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    The Wonder Games!

    December 15, 2012 by JupiterPlanets

    This is the Wonder Games, where surprising things can happen! At one point in the games there will be a surprising event. These games are like no other, and there are traps as well. Have fun, and Happy WONDER Games!

    The arena is a maze, where tributes who survive will be lead to the end of it. There, the remaining tributes will fight to the death, and whoever survives is the winner. The maze is split into a few parts:

    The Meadow:

    The meadow has cotton-candy pink flamingos that are actually meat eaters. The grasses are white, and the flowers are a vibrant dark purple. The meadows is the place to go for a kill, because tributes can be easily seen here.

    The Beach:

    The beach has rocky pebbles instead of sand, and the sea is clear with a slight tint…

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