soon our district partners come through and we’re all painting together this may be a good time

Wire Elec (D3 Male)

As we’re making our back up our mentor is trying to speak to us like we actually care what there saying. Blah blah you work better as a team, blah blah I’ve been through this before blah blah, stop guys I’m trying to talk to you blah blah. After a while it starts getting annoying. She barely won the games last year and she acts like she knows what she’s talking about. Than the last thing she says to me really takes me overboard.

“You know what, I would appreciated if you would stop helping me, you got lucky last year and didn’t get one kill, you’re district partner should have one and he was as weak as you, I’ll show you that I can win these games without you’re help and than District 3 will finally have a great winner.” She just stops and smile which now is really making me mad, “Fine have it you’re way, if you think you can win without me have it you’re way and good luck.

The last I see is her going into her room. I might have been tough on her but she has too understand that I’m better than her and if I was in her games she would not have survived. I take one last look at the empty living room and go into my room and sleep for the night, tomorrow is the interviews and that will be a very interesting day.

Wildfire Champion (D12 Female)

Waking up is hard to do now, back home the beds we’re not as soft as they are now. Personally me I’m tired of all the injustice that goes on in this country, i’’m happy I got paired with one of the most rebellious people this country has seen, Katniss Everdeen. I’m still in my bed while the alarm is sounding in the background when Katniss comes crashing in the room.

“Wake up, wake up, we don’t have that much time we need to get you ready for you’re interviews today,” she comes in blaring at me.

I heard she use to be more better but I guess this is what happens when you’ve been through this for almost 25 years. 

“I’m up, I’m up,” I yell at her while I’m laying in my bed. 

Than I feel a shower of cold water hit me. Oh no. I swing my leg and knock her down, for a while we’re just looking at each other than we burst out laughing, “You got guts kid I’ll give you that but you’re going to need more than that to win these games.”  

I walk out with her and sit down at the table. As we’re eating Pik and Primrose come walking through, it’s amazing how her sister got picked to participate in the games a few years later after Katniss was picked but Katniss did everything to make sure Prim made it out alive. Now here she is a few years older and mentoring the tributes of District 12. As we eat our breakfast we go over our gameplan for the day and hoping that the trainer scores tonight are in our favor.

Zendra Junip (D3 Female)

I tried telling him that he made a mistake in not taking any advice from Logic but he doesn’t seem to want to take any advice from anyone he might just flunk the interviews today and that is something that they take into our scores as well. We make our way out of the elevator with our stylist and Beetee taking me to where we are going to dress us up and get us ready for the day.

“Now remember Zendra, you have an advantage most of this tributes don’t have mentors just remember what we taught you and you will make it through just find,” He tells me and I just take this in stride.

The make up team starts there preparations with me and even if I’ve been through this once it is still nerve wrecking when they start plucking away and putting all this different things on my face. At first I didn’t know I could look like this. I’m still not the most beautiful but I look better than I ever had and I didn’t know I had this in me. I feel at little more confident. 

We all make our way in a line and the girl from District 1 goes on first as she starts acting mean and a little even a little crazy but the capitol eats this up as she is being known as a killer. One by one I know my turn is coming up and I hope that I don’t mess this up. As the District 2 boy gets off the stage I know I’m next and it will be hard to follow the Careers but I have to do my best.

Indigo Rankine (D11 Male)

The tributes are one by one doing their interviews some of them are doing great and the audience loves them but other just are to awkward and even Caesar can’t save them. Next thing I know I see my partner getting off the stage and there calling my name. I strut towards the chair, the nerves settling down a bit and Caesar greets me with that great smile of his.

“Indigo good to have you here, now I’m going to ask you what I ask most of the tributes how do you feel about you’re odds this year especially being one of the youngest one’s here?” He asks me.

I pause for a moment than answer his question, “well I feel pretty good I mean I may be young but the only way they kill me is if they catch me and that’s going to be hard to do.” He smiles at me and asks me another question. “The tributes from district 11 have faired average at the games but none have been to the top ten in over seven years do you feel this is the year for district 11.

“Well not only do we have a good chance of making the top ten but district 11 has a great chance of having a victor.” I hear the crowd cheering because my confidence is showing through and than I hit them with the last statement, “the tributes this year are weak, I challenge any of them to try an take me down.”

Everybody applauds and I feel great about this even though I made have made a bigger target on myself that was worth it to have at least a few sponsors look at me. I come off the stage and feel great about my chances.

Alric Gould (D1 Male)

As we’re watching the interviews show up again on the T.V my mentor takes me away form everybody celebrating the good interviews our district had. Gloss takes me to the room and we start talking about our game plan and I know what his going to say to me again.

“So are you sure you want to go solo in these games and not go with the careers because you’re stock will drop unless we can pull a high training score tonight.” I just look at him thinking how many times i’ve told him no. I know he wants a victor and he looked sad when I told him I didn’t want to be with the careers but he has to confidence in me that I would do it.

“No I don’t want to be with the careers I will take the risk and go into this with a winning mentality, I will rock the individual training and tonight you will see the highest scores for these games.” He looks at me and smile I know that I have to do this for him he has so much hope for me.

Lace Crossford (D8 Female)

The day has gone by so fast, here I am now waiting for individual training as my turn is about to come up. For me this is not fair, Lucin has his brother as a mentor and there is no way that he will let him die in the games. I’ve never felt so helpless I know that my mentor is going to help me as much as she can but when a family member of a mentor is entered in the games the other mentors usually try to help them out and have them win but for now all I can do is try my best and get a decent score.

I stand up and make my way toward the room with all the other game makers. I say hello to them and get started with one of the people there to show off my hand to hand combat skills.

We take our stance and than after a while of fighting I’m able to disarm the wood knife he had and get him in kill position. For the most part I know it wasn’t flashy but I need to do something else to get my score up.

I look at the game makers thank them and do a little bow. Than I do something that definitely catches their attention. I quickly flash them than just walk out. That should heighten my score a little bit and I should be all set.

Dawn Santori (D10 Female)

I feel horrible, trying to explain to Braxton how I failed and couldn’t even look at him without starting to tear up. I was explaining to him how I just stood there and smiled at them for the longest time not knowing what to do. I was so nervous how  they we’re looking at me and being the smallest girl here didn’t help either. Than I slowly went to grab a sling shot and failed miserably at hitting the targets I was too nervous.

After telling him all that I just start crying and he comes to hug me and tells, “don’t worry Dawn, You will be fine for some kid’s that don’t have mentors we made an alliance and are good on survival skills as long as we make it out of the cornucopia we all have a chance to win these games.”

I smile a little bit at this, maybe it won’t be bad maybe we will all make it too the final four and none of us have to die, but my smile dies down as I realize that this is just a dream.

Chlorine Brandt (D2 Male)

As we’re chilling and looking at the T.V to see the training scores we are all feeling good about ourselves. Lavender as far as I know did well and I know being the leader of the careers and all that will get me a high score. We are all sitting down anxious for what is about to happen.

“Don’t worry kid you will do just fine,” Mason is telling me. Seriously, Mason has just been amazing he is a strong victor winning games in record time, but he is a even more amazing mentor, showing me the ropes and making sure that I would be the leader telling everybody what to do. He expects perfection from me and I am willing to give him that and more.

As we look at the screen they begin to announce the training scores and the first one surprises me, an 11 from none other than Alric, this is bad he could still some of the sponsors from us. I am shocked I seriously can’t even look at the other training scores. I just have a blank look on my face. This is not ok. 

Camelia Winchester (D7 Female)

As we’re looking at the training scores there are some intimidating scores coming up. Except here we are getting to the scores for District 7. As the announce the male score it’s a 6 and I can see Fury sadden a little bit. For some reason he hasn’t done his best and I know he is better than that 6 but I know for now there Isn’t anything we can do about the score. We take a look at my score and it’s an 8. Everybody starts cheering and being so happy for me. We start celebrating without even looking at the rest of the scores. We have this amazing food that I haven’t tasted yet and trust me I have tasted almost everything they have.

We start finishing up and I go over to Fury, “Hey don’t worry about you’re score it doesn’t reflect what you truly can do.” He look very sad but tells me, “Yea I know but still everybody see’s me as a failure now I mean, even if I do survive it’s probably because you’ll be there to help me out.”

I know it’s tough for him but I just give him a hug it’s getting late and we both head to our beds. I know that this will be tough and it may be more work to be carrying him around but I know he will be a great partner that we will make it through together.

Aleyen Meyer (D9 Female)

I wake up with a major headache, looking around this mess and grabbing a bottle that was next to me. I start taking a sip from it when Jett comes barging through the door. “What are you doing Aleyen, today is the start of the Hunger Games and you’re drinking again,” His yelling at me but for the most part my head is hurting and blocking most of the things that he is saying.

“Wait, so that is happening today?” I ask him. For a moment he is just looking at me with a weird look. Than he starts telling me about the game plan how we are looking out for those kids from district 10 that we we’re painting with the other day.

“Well, sounds great wake me up when it’s time to head out,” I start closing my eyes but than he picks me up, “well it’s time go put on you’re clothes and we’re going to meet up with our stylist. I don’t remember having stylist or anything like that but I just let him carry me to wherever we are going to go.

