This is the Wonder Games, where surprising things can happen! At one point in the games there will be a surprising event. These games are like no other, and there are traps as well. Have fun, and Happy WONDER Games!

The Arena

The arena is a maze, where tributes who survive will be lead to the end of it. There, the remaining tributes will fight to the death, and whoever survives is the winner. The maze is split into a few parts:

The Meadow:

The meadow has cotton-candy pink flamingos that are actually meat eaters. The grasses are white, and the flowers are a vibrant dark purple. The meadows is the place to go for a kill, because tributes can be easily seen here.

The Beach:

The beach has rocky pebbles instead of sand, and the sea is clear with a slight tint of sky-blue. Sharks and other extinct fish roam here, and they can also eat the tributes if close enough. The salt-water is not recommended to drink, because it contains poisonous chemicals. The palm trees contain no coconuts, but other things the tributes must find out.

The Cornicopia:

The cornicopia is a ditch where tributes must climb out in order to escape from the bloodbath. Later on in the games, the cornicopia will do something unexpected.

The Forest:

The forest has tall, healthy trees that only remain in the center.There is also a small stream in the center of the forest, with fresh water. All the rest of the forest has dead, unsteady trees that is mostly taken over by a new, insect muttation. There is also deadly, monkey-like muttations that are hungry for human blood. It takes a few days to get to the center.

The Desert:

In the desert are rattlesnakes, which don't harm tributes. There are cactuses that contain small portions of water, but they are covered completely with spikes and thorns. The temperature can go up to 120 degrees, and tributes can easily get dehydrated here.

The Hidden Rose:

There is a hidden rose, half white and half black, that is somewhere in the arena. There is only one, and in order for a tribute to get instant relief, they must find that rose and swallow only a petal. Once it is swallowed, all of the magic from the rose is taken away and the tribute is revived. It only works once, and it is not an option for sponsors to give.













                                                   The Tributes:

Name Gender District Age Weapon User
M Capitol
Sapphire Blackwood F Capitol 16




M 1
Aliyse Blye F 1 16 Spiked Mace Ms.finnickodair
M 2
Mallory Cruise F 2 16 Brick Ms.finnickodair
M 3
RESERVED F 3 FOR ~ShimmerGlimmer~
M 4
Emma Ballard F 4 15 Trident Ms.finnickodair
M 5
Laena Rise F 5 14 Spiked Stick Ms.finnickodair
M 6
F 6
M 7
Haegan Price F 7 18 Axes, Throwing axes. Ms.finnickodair
M 8
RESERVED F 8 FOR ~ShimmerGlimmer~
M 9
F 9
M 10
F 10
M 11
F 11
M 12

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