So I just finished up my last Hunger Games, and now on to the next one. This will be the sequel to the last one and for the back ground this timeline of the hunger games is with the rebellion never happen and the events of the 75th hunger games never occuring with how they occured. And the Victors nevery dying and Katniss and Peeta not entered into those games and there still mentors, with everyone else. Now I really hope this games are better than the last ones and I will try to be better than last time. With that said I hope everyone enjoys these games. 

My last two games if you want to check those two out are

The 96th Hunger Games

The 97th Hunger Games


  • 3 to 4 tributes per user (depends on how many people join)
  • Perfect tributes will die in the bloodbath
  • Don't get angry if your tribute dies, I mean there can only be one victor (:
  • Please tell me how my games are going I do appreciate constructive criticism 
  • Detailed tributes and tributes with advice have a higher chance of survival
  • & just make sure you have fun with this ^.^
  • Reservations last about 3 days but get them in fast please I want to get this started :D
  • & please follow and comment on this games and I will try to make it as interactive as possible 


Tribute TemplateEdit










Weakness (At least 2):

Allies (Can be done later):

Tributes For This Year

The 98th Hunger Games
District Name User Age Weapons Scores
D1 Male Jaguar Taz Tehblakdeath 18 Steel Claws, Throwing Knife, Bow
D1 Female Dazzle Sparks Wiresfan21 17

Bow & Arrow, Spear

D2 Male Halloween Smiley TehOnlyUmbreon 17 Knife, Needles, Sword
D2 Female Madoka Artemisia XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX 16 Eyes, Dagger
D3 Male Carl Baker Desertturtle  18 Master Sword
D3 Female Karla Flake Nightlock Kryptonite 16 Knife

D4 Male

Riley Apocalypto Nightlock Kryptonite 17 Modified Harpoon
D4 Female Nixie Calamari Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute 14 Curved Sword, Trident
D5 Male Dovakin Genera


17 Lynx Claws, Knives Spears
D5 Female Audrina Kindramos Jasmine Rosejoy 17 Melee & Hidden Weapons
D6 Male Blade Spectrus Tehblakdeath 14 Spears, Knives
D6 Female Mabel White PumPumPumpkin:3 13 Knives, Bow
D7 Male Crash Lumico Super Tomato 16 Axe, Throwing Axe
D7 Female Pandora Raven XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX 16 Whip
D8 Male Claus Postel Super Tomato 17 Sword, Machete
D8 Female Mighty Moe Desertturtle 18 Whip
D9 Male Silver Clockson TehOnlyUmbreon 16 Double Knives
D9 Female Knifen Nauticals Tehblakdeath 17 Knives & Machetes
D10 Male Herb Bivore Wiressfan21 12 Slingshot, Knives
D10 Female Greta Maverick XxXMiget In A BikiniXxX 13 Meat Hook with Chain
D11 Male Dicot Avo Wiressfan21 15 Crossbow, Scythe
D11 Female Janu Wong XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX 12 Dagger
D12 Male Charce Firre Wiressfan21 17 Fire, Scythe
D12 Female Lissandra Iceborn PumPumPumpkin:3


Spear, Dagger






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