Artic Tsunami (D4 Male)

Out of all the people here the only one I trust is Brooke. Just for the reason is that her only job is to keep me alive. Everyone else is looking out for themselves. Even Finnick the other mentor is helping out that girl. For me the careers are my alliance but also my biggest threat. They are some of the strongest tributes here and I know that if I only one can win they will look to take me out.

As I’m staring out the window Chione comes in to tell me that it’s almost time to leave to the arena. I just give her a head nod. As cruel as it seems not to care, I can’t care that is something to worry about in the games is too care for someone and that will be someone’s downfall. I can understand why Alric wants to go at it alone is less things to worry about.

I decide to leave everything in the room there isn’t a reason to bring anything to the games, that is just something else to distract me from my goal. In the end there will be only one person standing and that person has to be me.

Sophie Watterson (D6 Female)

This has been great so far, Lane has fully integrated himself with the careers and my interview couldn’t have gone any better with the audience crying at every word I said about volunteering for my sister. It was so easy because I was sad when I saw her reaped I know I couldn’t let her go through this, it’s pretty tough for me so far.

As I’m seating in the hovercraft watching Lane and the careers joke around I can’t help to think that this plan is working out just like those two lovers from District 12 so many years ago. Except we’re not lovers not even close to it. He acts so cold towards me sometime but I know this is an act I just wish I knew if he had any feelings towards me. 

Oleum Graisser (D5 Female)

It’s been hard so far, Seedum has carried most of the weight and I am thankful for that but even with that I know it’s hard for him to worry about me and him when the mentor hasn’t been doing much. So far he has made some name for himself but I’ve just been laying in the background minding my own buisness.

As we get off the hovercraft and they start dressing us up, I can see that some alliances have been made by how close some of the tributes are getting to each other. I look towards Seedum and can see that his starting to distance himself from. Who wouldn’t I’m just extra weight for him to pull during the games. I let out a sigh and start getting ready. In a few hours, I’ll either be dead or fighting for my life.

Pik Morrison (D12 Male)

As we are getting ready the mentors start coming in to give us final pieces advice and things like that. I can see Prim coming up to me with a smile on her face. “I hope you’re prepared for this, I haven’t heard much about the arena this year, but if we can be certain about one thing is that it will interesting,” I nod my head in agreement to her and give her a hug this may be the last time I see her.

While I’m putting on some of the gear I overhear a conversation between Lucin and his brother, “Remember go towards the left hand side of the tunnels, you’ll be okay after that.” 

I have no idea why it would matter what side it of tunnels you go through but if it means being next to him I decide to go to take the right tunnel. As half of us are going through the tunnel I start getting nervous this is it, it’s now or never. We each go into our own rooms while they put the final touches on the arena and the get all the cameras set up. A million things are running through my head. My whole district is going to see me either fail or succeed and that is a lot to take in.

They give us the okay to get into our tubes and as they are raising us I start to make a realization that I may have chosen the wrong tunnel to go through. 

Part 1- The Great Divide

Day 1

Lavender Tone (D2 Female)/Tropic Side

As I’m looking out at the landscape I can tell that we are going to be in trouble, well not us but Chlorine. His on the other side of the Cornucopia. Well, I should probably try explaining the arena first. It seems to be split in half with one side being a forest kind of arena while the half we are on is a tropical arena and there is water around us with things scattered in the water and on the platform in the middle but there seems to be this forcefield splitting the two environments in half and Chlorine is on the other half. 

I give a look to Chione like what are we going to do. All she says is swim. As the Gong sounds I dive head first into the water and head for the Cornucopia knowing that most of the Careers are on this side. Artic makes it first onto the platform and grabs a spear. With all the choas going around and people not knowing on what side their alliance may be on I don’t know what the careers are going to do.

As I see Lillian and Chione make it to the platform Lillian starts pointing at me and tells Artic to throw the spear. I am shocked as Artic throws his spear but it hits the Aleyen who apparently was on my tail. I make it onto the platform and all I can see is Lillian with her big smile acting like a savior, thinking that I owe her one. I just give her a look and grab some knives.

Sophie Watterson (D6 Female)/Forest Side

I look over to the other side and see Lane meeting up with the other Careers and thinking that I may have landed on the wrong side of the arena. I’m not sure what to do now. It seems to be free for all and with all this Chaos you don’t know what people are going to do even with pre game plans people are going to make rash decisions. 

I see a green backpack and decide to bolt out of there before anything can happen I can already see an alliance of three heading the other direction and with just 12 people to deal with for right now it would be a good idea to avoid everyone I bolt to the other side and disappear into the bushes.

Lucin Cansil (D8 Male)/Forest Side

As I’m making a run towards the weapons, I'm happy to see the Careers on the other side of the this arena, this gives me a chance to take most of the weapons for myself. I grab a few knives that I find I check my surroundings to make sure no one is about to attack me.

I take a look out and notice the kid on 11 creeping up on Chlorine and it my head it might be a good idea to have that kid take him out but with the numbers being low for now it might be a good idea to have him as an ally. I scream out to Chlorine and throw one of my knives at the kid from 11.

“You better watch out or next time I won’t be around to save you,” I grab his hand and pick him up.

“So now you think we’re in alliances?” He asks me.

“Well, it’s not like we have a choice with how all of you’re buddies are on the other side,” I try to explain to him and with that he shakes my hand even if neither one of us wants this we both know that it may be our only hope to survive this part of the games.

Artic Tsunami (D4 Male)/Tropic Side

This is vey ideal for me, as I can feel the water spray itself on me, I know that this will be a very easy to win, they pretty much gave it to me. Some of the other tributes have scattered towards the beach and I can see some of them going into the trees.

Except there are some tributes left standing on the platforms that seem to not be wanting to move, maybe because they can’t swim. Than I see two kids on the platform and the boy from district five seems to have pushed the girl into the water and he seems to be pushing her into the shore. Not on my watch I start to head towards them but why waste my energy on someone moving away from me.

I change direction towards Pik and as he see’s me coming he jumps in the water. I wait for him to come up but realize after a few minutes that he might nor come up. I dive into the water to look for him and I can see his lifeless body floating in the water. 

As I’m making my way towards my team mates they tell me, “So what are we going to do now?” As I look at them I realize how important it was to have a leader in the group. This might be a little bit more challenging that I thought.

Keely Breslin (D11 Female)/Forest side

I’m trying to be as sneaky while most of the tributes have left towards the forest, I’m trying to get at least some supplies for myself. Seeing Indigo die was hard. Even if I didn’t like him, it made me realize how real this just got. 

I make my way slowly towards a backpack and as I’m about to grab it the kid from one steps on it. “So where do you think you’re going with this?” he asks me.

I am very terrified as his holding his sword by his side. I can’t even talk. He just looks at me but than a miracle happens. “Look at who we have here my dear friend Alric.” says a voice behind him.

I sneak a peek and see the boy from two and thinking to myself that two careers cannot be good. 

“So do you want to settle this now Chlorine?” he starts asking him and I realize that maybe they’re not in a team. 

That kid starts to back off maybe knowing that he got eleven in training. “Don’t worry we’ll settle this soon enough maybe not now but if that force field opens up you will be in for a hurting.”

He just starts to laugh and than with one blow he strikes at me, I didn’t even see it coming. He knocks the breath out of me and I fall towards the ground, the last thing I see is the kid from one running off towards the forest, than everything goes dark.

Furry Anderson (D7 Male)/Tropic Side

Boom!. Boom!. Boom!. Boom!. 

I hear the canons sound signifying the deaths of the fallen tributes. I am not sure what is going on right now but for some reason they have split us up.  Does this mean there will be two victors? Are they going to merge us back together soon. I am not sure but all that matters is me and Camellia have survived the initial bloodbath. 

We have been walking for a very long time and I don’t know how much farther I can go but she keeps pushing me and I can’t quit especially when she keeps moving a long just fine. I don’t know the situation I’m in but I do not want to be viewed as the weak link of the alliance and so far she has been the strongest in everything.

“So I don’t think the careers will start hunting until after the anthem or maybe early in the morning before the sun rises, for now I think this will be a good hiding place,” she is even giving out the orders but I’m so tired I don’t even complain. “Yea sounds good and with there not being that many people on this side I think we’re good on anyone attacking us.” 

We put the only backpack we got from the Cornucopia, which she got, and set it down and start looking around for any food or water. All that is going through my head is how fun this day is going to be.

Zendra Junip (D3 Female)/Forest Side

As I am making my way through this forest it seems to be getting darker the deeper I go into it, and who knows what the game makers have put in the forest. Except all I can do is keep walking, even though most of the Careers are on the other side, it seemed the strongest tributes are on this side which does not fare well for me.

It seems like it’s been hours and I can’t even tell if the sun has set or not but I have to keep walking there still 10 tributes on this side and I am probably one of the weakest on this side all I can do for the moment is hide until the force field is opened up or the starve themselves to death.

Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Tropic Side

Walking through this humidity sucks. Especially carrying a tribute with you. I knew from the moment we got reaped that I would be stuck with her and I just can’t let her die. Maybe that’s why I just shucked her in the water and pretty much carried her to the beach since she couldn't swim 

As we’re walking, I hear some footsteps. I stop immediately and cover Oleum’s mouth just to make sure she doesn’t make a sound. I take a peek and see the crazy kid from 3 walking by with a knife. It seems he got away with something. I wait for him to be fully out of our sight than I signal Oleum that we’re going to start walking to the other direction. 

“That was close, huh?” she asks me. “Yea kinda I mean it’s two against one so I’m pretty sure we had the odds to make it out.” Except I know that really she is holding me down and I would have a better chance against him if she wasn’t around but all I can do is hug her, this is going to be tough but we the night coming hopefully this night will be calm and quiet.

The anthem starts playing and you can see the fallen tributes come up. First it’s that drunk girl from nine, it kinda makes sense she didn’t really stand a chance anyways. Than I see both kids from District 11, they didn’t even stand a chance especially with how both young they we’re. The final tributes that appears is the male from 12. As it finishes all I can think is 4 down and 20 to go, this is going to be a long hunger games.

Day 2

Chlorine Brandt (D2 Male)/Forest Side

It’s hard seeing the careers mere feet away from me but there is nothing I can do to help them out. It seems that Artic swam to get some of the supplies that are in the water but they seem lost from there. I can tell them anything because they can’t hear me, so here I am stuck with the boy from eight, not a good way to start the games. 

“So what’s up with you and that boy from one?. It didn’t seem like you guys liked each other.” Lucin starts asking me, and with there not being anything to do early in the morning it seems it might be a good idea to just talk.

“Well, when the games first started I asked to be a member of the careers but he just shrugged it off and told me he thought it would be better to be by himself. I wasn’t too sure what his problem is, usually people don’t have a problem with joining the careers but for some reason he just didn’t want to do it. It bothers me a lot that he is one of the strongest people here and he didn’t want to join us usually it would be easier to take care of him later in the games if I kept him closer to me.” I try to explain to him.

After a while of sitting there looking at the first rays of sunlight coming through the horizon, I can see the careers starting to head out to hunt for tributes. “So do you think it’s a good idea to go out hunting with Alric out there?” Lucin asks me. “Well, we’re not going to get anything done just sitting here.” I tell him and we start heading out into the forest leaving the Cornucopia by itself.

Wire Elec (D3 Male)/Tropic Side

I’m having a very peaceful dream which is surprising since it’s the first night in the hunger games but I bet everyone else is having uneasy night. Than I start hearing things and I wake up slowly making sure if anyone is out there they don’t know that I’ve woken up. I take a look around but it still too dark too see anything. Than the I hear voices whispering and I know that I may be in trouble.

I grab my knife and take off, and when I do I can hear footsteps running behind me and it sounds like there beside me too. This is bad it sounds like there is more than one person chasing after me. I jump and weave through the thick jungle like tropic arena that they put in front of me but than a boy slams into me and knocks the air out of me.

“Wait no, no, I can help I know where there are tributes,” I start screaming almost pleading for my life. I haven’t opened my eyes yet buy I’m too scared to even look.

After a while I hear someone talk, “So are you going to tell us, or are you just going to sit there with your eyes close acting like a baby.” At this I decide to open my eyes and see the careers standing in front of me with weapons pointed at me.

“Well, we don’t need those weapons pointed at me now, if you want I know where the other tributes are follow me and I’ll show you.” For the most part I have no idea where I’m taking them but it doesn’t seem like they want to ally right now and just want to get as many kills as possible. So I start leading them to the unknown hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something to get out of this mess.

Oleum Grassier (D5 Female)/Tropic Side

It’s early in the morning and we just woke up to a very cold morning but the risk of making a fire isn’t a good idea especially early in the games when there is still many tributes out and about. We look at each other and I can tell his not enjoying his time here so far but apart from the careers no one ever enjoys it. Except he tries, he tries very hard to keep our spirits up but I feel soon this place will break him just like it has too many others.

“So what do you have planned for today Seedum?.”

“I think we keep walking,” than we here the sound of birds flying off.

“What do you think that was?” I ask him. Except he stands up and starts looking around. Than he grabs me and we start running.

“Come on, I saw white hair and I think that was Artic,” his screaming at me and I know they’ll find us with all the noise we’re making.

One of the careers comes through and tackles Seedum to the ground and they start wrestling. Another girl comes through and when she see’s me she screams out that they have found us and I guess they split up to find us. For now all I know is to go and help Seedum. I grab the kid and knock him to the ground. 

“Run, Run Seedum now!.” I start screaming at him but before I can run away the boy grabs me.

“Look at what we have here,” the girl from one starts talking. “Hey Lillian, I think Wire escaped we can’t seem to find him.” Lane comes through the trees with Lavender. “Oh it’s okay we caught this girl and for now that is all we need,” I’m terrified as she is saying this but there isn’t anything I can do. She grabs her mace and swings it at me. 


Chlorine Brandt (D2 Male)/Forest Side

Walking through this forest gets tiring. Than there’s the fact that there is only two of us and no one guarding the Cornucopia is even more nerve wrecking. We haven’t seen anyone today which scares me as well. We aren’t even the biggest alliance here and I know the careers probably got another kill with that canon going off this morning.

“Do you think we should start heading back now?” Lucin starts to ask me. “Well it looks like we won’t find anything we might as well go back and re stock.”

We start to make our way back when we hear a muffled noise. We start to look around and we can’t see anything, than Lucin points towards the ground and I can see what it is. 

“Is that Wildfire?.” When he says that I can tell that it does look like Wildfire, well the hair is there. “Why do you think she is tied up like that in the middle of the forest?.” Than it starts to hit me, “Lucin watch out, there may be someone watching us and this may be a trap!.”

We are still and we stand back to back making sure there isn’t anything out there. This is weird, there is no way there would just be a tribute tied up in the middle of the forest if someone didn’t put her there.

“My good friend Chlorine, I see you found my next victim,” and that’s when I recognize the voice. “Alric, come out and face me like a man.”

I wait for a response than I hear a canon go off and than turn around and see Wildfire’s been stabbed by a sword.

“Come out Alric and face me!.” I keep screaming but no response. He starting to play mind tricks on me but I know that I can’ give in to this. 

“Let’s keep moving Lucin and make it back to the Cornucopia before I lose it,” and we start making our way back, I will catch him and he will be sorry he messed with me.

Lillian Trials (D1 Female)/Tropic Side

It feels good getting a kill and knowing the capitol was watching. This is just another way to get the upper hand against these careers and make me distinguishable in front of the sponsors. As we are making our way back we here another canon sound and I can’t imagine if that is on our side or on the other side but we will find out tonight.

As we arrive at the beach to swim to the cornucopia we see three figures on the other side

“Hey guys what is that over there?.” Lavender notices the figures too and we start swimming over there. “It’s Jett and his little group,” I’m telling everyone. This is where it sucks that this massive force field is blocking us. They are stealing things from the Cornucopia and there is nothing we can do we just sit not being able to kill them. Than I notice bushes moving on, and I get excited we’re about to see some action go down.

Braxton Rhea (D10 Male)/Forest Side

We are searching through the rubbish looking for any good supplies and putting them into our back packs. “Hey Jett, have you seen any throwing axes?.” I ask him while looking for any other weapons that might help us.

He brings a throwing axe to me and I find a javelin for Dawn. “Guys I think we have trouble coming,” Dawn is telling us and I can see that she’s pointing at the water and I can make out tributes coming towards us. I get a little scared when I see the tributes but than I realize that theres a force field in between us and lighten down knowing they can’t hurt us.

As we keep looking through everything I notice one of the girls looking at something. As I turn to look I can see the bushes moving and someone making there way over here. I whisper to everyone, “Guys lets go before we get killed.”

We take off to the other side before whoever was behind us had a chance to see us.

After sprinting for a while I’m hoping that we are safe. The day is almost over and there has been only two days. Surely, something has to happen tomorrow or the game makers will put things in there hands.

Chione Nereus (D4 Female)/Tropic Side

Seeing them just run away without any consequences is horrible. Knowing that we just had to watch them take things and couldn’t do anything about it. I know that we will have our time to get them but for now we’re stuck on this side. As we see Lucin and Chlorine make there way back we can only assume that there the ones that got that kill for the second canon that sounded.

I see Lillian trying to tell them that there stuff is missing but I know they can’t hear us. Soon they will find out that there stuff is missing but for now there isn’t much we can do.

“So do you think we should just stay here for now?.” I ask Artic. “Yea it’s getting late and they should do anthem soon enough.”

As we start getting ready for sleep, some of them are sharpening knives and I decide to talk to Lavender because she is the only girl I trust here. We just start talking about how fast these games have gone by. Talking about what its going to look like in a couple of days when the Careers are forced to turn on each other and I know that Lillian will be a force to be reckoned with.

The Anthem starts playing and we see the two deaths of the day. First the girl from five that Lillian had a hand in killing which I can see by her smile she is proud of and the girl from 12 which probably either Chlorine or Lucin got.

Lace Crossford (D8 Female)/Forest Side

I wasn’t able to see the anthem tonight. For the most part I’ve been running through the forest trying to get away from someone who has been chasing me for the past few hours. I first noticed someone tracking me after the second canon sounded. I knew they we’re there and that’s when I started running. I heard footsteps behind me but after a while I stop hearing them than I hear them again. I feel like I can’t out run whoever is behind me and with night falling I don’t know how long I can make this last.

As I’m running I start hearing the footsteps but I’m to tired too keep running so I stop and decide to say something, “Whoever is out there, show yourselves and stop being a coward,” I scream into the darkness. For a few seconds I hear nothing than I hear laughter.

“Oh are we going to have fun with you, tomorrow should be a good day,” hearing this terrifies me, I’m not sure whats going on but it cannot be good.

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Tropic Side

So far these games have been quiet. I’m getting scared as how much action we’ve seen in the games. There have already been two deaths today and I have seen nothing so far.

I take a look at Furry sleeping and I kind of don’t want to go to sleep because I don’t know if I can trust him to defend us if something went down. Except if we want to make it far in these games I need to give him my full trust. District 7 is expecting me to come back alive and I’m going to give that to them.

“Furry it’s you’re turn to take watch,” I start waking him up. He looks at me with a sleepy look and nods his head. I take my turn and fall asleep hopefully nothing happens tonight.

End Of Day 2

Day 3

Lane Nashh (D6 Male)/Tropic Side

So far I haven’t made any real connections with anyone. Artic seems like he likes being by himself and not being disturbed by anyone. Chione and Lavender have become closer to each other and haven’t really let anyone into there group and Lillian is pretty mean girl. I watch everyone doing there own thing and I’m just sharpening some miscellaneous weapons trying to waste some time before we head out again. 

“So I think it’ a good time to go out and start hunting again.” Artic is telling the group. Except since Chlorine got stuck on the other side it’s been hard trying to establish some order and if we they don’t open that wall soon this group my implode.

As we grab the weapons that each of us wants we start swimming out. We start getting to shore and I can see Artic already on the beach and I just think that hopefully I don’t have to face him anytime soon in the water because that would not work out well for me. We start our trek through the jungle trying to find out next victim.

Jett Ora (D9 Male)/Forest Side

Waking up sucks. Especially with not getting enough sleep. At least with three people we can split it up so we each get more sleep but it’s hard trying to keep watch out a weapon. When we raided the Cornucopia we only came away with a weapon for Braxton and Dawn. Now I’m weaponless and standing guard. As I’m looking out it still hard to imagining that Aleyen is dead. There was nothing that I could do about it, she was on the other side and was helpless. It still eats me up. Even though I know there was only going to be one winner, there still something inside of me that wanted her to survive.

Dawn starts to wake up and I start making some breakfast before Braxton wakes up too. As we get the day started I just hope today will be another easy day.

Alric Gould (D1 Male)/Forest Side

My plan is working perfectly. Knowing that if I take on Chlorine just one on one may not work. Except if I can play with him and mess with his mind. It will weaken him. No one else is as strong as me but him and if I can mentally tear him down defeating him should be no problem. As I start to set the trap I can’t wait for this to go down. I grab a tied up Lace and start carrying her getting ready for the day to begin and bring down Chlorine even more.

Wire Elec (D3 Male)/Tropic Side

Still being by myself sucks. I keep thinking back to the argument I had with Logic and thinking that maybe I should have let her help me. I’m freezing with no food and this is horrible. I haven’t done anything in these games so far and I had this big plan of being the strongest. I take a look around at my surroundings. This is not good. Than I see some birds fly off and realize that there might be someone close by. I stand up and climb a tree to be safer.

I see the Careers walking by and I am glad that I am up here in the tree and hoping that they don’t see me. I can see them stop right at the tree that I’m located and this is weird that it seems the girl from one is missing from the group. Than I come to realization, and slowly start turning my head and see the scariest thing, the girl from one staring right at me. 

I fall out of the tree at the sight of these and now there are a whole bunch of Careers surrounding me.

“Well look who it is the kid that send us on a wild goose chase,” Lillian is telling me while she climbs down the tree.

I am so terrified now but there is nothing I can do and before I have any last words Lillian strikes at me and it’s too late I hit the ground and that is the end of me.


Dawn Santori (D10 Female)/Forest Side

For a moment everything is peaceful there isn’t much we are doing but walking through the forest with the each of the boys either walking in front of me or behind me I feel very secured. I know this won’t last there will be a point where all hell will break loose and I will be fighting for my life, wether that may be at a feast or a full out brawl the game makers push us too.

We are taking everything in stride, I grip my javelin and hope I never have to use it especially against someone innocent. As we start making our way through trees, Jett stops in front of me.

“Hey are you ok? why are you stopping?” I ask him. “There’s a girl tied up here in the middle of the forest.” As his talking I can see what his talking about there is just a girl there, I think her name is Lace, and she is tied up there in the middle of the forest.

Lucin Cansil (D8 Male)/Forest Side

Hunting for tributes is becoming harder with the amount that there is on this side of the arena. We have been looking for almost two hours now and still we haven’t found anything, not one tribute. As we are making our way through Chlorine stops and the face he makes is one I’ve seen before. As I make my way I see a girl tied up and I notice that its Lace the girl from my District. 

I can’t believe it she seems so helpless but I notice the other tributes there too and this gets awkward. Braxton is just looking at me with open eyes and the his pack is there too this might just get messy. We stand there for a few minutes than Alric comes flying through attacking Chlorine and that’s when and all out brawl starts. 

Lace Crossford (D8 Female)/Forest Side

As everybody is fighting I’m just here tied up not being able to do anything Chlorine and Alric are going at it and it doesn’t seem that anyone is getting the upper hand. 

The two boys have gone after Lucin but it doesn’t seem that they have the upper hand even with it being two against one. As I’m trying to escape I feel someone untying me and it’s dawn.

“Don’t worry I’ll help you escape,” I just look at her and can’t believe someone would actually go through all this trouble to save someone who they might have to kill later on in the games. As she is freeing me I think about everything that has happened so far and can’t believe how he captured me so easily but I survived and now I have to survive this. 

She unties me and we go over to help Jett and Braxton but than Lucin starts screaming, “What are you doing don’t help them help me out I’m you’re district partner.” hearing this I really don’t know how much loyalty I actually have for him. I see Braxton throw his axe at his head but Lucin ducks his head and it seems to have hit another person.


Everybody seems to have stop fighting to see who it was and it’s a girl I think from three and I’m surprised just an innocent by stander who was probably just passing through. Before they start fighting again, I hear trumpets and the game makers seem to have announcement, “Tomorrow at noon there will be a feast at the cornucopia, I would suggest that all of you should go because there will be four bags, and each one may contain something that you need, is the risk worth it  I hope it is, and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

As I hear this I’m astonished that there would be a feast this close with the amount of people left but as I turn around to see everyone fighting, it seems everyone has disappeared and I’m here with a dead body by myself to wait for the feast tomorrow.

End Of Part 1

Part 2- The Merger

Day 3 (Continued)

Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Tropic Side

This day has been very long, and to make it worse I need to make up my mind if I want to go to the feast tomorrow and risk it. I bet something big is going to go down and I don’t know what to do. Without Oleum this games have been unbearable there hasn’t been anyone to talk to and I’m here by myself.

With the amount of deaths I can only guess the game makers have something big planned for everybody and I feel the bloodshed is going to be intense tomorrow. I start walking and choose I good place to rest for the night. With only two major groups left on this side of the arena the chances of someone finding me is slim especially with one of them being the careers and there all near the cornucopia. Which is also something to think off. With all the Careers at the cornucopia it feels a little unfair that they will be able to get all the backpacks and I just hope that the game makers will be able to help the rest of us out.

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Tropic Side

Two canons. That’s all we heard today, and with the numbers winding down I can only look at Furry and hope that nothing happens to him or me. We have to survive tomorrow if we do our chances to win these games go up immensely. 

“Hey are you going to be ok to take first watch?” I ask him. He just nods, which is weird his been getting quieter and quieter, maybe his thinking the same thing I am, that only one of us are going to survive.

“You know that no matter what happens,” I start telling him, “we will be together until the final two, I won’t betray you and won’t do anything that would put you in danger. Whatever happens in the final two than it happens but until than you know I go your back.”

“Yea I know and no matter what happens I got your back ok?” I smile at him and give him a hug at least for now we’re on the same page.

Jett Ora (D9 Male)/Forest Side

I’m surprised that there was only two deaths today. With that all out brawl that we had today I would have thought there would have been more deaths. I guess I can see why the game makers want there to be a feast and I just hope my alliance can make it through all right.

As we look at the anthem play and see the two kids from district three being shown it makes it that much harder with the amount of tributes left there will be deaths and it will be gruesome. I take the first watch even thought I know people are probably preparing for tomorrow you can never be too sure about what’s going to happen tonight and if there is someone out there looking for you.

Sophia Watterson (D6 Female)/Forest Side

I haven’t seen anybody in the whole day but there has been deaths so there must have been some activity. I’ve been wondering these woods without seeing a soul but I know tomorrow I need to go to the feast. Hopefully I’ll be able to reunite with Lane and that way we can be a team again but who am I kidding I’m pretty sure his doing great with the careers and wouldn’t need my help.

Except being in these games have showed me that you need to take chances and I need to tell him how I feel about him but what if it’s too late and one of us dies. I have been thinking about that every night and I know tonight I’ll have nightmares again. I lay my head down and try to make this as comfortable as possible I know tomorrow is coming fast and I have to be ready for it.

End of Day 3

Day 4

Lavender Tone (D2 Female)/Tropic Side

The game makers must really want the careers to win this year. They pretty much made the feast where all the careers are at. Chlorine and Lucin are on the other side waiting for the feast to start and I know that if anyone tries to come in the water that they will be useless because they will have to go against Artic in his domain.

It still early in the morning and I know that when noon comes it will be tough especially with only four backpacks this year, I can see it in some of there eyes they will kill one of us if whatever is in the bags is in there best interest.

“So do you think Lillian could come after one of us, she could easily make it look like an accident if the right situation arose,” Chione starts telling me. She makes a valid point too what if she just happened to hit us with that mace of hers. “Well, all we can do is look out for each other, I got you’re back if you got mine,” I let her know. She nods her head and whatever happens today I know there could be plenty of deaths.

Chlorine Brandt (D2 Male)/Forest Side

I can see the sun starting to rise and I know it’s getting close, who knows maybe they won’t lift the wall and will be stuck fighting it out on separate sides until the end. I’m still optimistic about this. That it will all somehow work out and that we will be reunited once again to dominate the games and take out any tributes that are left.

I get my sword ready and I see Lucin sharpening his knives and as I look at him I know that he may not survive the events that happen today with the deaths I’m expecting to get today he is one of them, I won’t need use for him once I get reunited with the rest of the pack. He smiles at me and I smile back he can’t know my plans. I mean, these are the hunger games and it’s kill or be killed and today he will be killed.

Furry Anderson (D7 Male)/Tropic Side

I can see the careers out there I’m not too sure where the back packs are going to be at but I can only assume it will be near the cornucopia so we need to find a way to be sneaky and swim our way there. I look at Cam and she is coming up with the ideas. The water use to be crystal clear but the game makers must have changed it because now I can’t see anything in the water. So maybe we can use that as an advantage.

As I’m thinking about ideas I hear Cam scream out, “I think I have an idea.” I give her a smile knowing that this may just work.

Braxton Rhea (D10 Male)/Forest Side

I can see them just two of them against three of us, these has to be in our favor there is no way any of us are dying today. With only four bags I know that we have to at least come away with one. I steady my throwing axe as I can see Dawn on the other side with her javelin and Jett has a made shift spear that we made out of some branches. We are going to attack them from all three angles and they won’t see us coming.

I feel the sweat dripping down my face. It feels a little hotter than usual which I don’t know if it’s something the game makers did but I can feel my heart beating. I get a little scared thinking about what is going to happen but whatever happens I trust in my team. 

As the sun positions itself at it’s peak I can see four bags being dropped, two on this side and two on that side. Those two we’re dropped in the water so I know we aren’t going after those. Except ours get dropped in the middle of the field. Between the trees where we are at and and the Cornucopia where Chlorine is located. 

That’s when the chaos happens. The force field starts to disappear than everybody starts running towards the bags.

Sophie Watterson (D6 Female)/Forest Side

I run out of my hiding spot not caring what happens I need to go towards Lane, I haven’t seen him in forever and I need to see if he still cares about me about us.

I can see him in the distance but as Chlorine and Jett’s pack are nearing the packs I know they won’t be coming after me and the most of the careers have gone after the bags in the water I can see Lane in the distance, “Lane, Lane,” I start screaming out at him and he see’s me. He starts to run towards me and as he hugs me I can hear him whispering, “Sophie it’s not safe right now, go hide in the cornucopia please.”

I look at his eyes and maybe he does still care, I run towards the cornucopia and place myself where I can still see some of the action.

Artic Tsunami (D4 Male)/Tropic Side

I’m swimming towards he bags and I can see them floating in the middle of the ocean. I don’t think anyone will compete with us for the bags the only people on this side of the arena are the kids from seven and Seedum and I’m not expecting them to make a big move. As I start swimming I see Lavender reach one of the bags and starting to head back. As I reach the second bag I feel someone tugging on it.

“Hey Lillian, come and help,” as I’m screaming out for her I can see that she has her own problem and that girl from seven and her are brawling.

I start tugging on it more and I see the boy from seven on the other side trying to get a grip. I kinda feel bad for him knowing that his way too deep now to get away from my grip.

I let him take it but as soon as he tries to get a head start I grab him from behind than take him down. He let’s go of the bag as his trying to get away from my grip but there’s nothing we he can do. His going to drown before I do and as he stops fighting back I see a whole bunch of bubbles that he goes still and I know that I’ve killed him.


I swim back up and grab the back pack and start heading back to the cornucopia.

Dawn Santori (D10 Female)/Forest Side

All the boys go after one bag which I don’t understand them but they do and I am going after the other one except as soon as I reach it I see Lace going after it too. The girl that I saved and now we’re going against each other. I couldn’t believe this is how she would repay me for saving her life. She tackles me to the ground and gets on top of me ready to strike.

“Oh my, it’s you the one that saved me,” she hesitates for a moment but I can see the change in her eyes ready to kill. Except with her hesitation I react as she brings a knife down and it almost hits my head. I grab her hands and try to wrestle it out of her hands but its no use. We are evenly matched but I maneuver myself on top of her and I grab my javelin ready to strike but I feel a sharp sensation in my stomach and she got me with her knife.

I fall down realizing the girl that I saved would be the one to kill me I hear a canon go off in the distance but I know it’s not mine. I see her walking away and I know I can’t let her just leave like that. With my last breath I throw the javelin at her and hits her in the back. 


I hear her canon go off and I just lay there waiting for my time to come I know that even if Braxton and Jett could get me out of here even the capitol couldn’t save me. 


Lillian Trials (D1 Female)/Tropic side

I can’t believe she got away. I had that girl in my grasp but she somehow managed to get away from me. I start to make my way towards the Cornucopia thinking that I need at least one kill today. 

As I get myself on dry land I can see Artic out in the water coming towards us with a back pack. I can see Lavender and Chione and Lane there and I know this may be the only time I have to strike.

“So Lavender, it would be bad if in all this commotion you happened to get hurt,” I see her eyes get scared and I know I have her. I swing my mace at her and as it hits her body I hear a thud and realize that I may have made a mistake. 

“You made the wrong choice today, Lillian” she is staring me down now. I can see a back pack opened up near her feet and realize that it may have contained body armor but its too late.

She throws a knife at my head and my body falls into the water. Blood going anywhere but my brain can’t even understand whats going on and I’m loosing my train of thought quickly.


Jett Ora (D9 Male)/Forest Side

No one is getting an upper hand right now and my make shift spear isn’t helping my situation. Braxton is holding his own with his axes but I’ve hear a few canons so far and I know that it’s getting intense now. 

I notice that Lucin has gone to the other side of the field to get the bag that the both girls failed to get and it starts to hit me that Dawn is dead and it’s all my fault I wasn’t there too help her out.

Before Lucing come back I need to make sure that Braxton makes it out of here with the best chances to win these games. I start yelling out at him, “Hey bro, I don’t think we’re both are going to survive so as soon as I charge at him, I want you to grab the bag and go.” I don’t give him anytime to respond because I know his going to tell me how stupid it is but I go for it anyways.

I charge at Chlorine with my stick in hand and get ready to die. As I jump on top of him he swings his sword at me and I know it’s going to be over. Except Chlorine going to have a hard time getting off me and I use the last bit of energy to see Braxton run off with that bag and I smile knowing I could make a difference.


Lucin Cansil (D8 Male)/Forest Side

We make our way back with the spoils that we have won. It feels like we we’re in a huge battle but now I’m in a great situation we have a huge group ready to kill off these tributes one by one.

“Hey guys I’m Lucin, I’ve been helping Chlorine out while we we’re on that side of the arena,” I start to explain to them but I feel the mood beginning to change. Artic starts to bring out the golden sword out of the back pack and I see Chlorine’s eyes light up. 

“Hey let me see that sword that you got,” Chlorine starts demanding to Aritc. As his saying this I feel a little threaten now and I see Lane starting to feel uncomfortable. 

“You know Lucin this group is feeling a little crowded, it may be a good idea to get rid of the fat,” As his saying this I know that I’m in trouble as he starts to come towards me I see a girl jump out of the Cornucopia and push Chlorine into the water.

I take this chance to start run away and the girl follows me too. I hear her screaming out to Lane, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” He hesitates but in the end decides to join us, as the other careers are trying to help out Chlorine we are able to get out and we don’t stop running knowing they may be behind us.

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Tropic Side

I’m still running through the trees and the jungle. I can’t stop. I don’t know what I’m running from no one is chasing me but it feels horrible. The though that my good friend Fury is dead. I only needed to look out for one person and I couldn’t even do that. Now, who knows if I can even protect myself. 

I keep running knowing night time is coming soon and if I’m lucky everyone will stay on that side of the arena I don’t need anymore drama or deaths this one is too much to take. After a while of running I catch my breath and I’m sweat is dripping from my forehead. I need to stop, I try to keep telling my self that but I know if I keep running there is no where to run. These games do that to you, you think you can hide but you can’t someone will find you and it’s up to you to protect yourself. I didn’t even come away with anything at the feast and I just start thinking of all the failures I’ve done so far.

Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Tropic Side

I stayed out of it, stayed out of all the killing and all the mayhem that the feast comes with. There isn’t anything good that can come out of the feast and with me by myself there was no point in going. For now I watch the skies waiting for the anthem to play and so they can show all the kills that happened today. I counted five canons but for the most part I was sleeping and I just want to see if any strong threats dies maybe even all the careers.

As I’m watching the night skies I see them starting to show the tributes faces and Lillian appears and I’m smiling maybe all the careers did die but than I see Furry’s face and I know it wasn’t fair to see him in the night sky but it had to happen.

Lace is the next face and I didn’t know that much about her. Than they show Jett and Dawn and I’m guessing Braxton survived the feast but now he is by himself and thats how this games work no matter how many people you start working with it starts getting lonely as the games go on.

Braxton Rhea (D10 Male)/Forest Side

I stopped running a while ago and got my bearings together. It started hitting me that Dawn and Jett we’re both dead and if I want there deaths to be avenged I need to turn into a killer something that I didn’t want to do but it may be necessary if I want to win.

I start looking at the bag that Jett sacrificed himself for and I can’t help to smile I may actually have a shot after all.

Alric Gould (D1 Male)/Forest Side

With the number of tributes left I know tomorrow I will have to kill Chlorine. That no matter what happens I will confront him and no matter what spoils they won at the feast I will come at him with everything I have and he won’t see it coming. For now I rest I will need all my energy to beat him.

There will be a lot more deaths tomorrow and this games are going to come to an end soon.

End Of Day 4

Day 5

Lane Nashh (D6 Male)/Forest Side

That was a crazy feast that we went through and I don’t even know if I made the right decision. I’m with Lucin and Sophie and at first I wasn’t going to join them I was in a good situation with the careers. Now I’m uncomfortable for the first time in the games. Literally I have to sleep on this floor that has bumps all over it and I’m just not used to this. 

They start waking up and we have to come up for a plan. With the amount of tributes left we need to start taking out stronger tributes before the final 7.

“So what do you think we should do?.” I ask Lucin. “I think we should eat first, the back pack I grabbed has good feast in it and it would do us good if we ate, than we could go on the hunt.”

I like the way he thinks. We are still strong and we should act like careers, we are not going to sit around and wait to be hunted but rather go out and kill some of these tributes. 

Chione Nereus (D4 Female)/Forest side

Moral is very high in camp today. Chlorine is proud of the sword that he got from Artic even though I know his mad about it we can’t cause drama this early in the game. 

We decide to make a game plan and Me and Artic decide to stay back in camp today and they will head out to hung tributes. I like this idea I’m better off with Artic. Even though we don’t talk as much we are from the same district and he can relate to me.

As we watch them head into the forest I know they will be all right Chlorine is the strongest guy here and I know nothing will kill him especially with Lavender having her armor I know she won’t get hurt either.

Alric Gould (D1 Male)/Forest Side

This is going to be an exiting day. I’m not even sure what is going to happen I haven’t even planned the day out but I know that there will be plenty of deaths by my hand. I take a look into the horizon awaiting something to happen, a sign that a tribute is out and about and I can take him out with a swift blow.

Nothing so far but I know how to catch the smallest things. Than I see some birds flying away from an area and I take off. This will be my chance to get another kill under my belt and boast my stats in the games. It is far away but I should get there in the next hour but I don’t want to waste too much of my energy so I take it slow this will be exciting. 

Braxton Rhea (D10 Male)/Forest Side

I try to be as quiet as possible as I’m sneaking around but than I accidentally stepped on a nest of birds and they go flying off. If anyone was watching they would probably guess that there was a tribute here but I don’t care anymore I have my spears they are very advanced and I’m not scared of getting killed. They are going to be scared of me.

As I’m assembling my spears I hear the bush ruffle a little bit and I know someone is near. I get ready to attack than the boy from eight comes out with two other tributes and I know I may be in trouble with this many tributes coming after me. I try to move quickly out of the way as Lane goes for my legs. Thankfully they don’t have the best weapons just a couple of knives. I strike with my spear but don’t get anywhere near them.

From the other side I see two other tributes coming in and it looks like the careers, the boy from two that killed Jett, I see them coming towards us with there weapons and this starts getting crazy. People are now attacking each other and no one knows who to go after. Things get even worse when Alric joins in. I don’t remember when he came into the melee but I start fighting with him and I don’t even know how I got stuck in this situation. His sword is striking my spear and I realize how did he even get that sword he must have a great sponsors.

We keep fighting and I know that someone will strike first and than it’s going to get crazier and I’m hoping it’s not me. Than I hear someone yell, “Stop” and for some odd reason I slow down my fighting and see that Chlorine has Sophie in a hold and has the sword right next to her neck. As soon as this happens Lucin grabs Lavender and holds a knife in her back. “You better not hurt her or I’ll kill Lavender,” he screams out than Alric pulls out a bow and arrow and I’m thinking where does he get these weapons. 

He aims it at Chlorine’s head and tells him, “This is where it ends my old friend, I don’t care what you do with that girl, this arrow is going through you’re head.” He smiles knowing that get got him.

Lane Nashh (D6 Male)/Forest Side

I almost lose it when I see Sophie in danger, there isn’t anything more I want to do than safe her but she is too far away for me to do anything about it. I see Alric pointing that arrow and him and knowing that he might use Sophie as a shield I pounce on him. He lets’s go of the arrow and I can’t tell where it goes but I just hope Sophie knows what to do. I take Alric down and have him pinned down.

I hear a scream and I know that the arrow didn’t hit her because that sounded like a guys voice. I try to take Alric down and I know that I have the advantage with surprising him. I’m able to stab him in the neck and I do it multiple times for good measure.


His cannon sounds and I know I finished him off. I take his sword and get ready for the rest of the battle.

Lavender Tone (D2 Female)/Forest Side

I feel a thud in my back and I know Lucin has realized that the knife hasn’t had an effect on me. This armor has really come in handy. I flip him over to his back side as his just surprised that I’m not dead, except I can’t worry about that right now I need to help Chlorine. I start running towards him and I see Sophie going to check on Lane. 

“Hey are you doing all right?.” I ask him, but than I see the arrow in his arm. “No, he got me in the arm and the pain is almost unbearable.” I take a look at his arm and it does not look good. 

Than I see a spear zipping past me and strike Chlorine in the chest and the sound that I never wanted to hear for him blasts through the air.


I just lose it and grab the golden sword to face his killer. Braxton is standing there like he just did something but we all know that against me he won’t have a chance. He throws his spear at me but it just bounces of the armor and he realizes his weaponless. I swing the sword at him and strike him down.


The third cannon of the day sounds. We could make it more but it would be three against one now and those odds are not in my favor. I take off into the forest to meet up with the other careers and let them know of this travesty.

Part Three- The Elite Eight

Day 5 (Continued)

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Tropic Side

I haven’t seen much action lately, after the whole feast fiasco, it’s been tough for me. Knowing I let a good kid die is killing me inside and I haven’t been able to move from this spot since. Except I know that soon I will have to move again being down to the final eight, the game makers need more action. Not a sobbing girl actually caring about someone else’s death. 

I’m still wondering who died today. I heard three canons that we’re pretty far away. I think it happened on the forest side and if it did that is very good news for me at least I know that there isn’t anyone on my side of the arena and it will let me rest up more. As I see the sun setting I can only imagine what horrors they have planned for us I just hope this isn’t the last day

Artic Tsunami (D4 Male)/Forest Side

It’s getting late and I still haven’t seen anyone. I’m waiting for Lavender and Chlorine to come back from there little hunting trip. I expect them to have killed three strong tributes. That will leave with half of the field remaining being careers and we will roll through the competition like no other.

As I see leafs rustling I can my weapon ready, you can never be too sure in these games. I see Lavender come out with the golden sword. I wait to see Chlorine come out but as she is getting closer everything got still. There are no more leafs moving, no one is coming through those bushes, and I try to hide my smile. As much as it sucks that he is not coming back I know that this gives me a big advantage now and that leaves me as one of the strongest left.

“Lavender are you ok?. What happened back there?.” Chione is asking her while she is running up to her to give her a hug.

She explains to us what happened and how it got out of hand and Chlorine took a spear from a kid that belongs to a lower district. It sickens me how someone so low could kill a career but I know that the same fate won’t happen to me I will be victorious. As I look at Lavender I’m trying to think of a way to get my advantage back, even though I am not a sword master having that golden sword is a big step up and will give me a significant advantage.

“Lavender, I know this may be too soon, but I think it would be a good idea if I got the sword since you already have you’re full body armor,” I try to explain to her. It seems she is going for it. She gives me the sword and tells me that we must get rid of the rest, but she doesn’t know is that she is one of my targets too that armor of her make her to strong. Soon enough she is going to feel this blade against her skin and there goes one of the stronger competitors.

Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Tropic Side

I make camp in a pretty open area, but i’m not scared. There are only eight people left and in this vast area the chances of finding me are slim. I don’t have much with me but that’s all right usually with this many numbers, the games should end in the next two days, maybe even tomorrow. 

I look up at the anthem and see the faces of the fallen. I see Alric’s face there and I am very surprised his there. He was very strong and could have won this but I guess the numbers go to him. Than I see Chlorine’s face and this shocks me. Two strong competitors out and that just excites me even more. I may have a chance now. I see Braxton last and I don’t really care much for him. We never had an alliance and it’s hard to be sad for someone you don’t even know.

I grab some leafs and start sucking on them. With the limited amount of food left this is all could find but it should do for now. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

Sophie Watterson (D6 Female)/Forest Side

Viewing the anthem was hard. It was just like relieving all those events again and again. Lane as come to comfort me but it is very hard, I just keep seeing him dead. I keep seeing me dead. There are so many things that could have happened where we both could have ended up dead but we didn’t our whole group survived. I can see Lucing eating some of the feast that we got from the backpack and than Lane looks at me.

“Do you think we should kill him tonight,” I am shocked at this and can’t even look at him. 

“No!. He helped us out today Lane, if it wasn’t for him we would be dead, the least we can do is stick with him until there are less people, he deserves more for helping both of us out,” I start telling him.

I still can’t believe he would bring that up after everything he has done for us. I just start hugging him and whisper to him, “It’s to early to turn on each other.”

He looks at me and gives me a kiss, I blush a little bit. We start getting ready for the night and head off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

The Final Eight- Odds Of Winning

Name Odds Of Winning Original Training Score
Lavender Tone 4-1 9
Artic Tsunami 4-1 9
Chione Nereus 10-1 8
Seedum Plant 15-1 7
Lane Nashh 7-1 9
Sophie Watterson 25-1 5
Camellia Winchester 20-1 8
Lucin Cansil 9-1 8

Light Green: Good Chances

Green: Decent Chances

Yellow: Not The Best Chances

Orange: Bad Chances

Red: Horrible Chances

Day 6

Sophie Watterson (D6 Female)/Forest Side

It still early in the morning I can barely see the sun creeping up in the horizon. I feel chilly now and that’s when I notice that Lane isn’t by my side. I get up looking around to see where he went but I can’t see him, and I’m getting scared what if another tribute got to him and now his hunting me down. I start getting more nervous and grab the axe that we got from Braxton. Even though I don’t know how to use the weapon it makes me feel more secure knowing I have it in my grip.

I start moving around trying to see if I can find Lucin. As I look over to where his suppose to be sleeping I see a dark figure moving towards Lucin. I’m not sure who it may be but if someone has infiltrated the camp they may have already gotten to Lane. I stand up slowly creeping up to the dark figure. As I ready my axe I scream out, “Stop!.”

The figure stops and turns around but before I can see who it was I throw the axe at his head, and I realize that it’s Lane but its too late. The axe embeds itself in his forehead and there’s no coming back from that.


Lucin stands up quickly after the sound of the cannon and as he sees Lane’s body on the ground, I can see the confusion in his face. But right now I don’t know what I can do. I start running in the opposite direction with tears now running through my face. I don’t really care if Lucin tracks me down and kills me there is really nothing I care about now. Lane is gone and it’s my fault.

Chione Nereus (D4 Female)/Forest Side

The cannon wakes me up. We all sprint to our weapons to make sure that no noe has come near us, once we secure everything we calm down a little bit. 

“A cannon this early is strange, I wonder what happened?.” I start trying to make small talk with the group. “I’m not too sure but we are down to the last 7 and this is where we are going to have to be on top of out game if we want to survive today,” Artic tells me a little coldly. 

I don’t know whats wrong with him today. Maybe he knows that we won’t be here too much longer and that it’s not even worth it too make small talk. I grab my trident and head over to the water to freshen up a bit. 

I start splashing water in my face when I start seeing a figure in the water. At first it looks like my reflection but than I notice something about the figure, it doesn’t have my blonde hair. The brown locks surface and it’s too late I’m dragged into the water. Being an advanced swimmer I should have the advantage right now but she caught me by surprise and she has me in a headlock. Slowly I start getting weak and my only hope is that she runs out of breath before I do. Except with her choking me out I can feel the water starting to enter my breathing tubes and I lose consciousness.


Artic Tsunami (D4 Male)/Forest Side

I can hear the cannon sound and I’m guessing that is Chione’s last breath. Lavender wants to go out and attack the person who did this but I don’t feel like wasting my energy.

“Wait Lavender, let’s not go after them, the game makers will push us all together and when they do we are the strongest ones left, just leave her to swim back to the beach.” She seems a little hesitant but she knows I’m right we need to conserve our energy food is getting scarce. 

I know district four will probably hate me when I come back, but as I see Camellia come out of the water, I know I will have my revenge. The death of Chone was necessary for me to win but deep down inside it still hurts. I still have to keep a cool head, the whole nation of Panem is watching and they are expecting a champion to return home. With my golden sword and Lavender’s armor we will be unstoppable and none of these tributes will be able to handle us. We decide to go into the forest first whatever happens we will have a better chance killing the tributes that are left in the forest than waste our energy swimming out to the beach.

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Tropic Side

I feel my adrenaline rushing, my heart is beating at a hundred miles per hour, and I just can’t stop moving. Except I have to hideout as I’m watching Artic and Lavender heading into the forest. They are smart I had a plan to kill them if they followed me but they decided to go into the forest instead of the beach. 

Killing Chione wasn’t my intention I wanted Artic’s blood for Fury’s death. He will get what is coming to him. 

After thirty minutes of waiting too make sure it’s not a trap, I head out to the water. If this is going to end we have to make sure that all the tributes are on the same side. Water has never been my friend being from District 7. IT was embarrassing enough at training when the other tributes saw me struggle to even swim. Except now I am decent I spend my time perfecting the technique and even though I’m still not great at it, I’m decent enough to kill Chione a district 4 child. Now it’s off to take care of that other one.

Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Tropic Side

Waking up to the sound of a cannon is terrifying. It sends goosebumps through my body knowing that it brings that down to a few tributes left. I’m so close to coming home. They must be having a blast back in district 5 knowing that I’m so close to coming home. 

Than I realize how the odds are stacked against me. I have no weapons, one of the weakest tributes here, I really have no shot at winning this. The problem is I can’t give up. I can’t give up on myself or on my District. No matter how tough it gets I have to fight on. I grab my back pack and start getting ready for the day. I missed most of the morning but I got a lot of rest. I only heard one cannon today so it seems that there haven’t been that much deaths today and maybe the game makers are going to speed it up.

I start scrummaging through the branches to see if I can find any weapons laying around but I just can’t find a thing. This is very disheartening knowing that I may have to go into battle with nothing. After an hour of looking I can’t find a thing. I don’t really care anymore if anyone finds me. This is a big arena and it feels pretty quiet on this side of it. I decide to grab a stick and fashion it into a spear/sword but it looks like something my little bother would play with. At least it’s something.

I’m about to start walking towards the beach when I hear a sound.


That sounded pretty far away but it means that we have some action happening. Than I hear an even worse noise behind me. At first I can see birds start to flock and fly at a fast pace towards me. At first glance they seem normal but this birds seem viscous, there claws have a metallic look to them and their beaks seem to have sharpened teeth installed in them and right away you can tell they are engineered straight from the capitol, and that’s not even the scary part. I can see behind them a massive wave flooding everything and now I understand what’s happening. There was only one way to force everyone together and this is it.

I start a sprint towards the beach, and even though I’m pretty far away from it, the birds and tidal wave are enough motivation for me to run as fast as I can.

Lucin Cansil (D8 Male)/Forest Side

I could feel bad for Lane, but he deserved it. When he tried to kill me it was the biggest mistake he made. I would never admit it be Sophie saved my life. I would probably not be here if it wasn’t for her. I was defenseless, sleeping without a weapon nearby and he had a chance to strike. I still don’t understand why she did that. I thought she loved him but maybe she didn’t love him enough, maybe it was just an accident but whatever it was I am a lucky man.

But for now I’m going to keep acting tough for the cameras. Not showing any kind of weakness if there are still sponsors out there I want them to see a cold blooded killer, not a kid who is in the final six out of dumb luck.

I have my knives in my hand and the spear across my back. I’m loaded and ready to do battle. 

I keep walking and the sun seems to be beating down on me and the tress have all lost there leafs. It’s easier to see any tributes coming which is maybe reason they did this because I spot Sophie right away.

“So why did you do it, why did you save me?.” She’s startled that someone snuck up on her but I don’t have any intentions of killing her right now.

“I didn’t mean it, I thought Lane was someone else and when I saw you sleeping and that dark figure about to attack I wasn’t going to lose an ally like that,” she’s starting to tear up now and I know that she regrets what she did.

“I’m sorry he was a great guy even though he tried to have me killed, I still respect him, he tried to take out a strong competitor and I can’t condemn him for it,” I grab her and giver her a hug, “After this we will be enemies again, I’ll let you walk away but if we meet up again I can’t say that you’ll be so lucky.” I try to hold it in knowing that one of us is going to have to die. This games no matter how hard someone may be, how many walls they may have up, it breaks you down knowing that this are kids fighting. Knowing only one person makes it out and the others die, it sickens me more and more as the numbers dwindle down.

Than in a flash I hear a branch break and turn around. Lavender is coming right at me full speed with knives in her hand. I grab my spear and throw it at her but bounces of her armor. Than I know that I may be in trouble.

Lavender Tone (D2 Female)/Forest Side

That was stupid wasting a spear like that. It’s like this tributes forget about the full body armor that I have. I come at him with my knives I throw one but he dodges it  fairly easily. I don’t throw any more not risking loosing the only weapons that I may have. I come at him and he has knives in his hand as well. We struggle to get the upper hand. He matches every strike that I make with a good block. 

Our knives are clinging and banging and I just hope my armor is the thing that gives me the upper hand. I’m waiting on Artic to hear the noise, he decide it would be a good idea to split up. 

“Oh look who I found here,” I can tell that is Artic’s voice and I look up to see he has Sophie in his grip, “I found her trying to escape. Lucin has stopped struggling to see what is happening and see’s Sophie’s Throat get slit by Artic’s Sword. For some reason I’ve stopped fighting too. The realization of making it to the Final Five hits me as soon as that cannon goes off.


“Artic you will pay for your deeds!.” Camellia appears screaming at the top of her lungs, with just a net I don’t know what she is thinking but we don’t have time to worry about her. She seems to notice us too, starring off into the distance behind her is a flock of birds coming after us and than I hear it the sound of water rushing towards us and none of us care about killing each other now. It’s a mad dash towards the Cornucopia. 

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Forest Side

We are racing towards the Cornucopia. Everyone has stopped worrying about killing each other and started worrying about the birds that are on our tails, trying to peck us to death. Except I’m smarter than most of these tributes, I’ve already started my next plan to kill someone and Lucin is on my list. 

We are all running as a group and I’m on his heels. This is going to be an easy compared to anything else because I won’t even have to do the killing. I throw the net at him and he hits face first at the dirt. 

“Ah, no Camellia you can’t leave me here I’ll drown,” a now helpless Lucin is screaming out but to no avail.

“I’m sorry Lucin, no one is coming back for you, this has to be done, you we’re a worthy competitor I’ll make sure your family gets enough food once I win,” I start running towards Lavender and Artic who now have a good lead on me and will have the advantage over me once we reach the Cornucopia.

I can still hear his screams but I know soon the water will reach him and that cannon will sound.

As I’m trying to make up the distance to Lavender and Artic the cannon sounds and it’s down to the final four


Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Cornucopia

I can see the water ahead of me leading to the Cornucopia. I’m so close to salvation but the birds are now on my tail. Even though the tidal wave is far behind me, the birds are pecking at my back and as tired as I am I know I can’t stop.

I can feel my back getting sore, maybe they already made a wound but I can’t feel anything but my legs burning from the running I’ve been doing. As I see the water, I just dive into it. Hoping the game makers just want the birds to lead us here and not attack us all the way to the Cornucopia. As I’m under water swimming I look up and they seem to be hovering over the water waiting for me to come up. I keep swimming closer to the Cornucopia, it doesn’t seem like they can see inside the water because they keep hovering over the same spot.

I swim my way over there trying to not create much waves so the birds won’t notice me. As I reach the Cornucopia I only have seconds to catch my breath before the birds spot me and I try to keep running towards the forest but I can see birds flying towards me and I realize I’m trapped. The game makers probably hate me so much that they send all the birds against me when there is still tributes left. Than I see three tributes running towards me and that fear of being the only getting attack washes away. I grab my stick and get ready to attack the birds, as scary as the tributes look the birds are much more scary.

I wave my stick towards them and I realize it isn’t doing anything and the tributes are closing in. Artic is the first one to reach the top of the Cornucopia and I realize that I might be done for.

Artic Tsunami (D4 Male)/Cornucopia

As I make my way to the top I can already see another tribute trying to keep the birds at bay. This might be my best bet to kill him. I grab my sword but as soon as  I’m about to confront him Camellia tackles me from behind. 

My sword skids to the other end of the Cornucopia and she is hitting me with her fist. “You will pay for this Artic, he didn’t deserve to die, especially not at your hands,” she keeps screaming as her fist are slamming into my face.

“From all the people that I’ve killed, which one are you crying about?.” I’m taunting her now. Even though she keeps hitting me I need her to lose her focus.

“Shut up,” she screams as she hits my gut. Except there is another scream and I can see the birds pecking at Lavender and after a while they will know she is wearing armor and attack her face. 

“You know exactly who I’m talking about, you jerk,” She keeps hitting me and I know each blow is hurting me more and more. Than I feel the weight come off me suddenly. I open my eyes and see Seedum trying to catch her by surprise but for right now I don’t care who wins I need to go check on Lavender.

“Shoo, Shoo you monsters get away from her,” I scream trying to get them away from her but it seems the whole swarm of them decided to come to this side and they start to attack me more now. 

I try to block my face and as I turn to see Lavender I can tell that her face is disfigured and if I don’t do something soon I’ll look like that too.

“I’m sorry girl it’s either you or me and today I’m not feeling generous,” As I push her off the edge I can hear her screams as the birds chase her down to start trying to get as much meat off her. I know soon her cannon will sound, with that much body armor she will last a long time. Who knows maybe she might win this games after all.

I try standing up but my legs are torn up from the pecking and it’s bleeding too much. I try to use my hands to crawl towards Camellia and Seedum to try and finish the job.

Camellia Winchester (D7 Female)/Cornucopia

I was taken by surprise when Seedum actually tried to do something. I didn’t know that he had it in him to pull something off like that. We wrestle with each other but he has the upper hand with his stick while I have no weapons on me. I try my best to take the advantage but his hits with that stick of him has me weak and I don’t know how much more of that I can take. 

I finally get his arm and twist the stick out of his hand as it flies towards the ocean. “That was very foolish kid, you could have hurt someone pulling something off like that,” I’m smiling now knowing that I’m so close to victory. 

“Please don’t hurt me I didn’t mean to do that,” He starts acting all scared and I know I have him, “Please we both had partners that we’re taken by the careers, maybe we can team up and take them down,” As he is explaining this, I get more intrigued by this idea but that I can tell that his stalling his death and it’s too late, the sword plunges into me. 

“You little brat,” I tell him. I can tell Artic is the one that plunged that sword into me and I know that I’ve lost.


Seedum Plant (D5 Male)/Cornucopia

 I can’t believe that worked. I’m still alive and there are only three of us left. I see Artic barely standing with wounds covering his body and his face bloodied up from punches to the face. 

“Where’s your other partner?.” I ask him. “I left her for dead, it’s only a matter of time before her canon sounds too, it’s only down to you and me.” He responds.

Except I can tell, I can tell that he has no energy left, I can tell that he is weak from the fighting, I can tell that he is scared of loosing to me just a kid from District 5 taking out a warrior from District 4. I swing at him but that was foolish as he swings his sword at me and almost hits me. I realize that I shouldn’t under estimate him, even in his weaken state he still is strong and I’m also hurting. I hits me with the bottom of the sword and I grab my gut. He swings his sword at me but I have time to react and push all my body at him knocking him down and the sword as well.

I get on top of him and know that victory is within my grasp. ““I want you to remember, Artic, in the seconds that you have left, in front of this nation, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you,” I don’t know where this came from but it felt great knowing that I’m going to kill him and knowing that I only have one person left. 


“It seems Lavender is dead now, you should be proud of yourself Seedum. In the years to come, I want you to remember you are a true victor and on top of that a warrior. Never forget you’re time in this arena, most importantly don’t forget the person you have to kill to get you out of here. Seedum, you have become a true warrior don’t let the games change you,” and his words take me back a little. I don’t know if his using this to get my guard down but it looks like his beaten. I grab that golden sword and swing at him.


The last tribute has died and now Panem has their Victor, but at what cost. No one will understand what these games put you through only I will because I’m the only one to survive, out of the 24 tributes to enter I made it out, I didn’t deserve it but I got it. For the rest of my life I will have to deal with this, the deaths of Oleum and Artic will forever burn in my head. 

“Ladies and gentleman, I present you the Victor of the 97th Hunger Games, Seedum Plant from District 5,” the announcement blares through the whole arena with my sword by my side I can feel the cheers coming from the Capitol.

After Games

(Seedum Plant, D5, Victor of the 97th Hunger Games)

I’m laying on my back, the cold metal giving me goosebumbs. I may not be looking like a Victor right now, laying down looking defeated, but I earned this short rest before I have to go back to the Capitol and face the crowd. 

I lay down looking at the clouds thinking about life back home. My mother and step father will now have better lives. We will all be able to live a little more peaceful than what we have lived. My district will have food for the year because of me. The smile on my face is getting bigger as I realize the amount of things I have accomplished. I see the hovercraft floating down and realize that the bodies of the Artic and the rest of the tributes are going to be left here. If anything I should have given them a proper burial. I was just to exited about my winnings.

The ride home is a blur. I just remember grimacing from the pain of them trying to get rid of my bumps and bruises and make me Capitol ready. As we start to land I see my face and it looks flawless. I saw myself in the water from time to time in the games and this is a complete turn around from that. I can see my mentor Ivette coming out and giving me a hug, “I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you, I just lost hope, but now that you have won I can at least be satisfied with this,” she starts explaining to me.

I can’t really be mad at her, her spirits we’re down after seeing tributes die left and right. Now I am going to have to worry about that, realizing this will be my job until I die is surreal. Now I know how strong she is, I want to ask her how she did it all these years but I don’t think I want to know. I give her a hug and let her know  how strong she is.

As I start putting my suit on I look out onto the platform seeing Caesar getting the crowd ready for my arrival, and I hear my queue as Caesar starts saying, “ Here is your winner, your, champion, your victor of the 97th Hunger Games, Seedum Plant........”

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